My Life as a Wittol Ch. 10 Pt. 03


Anniversary Celebration, Day Two

The bright sun glared unwelcomely through the small opening in the curtains when CJ awoke midmorning with a nagging headache. She sat up in bed as I handed her a cup of coffee. She pulled the sheet up to her waist but left her breasts uncovered and just the sight of my wife’s breasts brought back arousing images from the night before. I asked, “Did you have fun last night?” I laughed as I joked, “I think a few guys might have jacked off last night thinking about you.”

She giggled as she spoke, “Well… I can say for sure that Charles had a hard on for me,” and her smile turn sexy as she teased, “And he really liked to rub it against me… especially when we danced.”

An intense anguish overcame my thoughts as feelings of jealousy and my desire to watch my wife initiate me into the cuckold lifestyle with a man she had met only a few hour earlier. I felt my dick start to swell as I recalled images of them as they held each other with her hands around his neck.

My anxiety and insecurity, as well as my sexual arousal, grew as I vividly recalled her hands around his neck as they smiled and whispered into each other’s ears like lovers and then those confusing emotions of cuckold angst found a way into my thoughts once more. Charles’ friend Matt had glanced at me as I watched CJ and Charles’ lustful dance and he smiled knowingly as he heard my soft moan as Charles’ large hands slowly slide lower, they nearly covered her petite ass as he drew her in closer against him. She looked up at him and smiled as he pressed his hard cock against her. Her eye brows raised questionably as he smugly smiled and discreetly nodded.

I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her lovingly and I grew hard as I cupped her bare breasts and felt her nipples harden. She playfully caressed my hard dick then push me away and told me,

“You better save that for later, I’m hungry and need more coffee. Let’s go get breakfast.”

The restaurant was full with the weekend morning breakfast crowd and we were told it would be a considerable wait for a table. Matt and Charles had already been seated and they waved us over and offered to share their booth. Charles stood as he wittingly steered CJ to sit on his side of the booth leaving me to sit next to Matt as he slid over and patted the seat next to him.

We enjoyed our breakfast and I felt my dick start to swell as I watched the sensual teasing between CJ and Charles. She would turn towards Charles as they playfully flirted and her hand would go under the table and my dick swelled as I imagined her rubbing his cock as we devoured our breakfast. As we parted CJ hugged both of them but Charles held her a bit longer. Charles said he was going to spend some time at the pool and hoped he might run into her later.

We returned to our room and could see the pool below us. CJ commented how fast it was filling up with guest. She searched through her luggage and grabbed a few things then hurried off to the bathroom closing the door behind her.

A short time later CJ emerged from the bathroom in a tiny two piece teal swim suit that I had not yet seen. She smiled and gracefully spun around as she modeled her new swim suit. The small cups barely covered her small Breasts, but her ass was nude except for a thin G-string that was mostly hidden between her petite cheeks. She smiled as she asked, “Do you like it?” She posed with her hip thrush to the side with her hand on her hip and she defiantly added, “I have always wanted the courage to wear a Wicked Weasel… So I thought I would surprise you and I ordered one a few weeks before for our trip.”

I was almost speechless but found the words, “Well…you have surprised me.” I stared at her nearly nude body and stammered, “Do I dare let you loose in the pool area”? I noticed her vulva was quite visible as the thin material stretched over her pussy and I asked, “Did you shave?” She smiled wickedly as she nodded, “I went to the spa before we left and got a Brazilian Wax.”

She laughed and kissed me on the cheek as she told me, “I’m going down to the pool for a couple hours… Why don’t you go play some carps and I will catch up with you later.” She knew I loved the game and could spend hours playing and she also knew I loved the cuckold teasing game.

She slipped on a shear see-through tunic that left almost nothing to the imagination. She topped off her outfit with a wide brimmed turquoise colored beach hat. I stared at her nearly naked body and playfully wondered out loud, “You think they will let you in the pool area like that?”

She stood on her toes and gave me a light kiss on the lips and replied as she picked up her bag and hurried to the door, “It is an adult pool so they will be no kiddies.” I watched the door as it slowly closed and her image lingered in my mind and my cuckold angst started to return as I wondered if she was actually wearing the new bathing suit to impress someone else.

