My Night to Remember

Big Cock

Last night was a night I’ll never forget; it was my twenty-first and my friends had thrown me a birthday party at the lake. Even though it had started small, as the night went on people from other campsites joined our party. It seemed as though everyone was having a great time, there was music to dance to and plenty to drink. Some people were dancing and some were making out –and worse, or better, depending on your perspective- in the shadows.

I just lost myself into the music, the song Hungry Eyes was playing and my body was swaying in time. Of course, what made it even better was that I had a partner who seemed to enjoy the music just as much. His body was pressed against mine and we moved in perfect rhythm with each other. The feel of our bodies moving together was creating a tingle in my pussy. When our chests brushed against each others, my nipples tightened into hard peaks. I was considering joining the couples in the shadows when I felt a hand on my shoulder.

I turned to find myself looking at a man I’d had fantasized about for years. He was tall and his body was toned from years of hard work; his eyes were deep chocolate brown and sun bleached blonde hair that drives me crazy from wanting to drag my fingers through it- hell, maybe a brush every now and then. It positively made my fingers itch.

“Happy birthday pet,” he said as he wrapped me in a hug.

As always when he touched me I felt a rush of warmth go through me.”Hey Uncle Kevin, thanks!”

Ok before someone blows a main spring he isn’t really my uncle but I’ve called him that most of my life. He and my dad had grown up together, Kevin being about five years younger he was like a kid brother to my dad . They stayed the best of friends through the years, so he had always been an important part of my life.

“What are you doing here?”

“Some friends and I were camped down the way when we heard about a party going on over here and thought we’d check it out. I was surprised to see you here till I put two and two together and realized it was your party.” He said with a laugh.

“Yeah it was just a small party but as you can see it grew quite a bit. I don’t know half the people here but it seems everyone is having a good time.”

“Well, I’ll let you get back to your party; you seemed to have been having fun before I interrupted.” he said, giving me another quick hug before he walked off.

I turned to find that my dance partner had found someone else while I was talking. Oh well, I thought, there will be someone else and I went to get another drink. For the next couple of hours I drank and danced having the time of my life. The man I’d been dancing with when uncle Kevin showed up had come back around and I was once again pressed against him as we moved with the music. My body was responding to his just as it had before and again my thoughts were leaning toward going into the shadows.

Suddenly I had the feeling of someone watching me. I looked around to find that Uncle Kevin was watching me with a strange look on his face. I could have sworn I caught a glimpse of lust flashing in his eyes as he watched me grinding against the man I was dancing with. I turned my back to my partner and continued to move against him in time with the music. I locked eyes with Kevin while grinding my body against the man behind me.The way our bodies moved together it almost looked like we were having sex right there where everyone could see.

As I looked at Kevin he took a couple of steps closer to us. His eyes were wide, his jaw clenched tight and his hands fisted at his side, holding himself in. He was clearly struggling within himself as though he were trying to make up his mind, should he stop us, perhaps join us or just take me for himself . His whole body seemed to stiffen as he watched. The look in his eyes made my body feel like I was holding a live wire. Never had my body felt more alive it felt as if it would brust in flames from the way he was looking at me.

I could feel the proof that the dance was affecting the man behind me as well. He was hard and throbbing against my ass. As I ground against him he moved his hands till one was on my stomach just under my breast the other was under my chin, pulling my etiler escort head back against him causing my breasts to push out. I closed my eyes and just enjoyed the feelings coursing through my body. When I opened them again Kevin was gone. I turned to face the man I was dancing with and ground my pelvis against his hard erection. It felt as though an electric current was running through me. I took him by the hand to lead him into the shadows where we could have a little more privacy.

At the edge of the lake someone had spread blankets out on the ground a few of which already had couples on them . I grabbed one up and lead him a little farther into the darkness away from the others. Once we spread it out we quickly removed our clothes and lay down.

I reached over and cupped his sack and gave it a gentle tug as I wrapped my other hand around his hard cock. I stroked it up and down a few times before I placed the head of it in my mouth, sucking as much of it down as I could. He groaned and put his hand behind my head and began to fuck my face. I knew he’d cum soon if I let him continue but I was determined to get my own release. I swung my legs over his and crawled up his body until I felt his cock pressing against the entrance of my steaming pussy.

As I began to ride his cock I again got the sensation of being watched. I tried looking around but I couldn’t see anyone. I could feel eyes on me and it made me that much hotter. I began grinding down harder and faster. With one hand I played with my nipples and the other my clit. All the sensations I was feeling caused my climax to build faster. Just as I began to cum I heard a sound to my left and looked to find Kevin standing there, watching me fuck the man under me like there was no tomorrow. I came harder than I had ever had before.

