Mrs Lansdowne Next Door. Pt. 05


The story has many participants, so it maybe beneficial to read the previous episodes.


At breakfast mum asked me how my first day decorating at Becky’s had gone. I told her, “Fine,” but she didn’t know that I had fucked her twice during the day.

Tuesday was my usual day for gardening at Gracie’s mum’s house, so there was a day off from decorating. The day started in bright sunshine with very little dew so I got straight on with mowing the grass as soon as I got there. Once I’d edged the lawn, I was ready to tidy up the area at the bottom of the garden that had been left overgrown for several years. It was hot work even though it was largely in the shade of two enormous oak trees.

By mid morning I was ready for a cold drink, and Gracie’s mum had told me a ginger beer would be waiting at around 11 o’clock. When I got up to the house Gracie was there too, she’d come to see how I was getting on, and as I sensed, she was horny as well.

I was bare chested and rather dirty, but Gracie made sure she got very close to me as I drank my ginger beer. Her mother tried to chat, but she was a sweetie who kept repeating herself, I knew ‘alzheimers’ was so cruel.

When I’d finished my drink, I thanked Gracie’s mum, and Gracie followed me back down the garden to see what I’d done, or so she said!

Even before we’d reached halfway down the garden I felt her fingers on my bare back, as she slid them through my perspiration.

The area under the oak trees was hidden from the house, and as soon as we got to where the old swing was, she turned me towards her. Her dark skin looked incredible in the dappled shade, and she wore an off the shoulder top displaying the silky smooth skin of her shoulders. Indeed her large breasts were showing her prominent nipples through the thin knitted fabric, which always turned me on.

“Kiss me!” She wanted something from me, while we were on our own. She ran her fingers over my nipples which made me shiver, and my treacherous cock started to rear up beneath my shorts.

“Quick, over here,” Gracie was in a hurry to do something daring.

As she backed towards the old swing, pulling at the buckle on my shorts, she suddenly hitched up her skirt and pulled her panties down, stepping out of them.

“Fuck me…”

She sat back on the old swing, which was hanging from a bough of the oak tree, and she spread her thighs wide. Her pink pussy lips glistened between her dark thighs, and it only took me a moment to find myself inside her.

“Billy….oh god….that’s good, go on, fuck me please.”

Gracie was reaching up, and holding the supporting ropes, so it was easy for me to pull up her top and to expose her breasts which were filling her inadequate bra. When I unclasped it they exposed their full magnificence. My chest was already glazed in perspiration, and now Gracie’s breasts were sliding against my skin.

We were at it like rabbits, grunting, moaning, straining with pleasure.

I knew by now some of Gracie’s triggers, and when I pinched her nipples it prompted an acceleration in her arousal. I was caught up in the excitement of being outside and exposed, and when Gracie started to cum, I couldn’t hold back. My cock spurted, and Gracie gripped me with her legs.

“Fucking hell,” she said quietly, “God I needed that.”

But we were not alone. Behind Gracie, through the hedge, some twigs snapped. We both froze, my cock was still inside her pussy, and we were clutching at each other.

I was looking over her shoulder and saw a shadow, disappearing away from the hedge, and retreating up next door’s garden.

“Was someone there?” Becky asked, “Were they watching us?”

“I think they probably were,” was my opinion.

“I bet it was Mr Edmunds, he’s always looking at my tits.”

“I think he may have seen more than your tits!” I chuckled, as my cock finally slipped from Gracie’s pussy.

“Stop it, you’re being too naughty.”

“Hell, you’re the naughty one! You’ve just taken advantage of me!”

Gracie was putting her panties on, and doing up her bra when we heard her mum calling.

As we both walked back up to the house we got a possible clue to our voyeur. Looking guiltily over the low hedge from next door’s garden was a young girl. She was about the same age as me, and it seemed obvious from her body language that it was her that had watched us.

“Hi Lucy,” Gracie suddenly said, “you visiting your mum and dad? How’s France?”

It was evident that Gracie knew her quite well.

“Yes I’m home for three weeks, I was just enjoying the sun.”

Lucy was gorgeous, tall, slim, blonde, hair in two bunches, and wearing shorts, and a tight t-shirt.

“It’s good to see you again, you’ve grown up quite a bit since I last saw you. By the way, this is Billy, he’s doing mum’s garden once a week, he’s helping me a lot! He’s off to uni in September.”

“Hi Billy,” was all that Lucy said, which was hardly surprising having seen me fucking just minutes before.

