Night Eternal Ch. 01


You know all the usual stuff, don’t read if it’s illegal or you don’t like sex or sex between two males offends you. All characters are purely fictional, and any likeness is coincidence. Joshua Glynn reserves all rights to this story, the characters, and the world they live in. Edited by Kumani

This is a story of two friends who after being apart from each other, discover a love between them they never knew could exist.


Night Eternal

Chapter 1: Coby’s Story


I remember that night very clearly. The city air was cold and clammy. A little fog had rolled in from the bay that night. The club we went to was a bit rundown, but at least it was clean. That was more than I could say about most of the clubs we went to. Steve and Scott had convinced us to come along. It was drag night and it was supposed to be a really funny show.

It was the first time I had been to a gay club. It wasn’t much different from most clubs we had been to. Except for the fact that there were very few women and most of the women that were there, were men! The music was different too, more peppy with thumping syncopating beats. We were having a good time, the drag show was hilarious and we got a chance to meet Scott and Steve’s other friends. It was a real fun night, until after the show. Then my world changed forever.

Shortly after the show, most of us broke up to mingle. Many of the guys in the club were amused at the straight people that had come to the club to see the drag show, but that didn’t stop us from getting hit on. A lot of the guys were quite taken with Ryan. He was like a god to be worshiped. Even though I would never openly admit my interest, I have to admit I thought he did look rather good. I had gone to the bar for another drink, when a guy walked up and sat in the stool next to me. He ordered a glass of red wine.

“Not your usual bar is it?” he said laughing.

“Not really.” I said with a slight chuckle.

“Let me guess, your gay friends invited you to come see the show right?”

“You are correct sir!”

“And you’re a college student from downtown, yes?”

“You’re three for three.” I was amused by his little game. I started wondering if this was some kind of pickup game of twenty questions. What he said next however, floored me.

“Secretly you’re in love with your best friend, the hot one over there!” he pointed to Ryan, who was dancing with Dan, one of Scott’s friends.

His statement hit me like a blow in the gut. It was like he was stating the obvious. And somewhere, deep down inside, I knew he was right. However, my inner demon that kept me from ever telling Ryan how I felt was the one who spoke aloud. “No! No! Ryan is my best friend. We’re not…gay,” I protested.

“Really, I’ve seen the way you look at him. And your reaction to me pointing out the obvious, tells me I’m right.”

“No really! We’re just good friends. We have known each other since birth that’s all”

“Who are you trying to convince Coby, me or yourself?”

That stopped me in my tracks. I never told this guy my name. “Who are you?”

“That’s not important Coby! Do you love him?”

“Yes! Of course I do! He’s like a brother to me.”

“No! Do you love him? Do you want to be with him? Do you want him to make love to you?”

I felt like I was being backed into a corner. Something inside me was screaming yes! But my fear was stronger. “No, No! He is… He is just my friend! Why… why are you making such a big deal over this?”

“Because I believe we should all be true to our selves. Years ago I learned a hard lesson, if I had learned to be true to myself I would have been saved decades of trouble. COME with me.”

And to my amazement I did exactly that. My mind was so confused. Why was I following this guy? Who was he? Why was he so interested in me and especially my personal life? And why was I following him even though I did not want to?

He led me out to his car and I got in the front passenger seat. It was a black Cadillac with leather interior and wood trimmings. It was perhaps the most beautiful car I had ever been in. “You look tired, I think you should go to SLEEP.”

The next thing I remember, I woke up in a fairly dark room lit by over a hundred candles. There was a big roaring fire in a huge fireplace. The couch I was sitting on was very nice, black leather. There was a big oval table in front of me, and sitting in a chair opposite me was my captor. He smiled at me.

I realized then that I had not really looked him over in the club. How could he have been there and I had not really noticed türbanlı escort him? He was stunning, for a guy! He was a bit shorter than me, possibly in his early thirties, was well built and had really long, straight, black hair. He was wearing black slacks and a dark blue shirt open at the collar. He had a devilish look in his dark blue eyes.

He laughed, “Ah Sleeping Beauty awakens! Come on now it is just a few minutes to midnight and the night is still young. I need you fully awake and alert… Ah yes there you are. My name is Christopher Wilmington Westmore and it is a pleasure to have you in my home! I hope you will come to like it here, because I’m afraid it will be your new home for a while.”

I was dumbfounded! I didn’t know what to say. I just sat there transfixed.

“I have decided that you will become my new protégée. I mean to teach you some valuable lessons Coby. One of your first lessons will be to acknowledge who you are. You will need to be honest with yourself if you are to become powerful. To do this I will deny you the presence of the one you hold most dear. The time will come when you will beg me to let him join with us.”

The thought that I might never see Ryan again slapped me across the face. It drew me out of my stupor. “But…but why would you do this?”

“Because my boy, you seem lost and I think you need direction in your life. One as fine as yourself needs to know what really matters the most in his life, and without knowing yourself, you would continue denying the one thing in this world that can bring you happiness and I mean to make you see this.”

“Why me?”

