Mary’s Deception


I had been on the internet for more than three hours, talking to a beautiful woman named Mary. She was hesitant at first, but eventually we shared photos and talked about our fantasies. She loved the name I was given at birth, “Vincent”. It reminded her of simple times.

She was very open-minded and had many kinky ideas, most of which made us giggle. I had previously been chatting with her for about two months, on and off. She really enjoyed having me around and after telling her everything I’d do to her through explicit, yet ultimately detailed scene descriptions, she became aroused by my style of writing and choice of words.

“You should write some of those um… sex stories!” She typed. I responded with nothing more than “Sounds good!”

Time passed and she later brought up fantasies again. She asked me, “Have you ever been with a guy before?” Of course, my answer was “NO!” immediately.

I hesitated though, and she noticed it in my words.

“Have you ever been a little curious as to what being with a guy would be like?”

I hesitated once again. “To be honest… yes. I’ve been with many girls, but never a guy, and I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be on the receiving end of sex. But this doesn’t make me gay!”

She laughed.

“It’s not about being gay. It’s about having a good time and being dirty! One time, I had five guys cum all over my face, and it was so kinky! Sometimes, the more partners you have, the better it is!” She said.

“I think I’ll just stick with one for now,” I replied.

After discussing this for a few minutes, I came to the conclusion that I might like the idea of having a guy cum on me, considering I’ve never had the experience. She told me that she had a friend of hers who is bisexual and likes to fuck men every now and then, just for kicks. He especially liked to fuck men who were straight, and had never had sex with a guy before.

I started responding to this. I had an erection from just thinking about it! Oh, how wrong this was. But, then again, maybe it isn’t so bad? I mean, I like my cock, right? What’s wrong about liking some other guy’s cock? Either way, it’s intriguing! I told Mary that I’d love to meet with her. So, we set up a date.

Nearly two weeks passed, and I had no idea how this was going to end up. I told her that if I didn’t find it arousing, I would be open-minded about it, and just get it over with. That way, at least I can say I tried it.

I pulled up to the hotel that Mary was staying at. She was across the parking lot, flagging me down. I recognized her beautiful brown hair, flowing in the wind, and her eyes seduced me as I came closer.

I suddenly had a very bad feeling in my stomach.

“Is this going to hurt? Should I do this?” I thought to myself.

Worried, I entered the room to see the bed with the blankets pulled to the floor. At the end of the bed, there was already stains from apparent previous encounters. Lots of stains, everywhere.

“Nice scenery!” I said, laughing to myself.

Beside me stood a man, slightly taller than me, brown hair, green eyes. He stared me down with his alluring pupils. I felt uncomfortable. But, as soon as I thought about how this was going to work out, Mary walked back into the room and started pretending to be a cat, crawling across the bedsheets.

“Meow!” she said. “It’s time to get down to business!”

This was it. The moment of truth. I pulled off all of my clothes, and my hands were shaking.

“Don’t be shy, boy, it’s okay, I won’t bite you!” the man behind me said.

“Oh, Vincent, this is Zack. He’s the guy I was telling you about.” Mary smiled.

“Yeah, I thought so. Hi… Zack.” I said, ashamed of what I was about to do.

Lying down on her back, Mary spread her legs wide, revealing her beautiful pussy as if it was a priceless painting worth drooling over. And it was. She started rubbing her clit.

“Well what are you waiting for, Mr. Vincent? Give me your dick!” I leaned forward with excitement and placed the tip of my erect cock on her outer pussy walls, and rubbed it.

“Mmmmm” she moaned.

I was looking over my shoulder, worrying about this guy and what he was capable of doing. He was still getting undressed.

I slid my cock into Mary’s pussy, just the tip – just enough to tease her a little. She continued to rub her clit in a circular motion. Her tits were perked up, and I had never seen anything so beautiful in my life.

A priceless painting, she indeed was!

My cock was normally harder than this, and I wasn’t sure why it was not being used to its full potential. I almost fell too much into Mary that I nearly forgot about the guy behind me, when suddenly, something poked me in the lower back.

His erection grew as he rubbed the tip of his cock down my back and near my butt. I freaked out a little, but allowed it to happen. He ran it downwards more until he was between my crack.

“Don’t I need it lubed up?” I asked. “Oh yeah!” he replied. I felt him shift towards Ankara escort me, but I wasn’t sure what he was doing.

“Ooh, that’s warm!” I shouted, sticking my dick into Mary a little further. It was his tongue. He was licking my asshole, eating it out.

“Wow!” I said, I actually enjoyed it.

It wasn’t long before I heard him spitting, as I felt his warm saliva drip down the crack of my ass. My dick grew just a little bit.

“Mary you were right, this feels good!” I smiled.

Mary was enjoying herself all too much as I was penetrating her pussy. She was rubbing her clit a little too fast.

“You must like that a lot, Mary.” I said. She opened her eyes and looked directly at me.

I asked “Why are you so aroused by this?” Her answer was, “Because you’ve never had ANYTHING like this happen in your life. It’s about to get crazy! And it makes me so hot and bothered just thinking about it.”

