My Hot Mallu Girlfriend Pt. 01


My Hot Mallu girlfriend

My name is Ryan, I am working in a software company in a city in Kerala, India. Even though my home is in Kerala, it’s quite far from my work place. I used to masturbate a lot while reading to loving wives’ category in Literotica, I am a big fan of this category and Indian authors are my favorites as it’s more relatable.

I have got a hot girlfriend who is also a Keralite like me. Her name is Tina, we both worked in the same company and dated few months before having sex. She has a slim body, flat stomach, boobs are small, firm and has a great shape and her nipples are my favorite.

Since I am addicted to reading loving wives’ stories, normal sex with her became boring after a while. I wanted to slowly introduce her to my fantasy and decided that the best time to open up to her was when she is horny.

“I have a fantasy of watching you getting fucked hard by a stranger.” I whispered to her while we were passionately making love. I knew she liked the idea from her response, she started grinding her pussy harder on my cock. I fucked her very hard and told her “Imagine if this is a total stranger doing this to you.” “Aaaah aaaahh hmmm.” She moaned loudly and came so hard on my cock, I could feel her pussy flowing with her juices, which made me very horny and I fucked her very fast and hard and she started coming again. Her whole body was twisting and turning and she came loudly and this turned me on so much and I pulled my dick out and I sprayed thick jets of cum all over her body.

It took a while for her to come out of her orgasm, I wiped the cum off her body and she hugged me, “that was the best orgasm I had” she told me and kissed me on my cheeks, I nodded in agreement. That was a big turning point in our sex life and we fantasized this gebze escort every time while having sex. Sex became very interesting again and I was so happy that we shared the same fantasy.

After months of me whispering to her about the fantasies that I had while fucking, she started telling to me, which made me so fucking horny and this was like a next level in our sex life. Story telling became an inevitable part in our sex life. Even though I had thoughts of making the fantasy real, I didn’t want to take that step and I knew that she would also not.

Since we were in Kerala, living together was not an option because of the constraints in the society. We both lived in separate apartments, and the days we don’t date we used to sit in our respective rooms in the apartment. I used to spend time smoking up or drinking with my friends. Her flat mates weren’t into that as the majority girls in Kerala don’t drink or smoke. Some days went by that I didn’t even talk to her on phone and she didn’t have anything to do. The very next weekend was a long weekend and we decided to go on a trip to a hill station.

I was stoned in my room and I received a text from her, “I have to confess something to you.”

“Go on, you know you can tell anything to me. “I replied.

“No, I will tell when we reach the hotel next weekend. “she replied.


I started having a million thoughts as I was high, “did she really sleep with someone” I wondered.

No, knowing her, she won’t be able to do that, but I had a strong intuition that it was something related to our fantasy.

The weekend arrived and we went on bike to the hill station, it was 4-hour ride to our destination, and throughout the journey she was göztepe escort seducing me, kissing my ears, rubbing my stomach slowly.

The ears and stomach are very sensitive parts of my body and my dick was hard all the way long.

We checked into the hotel room and the moment I locked the room, I pressed her to the wall and kissed her hard. She kissed me back passionately, sucking my lips and inserted her tongue into mine and we kissed sloppily.

I pressed her boobs, rubbed her nipples over her top, she started moaning. I threw her onto the bed and I jumped on her, stripped her top and sucked on her nipples, it had become so hard and I chewed on it.

She was moaning loudly and when I stopped sucking her nipples, she pulled me up and kissed me wildly again and sucked my ears. “Do you want to hear what I did? “she asked.

“There is a nude photographer I follow in Instagram.”

“I remember you telling this to me” I said.

“When you were high throughout the week, I was horny and scrolling through Instagram, I saw his story poll in which he asked truth or dare. Since I was bored, I clicked on truth. He replied immediately asking if I was virgin. I said no, then he asked me with whom I had. I told him that I had sex with my boyfriend many times.”

“He said okay and told it was my turn to ask him, he chose truth and I asked him if he had sex with the models in his profile. He said he fucked every one of them, I was turned on after hearing it.”

Hearing all this I got so hard, I stripped her pants and her underwear and inserted my dick into her pussy and slowly fucked her, her pussy was already soaked and she moaned loudly. “Tell me everything while I fuck you” I told her, eagerly waiting halkalı escort to know the rest of their conversation.

“It was his turn to ask me now, I chose truth again. He asked me my favorite position. I said it was man on top, and asked him truth or dare. He said dare, I told him to put an Instagram story of his favorite position. After 2 minutes, he asked me to check his story and I saw 2 dogs fucking and was surprised seeing it. I always wanted to try doggy style, but we never tried it. I asked him why doggy was his favorite, he explained that his head of the dick is very large and it will remain stuck inside the pussy and hence he could fuck his partner very hard and even spank her.”

“I asked him more details about the sex sessions he had with his models. He said that the models usually get horny while posing nude, and while posing itself he grabs and sucks their tits, finger their pussy to make them hornier. He confessed that when they are very horny, he gets the best shots.”

“Before the shoot gets over, he will end up fucking them. So, in the entire shoot time, he will be either seducing them or fucking them.”

Hearing all this, I started fucking her so hard, I was thinking about her going for a shoot with this guy and having sex with him. This thought made me so fucking horny and I fucked the brains out of her.

She stopped telling the story and moaned loudly and came so hard on my dick, her pussy was overflowing like a river, she had never squirted so much and I couldn’t control anymore “Can I cum inside you?” I asked her.

“Aaaah Aaaah aaaaah yess” she shouted.

I came so much inside her. We didn’t speak anything for a while as both of us were catching our breath.

“Is this really true?” I asked her.

“Yes, I was really bored and little bit horny” she gave a seductive smile when she said this.

“Is there more to tell?” I enquired.

“I am only half way through the story.”

Thinking of the possibilities that could have happened, I got hard again and mounted on her brought my ear close to her mouth and asked her to continue.

To be continued….

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