Mrs. Jones Plus Two Pt. 01


This is another Mrs. Jones story but it will have two parts. Each Mrs. Jones story can be read by itself. Comments are always helpful and this character owes a lot to people who sent comments including some who are a lot like Mrs. Jones. Thank you. If you include an email in your feedback, I always try to reply. I hope you enjoy part one.


Mrs. Jones pulled into the driveway of a large house. She had just driven six hours to see relatives. She and her husband had agreed to spend a few days watching over Bill while his mom went away to a conference. Of course, Mr. Jones was so busy at work he talked her into coming alone and said he’d fly later if he got enough done. Mrs. Jones hadn’t even bothered packing for George. She knew from the beginning George would get out of it.

She knocked on the door which Bill answered. She kissed him on the cheek and said “be a sweetie and get your Aunt Kate’s two bags in the backseat for me.”

As she stepped into the house, Bill’s mom came into the hallway and said, “Oh good. I was getting worried. I have to leave and I was worried you’d never get here.” She didn’t stop talking or even ask Mrs. Jones a question. She just continued, “I’m sure you’ll be fine. I know George thought I was stupid for even wanting anyone to look after Bill but I don’t need any big parties or anything while I’m gone. And he’s started dating the girl next door. Or whatever nineteen year olds call it these days. It’s not like when I was 19. Of course I wasn’t as shy as Bill or the girl. I was very, well never mind about me. Anyway, I’m leaving. I’ll try to call but do what you think is best. And if the bitch next door comes over, Denise is the girlfriend. Her mom is the bitch. If the bitch stops by, don’t tell her anything. Okay, I’m leaving. Bye.”

Mrs. Jones watched her leave and said “you’re welcome” under her breath and shook her head. As she waited Bill came in and she followed him upstairs as he carried her bags to the bedroom she would use. “You know I don’t really need help or to be watched. I’m 19 not 9. Anyway, both my mom and Denise’s mom are totally paranoid. I mean it’s nice to see you though. I’m sorry but I’m not a kid or anything.” And he put her bags on the bed.

Mrs. Jones smiled. She liked him. She liked younger men who were unsure but still polite. She thought this would be a nice few days. She leaned over and hugged him. In her heels which were very high she was taller than Bill and she squeezed him tight holding his head to her chest just above her cleavage. She was more than twice his age but looked younger than her years at least when she tried.

Someone knocked on the door and she let him go. He said, “Oh, I bet that’s Denise’s mom. I better get it.” He ran downstairs.

Mrs. Jones quickly changed her clothes and came down too. When she came down fifteen minutes after Bill, he looked startled. She was wearing a long shapeless dress and no shoes and her hair was pulled back. She looked twenty years older and very boring. Bill was confused but it had the right effect for Denise’s mom.

The mom smiled and said “I’m the lady next door. Your nephew knows my daughter and I just want to make sure everything is okay. See, I’m going away too and leaving Denise by herself. I worry about her.” She looked at Bill who turned red and looked down. “I want to make sure someone’s in charge over here.”

Mrs. Jones smiled. “Don’t you worry, dearie,” she started to sound like an old lady. “I’m in charge here and making sure everything is proper. I won’t let this young man out of my sight. If you want I can make sure your Denise is watched too. In fact, young Billy and I are going to have a light supper in a while. Maybe you and your Denise can join us. Nothing fancy, we won’t be dressing up, but good wholesome food.”

Denise’s mom seemed happier and smiled. “Oh, no I can’t. I am leaving in a few minutes. But thank you for watching Denise too. I’ll tell her to come over for dinner. I feel much better knowing that someone will be watching both of them.” She smiled to herself and felt better that the plain looking old fashioned woman would be in charge.

Mrs. Jones gave the younger woman a hug and said, “now you have a nice time and don’t worry about the youngsters. Tell Denise to come by at 7 o’clock and we’ll make sure she’s fed.”

After the door closed, Mrs. Jones told Bill to help her. He followed her to her room and she told him to open the suitcases and start helping her put clothes away. She took one suitcase to the closet and started hanging up dresses and things leaving the smaller suitcase for Bill. He was surprised that the suitcase seemed to be mostly underwear and things like that. He paused and just stared at them not sure he should touch them.

