No Regrets Ch. 11


Chapter 11 — Ryan’s Story — Liberation

“Quick, hide,” Gunther said.

He grabbed Ryan’s arm and led him to the back of the loft. He got Ryan to lay down and covered him in hay. Ryan knew they were German soldiers, most probably still on the hunt for him. He heard Gunther leave, he hoped the boy could keep them away. I dawned on him that he was about to leave, he would have walked straight into them. Shivers ran down his spine.

The voices continued outside the barn for a while. He wished he could understand what they were saying. Then to his dismay the voices got louder, they were now in the barn. He could make out Gunther’s voice amongst them. Footsteps on the ladder, someone was coming up the loft, no two people. The sound of heavy boots on the dry dusty floorboards filled him with fear. A familiar crunching sound could be heard, the pitch fork! It was being used to poke the hay.

He lay still, holding his breath. Was this going to be the end? Skewered by a pitch fork. He waited for the inevitable.

Gunther shouted something, “Hör auf! Du machst das Heu kaputt. Das ist wertlos als Viehfutter, wenn es zu trocken ist. Gib mir den Heugabel!.”

The sound of the fork being driven into the hay continued and was getting closer. Ryan nearly jumped out of his skin when the fork penetrated the hay just inches from him. It withdrew only to be forced into the hay on his other side, again just inches from him. He nearly wet himself.

Slowly the sound of the fork hitting the hay moved away and eventually stopped. People on the ladder again and more talking down below. The voices became distant as they moved outside. After several minutes all was silent.

Ryan didn’t move, he couldn’t, fear still gripped him. He had a feeling that Gunther was the one with the pitchfork, he would have known where to strike. The boy probably saved his life.

Ryan was alerted again to someone coming up the ladder. A hand grabbed him but wasn’t strong enough to pull him up. Ryan knew it was Gunther. He stood covered in hay and looked at he boy.

“They gone,” he said.

Ryan grabbed the boy and hugged him. It would be foolish to attempt to leave now with soldiers so close. He knew they wouldn’t come back here, this was now the safest place to be and at least he would be fed. He decided to stay for a couple more days.

Gunther wrinkled his nose, “You smell.”

He grabbed Ryan’s hand and led him down from the loft. At the bottom he turned round and found himself staring down the barrel of a shotgun.

“Albert! Nein!” Gunther shouted and moved himself between the gun and Ryan.

Standing before them was another boy, older than Gunther, Ryan guessed in his mid twenties but it was obvious from his looks that this was Gunther’s brother. Albert shouted at his brother and an argument ensued. Eventually the older brother spoke to Ryan.

“What’s your name?”


“I should turn you in.”

“No!” Gunther shouted.

Albert sighed heavily and lowered the gun. “I’m not going to.”

“Why atakent escort not?” Ryan asked.

“The last thing we want is more soldiers around here. Life is difficult enough.”

“Thanks, I guess.”

“Is that how you escaped the prison camp?” Albert asked pointing to the German uniform Ryan was still wearing.

“Yeah, it worked too. How did you know I was from the prison camp?”

“The soldiers that came earlier were looking for you, but don’t worry they won’t be back anytime soon.”

“Why are you helping me?”

“It’s a long story. Come, we need to get you out of those clothes. My name is Albert Schroder. What do I call you?”

“Ryan, Ryan Monroe.”

Albert and Gunther led Ryan into the house, he noticed that Albert walked with a pronounced limp. The farmhouse was small but comfortable and in the kitchen was an elderly woman who went into a panic when she saw Ryan. Albert spoke to her and she seemed to calm down. She greeted Ryan and began to prepare something.

“This is our mother, Greta. She’s going to prepare some food for you.

“Please there’s no need,” Ryan replied.

“We insist, one bowl of broth is not enough,” Albert said looking at Gunther. “I’m not stupid, I saw you sneaking it out.” Gunther blushed.

Albert spoke to Gunther and the boy left the kitchen. Albert motioned Ryan to sit.

“I still don’t know why you’re helping me,” Ryan said, “You’re German are you not?”

“Yes, but we’re not that proud at what Hitler has done.”

“I don’t understand.”

“Our father was called up to serve and so was I. As you can see I was injured in battle and had to be discharged. But my father continued to serve.

Six months ago he turned up here out of the blue, he wasn’t due home for leave. We quickly learned he had deserted the army. The SS found him here and shot him,” Albert paused, “in front of us all.”

“What, no trial?”

“The SS deal their own justice.”

“Why did he desert?”

Albert swallowed. “He served at the concentration camps. What he saw there shocked him, he said he couldn’t be part of an army that was so evil.”

“What did he see?”

“The mass slaughter of thousands of Jews.”

Ryan drew his breath, “I had heard rumours.”

“Our father had always taught us to be open minded. To accept people regardless of their origins or culture. He was killed for something we believe is wrong. I for one don’t want to be part of a country that condones mass murder. Also because he was shot as a deserter our family has been shunned by our own people.”

Greta placed some food in front of Ryan. Although he had eaten earlier he suddenly felt hungry again and tucked in.

“I’m sorry for your loss, it must be hard for you, running this farm with your injury.”

“The war doesn’t help. I wish it was over.”

“Your English is very good.”

“Father believed we should have a good education, he hoped that one day we could get out of farming.”

Gunther returned and ataköy escort said something in German to Albert.

“Your bath is ready, come.”


