My Ass Hidden Desire


“My ass hidden desire”

I am a young man of 20 years old, handsome, attractive, white, and I have a beautiful, slim, smooth body.

My story began when I was 18 years old,  I was enjoying watching my butt naked in the mirror.

I have a smooth white buttacks that looks like a supermodel, and  touching it by my fingers make me horny.

I was always spending the times when I was alone in the bathroom or in my bedroom, I used to do anal masturbating using my fingers.

I enjoyed inserting any smooth shapes tools and vegetables such as cucumbers, long eggplants, and even bananas.  I can also stick my penis’s head inside my ass and ejaculating inside.

I can not describe to you the feeling and the delicious pleasure that you fuck your own ass yourself, and frankly, I got addicted to insert my penis in my ass and I mastered the way to fuck it and keep my penis as long as possible inside it and control the contractions of the anal muscles by squeezing surrounding my penis. it was a strong feeling and great fun.

My story evolved into a hidden desire to allow someone else’s real penis and enable him to penetrate my ass, going deep and sliding it in and out.

After that I started downloading gay chat android applications on my smart mobile and I was preferring to choose nicknames indicating that I was bottom gay and actually I started chatting with strange men who were sending me pictures of their dicks while they was erect and also they was asking for pictures of my ass and I was sending them but I was careful so that they could not recognize my real personality.

I found out that watching others hard penis excites me very much, and I feel very pleasurable itching inside my ass, also strong erection of my penis, and a sticky liquid coming out while chatting.

My hidden desire to be fucked be other man cock got so bad I started to satisfy my anal desires in dreams and fantasies. I forgot to tell you that the country where I am living our society prevents the spread of gay sex among men.

Also, we used to hear stories spread in society that a man who allows another man to insert his penis for the first time will cause him to become addicted and love to insert the penis for second and third time and he will not be able to stop his pleasurable ass itching desire until he became faggot power bottom.

So I kept my secret to myself only,and I was sure no one would know.

So I was finding some ideas to screw my ass, and reduce the smoking desire,I was able to make a sex machine using a dynamo and I used it for anal masturbation and also was able to make a simple vibrator, soI could fuck my hole till I have anal orgasm, but not satisfied the smoking fire inside my hungry hole.

When I arrived at the age of 19, a new neighbor arrived to the same building where we were living, he was living in the apartment above our apartment. He was a gentle man ,classy,elegant and working as doctor.

He was in 34 years old, married and with a small child. We used to greet each other when we met in the stairs or  building entrance.  One day while I was waiting in the bus station planing to go to my university in which I study he picked up me in his car while he was on his way to work in a hospital near the university.

Also,Once I had a fever, cough and pneumonia, and so they gave me number of treatments, most of them were needles, and I was finding it difficult to find the person nearby who would give me the treatment needle daily according to the course of treatment for ten days.

That time I remember our neighbor doctor who can help me,, and I immediately went to his apartment in the afternoon and knocked ankara travesti on the door, but no one opened, and when I was about to leave, the door opened and the doctor appeared, who greeted me with a smile on his face and I explained to him the reason for my coming.  He took me to the reception room and asked me to lie on my stomach on the sofa and I took off my pants while he was preparing the needle.

I lowered my underwear and trouser while answering the doctor’s questions about my studies at the university and my father’s condition and I felt his fingers touch my butt and I closed my eyes expecting the pain caused by the needle hitting, but it didn’t happen. 

And then I realized the reason. The doctor was busy in focusing his eyes on my butt.

Because I am interested in removing any appearance of hair on my butt, in addition of using many kinds of beauty creams, ointments to increase the whiteness and beauty of my butt and so that I can send beautiful pictures of my ass while chatting with strangers in the chat program.

