My Best Lover Ch. 02


I’m going to try a second erotic story. Unlike the first story, this one is a fantasy. The thought of meeting the lover I fantasize about for the first night would be insanely exciting. I wonder, if the first night two people are together ends up as the best night, I wonder if they have taken the wrong lovers; still it is a good place to start.


After meeting online, then sharing text messages and phone calls, we had a very good feeling and a fast connection with each other. A short time after that, we both had the same idea; that we must meet for our first night together. I will rent a room for a night at a nice hotel in downtown Vancouver and you agree to meet me at 7. I will have a very nice dinner and champagne scheduled to arrive just before you, waiting for you on the table for us to enjoy together. It felt like I was holding my breath, waiting to exhale all day for that evening. I will be counting the hours, minutes and each and every second from the time I wake up. I will arrive early to make sure the one bedroom suite I rented is perfect for you when you arrive.

Then finally, to hear a knock, your knock on the door. I open it and you walk into my arms for the first time, giving me the most indescribable ecstasy. Even to have no other contact than just to feel your arms around me, your warmth next to mine is more than enough. I’m trying to relax but to hear your voice say hello in my ear, to finally see every curve of your body with my eyes, to smell your perfume, makes my entire body tingle. We press our cheeks together with our eyes closed and our bodies press even tighter. To see you smile and hear you whisper in my ear how badly you’ve wanted me for days. I answer you back with the softest of whispers,

“Lover, I am here.”

Even knowing full well how much passion, intimacy, how much of our bodies we were going to share with each other, if I could stop time, I think it would be this moment that I would never want to end. Somehow, we separate ourselves and holding your hand I walk you to the small dining room table. I pull out your seat and then sit across from you. We begin to enjoy the perfect meal together with laughter and a clichéd clink of our champagne glasses. After a few bites, I want to keep touching you somehow and stretch out my feet and wrap them around one of your legs. After half the meal is gone, what was just an expression of affection quickly turns more passionate when I see a twinkle of playfulness in your eyes. To my surprise I feel one of your feet slowly rising up my leg, then down my thigh and very pleasurably stop between my legs. You keep teasing me with your toes and I know you can feel me when I start growing bigger. You know that you’re driving me crazy because I’m starting to squirm in my seat. Your smile grows wider and wider because you know you’re having the desired effect on me. You know because you start running your toes up and down my hardness. You start to gnaw on your bottom lip and our eyes are locked. I close my eyes and moan, my head tilts forward and I almost fall off my chair. I open my eyes and look up at you, we can see in each others’ eyes that we have grown hungry for something else. With little more than half our meals eaten and me not able to take another second of your teasing, I stand up.

With two quick steps, I pull your body hard off the seat and down on top of me. With that, everything that we’ve been waiting for boils over. Our hands run everywhere, our lips and our tongues meet, wildly kissing. We both pull off each others’ shirts. I’m already so hard and I know you’re soaking wet. To now feel your skin on me, as I’ve fantasized about so many times, makes me shudder in pleasure. You sit up as I undo your bra and your hands lift up your gorgeous soft breasts. You begin to twist your nipples with a thumb and a finger each and I can see you need my mouth on them. I’ve never been more excited by the sight of anyone’s breasts. I lean forward and start sucking and flicking my tongue across your nipples and your piercings. I feel your right hand behind my head pressing me hard against your chest. It is so sweet to hear you make your deepest moans yet. I can’t wait to make them even deeper. I finally raise my head so we can twist our tongues around the other’s tongue in wetter and harder kisses.

Only a few moments after that we stand up and fully undress each other. To see your magnificent body standing naked in front of me, I moan under my breath,

“Oh yes.”

You reach for my hard cock, which starts twitching as soon as you touch it. You start stroking it gently and my hand immediately moves between your legs and I feel you shiver with pleasure. We start kissing again but it still isn’t enough. I hold your hand and lay down on my back on the soft carpeted floor. While I’m looking up, you move your legs on each side of my head, facing my feet, and then slowly drop. You devilishly tease me by asking,

“Is this what you’ve been waiting for baby?”