“Well enjoy your break, no doubt I’ll Ankara bayan escort see you again before you go back, Billy’s here every Tuesday morning so I may pop in then.”

“Ok, thanks, bye Billy.”

We left Lucy a bit confused, and went inside to see what Gracie’s mum had wanted. I wasn’t far off finishing the bit of clearance at the end of the garden so once Gracie had gone I went back to complete it.

I was hoping Lucy might still be around, and at first I couldn’t see her, but as I was tipping my cuttings onto the compost heap, I caught sight of her, sitting on a rug.

She saw me at exactly the same moment, and her whole demeanour had changed. She jumped up and said, “Hey Billy, sorry about earlier, I was a bit ‘in shock.’ Gracie has been like an ‘auntie’ to me, and I sort of saw everything by accident, sorry I shouldn’t be talking about it.”

“Oh god Lucy, the whole thing with Gracie has snowballed, please don’t think I’m awful.”

“Look, when you’re done, come round and have a chat, my mum and dad are out all day, would you like to?”

“Cool…. yes,” I said, “I’ll be round in about half an hour, if you don’t mind me in my work clothes.”

“See you then, great.” and I watched her as she skipped back into the house, I was thinking that she did have the most wondrous butt!

She answered the door as soon as I’d rung the bell, with a breezy, “Hi again Billy, do you want a cold beer?”

I thanked her, and followed her through to the kitchen. I noticed that she had put on some make up in the form of eye liner and blusher, and her wonderful ass was like a constantly moving target.

“Let’s go out and sit on the rug, it’s really lovely in the sun, mum and dad have gone to some boring musical in London, and it’s great to be on my own.”

We sat for sometime, just chatting idly, before I asked her why she was living in France. My assumption was that perhaps it was part of a uni course.

Immediately she looked downwards, almost not wanting to explain.

“Sorry,” I said,” I’m being a bit too nosey.”

“It’s ok,” she replied nervously, “Gracie would probably tell you anyway, it’s a bit of a mess, but my fault.”

I was intrigued, and just let her continue.

“I was forced to leave school just before my ‘A’ levels last year, I was having a sort of fling with the deputy head, we were caught out, he lost his job, and my mum and dad shipped me off to my aunt’s in France when it all became public. Although my name was never published, everyone here knew.”

“Oh my god, I think I remember, it made the national press.”

“Yeah, I guess we have something in common, we fancy older partners!”

Lucy giggled, and went on, “Shall I show you where I was hiding?”

She jumped up, and took my hand, pulling me down behind the garden shed to where there were some old rotting tool boxes.

“Up here,” she clambered onto the rather unstable perch, and I stepped up beside her. Immediately I could see the swing through the overgrown foliage, not more than ten metres away.

“Oh fuck, you got a good view….shit!”

Lucy chuckled, jumping back down, she sarcastically added, “You had difficulty keeping up with Gracie, you need more practice.”

As I stepped down, I stumbled slightly, and Lucy grabbed me to stop me falling.

It was one of those moments. Just for a few seconds we held on in an embrace.

“It certainly looked fucking horny,” Lucy said it quietly. “I’ve not had sex since I was bent over Mr Digby’s desk in his office.”

A mischievous look came over her face.

“Oh fuck,” she said, as though talking to herself, “why not live dangerously.” There was a long pause, and an intake of breath, “Let’s go indoors and you can fuck me, just like you fucked Gracie!”

I had no chance to reply, grabbing my hand once again, she ran, pulling me at arms length, up the garden to the house.

As she dragged me upstairs, she excitedly exclaimed, “I’ve always wanted to fuck someone in my mum and dad’s bed!”

“Are you sure Lucy, have you thought this through?”

“Fuck off, yes, let’s do it!”

Lucy was stripping off even as we entered her parent’s bedroom. The body I’d admired was soon on display, and she leapt onto the bed, throwing off the duvet, and spreading herself on her back, on the bed.

“Go on, get your clothes off.”

As I was unbuttoning my shirt, and then untying the laces on my boots, she suddenly jumped off the bed, and disappeared, naked out of the bedroom.

“Don’t stop, I’ll be two seconds.”

In a few brief moments she was back, thrusting the foil wrapped condom into my hand.

“Use that, the shit would really hit the fan if I got pregnant!”

Leaping back on the bed, she watched me finish getting undressed as she very deliberately started to massage her clit with her fingers.

I was holding the condom sachet between my lips, as my boxers slid down around my ankles, and my cock was starting to react.

