Mr. Jones , Me Ch. 03

Big Tits

Thanks to all those people (especially Ed – thanks for sharing) who sent me ideas and feedback for this new chapter in the Mr Jones series. This follows on from Ch 1, Ch 2 and Ch 2.5. This one was the hardest to write; hence it took a while to complete. Hope it meets your expectations.

I sat in class, the last lesson of the day, feeling my asshole still recovering from the session with Neil in the music block. I still found it hard to believe that I had cum so hard up his tight ass, him up mine and Mr Jones had the while thing on video! That was certainly going to be one for the in the back of the wardrobe box of goodies.

I watched the clock tick towards the end of school, knowing that my tutoring session with Mr Jones and Neil was going to leave me sore and spent but very, very happy. It had only been a month or so since I had first walked in on Neil giving Mr Jones a blowjob in his classroom. I had been all set to seduce Mr Jones; instead he introduced me to the joys of being well and truly fucked. And I loved it. Two sessions a week – cum filled sessions where my ass and mouth would get a good work out.

This afternoons tutoring would be the first time that Mr Jones, Neil and I would be back together again and by the time the bell rang, I was almost salivating at the thought. I concentrated hard on writing my homework down; giving time for my hardening cock to soften a bit then ran out the door.

I went straight to the boys’ toilets where I fished into the bottom of my bag and pulled out the butt plug Mr Jones had given me yesterday and smeared it with lube. Not the usual items for a lunchbox, but it paid to be prepared. I rubbed lube against my rosebud asshole and slipped a finger in. It was definitely easier than before Mr Jones got to me.

I pushed a second finger in and twisted them around. I pumped my hole a few times. Only the promise of a good Mr Jones fucking stopped me from finishing the job. I pulled my finger out, quickly replacing my fingers with my beautiful black butt plug. I wiped my fingers, flushed the toilet (god forbid anyone would suspect I was in there for any other reason then the toilets designated use) and opened the door. There grinning at me was Neil.

He pulled my into the cubicle again and handed me his butt plug. “I still can’t get the hang of how to put this in, can u give me a finger … I mean a hand?” He grinned at me and pulled his shorts and boxers off. He got up onto the toilet seat and bent over, sticking his cute Ankara bayan escort ass out at me.

I grinned and playfully swatted his ass. I prised his cheeks apart and licked him from balls to ass. He moaned, then gasped as I pushed my tongue up against his hole and wiggled it. He turned at looked at me. “As much as I hate to say this, we have to hurry. Can’t be late for tutoring.”

I reluctantly pulled my face away and then smiled as I grabbed my lube and squirted a glob right onto his hole. He shivered and whispered “that’s cold.”

I rubbed the lube around his hole then jammed a finger hard up his ass. I whispered back “getting warmer?”

He nodded and gripped the toilet cubicle as I pushed a second finger up his ass and rammed them into him over and over. I yanked my fingers out and slammed his matching butt plug up his ass. His knees buckles slightly as the widest part stretched his hole then sighed as it nestled into place.

Neil stepped down off the toilet, turned to face me and kissed me hard. “I want your cock in me before we go home.” I smiled and kissed him gently.

“I think we can manage that. I guess that will also depend on what Mr Jones had in mind. Time to go find out.” I opened the door, checked it was clear and moved to wash my hands. I was still a little awkward walking round with the butt plug up my ass, but I noticed Neil wasn’t. I made a mental note to ask him more about him and Mr Jones later.

We hurried to Mr Jones’s room and knocked.

“Come in,” Mr Jones called to us. We took a breath and opened the door. As we walked in, Neil and I were greeted by the sight of Neil riding my cock on the school’s large screen TV. Mr Jones ginned at us and motioned to our seats. We sat down quickly as Mr Jones paused the video right on the spot where I shots wads of cum hard up Neil’s ass. He then turned off the video and ejected it, placing it in his briefcase.

“Very nice boys. I was looking forward to our session anyway but this has certainly added some spice.” Neil and I looked at Mr Jones’s amused expression as he opened his hands to reveal the remotes to our butt plugs. He turned them on high.

“Aw fuck,” I cried out as my cock sprang to attention, painfully hard in my shorts. Neil gripped the table hard as he almost began to pant. Mr Jones turned them off and put the remotes down on his table.

He patted the top of his desk and pointed at Neil. “Seeing this is usually your day, lets get going Neil.” Escort bayan Ankara Neil stood beside Mr Jones’s desk and stripped. He got onto the desk on all fours and presented his hot hole to Mr Jones. Mr Jones licked his lips and reached between Neil’s legs, squeezing his balls. He looked at me and pointed at his now hard cock, straining in his pants. “I think your job is clear don’t you?”

