Mistaken Sex with Coworker


Angela’s husband Ben had been out of town for two weeks, and was finally coming back home Friday night from a business trip. Their marriage was okay, but it had become less exciting over the years, and Ben’s week-long trips made it challenging. After each trip, Ben was too tired to have sex, while Angela was always too horny – missing her husband at night, and missing getting a good orgasm at least every couple of days. And so each time it was a challenge for Angela to try and convince Ben to have sex with her when he got back home after a long trip.

But this time, Angela decided things would be different. She had been chatting with her friend Amy, who had a similar problem. Amy’s husband George was a coworker of Ben, and both men often went on the same long trips. Amy had the same problem: George was too tired to have sex when he got back home from a long trip.

But Amy discovered that if she put a few drops of a new “horny pill” into George’s drink (she read about this in some obscure health magazine) then George’s tiredness after the trip disappeared, and they would have amazing sex that lasted all night – Amy joked that even if she wanted to, after that drink it would be absolutely impossible to stop George from having sex with her. The secret drink was not really that complicated: some coffee and a few natural ingredients that were thought to be aphrodisiacs. Amy swore on it, and said it was safe but very effective; and the effects started to show after an hour.

Yesterday Amy had told Angela this secret, and Angela was so excited to try it out tonight when Ben finally returned. She had already prepared the horny-drink, set aside by the door for when she would greet him. Angela also prepared one drink for herself, but without the secret potion in it. Ben’s horny-drink was a slight pink color, from the ingredients, while her drink was neutral. So it was easy for her to recognize which drink to give to Ben.

Later that night, after waiting for an eternity, Ben’s car finally arrived. Angela was excited and wet with anticipation. She had beautiful firm breasts, and small dark nipples that stood out beautifully against her skin. Her long slender legs were soft and smooth. Ben opened the door to be greeted by Angela’s sweet smile, and a kiss on his lips as he came through the door.

But suddenly Angela’s heart sank: Ben was not alone. George was with him. “Hi honey,” Ben greeted her, “George and I have to go through some reports tonight, so we will be working late.” Angela did not know how to react. Ben and George went into the living room to sit on the couch, and spread out their files and documents to go over. They didn’t even see the drinks she had set aside by the door.

Angela was shattered with disappointment. After fantasizing all day, she needed to get fucked so badly. Thinking for a minute, she started to smile and her mood was brightening up. She had a plan! She went to the bedroom, and got one of her sleeping pills. She then picked up the two drinks form the entry, and dissolved the sleeping pill in the normal drink. She got a few snacks, and went into the living room to Ben and George. “Hi guys, I got you some refreshments and snacks!” she said, putting down the bowl of snacks and placing the horny-drink in front of Ben. George got the sleeping pill drink. Angela smiled and walked back into the kitchen. Now she just had to wait until they finished their drinks, and let the magic begin!

Angela was proud of her idea. She was impatiently waiting in the kitchen and out of sight, sliding her fingers inside her pants and gently touching the wetness tuzla escort of her pussy. She was excited to soon have George fast asleep and her husband Ben fucking her. From the kitchen, she could not hear the two men in the living room. Discussing the papers, Ben had a few snacks and reached for his drink. But he picked up George’s drink instead. “George, I don’t feel like drinking a girly pink drink, let’s switch!” Ben said. George didn’t care, and so they had their drinks, followed by the snacks, and then went on with their work.

A few minutes passed, and George went to the kitchen to drop off the empty glasses and get more snacks. Angela’s heart jumped as she almost got caught with fingers inside her pants. She had been rubbing her pussy and nearly did not hear George come in. Her left hand was still wet from her juices. After George left, Angela decided it was better to wait upstairs in the bedroom. “Guys, I’ll be going upstairs to read, just yell if you need anything.” She knew the sleeping pill only took 30 minutes to do its job, and she figured that soon George would sleeping all night, while Ben would be getting horny shortly after. She went into the bedroom, put on her sexiest lingerie, turned off the lights, and got her favorite vibrating bullet and other sex toys out. Waiting just a few minutes more would be so difficult.

