My Friend’s Husband


I met Mary in one of the chat rooms they used to have with yahoo. My profile outlined I was gay and a bottom along with images of sword swallowing and other kinds of innuedo images indicating my interests were in sucking men’s cocks. She was fascinated by the idea of a guy being “the girl” when being sexual with men. Of course we talked about all kinds of things other than sex; we talked nearly daily. We traded recipes, kitchen tricks and cleaning tips.

As time went on she confided that though she thought I was cute she really saw me as more of a “girlfriend” than a potential romantic interest. She was nervous about telling me that. I think it had to do with introducing her to a man I was getting together with frequently. It was just an online introduction but he told her about my different techniques in sucking his cock. I think she was also turned on by him too and they had an illicit online affair.

Anyway, one night we’re talking and she asks me if I would suck her husband. She sent me a dick pic before I could reply (a first time for me, getting a dick pic from a woman) and he did have a nice cock. I said I would love to! She got so excited. She was chatting so fast. She wanted to introduce me to him so he and I could start talking. Since it had started with a sexual premise, we kept it that way and talked about ways I could please him and his cock with my mouth. At one point I asked where his wife was and he said she was there with him, just busy giving him a blowjob. I was like wow! But saying that and he and I talking about me sucking him pushed him over the edge and he came. Naturally he lost interest pretty quick and being the straight married man, gave the phone back over to his wife.

She was still excited when she came back on and said that he came a lot, more than he usually did. She never liked men cumming in her mouth so she directed his cumming cock to her chest and told me so asking if I would lick it off. I told her of course I would, I bet it would excite Max (her husband) to watch me do that and he’d be ready for another round. She hurriedly bid me good night and signed off.

I have to admit, it was a turn on, conspiring with my friend for me to suck her husband’s cock. Talking to him and developing a personal relationship with him was exciting. They lived about an hour away from me. It was a bit tricky since I was living with my boyfriend and being away for a few hours. I was pretty lucky that I was working part time cleaning houses and I had a house that was about an hour away. Robert, my man, had a thing about me keeping up on my housekeeping if I was to work. I worked extra hard on his house and let him know I’d be a bit late.

We agreed to meet ataşehir escort a shopping center bar near where they live to have a drink just to make sure we’re all cool with each other. I have to admit I was very nervous. It’s not like I talk to a lot of women and then to be meeting one to in essence give her man a blowjob was nerve wracking. I was able to find them easy, they were waiting for me at the entrance to the bar. It was just after noon so there was a bit of a lunch crowd but we found a table with Max sitting between Mary and me. We ordered a round, wine for Mary and me while Max had a beer.

Naturally it was awkward at first. But since I had talked so much with Mary and some with Max we were able to get over it pretty quick. Mary was so giddy and it was like she was playing matchmaker but instead of finding a man for me, she was finding her man a male girlfriend.

After the long drive, I needed to excuse myself to use the restroom but figured it’d be an opportunity for them to decide if they wanted to go forward with our get together. When I returned, turned the corner and saw our table, they had shifted chairs a bit. Mine was much closer to Max’s with his arm resting on the back of my chair. Our drinks had arrived while I was away so I sat down a bit shyly and took a sip but somehow missed my lip and spilled on myself. Max quipped, “and I thought you swallow” which made us all laugh while I cleaned up.

Being so close to Max while we all talked I ran my hand up and down his thigh, slowly. Mary looked like the Chershire cat and Max spread his legs a bit wider and his bulge got bigger. After a while he stopped the conversation and turning to me said “I think I need you to arrange things down there for me” just as the waitress passed by causing her to look at us while both Mary and my jaws dropped. Max was just casual about it and so I slid my hand over his hardness in his pants and gave it a bit of a rub and gave Mary a smile while I arranged him. “Thanks” he said, “that’s a lot more comfortable.”

After a while of flirting and having had some lunch with the waitress knowing he was my “date.” With our drinks finished Max left money and suggested we go to their place. Standing up he said “I just hope nobody notices my condition.” It was obvious he was hard. The waitress glanced towards us and I saw her eyes go down and then she looked at me giving me a smile and a wink. I blushed. When we got to their car Mary suggested I ride in front with Max while he drove. I was thinking I would be taking my car so it was a little dismaying not being able to leave if the need arose. However, Mary held the door open for me to get in while avcılar escort Max was getting in and then she sat in the back.

