Miss Dixie Confronts A Spy


The stone landed in the steam behind Thad with a “plunk”, the ripples spreading out in ever-widening circles in the cold water. He started at the sound and turned quickly to see what had caused the noise; the area he was bathing was isolated, and people did not usually come here this far from town.

Miss Dixie sat on a large rock in the midst of the little clearing on the secluded bank, one leg crossed over the other, with a mischievous grin on her face. She playfully tossed another stone into the water, this time a few feet in front of Thad. Ker-plink. A splash of water hit Thad’s eye, making him blink.

“Miss Dixie!” he said in surprise. “What are you doing here?”

Dixie’s grin became wider, the smile lighting up her attractive features. She leaned forward and tossed another stone. This one landed off to the side of young Thad.

Dixie Morgan was an attractive woman in her late thirties. With hair that some called strawberry blonde, but in this light was closer to auburn, she had the firm build of a healthy farm girl in her twenties. Her ample bust strained at the bodice of her low-cut dress and the silk chemise she wore in preference to the corset stays and confining undergarments that prim and proper women wore. Her hips were broad and smooth at the culmination of strong, well-muscled thighs. At 38 she was nearly twice Thaddeus James Petrie’s tender age.

“Well young man,” she began in her best southern belle accent, “I wanted to have a little talk with you. Seems you and some of your pals from the livery have been spying on my girls on Saturday night when they are using the bath tub.”

Thad stood still, very scared Miss Dixie would tell his Pa.

Miss Dixie was the proprietor of Miss Dixie’s Dance Hall and Social Academy, a house of ill-fame located in a three story clapboard wooden building on top of the Silver Nugget saloon in Rossman’s Lode Arizona, a small mining town in the arid desert of the southwest. Miss Dixie’s was next-door Ankara bayan escort to Petrie’s Livery and Equipage on the wide lone street that was Rossman’s Lode. Petrie’s was owned by Thad’s father James, known to his friends as Big Jim.

“Seems Yvonne saw you little varmints in the loft over the stable, peering in the window across the alley while the girls were having their bath night.”

“N’n’no ma’am!” exclaimed Thad. But he knew he and his three buddies were caught. “We was pitching down feed for the horses and didn’t mean to spy on nobody Miss Dixie.” The excuse didn’t ring true even to Thad.

“Well my boy, I never known it to be necessary to use cavalry field glasses to pitch hay,” Miss Dixie returned calmly. She rose from her perch and walked the few steps to the waters edge. Squatting so that the skirt and petticoats rose to her knees, Miss Dixie smiled at Thad again. “Does it make your little boy penis get hard watching the girls get naked Thad?”

Not sure what to say, Thad just looked at Dixie.

“Consider this a friendly little warning, just twixt me and you Thad. Since you’re the oldest and the leader you can pass it along to the other boys. Don’t let me hear of this behavior again, or I’ll tell your Papa and unless I miss my guess he’ll tan all your hides!”

A very relieved Thad stood naked in the water, up to his chest. He had backed up a couple of steps when Miss Dixie approached the edge of the pool where he bathed. His Daddy surely would thresh him good with a harness strap if he found out. Big Jim had been U.S. Cavalry in the war between the states. He was strict with Thad and his younger sister Janine, who was ten years old.

“Yes ma’am,” Thad promised. “I’ll see it don’t happen again. He would have to make sure that Jeb, Sonny, and Floyd didn’t sneak up to the loft without him and keep doing this. But he was relieved that Dixie was letting them off the hook without telling his pa.

And now that he was safe Escort bayan Ankara from the harness strap and a good hiding, he was able to appreciate Miss Dixie’s fine figure and contemplate the mysterious charms concealed under her ruffled skirts. Thad was aware from seeing his peers exposed when they all pissed against the back wall of the stable in the back alley that he had been handsomely blessed in his male equipment.

In the water safely out of sight of Miss Dixie, Thad’s young penis was throbbing and as hard as an oak hitchin’ post. He smiled shyly at Miss Dixie. All the boys were a little in love with her, even as they were a little afraid of her.

“Well I’m glad we understand each other Thaddeus,” Dixie said as she stood, shaking out her skirts, which came only to her calves, uncharacteristic of the ankle length dresses worn by most women.

“Well you’re a might young, but in a couple of years when you’re old enough, come see me and I’ll see you learn about what goes between men and women right and proper. But in the mean time you recollect what I said.”

If it was possible, Thad’s cock got even harder. The round knob-like head was touching his belly under the cool water. He was eager to stroke himself to relief, but not ’til Dixie left.

As she turned to leave the clearing, she picked up Thad’s pants and underwear. “And just so you don’t forget, I’m going to take these with me. I’ll leave ’em just inside the back door of the stable, off the alley.”

“Please ma’am!” Thad protested. “Don’t do that. How will I get back into town with no pants?” Thad adolescent penis wilted and shrank like a desert flower after a dry spell. It was almost three miles back to Rossman’s Lode, and any number of folks might happen by as he hiked back to the livery to retrieve his clothes, naked from the waist down save for his boots.

“Well Thad, my advice would be to wait ’til dark, and then be very quick about it,” Dixie said, giving him a sly grin. Bayan escort Ankara “Bye now!” With that she trod up the path to the trail to town, leaving Thad crestfallen and dumbstruck, and very naked, in the stream.

What Thad didn’t know, because all the boys pined for Miss Dixie but would never have dreamed of talking to her, except perhaps to shyly say “Howdy ma’am” in passing on the boardwalk, is that Dixie’s preference was for young men, and there was no greater thrill for her than to initiate a virgin young cowpoke into the carnal pleasures of the flesh. Dixie was greatly looking forward to the day when she could fulfill her spoken promise to young Thad.

In fact, although Thad never even dreamed of the possibility, when Dixie had squatted down by the stream at the end of their talk, her pussy was so hot and wet that the linen underpants she wore, when she wore anything under her petticoats, were soaked clean through the crotch. Her clitoris was engorged and distended from between the outer lips of her womanly flower, such that when she stood to walk away, it rubbed against the soaked linen crotch of her pantaloons. It took all Dixie’s willpower not to shove her hand between her thighs.

Young Thad, still a virgin, didn’t even know what wet pussy smelled like, but Dixie’s nostrils flared at her own pungent scent. When she reached the top of the path and climbed into her buckboard, she held the reins in one hand so she could reach between her legs with the other. Raising her bottom off the wagon seat, Dixie pulled down her pantaloons to her ankles, and the lifted each foot in turn out of them. Placing the soiled undergarment inside her handbag, she slipped her hand through her fiery red bush and slid two fingers inside her wet overheated cunt to the second knuckle, climaxing immediately. She almost drove the buggie off the trail.

Dixie drove straight back to town, strode into the Silver Nugget, and took the first young cowhand at the bar that she came to by the arm. “Come on Slim,” she said. “This is your lucky day!” She took the astonished young man upstairs and fucked his socks off, and didn’t even charge him the customary eight bits.

Next: Dixie and the Marshall reach an understanding.

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