Downstairs, the sleeping pill had its effect – but from to the switched drinks, it was working on Angela’s husband Ben instead. He was getting sleepy, and told George to keep working while he took a quick nap on the couch. Another 30 minutes passed, and George went to the kitchen for some water. Angela heard the sounds from downstairs, and figured that her trick must have worked. “Is he sleeping already?” she yelled from the bedroom. She heard a voice replying, but from that muffled distance didn’t realize it was George’s voice. She was getting excited, thinking soon Ben would fuck her for hours.

She turned on the music, lowered the lights, and knew that by now the horny-potion must be at work. Indeed it was! George was feeling a bit turned on, he always enjoyed watching Angela’s sexy body when he came over. He smiled thinking that when he went to the kitchen earlier that evening he almost saw Angela playing with herself – he didn’t see much, but he could put the pieces together. He figured that maybe he had to go to the bathroom to jerk off. As he was walking up the stairs to find the bathroom, he heard Angela’s voice. “Come up here, will you please?” he heard Angela say from the bedroom upstairs.

He was a bit surprised, wondering what she wanted. Maybe she needed something from the kitchen. The corridor was dark, but her bedroom door was open. There was a hint of light, and some soft music. Angela sure had a relaxing time, George thought. He was happy to see what she wanted, maybe he’d get lucky and catch a glimpse of Angela in her nightgown?

As he approached, Angela’s voice softened. “Don’t be mad, and please don’t say a word. I put a sleeping pill in his drink so that we can fuck each other all night.” George was about to enter the room, and froze as he heard Angela’s words. Angela turned off the lights. And before George could say a word she continued, “Promise me not to say a word. Not now. Just get your hard dick in here and fuck me.”

George was shocked that Angela was so direct. But of course he didn’t mind. As he entered the room, it was dark, and he could barely see the shape of Angela lying on the bed. Was she already naked? Could this be his dream come true? ucuz escort He tried hard to adjust to the darkness, and he began to see her breasts and her hard nipples.

Angela was lying on the bed with her legs spread apart, and she could feel the warm summer breeze on her wet pussy. She enjoyed the feeling of being exposed in a dark room. As George approached, he thought he could find that magic scent of a woman’s wetness in the air. He quietly took off his clothes, and climbed onto the bed to Angela. Angela laid back and closed her eyes, while she enjoyed the touch on her body. Then she felt her legs being gently kissed.

She didn’t know it was George, and she was so excited and turned on that the potion worked and thought that tonight Ben was extra gentle and sexy. Ben usually was bad at foreplay, five minutes would be long, and Ben always was diving his dick impatiently inside her. Today was different, today was magical. Angela was being teased and turned on with each touch and each kiss. George enjoyed every second.

Angela’s hands stared to explore as well. George enjoyed the gentle touch of Angela’s hands, and his dick hardened as her fingers made their way down to wrap about his hard dick. “Let me suck this,” Angela said, and without a word George moved up, and placed his hard cock at Angela’s mouth. With his hands ever so lightly touching the side of her breasts, he started to feel Angela’s tongue licking along his dick. Angela felt that today Ben’s dick was much bigger than usual.

She slowly slid this nice dick deep inside her mouth. Angela was amazed by how it felt, and her tongue explored and felt around the sensitive tip. She became so wet and horny from what she thought was Ben’s new and larger dick, and she was too turned on to put into question why Ben’s dick was so different today. She enjoyed every second, but now needed to feel it inside her.

With a popping sound she let go with her mouth, placed her hands on George’s dick, feeling the tightening balls and touching George’s chest. She wanted to get fucked so badly. George and Angela had been touching and kissing each other for an hour now, and this was by far the most amazing foreplay Angela ever had. She enjoyed her new Ben, or so she thought. George of course was in heaven, and enjoyed every moment of playing with his coworker’s sexy wife.

But now Angela wanted to get fucked. She laid back on the bed, spread her legs apart, while George was running his fingers around her wet pussy. “Fuck me now, please, enter my wet pussy,” Angela begged. George smiled. It was dark, and while he couldn’t really see her face, her words were music to his ears.