I stood at the window and watched haramidere escort through my binoculars and shortly thereafter spotted CJ’s turquoise hat as she came through the gate into the adult pool area and wandered over to the bar. She graciously slid onto one of the tall bar stools as the bartender approached her. I saw the bartender give her a drink and he stood and talked to her for several minutes, then he turned and picked up a resort phone and placed it in front of CJ. She dial a number and talked for only a few moments. She said something to the bartender and he returned with two more drinks and sat them in front of her.

A short time later Charles appeared dressed in a flowered shirt that was short enough to reveal his skin tight trunks. He hugged CJ and she kissed him on the cheek as he pulled one of the high bar stools closer to her. He sat facing her with his legs slightly opened and I intently watched as he picked up one of the drinks and took a sip.

As I watched through my binoculars I noticed the swell of his cock under his skin tight swim suit was clearly displayed for her. My confusing cuckold emotions increased as he casually put his arm around her and rested it on the back of the stool. My dick continued to swell as I watched his hand caress her bare shoulder.

She reared back laughing from something Charles had said and when she leaned forward I saw her hand rest on his bare thigh. Not long after they stood and picked up their drinks and I watched Charles lead her from the pool area with his hand low on her bare back as my arousal quickly overtook my thoughts as I imagined CJ on her knees sucking his cock.

It was close to an hour later when I spotted them as they walked back into the pool area and found two loungers together. I moaned as Charles led CJ down the stairs into the clear water. She swam up to him and he playfully took her in his arms and pulled her tight against him. She wrapped her legs around his waist as his hands slid lower and cupped her petite ass and I caught my breath as he pulled her against him and their lips met in a lingering kiss.

I gasped loudly and my dick became extremely hard as I watched her climb the stairs and realized her wicked weasel was now nearly transparent, her tiny pink nipples clearly visible. Charles placed his hand low on her back and arrogantly paraded his prize in front of the partiers back to their loungers.

My angst increase even more as Charles drizzled lotion onto CJ’s feet and legs as she lay face down and he proceeded to massage the lotion into her bare skin. breathing slowed as I watch him gently work the lotion over her feet and his hands slowly moved up her legs spreading the lotion over her bare thighs. I gasped and caught my breath as I watched his thumbs slip between her thighs I imagined her soft moans as he gently caressed her wet pussy shielded only by the thin material of the Wicked Weasel.

I sat in the chair and started to slowly stroke my hard dick as he squeezed more lotion onto her nearly bare ass and I instinctively moaned as I watched his hands cup her ass as he started to slowly caress it as he rubbed the lotion to her sensitive area. I recognized the young black man from the previous night in the lounge as he watched the public erotica display. He was dressed in clothes that made it obvious that he was part of the hotel staff. I would later learn he was in charge of the daytime security staff.

CJ’s legs slightly parted as his hand slipped between her thighs and he looked up towards our room and arrogantly smiled. I was not sure if it was my imagination or her arousal as I noticed her ass slightly, almost unnoticeable, began to slowly rock. His hands slowly worked their way higher and he untied the string that held her revealing top. I saw her turn to him and she laughed as she shook her head and said sometime.

As she rolled onto her back she cupped her top against her breasts as she tried not to expose herself to the numerous spectators’ that had started to watch their public display. He started at her feet and slowly massaged his way higher. His hands were smoothing the lotion over her legs as he continued to work his way higher. My dick swelled more as her legs slightly opened and Charles’ thumbs disappeared into the bare skin of her inner thighs. She looked up towards our window and graciously pulled his hand from between her thighs.

He continued to apply the lotion and his hands slowly cresses the lotion into her skin. He took the bottle and squeezed some lotion into his palms and smiled as her rubbed his hands together and then placed them on her chest and he paused as they looked at each other and then his slick hands slowly slid underneath her top. I could see his hands move under the tiny top as he massaged the lotion on her breasts. He looked disappointed as she said something and he withdrew his hands and he continued to rub the lotion over her shoulders.