What did I do this for? I might have gotten myself in some serious trouble.

I felt both of my hands being grasped by Zack. “Just take it easy” he said. He tied each of my hands to a bedpost, causing me to be stretched out, hovering above Mary.

He pushed me towards her, as she was still lying down under me, rubbing herself, licking her lips. “Do you still want to try this?” she asked with a smirk.

Who knew this would start out so kinky?

With my hands tied, I couldn’t move except thrust forward into Mary, so I did just that. My penis continued stretching the walls of her vagina, and it was turning me on even more. I was still waiting to see what the guy behind me was planning, but nothing ever occured.

I started thinking about it more and more. I wondered how big his dick was. I wondered if this feels pleasing or just painful? Would my ass be able to take it? Before I could think about it anymore, I felt a sudden awkwardness in my butt.

My asshole began opening up, and a warm, fleshy object entered inside of me, carefully. He only pushed about an inch of his cock into me, but I definately felt it, and let out a distinctive moan. It felt raw and not quite lubricated. He must not have had enough spit in my ass to produce the desired effect. Or maybe he just wanted to fuck me raw and dry?

“Oooooh!” It hurt a lot at first, but I didn’t care. There’s a first time for everything. It stretched my asshole open quite a lot, and I felt the head of his cock throbbing inside me. It almost felt like I had to take a shit, with my tight hole being probed the way it was. It took a minute or two to get used to, but it felt great after that initial phase.

Zack pulled his cock out and let my asshole tighten itself back into a little pink knot, but he instantly pushed it right back in, diving in much deeper this time. It was shear pain for a minute, but it began to become exciting. I started enjoying it – enjoying that a man’s dick was deep inside me. I was steadily fucking Mary, who was now playing with her tits. Her right hand was still on her clit, rubbing it anxiously.

Zack didn’t really thrust, he just left his penis inside me for a minute, allowing my asshole to acommodate his huge member. He actually had a nice thick dick – I could feel it stretching my tight asshole, as it adjusted to his cock. This felt really good! I was right, it was worth it!

But, I spoke too soon…

He started thrusting really hard into me, in and out. He’d pull his entire dick out and then violently shove it back in. My asshole was making constant fart sounds as the compressed air shot upwards when his dick ran itself into me.

He wasn’t even all the way into my asshole, yet. He had only forced it in about four inches, and that was nothing compared to what he was holding back. But, it was enough to make my cock even harder – swollen even!

Mary felt my cock get bigger and more like a statue inside of her. She had an evil grin on her face. “See, don’t lie! You like it!”

I couldn’t lie. I loved it. I got so into it that I almost forgot about Mary and just left my thick cock inside of her as she rubbed herself.

I closed my eyes and imagined the sight of his huge dick entering my raw, pink asshole. This was exciting for me, and my penis absolutely loved it. It had already started flowing clear cum juice ever since the minute he inserted his thick pole into my dirty asshole.

Eventually, he grabbed me by my thighs and squeezed hard, shoving my body backwards, into his. This caused his penis to go even further into my corridor and after feeling this, I realized his dick had to be pretty big, considering it wasn’t even all the way in before.

My legs were shaking, I gave in. I was his bitch. And he knew it. He loved every minute of it. And so did she!

Mary pulled away from me and allowed me to lie down on my stomach. This also made my legs clamp together, making my asshole even tighter, closing around his cock even more. My buttcheeks squeezed his cock in between them, and I could feel him thrusting in harder and faster. It felt like getting carpet Ankara escort bayan burn, right on my asshole. And for some reason, this turned me on! It made it harder for him to penetrate, but he fixed this by shoving his cock inside me faster and much more brutal, than before.

I felt like I was being violated, but it felt spectacular! His meaty flesh entered my bowels, destroying my asshole!

Mary told me that she had a surprise for me. “Remember how I told you about my cum filled face? Well, I’ve got something like that planned for you.”

Oh, no. That did not sound good. But I was interested. I had never tasted cum before. So, bring it on!

A few minutes passed and I could feel Zack growing inside me. Mary was giggling at me and smiling because she knew the outcome of this. What an evil slut. I knew she’d do this to me.

Zack continued pounding away at my asshole, creating a gaping hole for anyone with eyes to see into. I felt used and abused. But, I loved every minute of it. I was breathing into the pillow, and my hardened cock was poking at the sheets. I felt like I was going to cum.

“I might… Holy shit!” I moaned. “Oooh, I might cum in a second, I can feel it coming! I’m cumming!” Mary quickly jumped to the bed, telling me to sit up. I did, but not as much as she wanted me to, because my asshole was being rammed by a giant, animalistic penis.

She had just enough room to stick her face under me, and she started sucking my throbbing cock.

“Mmummaahummuh” she said. I couldn’t understand it, but whatever. I didn’t care.

My asshole was so raw it hurt, but that only added to the pleasure. He started fucking me brutally fast, forcing his cock into me so deep I could feel his balls slap against my ass. He had to be at least 7 inches long, as I could feel him way up inside me. It nearly made me sick to my stomach. It also forced my cock further down Mary’s throat. She gagged but kept sucking it and used her hand to rub it at the base, enticing me even more!