You keep bahçeşehir escort your pussy at a distance until you make me squirm and say,

“Yes, that’s what I’ve been dreaming of.”

Finally even you can’t resist any longer and you lower yourself onto my face, lowering your head to begin to sink your mouth deeply onto my cock. We lie there in that 69 position for what feels like days. Having sex with you makes so many delicious sounds. Licking and sucking your clit so hard, pushing my finger into your sweet hole, you make your loudest gasps and moans yet as your pleasure builds. Your sweet taste is dripping onto my face. The massive gratification of seeing all your wetness drip out of your pussy, knowing it’s me that’s making you that way is so hot. It’s my privilege and prize to lick up every last drop that comes out. At the same time, I feel your hot mouth sucking my cock in ways I’ve never felt before. I hear you purr in bliss at the fun of feeling and tasting a new cock in your mouth. You so greedily and hungrily enjoy my hardness. Up and down you run your mouth, up and down you move your tongue and lips. I wonder what is more enjoyable for you, your new lover’s cock to play with or the feeling of a new mouth on your pussy. I move between flicking my tongue as hard and fast as I can across your clit to sucking it and back to flicking again. Sucking and licking each inch of your lips and every fold. Running my tongue from the top to the bottom of your pussy and then pushing it in you as deep as I can.

You’ve told me a number of times how fast you can make me cum, and you don’t disappoint. I feel the pressure building and building inside me. From my balls all the way to the tip of my cock. I can’t let you make me cum first though and you hear me beg you to join me,

“Please cum with me. Cum with me, cum with me baby!”

I give your ass a few gentle slaps and that seems to push you to the edge, that and my finger that has started playing with your back hole. I see your head lift up and you moan a very loud,

“Oh Yes.”

You never break your rhythm of hard stroking on my cock as you start to gently thrust and fuck my face, forcing my tongue to push as hard as it can get against your clit. I erupt seconds later, shooting all over your chest and you immediately follow with shuddering and even louder moaning as you keep grinding into my face. After a few moments, you rest your head on my thigh. All I can hear is your hard breathing. I run my hands up and down your back and give your behind a few kisses. Your sex smells sooo good baby. I give you a few more moments and then gently slide you to one side. I turn you onto your back and lift you up into my arms. Instead of the bed though, I take you to the reason why I rented this room in the first place. I take you to the already bubbling Jacuzzi tub beside the living room. We kiss deeply as I walk you up the two steps and then lower you to sit down at the edge.

I climb into the tub with you and sit down. You lay back in my arms while resting on my lap. I wrap my arms around your front and place kiss after kiss on your neck, ears and cheeks. You place your arms on top of mine and we just lay there together for a while, enjoying each other in total relaxation. Letting the bubbles and jets on our bodies calm us down completely.

I break the long moment when I quietly ask you if you’d like some more champagne. You, of course would love some more and I quickly hop out and run over to the table to get our glasses. I catch you admiring my wet naked body as I bring the bottle and glasses back and jump in. You face me and sit on my lap when I fill up our glasses and we begin to drink. We spend some fun time in the Jacuzzi playing little games to see how many ways we can erotically tease and tickle one another. If we kept score of every game, I would say you win 40 to 10.

With our bottle and glasses long empty, I stand up and pull you up with me. With a smile, I reach for some soap at the edge of the water and put a big pool in both our hands. Our hands run wild over each others’ bodies. My hands soap up every curve, inch and hole you have and I feel your hands on me doing the same. I turn you around and both my hands run down to your exquisite pussy. I feel your hand reach back and still with soap all over it, you start to quickly stroke my cock to its fullest. I lift your right leg to get full access. My left hand continues to rub your clit vigorously, while with my right, I move my hand between your ass checks and start circling your rear hole. Your arousal begins to build again and you put both your hands on the edge of the Jacuzzi. You bend forward and push your ass backwards slightly and begin gyrating.

