Milk and Cum



“What?” I said, my heart suddenly stopped.

“Do you want the cream-pie?” she repeated, her eyes scanning the dessert menu.

“Oh, uhh…yeah sure. Chocolate?”

“Or banana. Let’s share, I think two is too many.”

“Yeah, we can share one.” I turned to the waitress, ordered the chocolate pie with two black coffee’s. For a moment, I thought ‘oh man, I left a document open on my laptop. How will I ever explain that I have been reading stories, and writing stories about cream-pies.

I’ve never actually done it, like most guys I think about it, fantasize about it. I’ve im’d on Literotica with a few guys who have done it, but not me, not yet, anyway. Someday maybe when we are in a place where I will not feel judged or that if she says, “no thanks, that’s disgusting, why would you want to do that?” I won’t cringe and want to hide in a hole.

It is the ultimate dirty thing to do. but she has to be very open. Jessie is open, but I have been so straight with her, so conservative, I don’t want to loose what we have.

A year later, about mecidiyeköy escort 7 mos. after the birth of our daughter, she was nursing and we were back to having sex again at least twice a week. She became more sexual by this time, and though she didn’t initiate sex with me but she was more receptive.

I had to be careful with her breasts, which were larger than ever from the milk

I was above her nibbling on her breasts while stroking her silky pussy hair. she began to draw her legs up to spread her lips apart for me but instead she stroked my erection. I moaned with pleasure.

“Hmmm you like that,” she said as she traced my cock-head with a fingernail. I leaned back and made my cock stand proud. we were now stroking each other. Her vagina lips were open, her clitoris was erect. I stroked it while she rubbed her thumb around the tip of my penis. Pre-cum began to drip. it felt so amazing, my heavy balls were swaying as I kneeled there.

“Do you like that, do you want me to stroke you?”

“God merter escort yes.”

“We need some lube. Mmmm…i have an idea.” She pushed me down and straddled me.

She swayed her breasts above me and dragged them down my body. Soon she stroked my erection with her nipples. A few drops of milk appeared and mixed with my pre-cum.

She smiled and took the mixture on her fingertip and said, “If you want me to continue you have to taste this.”

I smiled and stuck out my tongue. The milk and pre cum was delicious. my cock was throbbing.

Now she took her breasts and began to milk them, pinching and pulling the nipples. Soon breast milk began to squirt on my throbbing cock. White milky squirts of warm milk.

She started to use the milk as lube and stroked my cock hard. Every few seconds she squirted more milk.

“And by the way, I know you know what a cream-pie is, and that’s next on the agenda, mister,” She whispered in my ear.

I couldn’t take it I felt my cum start to boil. I groaned as I squirted mutlukent escort hot cum into her hand.

She took the hot cum and milk mixture and spread it all over her breasts and nipples while i gasped for air. Then she leaned over me and presented her milky cummy nipples to my face and said. “if you liked that as much as i did, lick off my breasts and feed on my milk. Do it baby, oh please do it, suck me…suck me now.”

I had just cum, but her words were so dirty I wanted to do it, I wanted to suck her milky cummy nipples and drink her milk while fucking her with all I had. My cock was still semi hard. Her breasts swayed a few inches from my face. I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue as she lowered a stiff throbbing nipple to my mouth. As I licked and sucked her, she came in a hot liquid flush all over my cock and balls as my mouth filled with milk and cum. I fucked up into her until I no longer could.

She humped my now softening cock, but not before I slipped it to rub all over her hard clit. I bit her nipples gently. She leaned back, grinding on me and pulling on her nipples. She brought one cum-slicked nipple to her own mouth and licked it with her tongue.

“Yum, she said while her pounding heart calmed a little. She lay back down on me and whispered in my ear, “Can’t wait to face fuck you with a pussy full of cum. How about tomorrow?”

“It’s a date” I said as I went back to tasting her milk and cum.


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