His smile turned wicked, “Let’s just say you remind me of myself Coby. I spent a lifetime convincing myself that I was something I am not. Now when I see someone doing the same thing, I feel compelled to help them see the light. Unfortunately, to do this I will have to cause you some great pain. You see, you will never see anyone you know ever again, except from a distance. From this day forth, your old life is gone and I will help you forge a new one!”


“Yes! First you must feel the pain of loss. Only then will you realize that your love for Ryan runs deep Coby, it is in your core! There is a silver lining to all of this. I am going to introduce you to a world you never dreamed possible, a world of endless possibilities. You will become one of us. You will feel power beyond your wildest dreams and consequently you will know true pleasure in the end.”

“Wha…what are you?”

“I have lived for over twenty-three hundred years. Your Hollywood would call me a Vampire.”

“A…A Vampire?”

“Yes, I’m glad you are paying attention Coby. Now you must understand something, I have just broken one of our most solemn laws by revealing myself to you. So, now you have a dire choice I’m afraid. I can make you one of us and you can accept your new life, and have a chance of one day figuring out the real you. Or I can kill you right here and now and put an end to your pitiful painful life. You see, no one may know of our existence, us Vampires, so I’m afraid I have committed you either way. But as one of us you will not age Coby, you will live forever and you will be very powerful.”

“Do I have to kill people to survive?”

“Oh no, dear boy! If we killed everyone we fed from there would be no one left. No, although you will have to seek sustenance through the drinking of human blood, there is no need to kill anyone you feed from. I will teach you this, all in due time. But, I will not lie to you. You may find that you need to kill sometimes to survive, but it is not a necessity. You will, however, have to give up the day and become a creature solely of the night. However, it is a minor price to pay.”

The implication of what he was offering me was enormous. To live off the blood of people, to always have to hide from everyone felt so unnatural, so restricted. But to live forever! Who could resist the lure of immortality? The worst part was that I could only see my friends and family from afar. I didn’t think I could live with that. What was my other alternative, to die?

“I’ve made my choice. I choose to live.”

“Well said my boy.”

The next thing I knew Chris was on top of me. He smiled at me then kissed me full on the lips. I fought at first but the power of his kiss was overwhelming. It was the most sensual kiss I had ever experienced. Our tongues began to duel. It was amazing. I had completely given in to Christopher’s mouth. I felt myself becoming enveloped, succumbing with utter abandon, but he pulled away.

“Ok, this tüyap escort will sting at first, but not for long, I promise you that!” he said.

I saw a flash from his mouth as his fangs extended then he lowered his mouth down on my neck. I felt a sharp pain, but it was immediately replaced by a euphoria that I can only describe as orgasmic. It felt better then sex. It was indescribable but so incredible. After a few blissful minutes, I felt my entire body go numb. Then everything went black.

The next thing I remember, I was jolted awake. I could feel a warm rush flowing through my body like a river, consuming me and igniting my senses that I can only describe as Life. My awareness became heightened and I clung greedily to this source of Life. Chris’s wrist hovered above my mouth, but it became firmly secured to my lips by both of my hands in a viselike grip. After a few seconds of drinking in the warm richness of “Life,” he pulled his arm away very easily, despite my hold on him.


So began my life as a Vampire. Chris began my training by teaching me the finer discreet ways to hunt for food. It was not like it is in the stories. Chris explained that we would go out to a bar and pick up a girl or a guy then take them to a nearby hotel. You see the ruse was that we were going for a night of pulse pounding no strings attached sex with our newfound partners. However, what we really wanted was just their pounding pulses.

He also warned me that the number one rule was that we must be perceived as human at all times. We must blend in at all cost, so I had to be discreet about how I handled the actual feeding. To the Normal it must always seem as though they only had a wild night. He explained that this was part of the great deception. It was the main law for all of our kind. We must strive to pass for human. To deceive was fundamental to our survival.

He told me the process was actually very pleasurable for our victim, as I had felt when he had Embraced me. If done properly, the Normal would leave the next morning feeling a bit weak, and over loaded from pleasure. Vampires could have sex with Normals if we wanted, but the Embrace was far more pleasurable. There are some Normals who love it so much that they seek out our kind for more!

That night Chris took me out for my first hunt. He had given me explicit instructions on what I needed to do. I was shocked however, when he took me to another gay bar on his side of town? At first, I objected that I was not into other guys, that I liked women. “That is exactly why I brought you here. The first lesson that you need to learn about feeding is that blood is blood. The sex of the blood matters not! If you are hungry and all you can find are men, but you choose to feed solely on women you will die of starvation. You need to realize that you can have a preference, but you must ‘blend in’ whenever you have too. Besides you might surprise yourself and come to enjoy it!”

So there I was, in my second gay bar of the night, trying to decide which guy I wanted to hit on. The whole thing felt strange to me, and very embarrassing. However, I didn’t have to wait long, because just a few minutes after I walked in the door a guy came up to me smiling. “Well, honey let me guess? You are a curious straight guy come to see how good gay life can be?”

“Wow, you hit it right on the nose! Am I that obvious? Everyone seems to be reading me like a book tonight.” I said trying my best to be flirtatious.