“Come here,” Lucy beckoned, “sit here.”

Obediently I sat beside Escort bayan Ankara her, and she took the condom from me. As her fingers closed around my cock she murmured, “Mmmmm, I can smell Gracie’s pussy on you,” and then as her she lowered her head, and her mouth closed around it, she added, “and taste it.”

My cock needed little stimulus. As soon as it stood up firmly Lucy sat up, tearing the foil open, and taking the oily sheath gently between her fingers.

I watched her turn it to the correct side, and hold the teat between her finger and thumb. Placing it on the head of my cock, she began to roll it downwards.

“God Billy, your cock is a big one, this is not going all the way down, just make sure it stays on.”

By the time I was fully ‘insured’ Lucy was pulling me down on top of her.

“Come on Billy, fuck me now, I so need it.”

It was rather like making love to an eel! From the moment my body lowered itself between her thighs, and my cock pressed against her pussy, Lucy was never still.

Her pussy was reluctant to let me inside, but her constant movement seemed to get her juices flowing.

“Oh fuck, slowly, fuck…. stop…..just a second,” and then, “go on, that’s it….go on……….GODDD……YES!”

And I was inside her.

This was so different, Lucy’s lithe body, toned muscles, matched every move I made, we seemed to use every square inch of the bed. She demanded every position, me on top, her on top, facing me, then facing away, then on her knees from behind, and all the while filling the room with cries, with sighs, with excited instructions.

Wearing a condom took some of the sensitivity away from me, and so we must have fucked for almost half an hour, before she came the first time. I say the first time, because she seemed to move from one orgasm to the next, and then the next in a procession of shuddering, body shaking thrusts against me.

She filled the room with expletives, cries, and groans so loud that Gracie’s mum must have heard them next door.

I slowed my movements, and Lucy’s body seemed to calm. For the last time she rolled me onto my back, and I looked up at her bedraggled hair, clinging to her forehead in beads of perspiration.

In slow deliberate movements her body rose and fell. Her tight pussy was now soaked in its own juices.

“Come for me Billy…..please.”

Watching her young body above me, I felt her pussy pulsing around my cock, all those work outs in the gym were bringing me off.

“Ohhhhhhhh…..yes…Lucy, I’m cumming.”

She pressed down, and leaned forward to kiss me as I starting jerking inside her. There was a little look of panic on her face as I went on emptying myself.

As if to check that nothing had gone wrong, she slid off my cock to one side, and with a sigh, I heard her say, “Thank god.”

I could see the end of the condom was full of my semen, and I watched the relief on Lucy’s face, as we both collapsed side by side.

“God that was good Billy, I must have cum three times, you’re pretty good, no wonder Gracie fancies you.”

I didn’t reply directly to that, but said, “Lucy you were incredible, it’s a pity you have to go back to France.”

“Well I’m hoping there may be some discussion on that, my one lever with that is that I have to complete my ‘A’ levels, I’m hoping mum and dad will be open to persuasion, now that some of the gossip has died down.”

Carefully I pulled the condom off, trying not to spill any of the contents on the bedsheets. I went and filled it with water in the en suite, and double flushed it down the toilet.

“Can we meet again?” Lucy was almost dressed again, “I know I’ve only got another two weeks here possibly, but I would like to see you if you want to?”

I was putting my shorts back on, but I stopped and pulled her to me.

“Yes, I’d love to, but I won’t lie, I’m not only involved with Gracie, I’m also seeing someone else as well. Gracie knows, but you may not like it.”

“Please, I don’t mind honestly. I guess Gracie might find out, I don’t want to upset her.”

“Let’s swap mobile numbers, I’m sure we can make it work, at worst I’m here again next week, on Tuesday.”

We kissed, and once I was dressed, I made my way outside to walk home.

It was with a glow that I arrived home, and was just about to take a shower when a text arrived from Gracie.

‘Now why do I think you might have been a naughty boy?’ was the content.

Gracie had a sixth sense, but giving it a quick thought she knew Lucy’s history, and probably guessed.

I texted back, ‘I’m completely innocent!’ and added a devil’s face emoji.

On Wednesday I returned to the business of Becky’s decorating. The weather continued to be good, and I only saw Becky briefly before she left for the day, to visit her sister. I was glad because I cracked on and completed the ceiling and all of the walls. Thursday and Friday would see me complete it, I hoped.