The man under me hadn’t come — a surprise to me- yet but I could tell he was close. I raised myself up slowly til he slid out. Then I kissed and licked my way back to his cock, running my tongue around the head and down to the base, taking my time to clean all my juices from him before taking him deep into my throat.

I knew Kevin could see my ass rocking back and forth. I wondered if he could see that my pussy was dripping. As I sucked the cock in my mouth I reached between my legs and began to finger myself, rubbing my clit with my thumb while I worked my fingers inside me against my g-spot. I could feel him growing bigger in my mouth and knew it wouldn’t be long till he was coating my throat with his hot jizz. Even though I had just came I could feel another orgasm building inside me.

I’d never had two orgasms before and it was feeling incredible. I knew it had to be the fact that Kevin was watching because I’d never been so turned on before. Maybe it was just the thrill of having a spectator, but just the feeling that it was Kevin sent tingles down my spine and up my legs, collecting as a pool of warmth below my stomach. I just wish I could see his face. I wish it were his hard cock I was sucking and that it had been his cock which had been filling me, only minutes before.

I heard a sound and looked up to find Kevin standing almost directly in front of me with his cock in his hand, his expression resolute. Oh, and such an incredible turn on, as his eyes drank me in, roving, caressing my naked body. He was touching himself, moving his hand in long slow strokes. I moaned against the man’s sack, his cock deep in my throat at the first sight of Kevin’s cock, which I had dreamed about so often. As is per normal, the fantasy didn’t reach up to the reality; it surpassed it. I reached out wanting to touch it.

That seemed to be all he needed because he walked up til he was just an inch or so from my face. The man I’d been sucking didn’t like this- you really should have seen his face. Classic.

“Hey man! Wait your turn, she was about to finish me here!”

I looked up at him, licking my lips as he stared first at me then at Kevin. “If you want me to finish you off, then you’d best lie down and shut up.”

Then I finally touched the cock I’ve wanted for so long. He was so big that I almost couldn’t get my hand around him; he wasn’t that long but he was thick. I eve gelen escort couldn’t wait to feel him inside me.

“Finish him off pet, unless he wants to leave and let me take over here.” Kevin’s voice was thick with lust, moaning as I wrapped my hands around him, licking the enormous head, before returning to the guy on the ground.

“Man, this feels to good to leave, you just keep your hands to yourself cause I don’t swing that way. Do ya understand?”said the man, whose cock was once again filling my mouth.

Kevin sort of laughed. “Man, there is no need for me to touch you. We have a beautiful woman right here that can take care of us both.”

As he spoke he moved behind me. I felt his work worn hands run over the soft flesh of my back and down to carress. When I felt his lips and tongue replacing his hands I shivered with pleasure and anticipation.

He ran his hands between my legs gently pulling them farther apart. He moved away for a moment and I heard the sounds of him removing his clothes. Then I felt him moving under me putting, his head right at my dripping cunt before pulling me down to him.

I felt his mouth working on my clit and I thought it couldn’t feel any better until he pushed a finger inside me, moving it in a come hither motion. It was perfect; it caressed my g- spot, making my legs almost go out from under me. Just when I thought it couldn’t be any better I heard him say, “Suck his cock pet. Make him blow his load deep down your throat.”

Hearing him talk to me like that caused my pussy to let loose another stream of wetness covering his face in it. “MMMMMM Yeah baby, flood me with all that lovely pussy juice!”

At the same time the man whose cock I was busily trying to swallow begin to tense up. He began to push up to meet me, pushing the head of his cock further down my throat with each thrust.

Kevin began almost chanting against my clit, “Suck him pet, take everything he’s got.”

The man I was sucking let out a roar as I felt the first spurt of his cum flood my mouth. He grabbed my head and held me in place as he filled my mouth, over and over. I kept sucking on him even after I felt the final drop hit my tongue. As he started to soften in my mouth I released his cock and started cleaning up any cum that had escaped my mouth.

I felt Kevin move out from under me only to feel him pressing against my back. I leaned back into him and he reached around to take my breast into his hands, rolling the nipples between his thumb and finger.

“Did he taste good pet?” He whispered in my ear. “Did you enjoy drinking his cum?

“Yes, I loved it!” I managed to say between moans of pleasure. “Would you like to do that for me?”

“I’ve wanted to do that to you for a long time.”

“Oh, have you? Why don’t you show me just how badly while you’re friend catches his breath.”

