My Hot Uni Roommate Ch. 10


Previously in chapter 09:

“Down boy, down!” I joked. “Do you want to get dressed and play some games or something?”

It turned out that he did. We played together until midnight and then we ended up sleeping in the same bed again, this time his. As we fell asleep, he kept slowly rubbing my smooth legs which felt even better than when I felt them myself. Then eventually he fell asleep and stopped with his hand on my thigh. I soon joined him.


I slept in late without meaning to the next morning. At least it was a Saturday. Still, waking up at 10 AM felt rather lazy even for me. I walked naked to the kitchen, wondering if Michael was still around, but it looked like he had left. No morning blowjob to enjoy giving today it seemed.

I scrambled some eggs for breakfast with some toast and sat down at the table. Then I noticed something else on the table. I noted with shock that it seemed to be a pair of lacy red panties, laid out nice and neat. An artifact from one of Michael’s old conquests.

Then I noticed a note card sticking out from underneath the underwear.

“Be wearing this for me when I get back later?” it read along with a drawn face with the tongue sticking out and winking eyes. I put the card down and felt myself turning red. He couldn’t be serious, right?

I rubbed the lacy panties a few times with my left hand as I continued to eat. Then again, that website thing we tried did show that he was into the idea of me wearing something like stockings or high heels during sex. Maybe this was the same kind of thing. Even though the idea of wearing them was humiliating, I felt like dick filling with blood as I imagined wearing them for Michael. Being a good submissive bitch for him, just like when I let him shave me last night.

After I put away my dishes, I came back and stood over the table. With a sigh, I grabbed the panties and slid them up my legs. My dick stuck out of the top since I was so hard, but otherwise they seemed to fit well. Had Michael bought these for me specifically along with that butt plug?

I couldn’t lie to myself. They felt nice, especially with my smooth crotch. It felt so naughty and taboo to be wearing something that was so explicitly feminine. It might take a while for my erection to subside at this rate I thought to myself.

I decided to get dressed, hoping that covering the panties up with some shorts would help me not think about them as much. It seemed to work and my dick finally deflated a few minutes later.

I did homework and studied for about an hour and a half and then put my materials away and went to the living room space. There, I launched myself into a single player video game and lost myself in the senseless violence and murder of the monsters on the screen.

It must beşiktaş escort have been a couple hours later when I heard a key in the lock and the door opened. I jumped a little, snapping out of my game-induced trance and looked over. Naturally, it was Michael.

“‘Sup Noah,” he said as he closed the door behind himself. He put his bag on the kitchen table and then smiled over at Noah. “I see the panties are gone. Are you wearing them like a nice obedient boy?”

“Y-yeah,” I said, feeling embarrassed. My dick felt none of the shame as it started growing.

“Can you pause the game? I want to see what you look like,” he said with hunger in his voice.

“I can turn it off. I’ve been playing for a long time.”

I turned it off and then stood up and faced Michael. I took off my shirt and then my shorts and Michael whistled.

“That’s so hot. They fit you pretty well. How do you like them?”

“Well they feel nice. I feel kind of embarrassed wearing them though.”

“But you still put them on anyway. Such a perfect sub. They make you look even cuter, somehow.”

He approached me and felt the waistband and gently caressed my dick through the material. I shivered at the touch.

“They are barely able to restrain that monster cock, huh?”

“It definitely makes them a bit tight once I get hard,” I said with a smile.

“I kind of like that they can barely cover you when you’re hard. I looked at your boxer brief size to try to decide what size of panties to get you. Glad that worked out.”

“I wondered if you had bought them just for me. That makes me feel a bit better than wearing ones your ex’s had or something like that,” I said.

“Yep, just for you. I actually got you ten pairs.”

“What? Ten?” I asked in surprise.

“Yeah. I was hoping maybe you would indulge me and wear them instead of your boxer briefs. It would turn me on so much to know you’re going to class or exercising with sexy panties hidden underneath your clothes. And I love the thought of you being all shy and embarrassed about it and hoping no one sees.”

“God you’re so mean,” I said with a sigh. “It’s like you’re making me your sissy.”

“Not quite that dramatic. I still like that you’re a man. It’s just hot having you submit to me and letting me dominate you by making you blow me every day or shaving you or making you wear girly underwear just to please me.”

“I’ll do it,” I said as I felt the lacy panties again. “Or I’ll give it a try at least. If you’re super turned on by it than it will probably be fun for me too. And I don’t want to force you to return them. Wasn’t this expensive along with the plug and whatever else you got?”

“You’re the best! And don’t underestimate the power of thrift beşyol escort stores. Although I wasn’t sure if you’d go along with this unreasonable request as well but I’m glad you’re willing to try it. I might tease you a bit about it too but know that it’s all just part of the role playing.”

