My Dream of What Could Have Been Ch. 03


My fingers gently pried Terry Joyce’s (TJ for short) pussy lips apart as her small soft hand once again wrapped around my hard cock shaft. Our sexual musk filled the room as we were inches away from each other’s sex organ now. Her clit was now in full view and throbbing as I felt her cunt lips soaked with her juices. I insert a finger easily now into her hot small cunt hole.

Rock hard and throbbing now, my cock jumped and danced with excitement knowing I was about to fuck the woman of my dreams. As I moved back between your open legs she spread her thighs wider for me. I positioned my cock head so it would touch her wet opening. As I pushed the head of my cock against the wet opening of her sex I felt her shiver. I was full of my own desire and when I removed my finger from her hole, I used my cock head to push rub up and down the lips to her love hole. I heard her moan: “Oh Yes put it in baby.”

Her legs parted even more as her hand reached between our bodies and she guided my hard throbbing cock into her wet opening. The head moved about an inch inside her pushing the lips wider apart until it sort of popped inside her hole. We both cried out with pleasure as I began to enter her. Oh how I wanted this for so long. She was my desire, my lust, my nightly fantasy, my Internet lover for so long.

TJ’s pussy was unbelievably tight yet so very wet, and warm. It wrapped around my cock head like a bun holds a hot dog. As her pussy squeezed my shaft I pushed again and slowly so painstakingly slowly the head of my cock moves a little deeper into her hole. She arches up from time to time to help me get more of my cock into her body.

I felt the tip of my cock head moving deeper into her vagina tunnel. I could feel the head as it rubbed along and against the walls of her wonderful pussy. She lifts her legs and held them up, out and opened wide with her hands around her ankles.

I pump now moving the shaft in and out of her inch by inch. I am accomplishing my goal to penetrate her fully and then hold her and slowly rock back and forth letting her feel my shaft deep inside her hole. A couple more inches to go and I’ll be all the way inside her. Could any man ask for more than to have her, all of her wrapped around him and her pussy wrapped around my cock? I think not. Seeing the deep pink insides of her vagina and that small hole that I knew would feel so good when I shove my cock deep into it was wonderful to see each day when she sent me those photos. But now actually feeling its tightness and wetness as I slowly pumped the shaft deeper and deeper was a pleasure that I just couldn’t describe.

Pushing again my hips and apply more pressure and I feel her began to rotate her hips and lift her ass now helping me get into her hole fully. We start fucking moving slowly together as if we have done this a million times before. Slowly at first, pumped into her body I feel her arching up and take me. Her body accepted me completely as I move deeper and deeper with each inward push.

Again and again we separate and then merge our bodies back together. Our sex tightly pressed into each other. Her arms wrapped around my neck and my hands under her ass holding it and lifting it even higher for full and deeper penetration. I bent into her and kissed her as I feed her tongue enter my mouth. beylikdüzü escort I sucked on it.

We fucked and kissed, fucked and kissed. Harder now, there’s more urgency in each of our movements. Hold each other like we had both dreamed of for so long and masturbated to the idea so many times together was now actually happening.

Now!! Now baby, it was actually happening. It was great, so very, very great to feel her body shutter with joy as I pushed one last time and was embedded fully inside her. As she feels my balls against her ass she knew she had taken all of me and we are now locked tightly together in an ecstasy neither of us has felt before.

My cock was somewhat larger than any she had before and she was concerned that she may not be able to take all of it without pain. But I told her working slowly and lovingly we would be able to get all of my cock into her hole and I would fuck her like no man had ever done before.

Such passion, such pleasure, such lust, as our bodies drive into each other harder and faster now to reward the other person and ourselves. Our bodies working together to please each other as our hips work to drive our sex into each other. Our arms locked tightly around the other’s body. TJ’s arms go around my neck and shoulders while my arms are wrapped around her driving hips and ass holding her lower body up to provide her with the most pleasure and deepest penetration I can give her.

We are one. She matches each of my thrusts with one of her own. Her ass and hips are driving and ramming her pussy up taking my entire shaft as deep as she can get it. Then feeling it come almost completely out of her hole before driving back into her again and again.

We can both hear and feel my balls slapping against her ass as I drive my cock hard into her over and over again. I hear her cry out and I know it’s not from pain but from the pleasure of my cock reaching new places inside her tunnel.

My balls are already tight and I can feel them high in the sack. I realize before long her tight wonderful wet warm pussy will make me cum much sooner than either of us wanted it to. But isn’t that always the way it happens the very first time you make love to someone you have lusted for and dreamed of for so many months?

In and out I move now faster much faster. She can feel my cock thicken and become even harder now. TJ’s knows I’m close. We fuck like it’s the last 20 seconds of our lives. Faster and faster I drive in and out of her. She is pumping and thrusting and working your pussy faster now trying to give me maximum pleasure.

I can’t hold back!! I needed to cum! I NEED TO CUM! I need to do it fast. Oh God heaven! I am now balls deep inside her and my nuts are about to release my sperm deep inside her hole. God what a feeling!

I almost yell that I’m going to cum and ask where you want it. You yell back: “Inside me……oh God inside me baby. OH GOD! Yes! Yes baby I can feel it! Yes, cum in me! Cum inside me.”

I moan and grunt loud like a bull in heat and push my cock as deep as I can and as hard as I can and then I hold my cock like that deep in her hole. She wraps her legs around me holding me tightly with her beautiful thighs squeezing me and keeping me deep inside beyoğlu escort her body.

