My Secret Fantasy:…

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My Secret Fantasy: A Short Story

I think I would describe myself as a moderately attractive gal, a little on the plump side but cute. My legs and ass are firm, as are my breasts…long blonde hair and big, inviting blue eyes…full lips and a nice tight pussy. I have a wonderful sense of self and a passionate nature and take pride in my appearance. I have no problem attracting men or getting laid…I more than live up to my reputation for love of oral sex…giving more than receiving, really.

My problem lies in finding a woman to fulfill my secret fantasy. You see, for a few years now, I have had this reoccurring fantasy that plays over and over in my head when I masturbate. I am down on my knees, in front of this lusty blonde, reclining in a chair; her legs spread wide open to reveal her delicate, wet pussy for my taking. I want topkapı escort her so badly, the faint smell of her perfume mingling with her wetness, seductively grinding her hips toward my face and repeating “Eat my pussy, baby!” over and over in a desperate tone. I see her face now, her eyes full of lust and wanting as I place my hand gently on her shaven, glistening mound and begin to rub in a circular motion, increasing pressure as I go. She begins to moan…

“Put you fingers in me, Kristin…please…” she breathes heavily, and I begin to stroke her inner lips of her puss, priming it for my fingers’ entry. As I do this I start to suck and lick her tiny clit, feeling her grow tense and hearing her moans. I feel my own pussy begin to throb and grow wetter and I slip two fingers into her slick hole, slowly at first…all the way in. My God, fatih escort she is so hot inside…I suddenly wish I had a nice big cock to drive into her. I instantly quicken my finger-fucking pace, much to her delight.

I use my talented tongue to rotate round and round her clit, stopping every so often to suck it into my mouth all the wile fingering her hole, pumping deeper and harder inside her like it was a dick. I can no longer hold back and I jerk my fingers out and cover her entire pussy, from clit to bottom of cunt with my mouth as she squirts her juice into my mouth, hot and thick. She continues to moan, louder now, grabbing hold of my head and forcing her cunt into my face, grinding into me as a lick her clit rapidly. “Oh, Kristin…I’m coming…!” Hungrily I plow my fingers into her once again, pumping and pumping as I feel her eyüp escort walls grow tighter. Her loud moans turn into screams of passion and she throws her head back and gives a final thrust into me and I feel her body spasm as her cunt massages my fingers, almost as if they are being sucked. She falls back into the chair, panting wildly…my face is covered with her wetness.

Hot and ready to come myself, my own pussy dripping wet, I straddle her leg and rub up and down, getting more and more turned on all the time. While I hump her leg, I massage her beautiful tits and suck on her mouth and tongue allowing her to taste herself on me. She then guides my throbbing cunt over to her pussy, sliding down in the chair so that we may join both of our mounds together. I half straddle her and grind myself into her, getting just the right rhythm down and going for it. My clit is as hard as a rock rubbing on hers now and I cling onto her, our breasts pressed together, our tongues interlaced, mouths sucking hungrily.

I quickly come in powerful waves, all over her pussy…

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