My Angel on a Winter’s Night


I returned home from watching my roommate’s band at a club one Saturday night to discover I had locked myself out of my house. My roommate in the band had gone home with a groupie and wouldn’t be back for some time. With our other roommate gone home for the holidays, my prospects of getting into the house tonight was slimming fast. It was winter, ice and snow on the ground, and I was cold having walked home from the bar. I rounded to the side of the house looking for an unlocked window or door but I was shit out of luck. It was then I heard music coming from a house where a door had opened and closed with a thud. I looked across the street to see people around my age leaving a brownstone three houses down. It was the house of The Girls; five or six females in their 20’s sharing a house. Over the months, I’ve seen them walk or bike by individually or in pairs, or stagger past my house in a girly pod after a late night of clubbing. Maybe one of them would take mercy on me.

I knocked on their door. One of the girls, the tall one with long brown hair, answered with a bottle of beer in her hand. I’d seen her before on her morning commute dressed conservatively in suits, and lately in boots and a big overcoat, but tonight she was wearing a tight t-shirt with “Howdy Hater!” emblazoned over big tits I never knew she had.

“Hi,” she said, smiling.


“I’m sorry, I don’t know you. Who invited you?”

“No one. I’m your neighbor,” I said, pointing at my house three houses down across the street.

Her hands flew to her open mouth. “Oh my God, is the music too loud? I am sooo sorry. Please don’t call the cops.”

No,” I said, chuckling. “No, I, uh locked myself out of my house. I saw you were having a party and thought maybe I could bother you for a butter knife so I can jimmy open a window.”

She looked relieved. “Yeah, sure, come on in.”

She pushed through the crowd collected in the hall to the kitchen, where she dug out a knife from her drawer.

“Come on,” she said. “Let’s break into your house.”

With her beer in hand, and no coat, she walked with me to my house, the freezing cold air seemingly not affecting her.

“I’m Andy by the way.”

“Lisa. Nice to meet you,” she said shaking my hand.

I worked at the kitchen window as she swigged at her beer and watched. It was the least secure window in the house but because we’d been broken into, we’d been extra secure and the window wouldn’t budge.

“Why don’t you come back to the party and wait for your roommate ataşehir escort there.”

The last option was to hang out with the cabbies at an all-night diner and nurse a cup of coffee until dawn. And though I had a girlfriend, Lisa was cute, the party was cool and I wanted to meet the other girls.

“Okay,” I said.

We walked back to the party where she immediately handed me a beer, took me around the three story house, where one by one, she introduced me to her roommates; Diane, the blonde, Vivian, the curvy one who wears vintage 1950’s clothes, Bonnie, the petite girl with pixie cut auburn hair and bright blue eyes, and Nicole, the long legged café au lait girl with wild curly hair. Each one of them scrutinized me with critical eyes as Lisa introduced me as ‘our neighbor, Andy.’ They each approved with a smile. They were all pleasantly drunk. So was I. I was in.

“Come on,” Lisa said, taking my hand. “Let’s go to my room.”

She took me upstairs and opened the last door on the right. Candles were burning in the quiet girly room where a queen size bed took up much of the space. She shut the door behind us and plopped down on her bed. Music thumped under her floor boards and the sound of people murmuring and sporadic laughter seeped through the walls. “Now we can talk. Take off your coat, get comfortable. Want to get high?”

“Sure,” I said, shrugging off my coat before sitting next to her.

She pulled out a box from under her bed, pulled out a pipe, stuffed it with a little weed, lit it, and took a drag before passing it to me. I took a hit.

“This is good shit,” I said.

“Yeah, I don’t share this with everyone,” she said, taking back the pipe.

“I’m glad you find me worthy.”

Her room was so warm and cozy. She stoked up the pipe, her cheeks pulled in from sucking and she sputtered as she handed it to me for another toke. I coughed and handed it back. She put the pipe away and looked at me with a relaxed smile and half closed eyes.

She asked, “Anyone ever tell you that you look like Liam Hemsworth?”

“I don’t even know who that is.”

She giggled and nudged her pretty face upwards towards mine, those sly green and amber eyes hazy drunk, all looking for a kiss.

I don’t know why but I blurted out, “I have a girlfriend.”

Her face settled into disappointment.

“Nooo,” she groaned, sitting back against her headboard and pouting before swigging on her beer.

