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Today, like most days, seems just the usual routine, the daily schedule, wake up, shower, kids, work, eat, and so on and so forth. But, today is special, as you may not realize, but today is the anniversary of our first kiss, and not just any kiss. I remember it like it was yesterday… ahh the memories… That is only just the beginning of our memories together. Today, I want to make another memory together, one that will stay with us for many years to come. Today, the weatherman forecasts a raging storm, and I forecast a raging passion between us. I know its been some time since we have had “us” time, but you will soon find out I have arranged something special, kids are away, and its our time, tonight.

You drive home from work, already the skies are darkening, filling with storm clouds. As you pull into the drive you notice that my car is there, already home and waiting on you. Coming up the path, you notice that no lights seem to be on and wonder if there is another power outage. But, as you open the door, you see many candles lit, and leading a path down the hall to our room, and with the hardwood floor covered with petals from tulips of every color, making this entryway a path to remember that’s for sure. Taking off your shoes and walking through the tulips, while smelling the sweet scent of the cool water candles we purchased together because we loved the scent.

Coming up to the door of our room, you hear soft music playing, and slowly open the door. You find me laying there on the bed, freshly showered and shaved, in my silk robe you bought for me. You look around the room, astonished by the number of candles and tulips spread throughout, making a warm and special place for just the two of us. I look up just in time to hear you gasp at the sight of what is laid before you. I walk up to you, ‘baby, tonight is just about us” I say as I look deep into those beautiful eyes that only begin to describe your beauty.

Wrapping my arms around you, feeling your heart race as you anticipate what is to come of this evening. Running my fingers through your hair, softly caressing your soft cheeks, pulling you in close to me, so close, I can feel the warmth of your breath on my skin. It has been so long, and I just want it to be us, be able to pamper and love you tonight in the way I know how. Go slip into something more comfortable. You head into the bathroom, as I now wait for you to come on out, so ready for you baby.

You throw open the door, and believe me, it was worth the entire wait as I feel my pulse start to race. Seeing you in the black silk robe, with that sexy zebra striped bra and black lace bikini panties, be still my heart, before I race over and devour you. I slowly walk up to you, admiring your heavenly beauty, looking into your eyes once more, I could get lost here forever. I pick you up gently in my arms, holding you so close, forgetting the world around us if only but for a moment. I lay you down on the bad made for us, running my fingers through your silky hair, still looking into your eyes, lowering my head to yours, as you grasp my neck.

Our lips so close, pecking, kissing ever so gently, nibbling on your lips, savoring your taste, oh how much I want you right now. Our hands start roaming each others bodies, as you rub my chest and my hands work their way down your neck, as our kissing becomes more urgent. I can feel your breath quicken, see the passion building in your eyes, feel the heat from your skin, oh baby… we don’t need to rush, we have all night, as I reach over and pull a bottle of lavender oil I have been heating in some water. I want to pamper you a while first. As you recall I have been bahçeşehir escort taking a class in massage and aromatherapy, and you will be my first and only woman to feel my new techniques. Turn over..

I gently slide the silk robe down your back as you lay there on your stomach, revealing your soft skin of your back and what your bikini lacks to hide with those ever so sexy legs. I pull off my robe and sit beside you on the bed in my boxers, grabbing the bottle of oil, ready for your massage. I start by moving the hair off your neck and pouring the arm oil over your neck and shoulders. The oil has a soothing affect with the warmth and scent or this lavender. I gently place my hands on your neck, slowly rubbing the oil into your soft skin, as I knead and massage tenderly. Caressing your shoulders as you moan out, enjoying every moment my hands work the oil into your sensual skin. Moving lower I unclasp your bra, not needing this any longer, and pull it off as you rise up off the bed to allow me to do so. But doing so allows me to see just a glimpse of the sides of your sensual breasts, and you already have me going.

I pour more oil down your spine, and over your back, the heat soothing as I spread it over your shoulder blades and down your spine. As I spread the oil and massage into your skin, some trickles over the sides of your body, over your sides of your stomach and breasts, making you tingle even more. Slowly I massage down your spine, putting pressure in just the right places to soothe and relax you. My hands roam all over your back, leaving no skin untouched. My fingers trail over the sides of your tummy, hands working up over the sides of your breasts, massaging, you let out a moan. I can tease, but will definitely please in time.