Behind him, Mrs. Jones was changing out of the old dress she had on into something different. She came over behind him and whispered close to his ear, “don’t be nervous, silly. It’s just my underwear. I’ll put the nightgowns away and Ankara bayan escort you can start moving the panties and bras. You seem scared of the panties. Haven’t you ever seen panties before? Everyone wears panties. I’m sure you’ve seen your mom’s panties and Denise has panties and her mom has panties. These are just my panties. Go ahead touch my panties. Feel my panties. Pick up my panties and put them in the drawer. They’re just panties.”

She said the word panties many times and each time made Bill nervous. It was almost hypnotic. Like she was purposely whispering the word panties over and over again. Each time made him a little red but also a little excited. Mrs. Jones had very sexy underwear. That surprised him after the dress she was wearing a few minutes ago. But after he put the panties away he noticed she had changed.

“Now, my good helpful young man, I need a zip. I got rid of that ridiculous dress I was wearing. It was just to make Denise’s mom feel better. I think she needed to see a boring person so I gave her what she wanted but we want to look our best for your little friend. But Mrs. Jones needs a zip. See how low the zipper is down? Can you reach down to where you can see the top of panties under my hose and try to find the zipper so you can pull them all the way up over my panties and then over the top of my pantyhose so the dress is tight on my bottom and then my back even past the bra strap you can see and up so I look nice for your friend? Be good and zip me like you must zip your mommy.”

Mrs. Jones was having fun and watched in the mirror as Bill tried. His hands were shaking as he tried to find the zipper. The poor thing was having lots of trouble and she could feel and hear how heavy he was breathing. He was very nice but a very nervous young man. She liked that a lot. She liked making him nervous and thought the next few days would be fun.

As he finished zipping she bent over to get something off the edge of the bed. The way she bent made her butt stick out and bump into Bill. Whatever she was doing she had to do three times. She smiled to herself when she noticed he hadn’t moved and that the act of zipping seemed to have made him hard. A good tease likes a grateful audience.

They went downstairs and she decided to make some spaghetti because it was quick and easy. Ten minutes early she heard the doorbell and Bill ran to let in Denise. She moved closer to eavesdrop. “Hey, my mom said your aunt or whatever she is looks like her grandmother. She seems a lot less worried about me staying alone. So what’s going on? Is she like a hundred or something?”

Bill said, “Shhh, she’s in the kitchen. No, it’s weird. She was just wearing an old dress or something. She seems nice and not as bitchy as my mom or your mom. I think she might be okay.”

Just then, Mrs. Jones walked out. The dress she was wearing was definitely not old and it wasn’t long. It came down to almost her knees and was tighter and a little shiny. She didn’t look young but she didn’t look super old either. She was nothing like Denise’s mom described her. She smiled at Denise and gave her a hug. “Now you must be Denise. Your mom seems like a worrier to think a grown up young lady like you needs help but maybe you can eat with us. I told her I’d watch you but that seems silly doesn’t it? Maybe you can just keep us company. Bill is so helpful to me. Come in the kitchen with us and we’ll get the food together.”

They ate and talked and Bill did his part but the women did most of the talking. After the food was gone, Mrs. Jones said “Denise you’re just delightful. You are so sweet and fun and a whole lot cuter than your mom. I know Billy probably thinks so too. Oh look I made him blush. But I’m talking too much.”

Denise smiled. She liked Mrs. Jones a lot. “Oh, I have a question that Bill couldn’t answer. You aren’t exactly his aunt but how are you related?”

Mrs. Jones laughed and said “it’s complicated. My husband had a cousin who had a stepson from his wife’s first marriage and my husband was devoted to that man who was Bill’s late father. The generations are all mixed so the ages are odd but technically there is no direct connection but my husband is sort of an honorary uncle.” She smiled at Bill and added, “I think that means I can legally get married to both of you in this state.”

They were having a cup of tea after dinner and Mrs. Jones accidentally spilled it on Denise. “Oh no, we’ve got to take care of that right away or the stain will set.” While talking, she was rubbing the stain on Denise’s blouse. “Well I don’t want to strip you right in front of Billy but I don’t want to send you home so follow me upstairs and we’ll see if I can find you something for now. I’m sure Bill will get everything put away.”

Mrs. Jones didn’t ask, she just moved. She moved quickly and got Denise up the stairs and into her room. Denise was looking around and without waiting Mrs. Jones quickly undid the buttons on her blouse and took it off, Escort bayan Ankara taking it to a sink in the attached bathroom and letting cold water run on it. She came back out with a towel and started drying Denise’s neck and chest. “Just making sure your body and your pretty bra are fine. I don’t think my bra would fit you.” Mrs. Jones rubbed Denise a few times, smiling to herself. “Oh you seem to be cold dear. We’ll have to get you covered up.”