As we’re pulling out Mary says “you should get closer, he doesn’t bite.” So I scooted over and put my hand on his thigh and started stroking it again. Before I knew it we were pulling into their driveway. Walking into the house Mary said she’d get drinks. While she was making drinks Max said, “I’ve never done anything with a guy before. Talking about it online was one thing and pretty sexy but I wasn’t sure if I could go through with it. I don’t know how you did it but you’ve got me turned on and I am so looking forward to having my dick in your mouth.” Mary came in while he finished saying this, looked at me and gave me a big smile.

“Why don’t we go into the family room and get more comfortable.” Mary suggested as she led the way into the family room, Max put a hand on my shoulder, turning me towards him and with a slight downward pressure saying “I think I need your help with something.” I put both my hands on his chest and slid them down his body as I knelt. I caressed his hardness before undoing his belt and trousers. Sliding them down, I took off his shoes and socks and pants. I slid my hands up his legs until I was once again caressing his hardness. I scooted a bit closer and began lowering his underwear, causing his cock to spring out and hit me in the face. “Uh, sorry about that” he laughed while I slid his underwear off and coming back up accidentally hit his hard cock with my forehead. Looking up at him I said “I guess I just can’t escape getting beat up by your cock” and heard Mary sigh. I merely looked at his cock staring me in the face. It made him harder and a bead of precum made its appearance. “Why don’t you kiss it?” he asked. I slowly leaned in and gave the head a kiss, and drawing back was connected to him by the string of his precum.

I lick my lips and lean in as though I’m going to take his cock between my lips but let his cock slide along my face, frustrating him. I look up at him as he looks down on me and just as he aligns his cock with my open mouth and begins to move forward, I close my mouth and his cock slides up my face. I press my face against his hardness looking up at him. This is not what he wants and he pulls away.

He aligns his cock against my closed lips and presses but with determination that he’s going to penetrate my lips and enter me. My mouth was open with only my lips closed and he presses and enters me and I hear him moan while he pushes himself deeper in my mouth. I pull off, pushing against him having just gagged but he thrusts his hard cock deeper in my mouth avrupa yakası escort as I work my tongue on him and he moans, “oh yeah!”

He pulls back but leaving his cockhead in my mouth says; “It looks like you really like my cock” thrusts deep and pulls back: “I know he really likes you!” While pulling my head down to take all of him. He does short thrusts; “oh yeah, your mouth feels soo good!” before pulling back to let me take a breath then pulling me down while he thrusts “take my cock.” He puts his other hand on my head and holds me in place and he fucks my face, going a bit deeper on alternate thrusts.

I feel his urgency. I help it along with gagging and choking on his cock; having him thrust against the inside of my cheek, when I can manage it. I look up at him and he’s lost in the sensations of having his cock in my mouth, thrusting deep, feeling my tongue dancing on his manhood. I am there for him to be a man. I graze my fingertips on his balls.

He doesn’t know what to do as he cums, he’s never been standing with his cock in a willing mouth before, he locks his hands behind my head to keep me close and on his cock, and not saying anything cums in my mouth, though really in my throat. Moaning and saying, “swallow my cum, bitch! You like a man’s cum?!” and shuddering as he comes down from his orgasm. As he did, he sat down, holding my head on him saying, “just keep it in your mouth, I’m sensitive.” And I just keep my mouth on his cock, not suckling, not moving my tongue.

Mary curls up to Max and says; “I was right, that was the best blowjob you’ve ever gotten.”

I have to admit, I had forgotten all about Mary lost in the lust Max had for my mouth. I was very flattered by her comment and it was a trip being on the floor, his softening cock in my mouth while they talked.

He said; “Sweetheart, it was just different. You’ve never let me cum in your mouth and he swallowed my cum.” I thought he was being very diplomatic since nobody wants to hear they aren’t the best.

“I know. It was so hot seeing you get lost in the passion of fucking his mouth!” as she looked down on me, his cock still plugged in my mouth. “I got lost in your passion and so turned on!” as she draped her leg over his thigh, resting against the side of my face. It’s like I’m intimate with them but still just a fly on the wall. She leans down, and kisses his chest. I feel an electrical charge go through me, we are both pleasing him. She reached down and caressed my cheek. Her man had just made another man submit to his passions and take the culmination and swallow it. And she completed the circuit, her, her man, and his newly made bitch.

Mary got up and made sure our drinks were within reach, her’s and his on the end table and mine on a book on the floor next to me. He became fully soft in my mouth but he was definitely not a grower so my mouth was still full. I lightly caressed his balls with my finger tips. They kissed, deep and passionately. She draped her body over his. I felt him stirring in my mouth…

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