More Spanking Joy with Thomas


I am quite into the spanking scene now ever since Thomas initiated me. I thought at first it was gruesome, but because I love Thomas I was willing to concede to his kinky desires.

As a male I came out about a month before I met Thomas so being intimate with another guy was also a peak in my life. But I soon realised when we made love for the very first time my true sexual leaning, after many disasters with girls, having let them down badly at the crucial time when I failed to maintain an erection. The thought of having sex with a girl when I knew I would rather be having something put inside me was so confusing.

But Thomas has gladly put all that to rights and we do enjoyed a very healthy and simulating sex life together now that have moved in with him and am regularly awoken with the sizzling sensation of his warm mouth suckling me.

It is so very lovely and divine and a special treat to open my eyes and look down to see his head gently bobbing up and down as I feel the pull of his suction draw me in and then release.

When he pauses to see if I am awake he smiles knowing he has given me so much pleasure after I have a strong orgasm, no fears about not reaching a full erection now because I know Thomas is quite happy just to suck me off and enjoy all the other related pleasures a cock can give, I do love the things he does with mine and it is accepted that he is the giver and I am the taker.

Being Ankara escort the taker has been nice for me in many ways and now, going tom sleep without the feel of Thomas inside would be catastrophic, and then to have the added pleasure of him taking his regular oral pleasure in t morning is sublime.

But when he is in spanking mode I must be ready to serve him. Primarily that was difficult because it stung like wildfire and I was concerned that my butt would not adapt to the constant beating of hand, paddle, horse whip and cane and sometimes other implements like the sole of his leather sandals. It was all part of what Thomas aspired to on a particular day and accordingly I had to adapt, even though most times it stung at first as always it did, and I th0ought I would have to gingerly ask him to stop. But I could never ask him to do that when he was enjoying it so much. He simply loved to have me in tight jeans across his knee and sometimes the arm of the settee or the bed where he could indulge all his secret desire without hesitation.

Yes it did hurt like hell and I yelped often, He’d pause awhile and rub me up with some coconut oil or whatever to soften my bum and ease the pain into certain numbness so I could enjoy the result of the spankings withering a numbness creep over my hind. And sometimes, when he wished to spank and oral me before a sublime fuck, he would garnish me with Advocaat, sometimes Ankara escort bayan brandy or cherry liqueur because he thought that brought out the flavour of me, especially when he had me dipping my cock into a glass of it when afterwards, he would frenzy me up with a deep throat suck. And that was just the start f it. What followed was a full exploration of my crack and blooms as he called my ass cheeks, his mouth and tongue doing overtime with the pleasure he derived from my fresh spanked, paddled, caned or whipped ass, which I felt was hot and plum red with a few ridges given off the lashes he served on me.

He garnished me with more Advocaat and it was lovely to feel it dripping down between my crack and over my fresh licked asshole which by then wanted his so strong and firm penetrating fuck inside. He really loved to go to town on me and spent time doing what he wanted to do, asking me to tie him off so he could save the best for later when he gave me that deep fuck.

One of the most pleasurable times I enjoy with Thomas when, as he is doing all those lovely things down below, I am able to take time devouring the taste and flavour of his cock crowing in my mouth, looking so pretty with the little red ribbon tied around at the girth, making it turn blood red as I take turns to lick and suck his p-hole and then his sturdy length right down to his balls and back again.

That is veer special Escort Ankara because after the foreplay, when he has me suitably positioned for the ultimate fuck I am able to taste the taste of cock in my taste buds. My ass is still stinging but his fuck takes me in no uncertain terms and I know by then I am completely his and willing to let him do anything he wants with me.

After the session he leads me into the bathroom and gives me a flourishing lathering with his coal tar soap but not before donning me in my very tight, exceptionally tight red jeans, when I feel like I am being split in half at the crotch. He likes to see me soaked in them under the shower when he does all sorts of crazy things which I have learned to discover is Thomas.

It is beautiful to behold, Why not let him air his desires. I love and adore it. If he finds pleasure in peeing into my soaked jeans and having me do the same with him that is fine. It is not a thing which turns me on, I think they call it indulging in the sexual gratitude of golden rain. And yet, strangely with Thomas it was fine, It is really something to be reckoned with; the magnetism of sex and just to see his expressions and the endearing throat noises coming from him was so wondrous and special.

After the golden rain session he undid me again and enjoyed another very long helping of my cock, limp when he started but hard by the time he wanted to fuck me once again, this time over the bathroom sink, it was lovely and I came the same time as he did.

Afterwards he insisted in dressing me and before he had to leave for work, gave me a good sound slapping as his lips moulded to mine.


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