MRI Want Her


It is hell getting old, especially when you simply refuse to consider yourself as a person who is middle aged. Unfortunately, some recent events put me in a position where I finally had to admit to myself I am aging. I never realized how painful and debilitated my body could become.

It came on slowly, an ache in the back that didn’t go away. I tried twisting and turning until my back popped, but it still hurt. I tried to give it some rest, but while it seemed okay for a while, whenever I began lifting things or stretching across tables the pain would return.

As the pain returned, I did what any man would do in my position, I grabbed a handful of Tylenol and Motrin and took them, careful to take some of each at least two hours apart. Surprisingly, the pain wasn’t relieved, in fact, over the weekend it got much worse, with the pain now shooting down my leg. I knew I needed to see my doctor.

I hobbled into the doctor’s office and after some pointed chiding about me losing some weight, getting more exercise and my too low good cholesterol levels, she sent me off for some X-rays. I spent the rest of the morning limping through registration and then to a painful X-ray session before returning to the doctor with a CD of the films.

Finally, after struggling back to my doctor I received a prescription for some pain pills and muscle relaxers. She then handed me paperwork for an MRI since she was concerned about the pain that shot down my leg and wanted a better look at the damage to my back.

I had to wait three days before I could get the MRI, but the medication had thoroughly kicked in and I was moving a lot better, with only a slight limp. After filling out some paperwork and a short wait, they called my name and I limped through the door. A male technician directed me to a small dressing room and after asking a few questions about if I had any metal inside my body, he directed me to completely undress and pull on two gowns, one for my back and one for my front.

After the technician closed the door, I undressed, put my clothes in a small locker and then pulled on the two, too-small gowns. I then propped the door open and waited. In a few minutes a female technician stopped by my door and asked, “Mr. Thomas?”

“Yes,” I answered.

“Please follow me,” she said, completely oblivious to the fact that I had been simply stunned by her beauty. Standing up I guessed that she was no more than twenty, maybe twenty two years old. I followed her, letting my eyes slowly twist down the curls in her brown hair, fall onto Ankara escort her shoulders and then gently curve down over her hips and then down her legs.

She led me into a room and asked, “Can I get you a larger gown? I think you will be a lot more comfortable.”

“Oh, I didn’t realize there was more than one size. The other tech told me to put on the two gowns.”

“No, I’ll get one that should work for you. Just have a seat there,” she said, pointing and then slipping back out the door. She returned in just a moment and handed me a large gown and said, “You fasten it in front, I’ll step outside while you change.”

I removed the too-small gowns and slipped into the large one, which fit nicely and comfortably tied across the front. After waiting for a few minutes she returned and led me over to the MRI. While I waited for her to adjust the table she asked me again if I had any metal inside my body and then had me climb up on the table.

“Since this is your first MRI I will move you in feet first, it will feel a bit less confining,” she said. “Please move your feet over here, and I need your hips here,” she continued, helping me recline.

Once on my back I guess I moaned at the sharp pain because she quickly slipped something under my legs to support them. I was able to relax and whispered, “Thanks that’s a lot better.”

She had me slide downward some and then as I gazed up at her brown eyes, dark, long eyelashes and wonderful thin nose, she asked if I had any questions. I shook my head, “No” and she then began sliding me into the machine.

“You will hear a noise, but because this is an open MRI it will not be too loud.”

“I heard you needed earplugs for the noise,” I said.

“That is for the closed MRI, you will hear a noise, but it won’t be too loud. One important thing, please don’t move or I will have to start over on the procedure.”

I nodded and watched as she gracefully walked out of the room. With her gone my attention returned to the MRI machine, the top of which was just fractions of inches above my chest. As I breathed I could feel my chest pushing against the machine. While the sides were open, the huge machine just inches above me was still very confining.

Fighting off claustrophobia I closed my eyes and tried to divert my attention dreaming of a nice place somewhere else. I let myself drift to a beachside resort with a small cabana where I was relaxing on the bed. I was about to drift to sleep when the MRI technician entered the room wearing only a terrycloth robe, which Ankara escort bayan she let slip to the floor.