His hands took hold of her hips, and with a slow motion, George positioned himself so the tip of his dick was resting against Angela’s wet pussy. “I want to feel you amazing dick inside me,” Angela said, “please, just fuck me already, I can’t wait another second.” George’s hands pulled Angela towards him. As she spoke, the tip of his dick pushed and entered her pussy.

“This feels so amazing, I can’t believe it’s finally happening!” George moaned. This was the first time George actually said anything, and suddenly Angela was confused. That didn’t sound much like her Ben. It made no sense. Maybe Ben was playing a trick on her? Angela looked carefully, and with the dim light in the room, she slowly realized it was not Ben! It was George, and he was about to slide his dick deep inside her. She panicked.

She was confused, and George was pulling her towards him. And with each ümraniye escort moment he was gliding deeper inside her. It felt so good, and Angela let out a sound of pleasure. Inside her head she struggled with the realization that her husband’s coworker had kissed and touched her for the last hour. And now he was about to fuck her, and she enjoyed it! She didn’t know what to do. Her heart was racing. She knew it was not right, but the last hour was the most amazing foreplay she ever had in her life, and she had always joked with Amy that George was much hotter than Ben. Now was her chance to find out.

She struggled a little, but then remembered Amy’s words that George was unstoppable once he had the horny-potion. And with that, Angela decided to just enjoy the night, and not worry. “Enter my wet pussy, fuck me, please!” she said, surprised to hear her own words. These words were all that George needed to hear, and in a single move he slid his dick deep inside of Angela. Angela let out a scream, this was a lot deeper than she was used to. George caressed her breasts, playing with her hard sensitive nipples with one hand, and touching her neck with the other – while he began to slide in and out of Angela’s wet pussy in slow, long motions.

It did not take much for Angela to reach her first orgasm. She started to scream with pleasure, and George had found the bullet she placed on the bed. She felt the humming vibrations against her sensitive clit, the fingers touching her breasts, and the dick sliding deeper and deeper inside her, Angela almost passed out. Her body shivered with pleasure as the waves of her orgasm rippled from her toes through her body. She came so hard, so long, and George did not stop, but continued to fuck her wet pussy.

Angela was so sensitive, and each second felt so amazing. She moaned and screamed, as she continued to get fucked throughout this long lasting orgasm. Finally, she could not take it any longer, and exhaustedly wrapped her hands around George. She pulled him towards her, passionately kissing him while pressing her body around him. He entered her deeper than ever, and this sent George over the edge. His dick exploded, and Angela could feel each time the spurts of cum being released inside her.

Holding each other tight, kissing and touching their bodies, they collapsed on top of each other. Angela could feel George’s cum inside her. Angela was so happy, this was the best sex she ever had, and she knew from Amy that this was only the beginning of a long night of hot sex. “When will you fuck me again, George?” Angela asked with a big smile. She felt his tongue on her nipples, and her pussy felt the dick inside her hardening. “And this time, I want to see your face,” Angela said, turning up the light just a little so they could see each other more clearly.

Angela didn’t care that her plan had gone wrong, in fact it was even better than expected, and she knew that from her horny-potion, George would be helpless and he was hers for the rest of the night. She smiled at that thought, and a warm feeling flowed through her. Angela felt the sliding motion of the dick inside her pussy again. “Amy’s horny potion really does wonders,” she whispered to herself, but loud enough for George to hear.

George looked confused for a second, but started to smile as he was putting the pieces of the evening together in his head. “Haha, horny potion? It’s just a game Amy and I play, it doesn’t do anything but it gives us an excuse to pretend and fuck each other without inhibitions.”

Now Angela was puzzled. Why did Amy tell her all this, then? Was this some mischievous plan from Amy? But these confusing thoughts soon vanished, as Angela felt the tingling of the sliding motions inside her again, and the vibrating bullet touching her clit, and the soft caresses of her breasts. Angela smiled, knowing that the night would be long, and better than any dreams she could ever imagine.

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