I nodded and went and knelt in front of Mr Jones. I unzipped his pants and pulled his beautiful 9-inch cock out of his pants. I licked the head and swirled my tongue round it. Mr Jones slowly wanked Neil’s cock and looked down at me. “Don’t keep me waiting.”

I grabbed his cock and fed it into my mouth, sucking his meat down my throat until my nose hit his pubes. I bobbed my head up and down on his cock as Mr Jones played with Neil’s cock and balls. I heard Mr Jones tell Neil something, but I was too wrapped up in tasting him, loving the texture of his cock on my tongue. Mr Jones pulled my head away from his cock and pulled me to my feet.

Neil was on his back on the table, pulling his legs back hard and wide. Mr Jones looked at me, and grabbed the end of Neil’s butt plug, yanking it out hard. “Looks like there is an opening here for you,” he laughed.

I scrambled up onto the table and got on my knees between Neil’s legs. I pushed the tip of my straining cock against his open hole, as Neil looked me in the eyes. “Make me cum,” he challenged me. I grinned at him and rammed my whole 7.5 inches hard into his ass. He groaned and pulled his legs back further. Mr Jones pulled my cheeks apart and pulled out my butt plug, stuffing 3 fingers hard up my ass. I gasped as he felt around inside me, brushing on my prostate.

Mr Jones jumped up on the table behind me and pushed the tip of his cock against my hole. “I am going to fill your ass full of my hot cum,” he whispered menacingly.

“Oh yeah, fuck him hard,” groaned Neil as I continued to plough in and out of his ass. Mr Jones grabbed my hips and plunged his whole 9 inches into my welcoming hole. I yelped and fell forward, pinning Neil under me. My cock was still hard up his ass as Mr Jones stretched my hole and fucked my ass. Each time he rammed into my, my cock jogged in Neil’s ass. Neil took one of my nipples into his mouth and bit it, making me cry out.

I was in heaven, me in Neil’s ass, Mr Jones in mine. I could feel my cum boiling in my balls and my cock stiffen in anticipation of unloading into Neil’s Bayan escort Ankara hole. I grabbed the edge of the table and thrust forward as I shot a stream of cum into Neil’s ass. I panted like a dog as Mr Jones continues his onslaught, not letting up one bit. He pulled me back up so I was on my hands and knees and continued pumping. Neil slide out from underneath me and grabbed my head.

“My turn,” he smirked at me. He grabbed his cock and pushed it through my lips into my hot mouth. I greedily sucked his cock down my throat as I wiggled my fingers in his slowly closing ass. Mr Jones watched Neil fuck my face as he dug his fingers into my hips.

“Take it all,” he yelled as he creamed my ass. He must have shot 5 times, slamming into my ass to push his cum into me. Neil stiffened and grabbed my head as his cum poured into my mouth, squirting straight down my throat. Neil pulled out of my mouth and staggered to a seat. I swallowed his cum and licked my lips.

Mr Jones pulled his cock slowly out of me, leaving a wet trail of cum down my thighs. “Neil, come and clean him up.” Neil came over and licked my thighs and then prised my cheeks apart and licked my hole, tasting Mr Jones’s hot spunk.

Mr Jones told us to both get on our hands and knees on the desk and face him, then stuck his cock in my mouth, then in Neil’s, making us suck him in turn until he was hard again. “Put your tongues out,” he said as he wanked his cock hard. We did, as Mr Jones pointed his cock at us. Mr Jones grunted as he shot a thick string of cum over out faces and tongues. We lapped him clean before collapsing onto the desk, finally done. Mr Jones looked at us naked on his desk, as he got dressed.

“Well boys, it’s been fun. But I can’t tutor you anymore.” Neil and I sat bolt upright and looked at Mr Jones shocked. He grinned at us as he headed towards the door. “Two reasons, one, my new girlfriend wouldn’t approve of the tutoring continuing.” He opened the door to reveal Miss Smith grinning at us. “We got so horny watching you two earlier in the music room that we fucked our brains out and kinda liked it.” Miss Smith winked at us and kissed Mr Jones on the cheek.

As he walked out the door Neil called out, “what’s the second reason?”

Mr Jones turned and looked at us, “Well I don’t want to stand in the way of young love.” With that, he walked out the door, shutting it behind him.

I stared at Neil. He looked at me and blushed slightly. “He is right you know, I loved being fucked by him, but I love you.”

I grinned at him and slapped his ass, “Think you could learn to love being fucked by me.” Neil turned, bent over and showed me his ass.

“Well, you gonna fuck me or do I have to do it myself?”

The End

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