Both of us feel it at the same time! It’s the warm, wet, sticky juice of life that my cock begins pumping into her coating her insides. She moans from the warm feeling it gives her knowing she has pleased me so greatly. She has made me cum with the love method I have dreamed she would do to me.

TJ told me once that it’s so erotic for a woman to feel a man cumming inside her. She knows she has made her lover orgasm, and that’s a wonderful and loving feeling to a woman. Women love to know they can make a man hard, but even more that they can make him cum.

When I felt my balls release shot after wonderful shot of my cum I was sure the head of my cock was coming off. The orgasm was that powerful for me. The release will be one I will always remember. It was unbelievable.

I cry out with each shot which I pump into her body. I know I have had one of the best if not the best orgasm of my life. Her arms hold me as her legs stay wrapped around me and her hands stroke my neck and back. She turns my face towards hers and our lips meet. The kiss is much tender and gentler now, and she knows I have finished. I have filled her completely.

Her legs finally release from around my back and they fall back on to the bed. We are slowly and gently pumped into each other loving this feeling of my cock just moving in and out of your hole. Her pussy is still milking my shaft which is beginning to soften now. The cum begins leaks slowly out of her hole and runs down the crack of her ass and forms a small puddle on the bed under her.

I realize that she only had one orgasm from our fucking. W both wanted more for her. She is so deprived at home and she lust is great. So I know only one orgasm won’t do at all for her. For me I want this lady to be exhausted from the sex we had. I want her completely drained and satisfied.

My mouth moves off her lips and down her body. My body side down between her open legs and I feel her wet cum covered vagina leaving a wet trail on it. When my mouth meets her open wet cunt it remain directly over my sexual prize. It’s almost as if this is against the law, illegal for a man to have his mouth on a cum filled pussy. But it’s my cum and the treasure is too much for me to resist. I want her to cum for me.

I look up between her legs directly into her eyes and see TJ’s look of hesitation of what I am about to do. She watches as my tongue flick towards the hard round nub of her clit and I begin to lick the white thick juices that cover it. She moans and arches her hips and ass up immediately. She moans out again with pleasure as I start to suck and lick her cunt full of my cum.

No one has ever done this to her before. It’s unbelievable how it feels to have her pussy licked and sucked on after it has been fucked and filled with cum. Her clit is huge now and it throbs on my tongue as I lick and tease it. In a few seconds her hips begin to fuck my face again.

The musk of our mixed sex is very strong, and so erotic to me that when I smell it my cock begins to harder again. Her hands hold my head as if she is afraid I will move my mouth off of her wetness. My eyes watch hers as I look over her mound bizimkent escort and see her throw her head back now in pleasure. She arches her hips up into my face and starts fucking it.

I suck more; lick faster, now as I know TJ is close, so very close to cumming again. I want this as much as she does. I watch her face to show me she is feeling the pleasure and about to cum. I see her eyes roll up and your eye lids half close in ecstasy as my tongue drives deeper into her cum filled hole. I know she is seconds away from it.

My fingers wander to the still half open cunt hole and I push two into the opening. She cries out and I feel her hips begin to rotate and pump as she thrusts up and she fuck herself on them and my mouth

My fingers on my left hand spread her pussy lips wider apart so I can access her fully with my tongue. I suck her clit into my mouth and flick my tongue over the hardness. TJ is literally fucking herself fast and hard on my face and fingers. My thumb finds her ass hole and I push it in. She moans as it goes deep.

Now as I work all of her holes her body dances on my hands and face and I hear the muffled screams of her cries as she begins to cum. I can taste it as my mouth never stops moving and I slurp on her pussy letting her juices flow over my lips and face and hands.

The cum she generates drives me nuts with lust again. Her sweet juice feed me giving me strength to keep going. My own cum mixed with it is not an issue for me any more. I take my fingers and lick my hand clean. TJ throws her head back rolling it from side to side as her orgasm peeks followed by another one. Her ass is a foot up off the bed now trying to get more of my mouth into her hole.

They are good orgasms so strong and last so long. I am so very happy I gave them to her. I move my free hand and hold my fingers to her mouth and I watch as she sucks hungrily on them. My fingers them re enter her hole and I turn my palm upward and use my fingers to search and locate her “G” spot.

With my lips locked on her clit and my fingers stroking TJ’s “G: spot inside your cunt, I feel her body shutter and her pelvis heaves upward again and again as her hips shake and shudder> I know she has achieve another orgasm, this time it was a “G” spot orgasm.

As I keep working her she has another orgasms that seems to take over from where the last one subsided, Then another and another comes back to back. Her beautiful body completely surrenders to the feeling I give her.

She seems helpless and begins to pump and pump her body on my hands as I sit back on my heels and watch her cum over and over again. It’s amazing to see your lover cum. Her hips and pelvis push and thrust as her body controls all her movements now. It’s the animal lust inside all of us which has taken over her body. She manages to say, “Oh God you’re killing me. But if feel so good baby!”

So many women would have already asked me to stop after this many orgasms but no man has ever licked and sucked her pussy like I have done. I have extended her orgasms and she is wild with lust. Like an animal in heat TJ needs to be fucked again. She reaches for my cock and as we lay in a somewhat 69 position now I feel her wet warm mouth take the head of my cock and begin to suck it.

We both realize this will be a long night of fucking and sucking before we have satisfied our fill for each other. With my lips locked on her cunt and her lips locked on my cock head we begin to work on each other all over again. I hear her say; “As soon as I get you hard enough baby, I want this wonderful cock inside me again. I need you to fuck me again tonight!”

I moan with agreement.

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