Eventually içerenköy escort he lay back on his lounger and they playfully chatted as they ordered another drink from the bar. Finally CJ finished her drink and they both stood. CJ started to slip into her tunic only to have Charles take the thin cover up from her. I watched their excited conversation as CJ laughed and shook her head several times. CJ must have finally given in to Charles’ pleads as I watched her pull her pool bag over her shoulder and draped her cover up over her forearm.

Their embraced lasted several moments and CJ smiled as she kissed him quickly on the cheek before walking back into the casino, her petite ass exposed except for the tiny thong string. Through my binoculars I focused on Charles’ knowing smile as he watch CJ walk away and my arousal soon overcame my jealousy as I imagined Charles’ between CJ’s spread legs as he held her legs on his shoulders and forced his cock into CJ’s wet pussy…I imagined her cries of desire as his cock pushed deep.

A short time later I heard her unlock the door and the first thing I noticed was that she had at some point put her cover up back on. I wondered if she had walked through the casino in only the tiny Wicked Weasel. It was obvious she had several drinks while at the pool.

She sensuously kissed me as her tongue slipped into my mouth and our tongues played. As our kiss broke she pulled back just a bit and with a questioning look she stared into my eyes as if waiting for some kind of reaction and acceptance then shrewdly smiled as she prepared us another drink.

I told her how I had spotted her and Charles as they sat at the bar and shared a few drinks, but I didn’t tell her I watched her and Charles walk away.

I watched her face looking for any sign of deception as she tenderly held me. Her hand slipped behind my head and she again pulled me to her as our lips met in a very passionate kiss and she whispered, “You know you love it when I expose myself to other men… don’t you…admit it…”

I moaned as our lips met again as I felt her hand slide over my dick as it grew and became uncomfortable in my shorts. I didn’t mention how much I had observed of her and Charles. She turned to walk towards the window and jerked the sheer curtains all the way open to reveal the floor to ceiling window and a good view of the boardwalk… and nearby casinos… I wondered to myself if she was looking to see our view of the pool.

Just a short distance away was another tall tower with windows revealing all the numerous quest rooms that faced ours. She stood in the window in the swim suit and cover up she had worn to the pool. She smiled coyly as she turned to face me and as she slowly pulled on the satin belt and sensuously spoke, “You tell me when to stop… okay Baby?” She started to sway erotically as she slipped the cover up off her shoulders and held it out for me to take.

As I stepped forward she snapper, “No! Strip first.”

Hesitantly, I slipped my t-short over my head and slipped off my sandals and soon after my shorts fell and were quickly kicked aside. I hastily walked to her and took the garment from her outstretched hand. I nervously looked at the tower across from us and wondered aloud, “Do you think anyone is watching us?

She again took my head and kissed me passionately and then told me, “I hope so…Why don’t you turn that chair towards me and have a seat and just enjoy the show…” As I turned the chair she held her hand out to me and repeatedly bend her finger in a come hinder motion as her hips swayed to the music coming from our blue tooth speaker and she waved for me to move the chair as she directed me, “Push the chair closer… closer… closer… right there.”

CJ stood in front of the window and her hips sensuously swayed to the music. She turned to look out the window and her hands reached back and slowly pulled the tiny string that held the tiny top. I sat in the chair and took my hard dick in my hand just as she dropped the top to the side and she stood topless as she gazed out the window.

I watched intently as she cupped and gently caressed her pale breasts as she stood and looked out the window and she softly murmured, “Oh Baby… just imagine all those men out there watching me…” She moaned as she purred,” Just imagine them stroking those nice big hard cocks thinking about how good my lips would feel as I suck their cocks…You know they want to fuck me…especially Charles,” CJ knew how aroused I got when she began her erotic teasing.

I moaned as my hand moved slowly up and down the hard shaft and as she turned to me she cupped her small breasts as she concealed her small breasts from my view. She softly spoke, “I ran into Charles at the pool and we had a few drinks together?” She paused as her hands lightly moved over her breasts as she caressed them and she looked into my eyes before she added, “He offered innovia escort to show me his upgraded luxury guest room.” She smiled as she looked at me questionably.

I could see the arousal in her eyes and sultry smile as she waited for my reaction. I felt my orgasm as it approached and my hand slowed as it moved up and down the hard shaft and I meekly asked, “Was it a nice luxury guest room?” I anxiously looked into her face as she smiled at my obvious response.