We’ve discussed on the phone how you’re still relatively new to playing with your ass but it’s something you’ve begun to enjoy a great deal. The combination of this hot water, soap and immeasurable lust has got you wanting my fingers bakırköy escort to do more than just circle the outside of your anus. It’s crystal clear what you’re needing and I oblige your desire to see you enjoy my finger in your ass. I easily slide my middle finger halfway in and hold still while your tight muscle flexes hard on my digit. You push back again and I push the rest of it in and hold again. I then slowly withdraw my finger and insert it all the way in again. I start a nice slow rhythm and you start rocking back in forth to meet it. It isn’t long before you ask me to push in a second finger. I add a bit more soap to my fingers and find the second much easier to insert as we start the same smooth rhythm in and out of your ass again. I start kissing your back and continue to rub your clit side to side with two fingers. You push back at me faster and I match your speed, you push back faster again and my thrusts match again. It doesn’t take long with the new sensation of someone’s fingers in your ass to make you cry out as you’re about to cum. Your rocking is starting to make big waves in the Jacuzzi but with my fingers pounding your ass, the waves of pleasure crashing through your body as you explode and gush are so much bigger. Writhing and bucking in such beautiful pleasure, yelling and then gasping in as you hold your breath and your body shakes and shakes. I feel your ass grab my fingers for a moment as if they were in a vise and then you breath out a long exhale, then inhale and start to let go of the side. I get in front of you and catch you tightly in my arms.

I lay back with you in my arms as you continue to enjoy the rush of pleasure that just flooded your mind and body. I start to rub and massage your back gently, happy just to feel you for as long as it takes for you to come back from your little stop in Nirvana. After a few minutes you open your gorgeous eyes and start to nuzzle my neck. We start to kiss and then you move your mouth to my ear and say it’s your turn baby. We also talked about the desire we shared to have you finger my ass as well. My ex-wife wouldn’t play with my ass if I gave her a 20 foot pole that reached outside our master bedroom and into our hallway. Despite my requests from time to time, it just wasn’t her thing. I feel your hands move to my inner thighs as you slide them up and down. You sit to my right side as you lift my left leg out of the Jacuzzi and rest my ankle on the ledge. With my legs open, I slide my body down so that my butt is hanging over the edge of the seat underwater. I feel your hand start to slide between my cheeks and you start circling my hole as I did to you. I have to fight just to keep breathing because of the excitement.

I want to feel you between my legs so I lower my left hand beneath the water just to touch the back of your hand. You patiently take your time and I give you a signal that I’m ready by moving my right hand under my knee and lifting up my right leg to open my ass up as wide as I can. You smile and I feel you slide your middle finger in and mimic my opening movements on you. You slide your finger up and I can feel you press on my p spot. As you start rubbing it, the initial feelings of having to pee are quickly replaced by waves of pleasure. I let out a soft,

“Fuck, yes!” as I open my eyes and look at you.

From there it just keeps building. I can’t describe the pleasure of feeling my ass and prostate played with for the first time. My eyes have already glazed over, I see your nipples are as hard as I’ve ever seen them, clearly showing how much of a turn on it is for you to be driving me so crazy. I don’t want this to ever stop but I’m not used to just receiving pleasure, I’m also possessed by the feeling that I want us to jump out so I can fuck you hard on the bed. You notice me break eye contact with you and look at the bedroom door. I look back and you know exactly what I’m thinking. You lean forward and tell me,

“We’ve still got all night honey, there’ll be lots of fucking but please give me this fantasy and let me make you cum with my finger in your ass.”

I surrender completely to your request and the sensations you’re driving into me. You mimic me again and push a second finger in. I groan and close my eyes. My cock has been rock hard since you started playing around my sphincter, with some of it standing straight out of the water. I now mimic you as I wriggle and start thrusting my ass up. We are both so fucking turned on that I actually start to hear you panting. You lean forward and start sucking my nipples and flicking your tongue across them. You know the answer before asking, but you smile and ask me if I’m getting close to cumming, I can barely get out the word,


You say, “Cum in my mouth baby and let me share it with you.”

If you asked me during the few minutes in a day when I’m not horny if I like the taste of cum, I’d tell you nicely, that’s a hard no. In the middle başakşehir escort of sex though, I’m the one who sometimes begs for it. For me anyways, there’s a point during sex when I say,

“Fuck, yeah!” to anything!