Denise was embarrassed because she knew why Mrs. Jones thought she was cold and the truth was that it was Mrs. Jones’s hands not the cold causing her reaction. She wanted to change the subject as Mrs. Jones got a blouse.

“I can see my house from this side of the house. You can’t see it from Bill’s bedroom. Too bad I can’t just jump across and get clean clothes but that’s actually my mom’s room you can see from here.”

Mrs. Jones had found a blue satin blouse, very tight on her but loose on Denise, and she was putting it on Denise and fiddling with the buttons. So she whispered “Oh so you spend most of your time in Billy’s bedroom? He’s a naughty boy then but I can’t blame him with such a hottie for a girlfriend.”

Denise shivered from the breathy whisper in her ear and from the buttoning hands that seemed to be taking so long and kept brushing her. “Oh no, I didn’t mean that. I’m not his girlfriend, well maybe I am but not like that and we’ve never ever, I mean we were studying. It was fine and innocent.”

Mrs. Jones even more excited. This one seemed as nervous as Bill was. The next few days would be fun. “Oh Denise, honey, please don’t worry. I don’t care. I think it’s nice that everything is slow. I was teasing you.” Then she stood in front of Denise and smiled. “I think teasing is fun and a cutie like you, we can tease poor Bill just a little. You might even like it. Maybe I’ll dress you up next time so Bill won’t be able to resist. I bet you make all the boys nice and hard and even some of the girls nice and wet.” Then she winked and Denise blushed.

She quickly left and got Denise to follow her downstairs. She was enjoying the evening and knew she was a little wet herself from trying to bring these two together.

“Hi Billy honey, we’re back. Let’s sit in the living room for a while. By the way, do you like darling Denise’s new blouse? It’s mine so it’s a little loose.” She stood behind Denise and pulled it tighter so it highlighted her and then ran her hands up and down Denise’s satiny front. “Loose satin but satin feels so wonderful. You just want to caress and squeeze it. Well you probably shouldn’t do what I’m doing so I’ll stop too.”

Denise was overwhelmed and embarrassed but then they sat to watch television for a while. They watched and talked and everyone relaxed a little. Mrs. Jones noticed that Bill kept staring at her legs so she kept crossing them and opening them and doing little things to make her dress ride higher. It was like torture for Bill.

Eventually, Denise had to go so they all got up. Mrs. Jones said, “I’ll just let you two say good night and then I’ll walk Denise home to check on her like I promised her mom.” She went to the kitchen, waited a few minutes and came back. Bill and Denise looked awkward but Mrs. Jones grabbed Denise and left Bill behind.

Mrs. Jones talked the whole way over and into the house before asking Denise, “so did he kiss you?”

Denise said, “No, I wasn’t sure what to do and I don’t think he was sure. I don’t know.”

Mrs. Jones shook her head. “Sweetheart, this won’t work. You can’t just stare at each other. I know you want him to kiss you. We just have to bring you together. Come with me upstairs, I have an idea. You need help.” She talked while they walked. “Is this your room? No let’s try your mom’s. Now this is better.”

She turned on the light and looked at Denise who looked confused but was very curious about what was happening. Mrs. Jones stood Denise in front of the mirror, stood behind her and said, “Look at yourself. You’re adorable. Remember, you have everything he wants. And today you’re in satin. It’s like a magnet. Let me just undo a few buttons so you can see.”

While she talked, Denise didn’t know what to do or how to react. She watched Mrs. Jones undo a few buttons and then pull the satin tight and start talking about bumps. It seemed very strange but this was the woman her mother described as boring and respectable. She just stared at herself and the woman standing behind her in the mirror.

Mrs. Jones was explaining, “He won’t be able to help staring at the satin and you need to find a tight one. See how nice it looks when I pull it tight? And his eyes can’t ignore the little bumps he’ll see right here.” Mrs. Jones used one hand to slide over the breast and a small nipple bump underneath. “Let me just reach inside for a minute and run my hand like this and then just a little pinch and another one. Just like that, like you’re cold, it stands up see? When I move my hand and pull Bayan escort Ankara the satin tight like this you can see very easily a delicious nipple bump to draw his eyes to you.”