Her hips sensuously swayed as she slowly walked towards me, her arms dropped to her sides and she exposed her small breasts and tiny pink nipples to me. She laughed as she teased, “Nice try…

That’s a leading question. You’re assuming I took him up on his offer.”

She stood with her legs slightly parted and I stared intently at her fingers gradually pulled the strings and her thong feel to the floor and I excitedly watched as she bent at the waist and exposed her petite ass to all the voyeurs across from us as she picked up the tiny garment. She paused and looked up at me as she softly spoke, “But yes… it is a very nice room… with a very nice view of the boardwalk.”

She stood and walked back to the window and her hands pressed against the window and she posed for several moments as she softly continued, “I was a bit hesitant at first.” She paused as if in a deep thought before she added, “I think we both know that Charles’ is a dominate man and he expected much more than just rubbing his hard cock against me last night.”

CJ walked back to me and knelt between my outstretched legs and took my hard dick in her hand. Her tiny hand moved slowly along the hard shaft. She smiled mischievously as droplets of semen oozed out and my dick became slick as her hand moved slowly up and down the shaft and she slyly smile at me as she asked, “Would you like me to help you with this? I know how much you like it when I stroke your dick.”

I moaned and nodded as she started to tell me about going to Charles’ room.

“After we left the pool Charles led me through the casino towards the tower elevators and I became more excited as we walked arm in arm through the casino,” she paused before she continued, “I could feel myself getting wetter as men stared at my sparsely covered body.”

“We got on the elevator and made our way to the back as it filled with hotel guest. We were pressed into the back corner as the elevator became crowded as more people rushed to catch the elevator. I felt his hand as he began to blatantly caress my bare ass covered only by my thin wrap.”

“I turned with a surprised look and stared into his eyes as he smiled slyly. I looked at the others and realized they seemed to not notice or care that Charles had pulled up the back of my tunic and was caressing my bare ass. My stunned look turned to one of acceptance and arousal as I smiled back at him.”

“We laughed hysterically after as we exited the elevator and walked briskly to his room as I tried in vain to stop his groping in the hallway. Charles slid his key into the lock and pushed the door open and with his hand on my ass led me into his luxury suite.”

“I sipped my drink as I walked around the room taking in all the extravagance. Still a single room but much larger with a nicely stocked wet bar and sitting area with an overstuffed sofa and two chairs that had been turned to face the ceiling to floor windows along the entire outside wall. I blushed with excitement as I imaged me and Charles on the king-size bed.”

Charles took my drink and offered, “Why don’t I refresh our drinks.”

“I walked to the window and looked down at all the people milling along the board walk. Charles handed me a fresh drink and I took my first sip of the strong liquor laced drink. I made a sour face and laughed as I asked, “What? You trying to get me drunk this early in the afternoon?”

“Charles chuckled as he wondered out loud, “Is it working? You know what they say… Candy is dandy but liquor is…” We both laughed at his attempt at the joke and then we paused as we looked into each other’s eyes.”

“Charles pull the drapes all the way open as I gazed out. Charles stepped back and sat on the sofa and started to slowly rub his growing cock. He moaned quietly to himself as I stood with my back to him as he stared at my tiny ass nearly naked except for a tiny string that held my top on and the string of my thong that disappeared between my cheeks and left my ass essentially bare. The sun shining through the window made the transparent pool cover even more transparent.”

“I turned and with mocked surprise as I watched him slowly rub his cock. I walked slowly to him as I stared at his impressive cock covered only by his skintight trunks. I sat facing him with my leg drawn up on the sofa, the other dangled over the edge of the sofa.”

“I opened my legs and felt the tiny bottom fabric stretch even tighter. Charles smiled wickedly as he looked at thin material that tightly clung to my hairless vulva leaving little to the imagination.”

“He stuck his hand down his trunks and adjusted his growing cock as he arrogantly spoke, ‘Excuse me but sitting here next to a nearly naked beautiful young lady does have an uncontrollable effect on my cock.’ His hand slipped back out as he straightened his manhood and the tip peeked out the top of his trunks.”

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