I bowed and moved my ass to distract the doctor, who quickly corrected the situation and cleaned the skin with the sport and hit the needle, wishing me a speedy recovery and advised me not to eat ice cream or cool drinks, and then I left his apartment and I was worried and afraid If the doctor could understood the meaning of my taking care of the beauty of my butt or that he noticed an expansion in the anus hole because of  I always doing anal masturbation because he’s a doctor and he can notice the difference between Virgin or already fucked holes.

The next day I went to the doctor’s apartment at the same time, and he quickly opened the door as if he was waiting for me, and with the same words of welcome, he took me to the sofa place. and he noticed the place of the previous needle was slightly  was swollen and so he massaged my butt and I felt his soft fingers press all over my butt and he was trying to open the crack and touch the hole.

One week ago.

It was time for the tenth and last needle, and my health had completely improved, and the hidden desires and sexual frenzy returned to me.

So I started again to take care of my buttocks, polished, and massaged them with the creams kept in my room. I was trying to seduce the doctor into falling in love with my horny ass witch was very hungry for an erect cock that would penetrate its pinky hole.

I don’t know why I tried to show the beauty of my ass to the doctor while he hit the last needle, and my movements were all soft and gentle, and the doctor’s reaction was positive. Because He told me that I could come every day in the afternoon to study with him, and he would help me with English language  translation into the local language. I thanked him and welcomed his generous offer.

He told me also that his wife works during the afternoon and does not return home until the evening at ten o’clock, and we can use this time to study my University lessons. Also I could notice his hard cock under his trousers, and I began to wonder about the size and length of his penis, and whether he could satisfy my hot ass.

Within a week, I was busy with my university studies and found that I needed his help in translating some subjects, and a week later I went up to the apartment of the doctor, who reprimanded me for my absence for a week and said he missed me and I noticed that he was more welcoming and friendly.

I stayed for a month and I keep coming in the afternoon to the apartment of the doctor, who helps me seriously in translation work, as his English is very excellent.

Our sessions were interspersed with some jokes, pranks, ankara travestileri laughter and watching T.V.

I do not deny that our sessions were very useful for me and the doctor helped me a lot in improving my English level.

Two months later, the doctor told me that his wife and daughter would travel, because his wife’s mother was sick, and the house would remain empty, and I could study for late time in the apartment, and I could sleep also in his apartment if I liked.

I don’t know why I felt strange contractions and pulsations inside my ass when I heard the news of his wife leaving, maybe because the right opportunity is near and my ass will get what it wants.

3 days later,His wife traveled, and we were studying late, and the doctor was offering me to sleep in his apartment, but I was arguing that my mother would be angry with me.

One day, I arrived at his apartment, as usual, in the afternoon, and found him, as unusual, was wearing only underwear, and he told me that his mood today is not good and he cannot study with me.

And when I asked him about the reason for his bad mood, he replied that he misses his wife and he said he is a man who loves sex every day and his penis is erect and became full of sperm and then he pulled his penis out from under his pants and told me to look to his hard penis witch was looks full hard and he said that he can’t wait any more.

” I want to Fuck ” he shouted.

I was standing, stunned, with no response,  I didn’t know what to say or do, should I jump on my knees and beg him to fuck my ass, or leave the apartment, or remain silent and wait for a bold step from him.

I decided to ask his permission to leave and I went back to my apartment and opened the chat program with strangers, where a new person appeared to me a week ago. I liked chatting with him and exchanging pictures, I was  asking him to send me his real personal picture, but when I received the picture, it was a strong shock. It was the picture of our neighbor, the doctor,

how did this happen? 

I sent him many pictures of my ass and he also sent me many pictures of his penis. and then suddenly I got a message saying I am your neighbor the doctor and he said that two weeks ago I forgot my phone in his apartment and he opened it and found the dating and chat program also he was able to know my nickname and decided to start chatting with me through the program.

Then I got another message who says that he is in love with my ass and can’t sleep nicely because he always dreams that he fucks my sexy ass and also he wants to be the first one who put his dick inside.  and he said he will be patient and gentle and friendly and he told me that he will be waiting for me tonight,and he will fuck and satisfy my ass until morning.