Albert laughed, “Yes you smell.”

Ryan was led into a different room that looked like a lounge. In front of an open fire was a large tin bath filled with steaming water. It looked very inviting.

“I will find you a change of clothes. I’m sure some of mine will fit,” Albert said then left.

Gunther helped Ryan undress. Ryan sighed as he lowered himself into the warm water letting it soak into his aching joints. Gunther took some soap and proceeded to wash him.

“I can do that myself,” Ryan said.

“Please let me,” Gunther replied.

“Gunther, leave him alone,” Albert said returning with a bundle of clothes.

Gunther just ignored his brother and continued to wash Ryan. Albert shouted at him in German and Gunther left the room in a huff.

“I wanted to talk to you alone,” Albert said.

He placed the clothes down and sat in front of Ryan, looking at him seriously. “Are you fucking my brother?”

Ryan looked up in shock, “I-I-I..” He didn’t know what to say and suddenly felt very vulnerable sitting naked in a strangers house.

Albert smiled, “Gunther is different, not like other boys. I know he likes men and I know he likes you.”

“How do you know that?”

“Normally he is very moody and often depressed but today he is cheerful and happy. I think you do that for him.”

Ryan hung his head, “I didn’t mean to, it just happened.”

“No I’m glad it did, I haven’t seen him like this since our father was shot.”

“He’s a really nice kid and he’s been very kind to me but….”

“But what?”

“Albert, I can’t stay and I’m concerned it will break his heart when I leave.”

“I’m not stupid, nor is he. We know you will be leaving and yes it will break his heart but I am here for him and will help him through it.”

“I wish I had a brother like you.”

Albert shouted out to Gunther and the boy hurried back in the room. To Ryan’s surprise he stripped out of his overalls and jumped in the bath with him not even attempting to hide his erection.

“I’ll leave you two alone,” Albert said and left.

Gunther grabbed the soap and set to work cleaning Ryan and it wasn’t long before he too was sporting a full blown erection. Gunther smiled and turned around snuggling into Ryan. Ryan washed the boy from behind then the settled down to relax.

“You know I have to leave,” Ryan said.

“Ja, I know.”

“I love someone else.”

“Your wife?” Gunther asked as he toyed with the wedding ring on Ryan’s hand.

“No, not my wife, another boy.”

Gunther craned his neck round to look at Ryan, “He is very lucky.”

“So am I.”

After their bath Ryan dressed in Alberts clothes and the uniform was burned. He was then shown to Gunther’s room where a mattress had been made up on the floor next to the bed.

“You have the bed,” Gunther said.

Somehow atalar escort Ryan didn’t think the mattress would get that much use, and he was right. For the next three nights Ryan and Gunther made love. Ryan was amazed on their first night that Gunther had ejaculated three times while he fucked him without touching himself. Although the sex was good Ryan knew there was only one person he wanted to be with.

* * *

Ryan helped out on the farm and his help was much appreciated. He was careful to keep indoors as much as possible so much of his work was done inside the barn. On a couple of occasions Gunther would tackle him in the hay loft and they would end up fucking.

On the second night after Ryan had made Gunther come for the third time they heard the sound of trucks. Nervously Ryan looked out of the window and saw a large convoy of German troops and tanks moving down the lane past the farm. Everyone got up that night to watch, something was going on.

The next day Ryan was with Gunther feeding the animals when the heard more trucks heading their way. Ryan was about to run for the barn when he saw a tank leading the convoy. It was american!

In stead of running for the barn he changed direction and ran for the lane, waving his hands wildly. Two soldiers jumped down from the tank and raised their rifles to him.

“Don’t shoot, I’m American!” Ryan shouted.

“What’s your name?” The first soldier asked.

“Ryan Monroe of the fourth airborne division.”

“What are you doing here?”

“I was captured with the rest of my division and have been in a prison of war camp for the last eleven months. I managed to escape three days ago.”

The soldiers lowered their rifles.

“Who are these people?” The other soldier asked.

Ryan turn round and saw Albert, Greta and Gunther standing behind him. “They helped me hide out here until the heat had died off.”

The soldiers laughed, “Well the heat has definitely died off.”

“What do you mean?”

“The war is over. Germany has surrendered.”

“What! Are you serious?”

“Absolutely, got word of it two hours ago.”

Ryan turned to look at the family that had helped him. Greta and Albert were smiling and hugging each other. Albert had his hand on his brothers shoulder but Gunther didn’t seem that happy.

“Do you want to come with us?” The soldier asked.

“Yes, but can you give me a minute.”

“Sure, I’ll radio to the back of the convoy, they can pick you up on the way.”

Ryan walked up to Albert.

“Thank you for all you’ve done, I’ll be sure to mention it to my commanding officer. I’m sure they’ll be keen to thank you too.” He then turned to Gunther.

“Gunther, you have been very special to me, I will never forget you. I’m sorry I can’t be with you but you knew this day would come. I hope you find happiness.”

Gunther flung his arms round Ryan and cried, “I love you.”

“I love you too but not in the way that you want.”

He pried himself away, Gunther tried to follow but Albert held him back. As Ryan approached the lane a jeep drove up.

“Are you Ryan Monroe?” The driver asked.


“Hop in.”

The Jeep lurched forward and Ryan turned one last time to look at Gunther as he sped away. He waved and they waved back, someday he’ll find a way to repay their kindness.

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