“Now that is cute. So are you just looking honey or are you trying to find some action?”

“Well I would really like to um… fool around but I don’t even know where to begin.”

“Oh my God, Heaven has smiled on me tonight. I do love some fresh chicken. You have a place?” This guy was the typical flamer with a capital F, he lit up the room.

“Yea, just down the street.” Chris had already rented a room at a cheap hotel just a block away. “My name is Coby.”

“I’m John. Let’s go” John looked as if he were in his early 20s. He seemed fairly proud of his body and it looked well kept. He was actually pretty hot in his tight black jeans and skintight wife beater. I couldn’t believe I was doing this, and that the pickup had been this easy.

When we got to the room he seemed to like it, although he thought the window treatment was all wrong. Yea, he was that kind of flamer. As I turned around from closing and locking the door, without missing a beat John was instantly on me. His mouth was on mine. He was pushing his tongue into my mouth. I went with it just so I could get the full experience and to my surprise tuzla escort I really liked it. This guy was an amazing kisser and he was very aggressive, just the way I liked to kiss. His very hard crotch was grinding into mine.

After he broke the kiss, he smiled at me, “So how far do you want to go?”

After a few seconds of thought, I decided I really wanted to try this. Now that I was in the situation I figured ‘what the hell’! “I want to try everything, except being fucked. I’m not sure I’m feeling quite that experimental tonight.” I said chuckling.

His smile was huge. “I was hoping you would say that.”

His hands went straight to my crotch. He was frantically trying to gain access into my jeans. As he was getting my pants undone, I started working on him. I was amazed at how turned on I was getting by this guy. He did have a very nice body under his clothes. I was glad I had said I didn’t want him to fuck me because his cock was quite long.

As my pants dropped to the floor, so did his. He practically ripped my shirt off but he stopped just on the other side of my mouth. The shirt was still covering my eyes as he continued his assault on my mouth. It was the most erotic thing anyone had ever done with me. Leaving my shirt over my eyes he began kissing and licking all the way down my body. Not seeing what he was doing was really raising the heat in the room. John treated me to one of the best blowjobs of my life! He was amazing. He was doing this thing with his tongue… Umm… What was I saying?

After a few minutes, I pulled him off me because I wanted to try it. I pushed him onto the bed and threw my shirt off. He had this big grin on his face. As I grabbed his big cock, the first that was not my own, he just laid back, his chest heaving rhythmically. It was like the first time I’d had sex. I took John’s cock into my mouth. His taste was exquisite. “Are you sure this is the first dick you have ever sucked sweetie?” he said laughing. The soft moans and his squirming told me I was doing a good job. This made me feel even more turned on.

After a few minutes of taking as much of him into my mouth as I could, I pulled off and smiled at him, “Ok, I’m ready?”

He smiled real big, “Look in my pocket.”

In his pocket he had a few condoms and a disposable pack of lube. I chuckled at the thought that he had come so prepared. I quickly put on the condom and lubed up my shaft, I also worked some into John’s ass. My finger slid in easily, I figure he must be a regular bottom.

Then I slid my cock in. Oh my God! Now I have fucked a girl up the ass before, but this was outstanding. We were facing each other, and the expressions on his face told me he loved every inch of me. I couldn’t believe I had never tried this before. It was so hot! After awhile, I realized we were both getting close to cumming, so I moved down close to his body so I could rabbit fuck him. He moaned even louder. I put my head beside his, extended my fangs, and sunk into his neck in one quick move.

“Oh fuck! Ahhhhh!!!!!” I heard him yell.

The euphoric feeling came back, although not as strong as before. The Life that was flowing into my mouth and down my throat made the experience even better and hotter! It was like an oven in the pit of my stomach switched on. I never felt so alive! I could feel his cum spray all over both of us and I could feel my entire body pulse as the sensations drove me over the edge to the hardest orgasm of my life.

I suddenly realized that I needed to stop. If I go too far he would die from blood loss.. I figure I had drained about two pints from him. He would be weak but he would most definitely live. I licked the wound on his neck as Chris had told me and sure enough the wound healed as if it had never been there. I felt amazing. I had never felt more energized and awake in all of my life.

John was passed out, but at least he had fun. So had I, although I was just glad to see I could still cum. I had been worried about that. I felt alive. I could feel how much stronger I was as the Normal’s blood coursed through my body. If this was how I would feel after every feeding, this was going to be an interesting new life for me. I gathered my things and left the hotel room. Chris was waiting for me in the lobby.

He was smiling, “So how was it?”

I felt a bit like a kid with a new toy, I chuckled and said, “Better than sex!”

He laughed at that, “Well my boy as you can see this life has its perks. What did you do with him?”

“Well, you said I need to blend in, so I tried everything with him.”

“Well, then it was better than ordinary sex…” he said laughing.

I chuckled, “Yea, I guess so. I waited until we were about to climax to feed. It magnified the orgasm for sure. It was outstanding!”

He smiled, “You did well Coby. Come now, there is someone I must introduce you to.”





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