“Oh I bet you will,” I said with a chuckle. I could already envision the kinds of quips he would use to remind me of what I was wearing.

“Now, I think you still owe me a blowjob since you slept in so late, don’t you?” he asked with a smirk as he walked past me and sat down on the couch. “You don’t want to miss out on your daily protein, do you?”

“No, I don’t,” I giggled.

“That’s no SIR, isn’t it?”

“No Sir, I need my protein,” I said, batting my eyelashes and trying to talk in a sexy voice.

“That’s more like it. Get to it then.”

I knelt between his legs and undid his button and zipper and fished out his cock. I wasted no time in beginning to worship it.

“Oh god that’s the stuff,” he groaned. Seeing you in those dainty red panties is going to make me spray some extra cum today.”

I winked and moaned around his dick to give him a bit of vibration.

“So sexy. How do you feel about only wearing panties while your in the apartment? Only getting fully dressed when you leave. Or if someone is over, obviously.”

“Oh I supppoooose I could let you make do that too,” I said as I popped off and licked his shaft a few times. “Sir,” I added. “If I have to be turned on all the time you should too after all.”

“Mmm perfect. It’s not as fun if your cute undies are hidden from me most of the time,” grunted Michael.

I managed to make him cum after a few more minutes. I definitely felt like I was getting better at giving head. I was definitely much less anxious about whether or not I was doing a good job. I swallowed all of his cum dutifully and wiped my lips with my arm.

“That was great, thanks Slut,” said Michael.

All of a sudden, his hands were underneath my shoulders and he was lifting me into the air without much trouble.

“Michael wha-” I began before he tossed me onto the couch on my back.

“I’ve got to reciprocate sometimes, especially when you agree to my new unfair rules,” he said as if there was no argument.

He pulled my panties down a few inches and began blowing me aggressively. He gave me a wink of his own and I moaned softly.

I didn’t last long either. Michael had improved his technique a bit as well. My hips jerked up and down as I came into his warm mouth. He managed to catch most of it this time and then he leaned over and kissed me. I began to kiss him back and then felt all the cum drip out of his mouth into mine. Apparently he hadn’t beykent escort swallowed.

“Good boy,” he said with a dirty look on his face. He used a finger to close my lips and I swallowed.

“That’s just mean,” I laughed once it was all down my throat. “I thought you had swallowed it.”

“I was planning on it. I just don’t like the taste or texture that much though. And it’s hot making you slurp down as much cum as I can. You’re my panty-wearing cum dump, aren’t you?” he asked as he fondled my softening dick and then pulled my panties back up.

“Y-yes Sir,” I said, blushing a little at the demeaning yet arousing label.

“Good boy,” he cooed before helping me stand up. “Let me get the bag with the other panties and I can show you all of them.”

He scurried into his bedroom and returned with a black bag and began lying the underwear out on the table in front of the TV. There were three more lacy pairs: black, purple, and pink. Then the other six looked more like cotton or some material like that. One had white and blue stripes, one had white and pink stripes. The third was just black and pink. Then there was one that was just black but Michael showed me with a smirk that there were pink words across the rear that said “Spank Me!” and there was a similar pink pair with white sparkly words on the rear that said “Bad Girl”.

The final pair was super skimpy and black. I realized as I held it that it was a straight-up thong. I turned red as I imagined wearing it. Michael smiled wide at my embarrassed reaction to the last three.

“If you end up being okay with wearing these all the time I might get you more eventually. Or we could buy some together… Anyway, I was thinking I’d choose a pair for you every day and leave it out in the morning.”

“Every day will be a new surprise,” I said with a chuckle. “I’m going to be paranoid if you make me wear that thong to my classes.”

“You’ll get used to it. No one will be able to tell what a dirty slut you are. Unfortunately.”

“I bet you would love it if everyone in my lecture halls knew I take it in the ass,” I said as I rolled my eyes.

“You might be able to get some easy A’s,” then he said as he tried to suppress a smile.

“Oh god. The only male professor I have is Mr. Zockler and he’s so obsessed with rocks that I think he would choose a pound of limestone over the finest rear end in the world.”

“You just need to train until your butt is as hard as diamonds then. You’ve got… What? Two weeks left? Totally doable.”

“Speaking of which. I should go do some more homework. You can concoct more ideas for me to seduce my professors on your own.”

“Fair. I’ll draft up some proposals and bring the best three for your consideration later.”

“Only if you’re the one seducing them,” I retorted as I walked down the small hall to my bedroom.

I almost put on some shorts out of habit but then remembered Michael wanted me just in my underwear. At least it was getting to the end of spring. If we continued dating into the fall semester I might have to re-negotiate for a shirt at least.

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