I move my hands to just above your panty line, moving my fingers just under the hem. I have to remove them down a bit. I slide your panties down just enough to reveal your upper buttocks, so sexy, allowing me access to your lower back and upper bum. I pour more oil, spreading it over your lower back, rubbing it in, and over your sensual upper butt, making me want you even more. The oil slides between your cheeks and down your crack, tingling and making you want more. You spread your legs ever so much and the warm oil trickles lower and lower, as if your panties weren’t already damp. I massage lower, over your whole buttocks, under your panties, cupping you so sexy butt, making you squirm in anticipation of more. How can I resist just ripping off your panties now?

But I do, still a tease, but certainly going to please. I move down to your feet, pouring oil over your feet and calves, working my fingers into your skin, soothing your aching feet, your toes, your ankles. Working my hands up your calves, putting pressure just enough to soothe while my hands work wonders on your lower legs. I pour more oil over your thighs, and the back of your knees, caressing up over your knees, massaging into your thighs, getting higher and higher up your legs. I brush my hands so close to your panties, you can feel as my fingertips massage in between your thighs as you spread your legs more for better access. I decide to take down your panties, now soaked from so close to teasing, pulling them gently down over your feet and off. I reveal all of your sensual ass, looking up in between your legs realizing you are already wet. Moving my hands up your thighs once again, so close to your pussy lips, you feel the warmth of my fingers, so close, teasing you as I just brush past your clit, oh baby, making your quiver.

You turn over, look at me bakırköy escort with a passion in your eyes, relax baby, I’m not done, wink. I remove my boxers, revealing how mush this teasing is actually having an affect on me as well. I lay you back down on your back, telling you to relax as I see the fire in your eyes. I pour oil over your neck, and upper chest, moving my hands to spread the oil, massaging into your neck. I massage deeper as I lower my lips and start kissing your cheeks, your ears, nibbling, as my hands work lower. I spread more oil over your sensual breasts, oh my god you are sexy, massaging all around but not touching your nipples, as my lips nibble and suck at your neck. You tilt your head back, loving every touch, every kiss, every nibble I have to offer.

My fingertips gently flick over your erect nipples, making you jump and moan out. I slowly circle my fingertips over your nipples, as my lips suck, kiss, and nibble down your neck, getting closer and closer. Its amazing how turned on I can make you with just flicks of my tongue and wisps of my fingertips. I lower my lips to your nipples, blowing cool air over them, making you tingle even more before I take each one in my mouth and suck on them. I hear you moan out as my hands cup and massage your breasts, licking, sucking, nipples so hard in my mouth as I myself am so hard for you. Working my hands and lips down lower, you bite your lip and spread your legs, wanting me to pleasure her more than anything right now.

My lips moving lower and my fingers massage your sexy thighs, lower and lower, seeing you arch your back, just wanting your hot clit to be touched. I spread your lips with my fingertips, revealing how wet you truly are, and blow several cool breaths over your hot clit, sending you over the edge as you moan out. I gently flick my tongue over your clit, I hear you scream out as my tongue works over your erect clit, sucking, licking, and making you wet. My tongue slides up and down your pussy so slowly, you feel every moment of pleasure as I slide my tongue, a little faster with every lick. You place your legs over my shoulders, not wanting my tongue to go anywhere as my rhythm matches yours. My tongue darts in and out of your hot pussy, coating my lips with your warm pussy juices, diving right in and wanting you to orgasm over and over. I lick faster, up and down your hot pussy, nibbling on your clit, moving my fingers over your pussy as you grind your hips into my face.