I wanted to drill avcılar escort her, see her tits bounce, stay in her bed all night pressed against her skin. But I was trying to change, be a one woman guy. I promised my girlfriend I wouldn’t fuck any other girl while she studied abroad. But Lisa was so warm and sexy. I really wanted to see her tits.

I said, “I want to fuck you, really I do, but I can’t. But you’ve been so nice to me, taking me out of the cold and all. I want to, you know, make you happy.”


“I can eat you.”

I know my logic is twisted. But to fuck is to penetrate so technically, I found a loophole.

A grin returned to Lisa’s face.


I went to unbutton her jeans. She set her beer on her nightstand and leaned back onto her bed putting up no resistance. I could feel a hard-on coming on fast as I unzipped her jeans. She wasn’t wearing any panties. I stood and tugged at her jeans. She giggled and squirmed out of them as I yanked them off her legs and flung them aside. Maybe it was the candlelight and the fact I hadn’t had a woman in three months, but her body was so beautiful and her pussy reminded me of a peach I really wanted to eat. I pulled off my t-shirt and tossed it aside. She smiled at me as I crawled up between her upturned knees.

I always start with a kiss, then part the lips with my tongue and if everything is just right, I go for her clit, sucking it followed with some long mouth sucking licks. Lisa’s head lolled from side to side as she slid her fingers into my hair. She moaned and cursed as one of her silky legs slunk over my shoulder. I pulled her other leg over my shoulder and pulled her towards me. She gasped as my head descended back into muff. Damn, she tasted good. I started rubbing my hard on against the bed, grinding it in frustration. Her legs began to tighten as I held her hips

“I’m going to come. Fuck!”

She bucked against my face. My hands pressed against her pelvis down. When I kissed it and let go, she rolled around, hugging her pillow. I sat on my knees watching her, thinking about jerking off in the nearest bathroom and how to get there. She finally opened her eyes and looked at me. Her hand drifted up to my hard jeans clad crotch and stroked my cock.

“You can’t walk around like that. Titty fuck me.”


She ripped up her shirt and bra. Her boobs were as amazing as I’d imagined. She squeezed them together.

“Come on, titty fuck me.”

I avrupa yakası escort couldn’t take my eyes off her as I quickly got out of my pants and straddled her waist. I’d never done this before but it seemed to come second hand. I slipped my dick in between her tits as she pressed them together, her pink nipples peeping between her fingers. My dick was already slick as I slid it between real breasts of fleshy soft folds while her ribs rubbed between my knees. Lisa seemed to enjoy it, moaning and undulating between my legs as me as she watched my dick slide up and back, teasing me by sticking out her tongue when my dick head emerged near her chin. It didn’t take me long to cum all over her chest, spurting up to her chin as she giggled in triumph. I flopped on my back as she got up to grab a towel. She wiped herself off before flinging it to me. I did the same as she flopped back onto the bed, burrowing under her sheets until she was under the covers. I did the same, spooning against her naked body, holding her tits, cozy in her bed until the party died down and the candles burned out.

Dawn was pushing through her window. I was still holding her tit, the smell of burnt wicks and wax filled the room. My hard on rested in the crack of her butt. I pushed towards her, it slid between her thighs. She moaned and stirred, her hand reaching back to the back of my head as I kissed her behind her ear, pulling back her sweet smelling hair. She was so soft and warm and eager, her butt pushing up, popping it open for me. Oh hell. I took my cock, placed the head in her tight warm hole. She pulled away, her hand reaching for her night stand to pull out a condom and handed it to me. I put it on and began to push inside her. She moaned my hand cupping her warm breast still in my hands. I pumped inside her, moving under the blankets over her, my pelvis slapping against her ass. I came hard. She came with me. I settled back under the covers for a while before getting up to dress. She remained in her dozy state, languid under her duvet. I bent to kiss her cheek.

I said, “I’m going to try my home again.”

“Bye,” she said sleepily. “You can come back if your roommate isn’t home.”

I left the quiet house, zipped up my coat on her porch and ambled home after spotting my roommate’s car parked outside the house.

Three months later, I ran into Lisa coming home from work. She’d gotten last minute tickets through her company for a baseball game that night and wondered if I’d like to come. If not, she was going to start calling and they wouldn’t last long.

I dropped off my groceries and went to the game with her. We had a nice time though I realized she used me for eye candy when her female co-workers kept asking who I was. Our non-date ended with a chaste kiss at my door.

The next month, my lucky angel hook-up moved away and was never seen again. By the way, I’m Lisa.

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