More Than A Bed Bath


As every morning I get up at 5:00 a.m., take my shower, eat breakfast, and then get dressed. This particular morning I opted for the white nursing uniform, with a white laced bra, and a matching thong, with garter belt, and white stockings to go with the lovely newly shined nursing shoes. As always I am out of the house at 6 to make it to work by 7. Because I am a float I never know what floor I am going to work on at the local hospital. So as usual I drove around the parking lot a couple of times to finally find a parking space, and got myself prepared for the day. I reached the head of nursing department, and my assignment was awaiting my arrival. Cool the orthopedic floor, I love all the other LNAs and RNs that work there; so I headed to the café to grab my morning dose of caffeine and headed to the floor not wanting to miss report.

I had worked this floor a few days before so I was eager to see what patients had gone home, and who was still there. I got my list, listened to report, and then found the night LNA whose list I was taking over, asking her if there is anything else I should know. As I was walking the hallway I noticed the man they brought in as I was going home, he had just come back from surgery, but just the same I thought he was attractive. I was so delighted inside that he was actually one of my patients for the day. I decided to take a look at the charts before beginning the care of each patient, when I got to his I was amazed that his parents were the emergency contact and not his wife, but I shrugged it off and continued reading.

After a busy morning I had gotten all my patients fed, bathed, and ready for the day, that is all but this one very attractive man that I was saving for last… I took my break, and upon returning to the floor the head nurse came over to me stating that the patient in room 516 would like to be bathed, I told the nurse thank you, as I tried to hold my emotions inside, that patient in room 516 was him. I collected myself and gathered all the things I needed, since he was in traction, and couldn’t get out of bed, I decided to also wash his hair. I knocked on the tesettürlü escort door, asked if I could enter, and sat my collection of towels, washcloths, etc on the chair near the bed, I turned to him and said, Hi, I am Nicola and I will be your Aide for the day, he developed a grin from one ear to the other, and said I know.

I closed the door for his privacy, washed my hands, put on gloves, and began this exciting but nerve-racking procedure. I raised his bed to my level, and then began with his hair wetting, shampooing, and rinsing, and washing his face, then as I moved closer to him to untie his Johnny he kissed me that hot passionate kiss, I pulled myself away melting inside but just continued taking the Johnny off his arms, what a beautiful chest he had, hairy but not too much hair, I washed the farthest side first but as I reached over him to wash his shoulder my breasts brushed against him, I could feel the warmth of his body and new that my nipples were becoming more harder than they already were, but I ignored that fact and just continued focusing on my patient. I was now down to his stomach folding the bath blanket up over his chest, revealing his tight abs, and beautiful cock. I washed his stomach, and then moved to his cock I began washing it as anyone would but then found myself stroking it with the washcloth, I teased him, and because he couldn’t move he was mine, and was enjoying every moment of it.

I quickly decided to finish up the rest of his body, and then and only then did I go back to his manhood, but this time I removed my gloves, and let the softness of my hands stroke his manhood. I moved my hands allowing room for my mouth to explore your hardening slong, umm you tasted so good, and I loved how your cock fit in my mouth, I ran my tongue over the head, up and down the shaft and then began bobbing up and down on it. I could hear your moans, and that only encouraged me to continue, my hands fondled your balls, as my mouth worked on your cock, I could feel your bulging veins as I moved up and down your shaft, your hand türbanlı escort grabbing at my uniform as you braced yourself for the eruption of your hot cum in my eager mouth. I continued kneading at your balls while you shot your wads of cum down my throat, and once you were finished in a crackly voice you ordered me to come to the head of the bed, and like a good little aide, I obeyed.

Once I got there you quickly reached out and grabbed my breasts, not hard but in a very hot way, I responded to that with a moan, and I was very sure that there would be many more escaping from my mouth. You told me to remove my uniform, and once again I did as you told. I stood before you in my white laced bra, thong, garter belt and stockings. Your eyes got wide, stating how beautiful I was and to come give you a kiss, that I did. As we kiss your hands grabbed my ass, I have never been as hot for a man as I was for you at this very moment, and I wanted you bad. Your hand moved from my ass to my back, releasing the clasp of my bra, my tits fell free revealing my hard nipples to your warm breath as your mouth neared, you tasted one nipple and then the other, squeezing the free one while your mouth sucked, licked and teased the other. I threw my head back, pushing my chest towards you, wanting you to take more of my big tits into your mouth.

But then suddenly you removed your mouth from my tits, pushing me back a little, and telling me to remove my thong and climb up onto the bed, once again I obeyed my patient who at this moment was my master. I turned so that you could watch as the string of my thong exited the slit of my ass, and bent slightly as I slide the thong down my legs. I heard you say Oh my god, and from right there I knew it was going to be all good. I lowered the bed so that I could easily climb on without hurting your leg too much. You told me to sit on your face, so as I straddled your head I lowered my pussy onto your mouth, I could feel the warm breath from your mouth as you began to lick the slit of my love hole, my pussy was already wet tüyap escort from the attention you had given my tits, and then you plunged your tongue inside me, tongue fucking my pussy as I squealed with delight, moving your tongue to my swollen clit, flicking and licking and as you did that I played with my nipples. You continued eating me and it wasn’t long before I gave you a wave of my own love juices but that didn’t stop you from cleaning up my mess, drinking and licking.

I tipped forward teasing your cock with nipples, moving your cock in between my big breasts; squeezing them together I began moving my tits up and down your cock, which was once again becoming hard. I knew that you were enjoying this and I didn’t want to disturb you but I wanted that big hard cock of yours inside my dripping wet pussy, so I slid your cock from between my breasts, and moved carefully once again; this time my love hole was lined up with your erect cock, I teased the tip of your manhood with the slit of my opening, before allowing your hardness to enter, inch by inch your cock slowly slid inside me until I had swallowed your entirety. I began by slowly rocking my hips, moving your cock in and out of me, I moved a little faster but didn’t want to hurt you, you must have read my mind because you told me to go faster baby it’s okay, and as I had done previously I did as you said. I began sliding my pussy up and down your shaft, my tits bounced; you slapped my ass giving me encouragement to ride you. I felt your cock sliding in and out easier as my wetness covered more of you. I continued riding you as the sound of wetness escaped, our moans of pleasure becoming louder as our bodies became one.

This session last for an hour, sweat pouring from our bodies, I was becoming exhausted from having continuous orgasms but yet didn’t want to stop until I had pleased my master. After a few more pumps, I once again felt your cock explode but this time not in my mouth, your hot cum filled my pussy, as my pussy muscles squeezed milking you of your hot wad wanting it all. Our paces began to slow, and our bodies began to separate, I turned myself around to face you, to kiss you and to stare into your eyes, not only had I just had the best sex that I have ever had in my life, but I found a man that I wanted to learn more about. Everyday while you were in the hospital I would come to see you for that special bed bath, and once you went home I became your private duty nurse, and we are now dating…

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