Now is one of those times. I want to shoot my load in your hot mouth, baby. I thrust up one last time toward your open, waiting mouth as you lock on and I explode with everything I have. I see some of it dribble down your chin as you move your mouth off my cock, then move your face quickly towards mine. I feel you push your mouth hard onto mine and immediately slide your cum covered tongue over mine. I feel you push gobs of my cum into my mouth and I greedily swallow everything down. I love the weird sensation cum gives my tongue and mouth. I suck your tongue to clean it off, then I lick the drips from your chin and we share those as well. We lay there kissing and enjoying our anal firsts. My mind starts melting at the thought of how much fun it will be to continue to experiment together in so many ways.

We decide to take a shower to wash the soap and our play time in the water off of ourselves. In case we want to use it again, I start to drain the Jacuzzi so I can refill later. As I start, you go to the large bathroom and start the shower. The entire bathroom is impressive but the shower is fantastic. It’s very large and well-placed in the corner, with dual shower heads. The steam is already filling up the bathroom as I open the glass door and find you leaning your back against the wall. You have your right knee slightly lifted as your right hand slowly moves between your breasts, kneading and massaging them as your left hand runs little circles around your clit. I lean my left shoulder and head against the wall beside you and start enjoying the show. You turn your head towards me, our faces only inches apart. You start biting your lip but I can’t just watch. Once again, the sight of your body makes me so hard. I soap up my hand and with a tight grip around my stiffness, I slowly run it from the base of my manhood, along the veins of my shaft, then over the very sensitive ridge of the head, to the very tip. I run it slowly back towards me as you turn your eyes down and start watching. We stay there fixated at the gorgeous sight of each others’ show, listening to each other start panting.

After a couple of minutes, as hot as this moment is, I can’t take waiting any more. I want to fuck you so badly. We’ve both rinsed off and are clean enough as far as I care. I turn off the shower and grab you by the hand. I can see a little frustration in your face but you submit to my desire. I grab a bundle of towels on the way by and we walk to the bedroom. I quickly unfold the towels and throw them on top of the quilt on the bed. You move quickly onto and lay yourself down on your back. I pull you toward me so your ass is just over the edge of the bed and I put my hands under your knees and lift them up. I easily glide my rock hard cock into your pussy which is still gushing from the shower. I gently push every inch inside you and hear you gasp. Feeling the pressure of my cock inside you, you moan as you feel me fill you up. I hold still inside you for only a second and then pull out and begin thrusting.

You look almost angry that I’m not moving fast enough and you look up at me and tell me to fuck you like I mean it! For both of us, there are no more games or flirting, no more seductions and no more words. All that has been replaced by our lust and the craving to fuck each other as hard and long as possible. The room fills with the variety of sounds our pleasure is irresistibly forcing us to make, along with our heavy breathing and the loud slapping of our sex. I am overwhelmed by the feeling that I want to go deeper and harder. I lift your legs up to my shoulders just to try to push in even a centimeter more with each plunge. I know that if the fire alarm went off right now, there’s no way we would stop. I’m watching you arch your back below me, looking at your hands gripping the sheets so tightly. Faster and faster I pound your pussy. It gets harder and harder to resist cumming inside you. No matter how much I don’t want to stop, the feeling is building so high, then you yell out,

“Oh my god, Fuck me, FUCK ME!”

I feel you move your hands to my hips to pull every thrust I make as deep as possible inside you. With only a few more strokes, I see every muscle in your body tremble. I feel your pussy tighten and grip around my cock, I can’t resist another second and burst inside you. On and on my cock twitches and cums inside you, wave after wave of feeling your pussy tighten and release. On and on you shake and moan. On and on I keep slowly pushing in and holding my cock inside you until I release into your arms.

We lay there for an eternity before you start to stir. With your legs still around my hips, you start rubbing my back and kissing my cheek. I feel like I’m still twitching inside you. I roll beside you onto my side and we rest for a while cuddling. We finally break our embrace and I call room service for something to drink, maybe some wine. It isn’t long before we go again and again. Slow and tender, hard and fast. We order dessert later with strawberries and liquid chocolate. We sit naked in the living room on some towels and share the food, then start eating the chocolate off of each others’ bodies.

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