I couldn’t believe I was about to give Kevin a blow job. I had dreamed about it so long and now my chance was here. I turned to face him and pressed against him til he was lying down. Starting at his lips, I kissed my way down his chest, licking circles around his nipples til they were as tight as mine then giving each one a gentle nip. I continued down to his navel working in smaller circles til I put the tip of my tongue inside it causing him to shiver. I continued my trip til I reached his wonderfully thick cock, glistening with precum.

As I drew him into my mouth he groaned and wrapped his hands around my head, holding on to my hair. He didn’t try to rush me or force his cock down my throat, just let me set the pace. I swirled my tongue around the head and slowly glided down til my chin was resting against his pubes. As I began my upward move I scrapped my teeth against him gently causing a tremor to course through him.

I looked over to see that the other guy had started to get hard again and was stroking his cock while he watched me sucking Kevin’s cock. I was glad he was able to become hard again so fast and I was hoping he’d want to join in soon. Almost as if he was reading my mind Kevin looked over at the man.

“Hey man, why don’t get up here and fuck her .We shouldn’t be the only ones getting pleasure fatih escort here- after all, it is her birthday.”

He didn’t need to told twice. He quickly moved behind me and began stroking my back, running his hands down the crack of my ass. Working lower til he was sliding his fingers against my clit. He moved in small circles first, making me tremble with want, then he began making them bigger til his finger tips were at my steaming opening. He pushed one finger inside, still using the circling motion he’d been using on my clit. He moved it around til he found my sweet spot then he added a second finger. He continued this til I could feel my own juices seeping from me, harder than before. Then he pulled the fingers out and started slowly pushing his cock into me. Just a bit at a time, then he pulled back out and start over again. He was teasing me and I loved it.

I had never dreamed of being fucked from behind while I was giving a blow job. The feeling was so intense that I was nearing another orgasm fast than I thought I would- which considering how I didn’t think I would come again in the first place, was as surprising for you as it was for me. The two men seemed to have perfect rhythm; as one was pushing into my cunt, the other was pushed into my mouth. Soon I was panting and moaning as my orgasm rushed upon me. I was sure if it hadn’t been for the men holding me I would have collapsed.

As I lay there gasping for breath with aftershocks rocking my body Kevin took the time to find out the other guys name by saying he couldn’t keep calling him man all night. To my surprise it seems they had done more than exchange names, they had made a plan for what they were about to do with me next.

Tom, as it turned out was the other man’s name, came and lay down beside me and Kevin lay on the other side. They both stroked my body as I came down from my last orgasm. As my breathing returned to normal, Tom pulled me on top of him, trapping his cock hard against my belly, between us. He started kissing and nibbling on my neck and down to my breast. He soon had me sitting up straddling him and I lifted enough to take him inside me. I was still very wet and he had no trouble entering me.

I felt Kevin touching my back pushing me forward onto Tom’s chest. I had no idea what he planning until I felt him touch my ass. At first it was just a gentle touch, more like a feather, but then he ran his hands lower, using the juices from my pussy to lubricate my virgin asshole. I wasn’t sure I was going to like this and tried to pull away.

“Relax pet; this won’t hurt if you relax.” Kevin breathed into my ear.

I wanted to believe him, I was frightened but I wanted to please Kevin so much that I tried to do as he said and just relax. I tried to keep my mind on the pleasure that I was getting from Tom. Kevin kept moving his fingers around my ass and to my surprise I actually began to relax and enjoy the feel of what he was doing.

Suddenly I felt something bigger trying to push into me. Looking back over my shoulder I whimpered, “Kevin, it hurts!”

Again he told me to relax and I tried to but I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to stand the pressure. Just as I was about to beg him to stop he pushed fully inside me. For a moment there was a burning pain then I felt the first movement of two cocks and the pleasure was out of this world. I could feel them rub against each other as one pulled out and the other pushed in. I was so lost in the sensation that I missed the first signs that both men were reaching their own orgasms. Then I felt the cock in my ass swell and pumped his hot seed into me. That triggered my own orgasm, causing my vaginal muscles to clamp down on the cock in my pussy, milking him hard. Needless to say, Tom came.

Once Kevin pulled out of my ass and lay down I rolled off the top of Tom and lay in the middle of the two men. I placed a hand on each of them. I had never been as content –or as utterly fucked- as I was at this moment. I wanted to say thank but I didn’t have enough energy to speak. We had been laying there for a little when Kevin suggested we return to his camp and his tent.

The rest of the night was spent finding new ways for the three of us to fuck each other senseless. We finally fell into an exhausted sleep, just as the sun crested the top of the trees. My last thoughts before sleep claimed me was this was a night that I was going to remember all my life and I hoped that it wouldn’t be the last time that I had a night to remember like this one.

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