On Thursday I had a quick coffee with Becky before I got going, and she told me that Bayan escort Ankara Hannah was coming over for lunch, and that I could share what she was preparing for them both.

I knew that there would be a temptation to get distracted and, in a way, I hoped that wouldn’t happen, I wanted to get the job done.

I managed to get most of the undercoating completed by lunchtime, Hannah had arrived about 11.30am and just stuck her head round the door to say “hello.”

I got the shout to say that lunch was ready, and Becky had prepared a pasta salad with some fresh bread, and some apple juice. We sat round the breakfast bar, and both women were, of course, flirty as usual.

I didn’t rise to the bait, but one topic of conversation that came up was mum. They were very keen to invite her again to a get together, and they joked about inviting me too. I was at pains to point out that a scenario involving me and my mum together, was not going to happen.

That brought much laughter, and suggestive comments, and I tried to ignore the more pervy ones.

“You must come alone then, one Saturday evening,” said Hanne.

“I’d be outnumbered!” I joked, “it would seem mighty strange, with you four all there.”

“Think about it, it’s an open invitation, if we don’t meet at Hanne’s then we meet here, if you’re happier not being next door to your house, then come here one week.”

“I was greatly tempted to say yes, there and then, but I just said that I’d think about it, I didn’t want to upset mum.”

That afternoon I completed all the undercoat, and finished half of the gloss, It just left a couple of hours work to be done on the Friday morning, and that’s the way it turned out.

First thing on Friday Becky went off to go to the gym with Hanne, and I was left unhindered, and was done by 11am.

I wasn’t sure what time Becky would return, once before she had gone shopping with Hanne, and didn’t return until after lunch.

That left me with my inquisitiveness! It was too much of a temptation not to have a good look around.

Upstairs there were three bedrooms, the main one was large, with fitted wardrobes, all mirrored, with a dressing table, bedside tables and a king sized bed. I had a quick look in the wardrobes which just had the usual clothes on hangers, and shoes. A glance in the drawer beside the bed brought the first, not unexpected, surprise, a pink vibrator. I couldn’t resist switching it on and hearing the buzz, which gave me a bit of a thrill.

The next room along the corridor was a small office, with desk top computer, printer, shelves of files etc.

The third room, at the end of the corridor was a real surprise.

It was of average size, but immediately I noticed the odd black blinds, and a rather austere metal framed bed.

The penny dropped when I saw two large metal hooks in the ceiling above the bed. This, at the very least, was a ‘playroom.’

I took a deep breath, processing the whole idea of having a room like this. I wanted to find out more, and so the wardrobe in the corner beckoned. Inside I found an array of dresses, one-piece suits, mostly in latex, but some in leather, some on hangers, and some folded on shelves.

On the other side of the room was a large oak chest with three drawers. I opened the top drawer and my jaw dropped at the number of vibrators, dildos, toys, nipple clamps, wrist straps, it was jammed full.

I picked up a couple of vibrators, and again turned them on. Some seemed more powerful than others, some had peculiar shapes, and textures.

“That’s a good one for men!”

Becky’s voice behind me in the doorway was like an electric shock. I dropped the toy, and spun round guiltily, confronted by a tremendously amused expression on her face.

“That one there is a good one for men,” she repeated, and picked up one of the odd shaped toys as she came and stood beside me.

“So you’ve found our ‘amusement park’? It’s taken time to build our collection. So which one do you want to try?”

She was looking at me closely, and I really couldn’t determine if she was joking or not.

“Ok I’ll choose!”

She clearly wasn’t joking.

Selecting the toy she’d been referring to earlier, she said assertively, “Get your shorts off, and lay on the bed, on your side.”

I still didn’t believe her.

“Go on! On your side.”

For whatever reason I obeyed. I slipped off my shorts and boxers, and lay down on the bed. Becky placed a small towel under my hips and then opened another drawer and took out a small bottle of oil. Sitting beside me on the bed she just said one word as she poured some oil onto the palm of one hand, “Relax.”

Her oily fingers were slippery on the softness of my very flaccid cock. With a deft touch, her fingers slowly massaged it to a state of being semi erect.

“That’s more like it,” she spoke softly, as it hardened more.

She applied more oil and smoothed her fingers up and down the shaft, and teasingly around the head.

When she stopped, my senses were heightened as her hand moved behind me, and an oily finger sought out my fundament.

“Don’t say anything, like I said, relax!”

The words seemed to reassure me as the oily finger worked its way inside me. I gasped quietly, when a second finger joined it.

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