I watched her small breasts bounce slightly as she crawled on the bed and then kneeled over me, her breasts hanging enticingly above my face. Lifting my head, I moved my face back and forth, letting her firm nipples run over my eyes and nose. Tilting my head back, I ran my tongue over one and then the other. She must have come in from swimming because she tasted a bit salty.

After a few moments she continued crawling up over my face until my nose parted the curly brown fur between her legs. I quickly slipped my tongue into her opening and tasted her own tangy flavor before moving up between her lips and rolling over her clit. She began to moan as her hips started moving slightly and she whispered, “Don’t move, stop moving…”

I opened my eyes and looked up at the machine just inches above me, wondering, “What the…”

“Mr. Thomas, you are moving.”

“No, I am still,” I replied.

“No, I am detecting motion,” she replied, suddenly opening the door and walking into the room. “Yes, down near your hips, I detected some motion.”

“I don’t think I was moving,” I said as I felt myself move from under the machine.

As my hips moved from under the machine I heard her say, “Oh Mr. Thomas, that is what it was.”

I glanced down and noticed the distinct tent in my gown. Feeling my face flush I said, “I’m sorry.”

“It is okay that you are erect, but it is the twitching that may cause a problem. Can you keep it from twitching?”

“I can try,” I whispered.

“Mr. Thomas, are you thinking of me?”

“No, no…”

“Mr. Thomas?”

I could only nod.

“Don’t worry, we can fix this,” she replied moving toward the door.

I could hear a click as she locked it and then I watched as she went to a small cabinet and grabbed a towel. When she returned she asked, “May I,” nodding down at my hard cock.

I nodded.

She pulled back my gown and exposed my cock. Placing the towel on my stomach, she turned, grabbed some latex gloves and pulled them on. She then grabbed a tube and squeezed something into the palm of one of her gloved hands and then replaced the tube and closed the cabinet door.

“We don’t normally do this but…” she finished her sentence by gently grabbing my cock and smearing it with some sort of lubricant. I watched in amazement as she began stroking me, first slowly, but then picking up speed.

I let my gaze move from the head of my Escort Ankara cock as it appeared and disappeared from her tight fist up to her face where I stared into her eyes. She seemed to stare longingly at me as my hips began to move up and down in rhythm with her hand. It seemed strange I could do that without any pain from my back, but I didn’t ask any questions, I just responded to the sensation of her hand sliding up and down my shaft.

Looking at her face I imagined she was dreaming of straddling me on the table, of slowly guiding the head of my cock up between her dripping lips and easing it into her soft, wet pussy. I could see her eyes close as I slowly slipped deeper and deeper into her, feeling the soft walls of her cunt gently caressing my cock.

“Yes, yes,” I moaned softly as I arched my back and let the pleasure shoot up the length of me as my cum arched from me and fell softly onto the towel. I watched her eyes as they followed each successive spurt of my cock. She then concentrated on my cock as she slowly milked out the last of my cum and then dabbed me with the towel.

When she finished she tossed the towel into a soiled laundry hamper and said, “Okay, I think we have that taken care of.” She moved my gown back over my cock and slid the table back under the MRI. “Are you okay now Mr. Thomas?

“Yes,” I sighed as I watched her gracefully slip back through the door. I relaxed while listening to the strange knocking and clanging as the MRI began working again. After about twenty minutes she came back through the door.

“Okay, you are free to go,” she said as she moved the table out of the machine and then helped me sit up. “You can get dressed now,” she continued as she led me through the door and pointed to my dressing room.

I got dressed and as I stepped out of the door to look for her, a male technician said, “Thank you Mr. Thomas,” here’s your paperwork, you are free to go.

“What about the lady technician?”

“What about her?”

“I didn’t catch her name.”

“That’s Cassandra, was she good?”

I nodded.

“Yeah, she is a popular technician. I don’t know what it is she does, but all her patients just love her. When patients come back they will often request her. I guess it’s because she is so attractive, but she is an excellent technician, kind of a natural in working with people. Anyway, thank you for stopping by, the door is right there,” he said.

I stepped through the door, limped through the dressing room and stepped through the door heading for my car. Once inside my car I let my mind drift a bit as I thought of her, “Cassandra,” I whispered. Then starting my car I wondered if my doctor might need to send me back for a follow up MRI. I made a mental note to ask her if that would be possible.

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