Mature, and So Much More!


Had a nice experience last night. After checking into the hotel, I stripped – donned my bathing trunks – hit the hot tub. It was occupied by a woman – around 50 y/o – chunky – blonde – nice round tummy and nice sag to her tits.

We struck up a conversation and it seemed to go well. Small talk, mostly, but we were responding to each other.

Her teen daughters were in the big pool, playing as teens do. Mom & I were having a great time. I took a chance and said “If you get tired of kiddie time, I’m in Room 112!”

She smiled, with a bit of the devil in her eyes. “I’ll see how the night goes, but it sounds good to me!”

I didn’t think any more of it, as she and her daughters left the pool area. I retired to my suite, stripped, and fired up my computer for some video (and maybe some chat) action.

Awhile later, when I assumed it was a “no-go,” there was a knock on my door. I peeked through the door hole and there she was. Wrapped in a baby blue robe, she looked pretty cute.

I opened the door and welcomed her in. (the robe surprised me, but in a nice way) I told her it was great to see her again.

She responded with a “Hey, we’re both oldsters, and we know why I’m Ankara escort here. How about a shower!?” I responded with a tug at the sash of her robe. The sash fell to the floor – the robe popped open – and I got to see what had been hidden by her bathing suit.

I sighed – led her to the bath suite – and we got soapy. Select parts of our bodies got VERY clean! After rubbing against each other, we rinsed and toweled off. Exiting the bathroom, I paused with her in front of a full-length dressing mirror. She didn’t want to look (self-conscious about her mature body). I simply pressed my front against her back and whispered “Enjoy your beauty and sexuality! I am!”

She blushed, and I guided her hands to her chest. “Explore – make love to yourself!” She must have been touched by my comments, as she molested herself with passion. Her hands darted from one erogenous zone to another, as I encouraged – coached – cheered (softly, of course).

I soon joined her, and she then had 4 hands caressing her every inch of a lovely, chunky, mature form. She got very hot, and my cock was growing from HER passions.

I guided her to the bed, and we began to devour each other. It was not a****listic; Ankara escort bayan rather, it was impassioned, deliberate, knowing. Kissing, licking, sucking, nibbling, fingering. It went on for a long time. I would have been content to merely continue our play, but not this lovely mature. “I want you inside me!” were her only words.

I took the invitation graciously, spread her knees apart, and slid into her unshaved, untrimmed cunt (my favorite kind). She gasped as I entered, but quickly commenced a rhythm. I was doing nothing but staying inside her – she provided the motion. Clearly, she knew what she wanted.

She arched her back like a gymnast, to meet the base of my cock. I’d not had a partner before who had done such a thing with me. Her experienced cunt swallowed my shaft completely, and her Kagels were a great massage for my cock. When she’d withdraw by lowering her ass to the mattress, the grip of her Kagels pulled on my cock – intensifying my pleasure (and, I suspect, hers).

She stopped suddenly, and lay flat on the mattress. “Pull my legs over your shoulders and fuck me hard. Drive it into me like you mean it!” I sad nary a word – simply did as she asked (more like commanded). Escort Ankara I slammed her hard, working her cunt from the inside and her clit from the outside. Her breathing and groaning sounds intensified, until she tightened from head to toe. She had such an orgasm, she pulled a forearm to her mouth – to muffle the sounds.

Her spasms continued for several minutes, and I attempted to continue my thrusts. I was ready to come, but was not going to until her O had subsided.

“What can I do for you now?” I asked. She looked at me, seeming rather spent, and said, “Come on my tits!” I repositioned myself, straddling her belly with my thighs. She propped her head with a pillow, saying “I want to watch it blow!” That was it for me. This woman was the total sexual package. I stroked my cock with long, firm strokes and blew my load onto her full, droopy tits. She giggled, and cheered (I’d never had a woman cheer during or after sex before). After I drenched her tits, she reached her hands to her tits and massaged my liquid into her tits.

We held each other for awhile. She then said, “I need to get back. This was fucking amazing! Thank you!”

I helped her with her robe (my cum still on her tits) and out the door she went.

She checked out this morning. I have no idea who she is, except for a first name. No idea of where she lives, etc.

It was once, and it was great. I may masturbate tonight to the memory.

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