For me I was still under the influence , The shock is unbelievable and I feel very ashamed, as my chats with him were dirty, as if I was a faggot bottom.

I reopened the pictures of his cocks that the doctor was sending and I looked at them. He had a medium cock about 15 cm long and a good wide base with many veins on it. The size was very suitable. I was feeling excited, anxious, and a strange feeling not felt before, as if it was a joy to achieve my dream and my desire.

I sat confused thinking about the decision that I should I take, which is whether to prepare myself to visit the doctor and prepare my hole to lose her virginity and extinguish the fire of hot anal itching, or remain silent as if I did not hear anything and continue in a friendship without any sexual relationship.

I chose the first option and immediately went to the bathroom and took a shower travesti ankara and cleaned my ass by pumping water into it and also by inserting my middle finger and making sure it was clean well.

I put on attractive clothes and added perfume and creams to my hair. I went up to the doctor’s apartment and knocked on the door. The doctor greeted me with a great welcome.

I was concentrating my eyes on the ground and told him in a weak and anxious voice let’s go to the bedroom.

He took my hand and guided me to the bedroom, where there was a large and comfortable bed.I took off my clothes and lay on my stomach on the bed after placing a soft pillow under my stomach.

He came close to me and stroked my hair and I felt his fingers play my ass, then I felt his breath getting closer and he kissed my buttacks and started licking my ass hole.

I could feel my heart beating fast, my breath gasping, my voice rattling, my fingers trembling and my ears getting hot, but I could feel a delicious tickle around my ass hole.

He continued licking my butthole for ten minutes, which was enough to make the my anal itching rate so high and make my ass crying and begging for hard penetration.Then the doctor got up and took off his clothes and I watched him from the side of my eyes on the pillow and I saw his hard cock was swollen and erect and it seemed to me that it was bigger than before and I saw the doctor taking a bottle of lubricant and opened it and began gently and quietly lubricate my hole.Then I felt the head of his cock smoothering my buttacks crack and slightly pressing towards the hole.At that time, my heart rate increased, my breath became heavy, my mouth dried up, and I became very restless, a strange feeling throughout my entire body, and I began to feel that my sphincter muscles were releasing little by little. I knew that only the tip of his penis had entered.I did not feel any pain and on the contrary I felt that I wanted  more entering for this soft meat and actually I could feel the sliding and moving of his penis into my rectum and I was hoping that this delicious sliding would not end. The entry of his penis was smooth and exciting until I felt the base of his penis touching my butt, which means his penis is fully entered.The feeling of my ass was full of an erect cock was such a strong pleasure that I asked him to keep his entire penis inside for ten minutes without moving.  I started moving my rectal muscles and squeezing his penis. I was squeezing hard and then loosening.

Then he started screwing in and out, And by taking out his cock and re-entering very exiting, and I could feel the tip of his penis rubbing against the upper rectal wall and sometimes the lower wall, right and left.The taste was unexpectedly delicious. But when The cock rubbed against the lower rectal wall. It was hitting the prostate. It was a strong pleasure. I wished it would last for hours. My penis was hard erect. I was afraid that he would ejaculate and my pleasure would end.I asked him to stop and rest a little without taking out his penis and I asked him to rub the lower rectal wall because it gives me strong pleasure and then he came back to the fuck hard and deep and hit the lower wall at the prostate.My cock is getting erect while his cock is getting faster, stronger and deeper.

I began to feel that my whole body was enjoying even my skin and bones until I felt strong contractions within the muscles of my rectum and pleasant pulses and the feeling began to rise and rise and suddenly I groaned strongly and saw my penis explode with a large amount of milk that lasted for a long time accompanied by delicious pulsations inside my assِ,Then my rectum squeezed the doctor’s penis and sucked it so hard that he screamed and pumped his sperm inside me with strong pulsations at the base of his penis.I felt my body dizzy, so I fell on the bed and fell asleep.

The End

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