Mrs. Jones smiled through the mirror at Denise. She could feel a shudder from the young woman she was pressed against. She felt like a good teacher with a good student who didn’t know what she was being taught. It made sense for the teacher to undo the rest of the buttons and take the blouse off Denise.

“I’ll take the blouse back when I go but you can see how nice your nipples will tease even with just a bra.” As she said it, Mrs. Jones moved her fingers over the nipple bumps to make her point. “It will be better with a different bra. This is nice but thicker than we need and not as sexy as I recommend. Actually, I was betting that your mom has a few good choices. I’ll just let you go now and we can check her dresser.”

Denise didn’t even speak. It was like she was drunk. She watched as Mrs. Jones opened drawers until she found the right one. She reached in an explored Denise’s mom’s underwear drawer. “Denise your mom has very good taste and very sexy things. These will be perfect. See the lacier ones are better if you think you might be showing it off, maybe exposing yourself, or stripping for some reason. The smoother ones are better for when your nipples get hard and you want them noticed under other layers. A thicker one is better if you want to hide your nipples but that’s a different time. This is pretty. See how it is black and very very thin, almost see through? Let’s try that.”

Mrs. Jones just smiled as she undid Denise’s bra, took it off and slid her into a new one. Then she reached behind her and fastened it before standing back to look. “Perfect, just perfect. See how prominent they look?” She took Denise’s nipples in her hand and made them stand up against the sheer bra.

Denise gasped and Mrs. Jones looked concerned. “Oh no, did I hurt you?”

Denise gulped and shook her head, “No, no I’m fine, I wasn’t expecting it.”

“Oh good. Now you wear that and Bill will explode right away. Find a nice tight blouse to wear over it so we don’t hide you though. If he doesn’t make a mess right away, he won’t be able to resist reaching out and giving you a great big kiss just like this.” She grabbed Denise, held her shoulders, leaned in and kissed her softly, tenderly, and amazingly. One of Mrs. Jones’s hands on Denise’s right breast helped the mood.

Denise was shocked when Mrs. Jones broke the kiss but Mrs. Jones was calm. She just turned and collected her blouse and said, “it will be something like that but I think our strategy will work fine and he’ll be hooked. Kiss him like that and he’ll be hooked. Anyway, I should go back and see what mischief he’s getting into. You look very pretty in your mommy’s bra. I could tell you and your mommy were the same size and that she had pretty things that would look good on you. Tomorrow you should wear some more of your mommy’s things when you come see us, maybe some of your mommy’s panties too.”

Knowing Denise was dazed, Mrs. Jones just left with a big smile to herself. She walked back and found Bill in the living room. “My dear sweet Billy, what a lovely girlfriend you have. She’s delightful. She’s so cute I’m sure you can’t resist her. She seems a little shy but maybe you are too. I noticed that when we left you didn’t get a chance to kiss her good night, did you?”

Bill felt weird talking to her about this and wasn’t sure why she called him sweet Billy. That was weird but he was a little mad at the last thing she said so he objected. “I did too kiss her good night. And I’ve done it lots of times too.”

Mrs. Jones laughed a little. “Oh Billy, you are sweet. Follow me dear. Come along.” And she headed to the stairs and started walking up knowing he would follow. “Billy, I know that you kissed her but it was a little shy kiss. Not a real kiss. Maybe you always kiss her that way.” She stopped at the top of the stairs and looked at him with a smile before continuing to her room. “I think you do always and that’s fine. It’s cute but you’re a grown young man and she’s a grown young woman. I think you’re ready for a better kiss than that. Now unzip me please.”

She moved her hair out of the way and waited for him. She felt his confusion from the noises he made but knew she had a hold on him because he didn’t even speak words.

He unzipped her dress and she could feel his fingers shaking. When he was done, he walked away down the hall to give her some privacy. When she turned around he was moving toward the end where his room and his Mom’s rooms were. She quickly stopped him.

“Hey, come back here, I’m not done talking.” She looked after him with her hand on her hips and one shoulder of her dress sagging because it was undone in back. “This conversation is important and it’s mean to walk away while someone is talking to you. Are you trying to be mean to me?”

Bill was confused and he felt bad. He had just assumed he had to leave and it turned out he was rude. “No, Mrs. Jones, I’m not trying to be anything. I just thought or at least I didn’t think I should, um, you know, stay, because well it didn’t seem. I mean I’m sorry. Really.”

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