I place two fingers inside your wet pussy, as my lips suck hard on your clit. My fingers arch up to reach your g-spot, making your scream out as you start to grind harder and harder against my fingers and lips. Faster and faster, my tongue licks up and down, spreading your pussy lips with my tongue, my fingers deep within your wet pussy, reaching your g-spot with every thrust, sending you over the edge over and over. Feeling your legs shake, as your thighs grasp hard against my head, still licking and sucking till you go limp, your orgasm passed and I licked up all your sensual juices, oh baby, mmmmm…

You look down at me and I think I am in trouble now, I see a fire in your eyes and a passion that hasn’t been awakened in a while. You tell me it’s my turn, throwing me on the bed on my back. You straddle my hips, teasing my so hard cock with your wet pussy, asking me what it feels like to be teased, I love it. You reach down, stroking my hard cock, rubbing over your clit, asking me to beg me to fuck you. I don’t beg, usually, but with your hands on my hard cock, teasing me by slowly placing just the tip inside you hot başakşehir escort wet pussy, I have to have you, and now. I scream out, baby, you know I want you more than anything, make me yours. You give me that look, that devilish look, like you are going to have fun with this, you are in control now.

Slowly sliding your wet pussy down my hard shaft, feeling every inch enveloped deep within you, omg it feels so good. You rock your hips slowly allowing my so hard cock to slide in and out. I look up at you, your eyes filled with fire, so sexy in this position of domination. I reach up and caress your sensual breasts, nipples so hard, looking up into your eyes, as you rock back and forth and I thrust up to meet you. You start your rhythm just a bit faster, coating my hard cock with your pussy juices, taking it almost all the way out and thrusting back down again. I grab your sexy ass, guiding it faster and faster on me, trying to control but losing control every time you thrust down on me hard.

Of course, I can see this is also pleasing you, you throw your head back as you really start to ride me faster and faster. My cock thrusting deep and hard, reaching your g-spot and you scream out as you arch back so far. Then you throw yourself down on top of me, our lips lock, kissing, nibbling, passionate feverish kissing. My hands still guiding your sexy pussy down on my hard cock faster and faster, you bite my lip hard ready for yet another orgasm. I can feel your pussy muscles clench over my hard cock, and your hot cum drenches down me. Harder and harder, faster and faster, thrusting down on may hard cock as we passionately kiss and bite, grabbing your hair as I feel you explode on top of me, cum dripping, mmmmmm…

Now it’s my turn to be in control. Still hard for you and you not wanting it to end, you slide off of me and get in the doggie position. I so love looking at your sexy ass this way, gently rubbing my fingers up and down your sweet ass, feeling your wet pussy and asking you if you want more. I get up behind you, my hard cock at full attention of your dripping hot pussy, slowly sliding it up and down over your hot clit, you start to scream out, your clit so sensitive. I allow the head of my hard cock just to penetrate enough to make you want more, then thrust in hard and fast making you scream out once again.

Slowly we get into a rhythm again, thrusting in deep with every stroke, your head in a pillow moaning deeper and deeper. I grab your so sexy ass and guide my cock deeper into your hot pussy. I feel your hot cum dripping down with every thrust. Faster and faster, screaming out, harder and harder, our bodies meshing together as one as you grip the pillows hard, screaming out my name with every thrust. I reach down and move my fingers over your clit, sending you ever the edge once more, your tight pussy muscles clenching my hard cock, trying to send me over the edge, so wanting to cum deep inside you. So sexy, so hot, you thrust back on my hard cock, making me penetrate deeper and deeper and this time it’s me who screams out. Slamming back harder and harder, making my cock throb and your pussy muscles tighten, I can feel your orgasm coming on and I’m going to release.

You look back at me, with passion and fire in your eyes, begging me to cum now, cum hard deep within you, and this sends me over the edge. I feel your pussy muscles tighten once again as my cock releases its hot cum deep within your pussy. You feel every throb of my hard cock deep within you, feel every drop of my cum fill you up, feel my knees buckle as you bring me to ultimate orgasm. We fall onto the bed together, having spent these last few hours pleasing and teasing one another, feeling the passion of making love with one another. I hold you in my arms, cum dripping down our legs but not caring, looking deep into your eyes again, the fire subsided, but the passion still there. Moving our lips to each other, kissing ever so gently, as I run my fingers through your now wet hair, baby, did you like the massage?

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