Morning Cuck


The cuck opens his eyes to the sight of her lover, laying on his back and her back snuggled up against him. He lays there, wishing he could feel her this morning, but knows it is not his time with her. His penis is locked up and straining against the cage as he somewhat admires her lover’s body, knowing how he fucks her so well, wishing he could. His eyes eventually wonder down to the large bulge under the sheet, knowing what is causing that bulge he stares at it with jealousy.

Her lover’s eyes open to see the cuck laying there, just looking as if he has been waiting for his wakening. Without words, Thomas points to his nipple indicating for the cuck to suck his nipple to which he places his mouth on the nipple and gently sucks and bites as he has done this before. While he is sucking, he feels honored to do this for them both as this is why they allow him to sleep with them. He nibbles, and soon is sucking hard, and Thomas softly moans.

Thomas then reaches and pulls the sheet down revealing his large erect cock, as the cuck looks down, still nibbling on his nipple. Thomas then looks at the cuck and gives him the nod, not to say ‘you have permission,’ instead “you know what to do.” The cuck eagerly şişli escort leaves Thomas’ nipple and moves his head down to his cock, holding it with his hand, and taking the head into his mouth and commences the morning ritual. Slowly worshiping Thomas’ cock, Thomas lays his head down on the pillow and enjoys with his eyes closed, enjoying the warm mouth wrapped around his cock. The cuck is going slow, so as not to wake Jenny, and to honor the man who gives her so much sexual pleasure.

Thomas feels Jenny move her behind against his side and he begins to slowly caress her hips, slowly making his way to her pussy. She responds by turning to her back and parts her legs to allow access. Thomas moves his fingers to her pussy and feels her instant wetness while his cock is being worshiped by their cuck.

Jenny turns to kiss Thomas, and he turns to kiss her back. Their kiss begins softly, then turns into more passion, she reaches to feel his balls and the mouth of the cuck sliding up and down. As she continues to be lip locked with Thomas, she pushes cuck’s head away and positions herself over Thomas’ waist, still kissing him. She waits a moment, knowing cuck will guide his cock taksim escort into her pussy, then begins to sit down and take all of Thomas’ cock into her now fully awoken pussy.

She begins to ride his cock, slowly, kissing him intently, grinding on his waist, the moaning of the two grows. Cuck sits backs and watches and waits. Soon, he sees her speed up, moaning louder, Thomas begins bucking his hips into hers, and they both hug each other tightly, she lays on his chest, he thrusts one last, hard time, she slows her rhythm, their lips stay locked.

Still no words have been spoken, as she lifts her hips to let his now limp cock fall out followed by a stream of cum. She sits on his stomach, and the cuck, again, without being told, immediately begins to lick his cock clean, and licks the cum as it streams down to his smooth balls, then back to his head to instinctively take it back in his mouth to harden it again. Soon it is hard again, and cuck indicates this by fingering Jenny’s pussy as she raises up again to accept his cock. This time, the cuck knows their sex will last longer and he quietly leaves to attend to the coffee while they fuck.

While the moans and sounds topkapı escort of slapping skin grow in the bed room, the cuck begins to straighten up the house from the gathering from the evening before. He gathers their clothes which were spread about. As he picks up her black, lace panties she was wearing, he brings them to his face and smells them, and gets a big whiff of her pussy from the night before, knowing how wet she was while she wore them.

He continues and finds her lover’s clothes, boxer briefs, jeans, and shirt strewn about and with humiliation, he picks these up as well, and properly folds them along with his clothes, to dress him after he is finished fucking his key holder.

The cuck takes a deep breath of loving humiliation as he continues to straighten the couch pillows, reliving how his Love was here on this couch while he held her legs up from behind the couch watching from above as she was taken by three men while the women watched and enjoyed and waited for their turns.

He continues to think about how he served them drinks, while they enjoyed themselves, knowing he was only there to serve others, and to assist in anyway that was needed. He did blush when he thought of Lauren, who he had a not-so-secret crush on, when she would ask him for a drink and he would bring it and her tip to her was to allow him to lick her wet, creamy pussy, or lick her breast while she was flirting and fondling a Real Man. She loved it too.

Why does this seem so ‘right?’

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