“Damn… it! I don’t… want it … to end!” I was enjoying this way too much.

A girl’s lips on my member, and a giant cock in my ass. It got to the point where I nearly had tears in my eyes from the penetration, but he was enjoying it so it didn’t matter.

Finally I felt him stop , with his cock all the way inside me. My asshole was on fire! A few seconds later, he sprayed his hot cum inside my asshole, deep into my bowels. I felt it inside me – Incredible. It was a feeling I had never had. His dick started getting smaller so he pulled it out. The cum was still inside me and my asshole was sticking up into the air, gaping open, at least an inch and a half wide. If you looked into it, you could see his white substance floating down inside of me.

Mary continued sucking my cock until I finally blew my load into her mouth. It drenched over her tongue and lips. She had cum dripping off of her chin, and I was in so much ecstasy I couldn’t move. She leaned up and kissed me. My very own juices transferred from her tongue to mine. It was so beautiful – making out with my cum throughout our mouths.

I could feel the breeze hitting my ass, and I could still feel his hot, creamy juices inside of me. I knew it was there, but what was I to do now? My ass was sticking in the air like a radio control tower, trying to send signals across the state.

Mary looked at me and said “It’s not over yet.” I thought it was over! It felt great!

That very moment, the motel door opened and there were a few guys standing there, different looks, different heights. And there I was, with my asshole gaping into the midnight air. I sighed.

There were seven men that walked in. They each undressed and stood there naked, trying to get hard from watching the first guy step up to the plate.

The first guy’s dick was smaller than Zack’s, but what did I care? I wanted to feel his hot cum inside of my asshole, now that I found out I enjoyed it. I enjoyed it way too much.

Mary smiled, continuing to watch the men stroke their cocks while waiting their turns, as she licked her lips, enjoying that she did this to me – enjoying that I was being pleasured because of her.

The first guy finally inserted his penis into me, but it didn’t hurt as much as Zack’s cock, it actually felt great – probably because my ass ended up being lubricated by Zack’s cum a few minutes earlier. I moaned a few times, as he fucked me just as fast as Zack did.

He tried to hold his load back a few times, and it worked. He was able to sustain a long lasting feeling, and fuck me for a longer amount of time. Eventually my asshole felt raw and no longer lubricated.

I felt him stop and twitch, his hand slapped my ass cheek really hard and at the same time, he spewed his huge load inside of me. “Oh my god!” I yelled. My eyes rolled back inside my head as I felt his juicy cum fill me up, joining Zack’s previous cum inside of my wide open hole. He left a big red hand print on my ass as he pulled out his cock and it went limp.

The Escort Ankara next guy in line was about the same size, but his cock pointed more downwards, like a fishing hook. As soon as he inserted himself inside me, I could feel him caressing my prostate gland, causing my penis to go in super cumshot mode, all over Mary’s face, once again. That was the first time I’ve ever shot my juice twice in a row, one after the other, that fast!

I pulled her face toward me and licked up the enormous cum that I had squirted – just like the good boy I was.

The fishing hook penis was arousing to say the least, since it aimed directly where it needed to be. He was tugging at my insides the entire time, making me squirm around. He impaled me so hard with his sweaty cock, slapping his thighs against mine. His balls were swinging, attacking my ass and it felt great, because I knew he was going to fill my asshole with cum pretty soon. He fucked me harder, my insides were aching at this point. My butt was sticky and soaked with loose liquids that had spilled from the earlier guys. I squirmed across the bed sheets towards Mary, as she smiled and bit her bottom lip.

Finally, he leaned over me, putting all of his weight on me, and I could feel his dick fucking faster and faster. This was sort of uncomfortable at the time, but it added more pressure on my anus, allowing his wad to shoot deeper than the other guys. His load went so deep, I could almost taste it. It was once again, a great sensation. The cum inside me was very warm and mixed together, and I could feel it melting away the walls of my anal corridor.

This feeling alone kept my penis as hard as a rock throughout the entire series of events.

My ripped up asshole was churning cum inside it. It was like a cum storage facility! When the fishhook guy finally pulled his dick out, it dripped some juice down the crack of my ass. I could feel the wet hot sperm running down toward my balls, until it finally dripped onto the back of my hard dick.

Mary licked it up, as a friendly gesture to me.

Another guy stepped up, and fucked me raw for a while. My ass was still puffing out kinky fart noises.

His dick felt a little short, but it was thick enough to make it slightly painful when he entered inside of me. “UURGH!” I moaned in a state of euphoria. It hurt, but felt so good at the same time! My dick was swollen from all of this excitement.

He leaned toward me, and let loose his liquids into the cavern known as my shithole.

“You won’t be shittin’ right for a while, kid!” he said. I told him to go fuck himself. “Who told you that you could speak, boy?” the man asked, angry. He approached me from the front and grabbed my face with his hand, gripping it. Then, he proceeded to shove his cock into my mouth, causing me to gag. He fucked my mouth for a minute or two, and I sucked the remaining cum directly out of his tiny penis hole, as I gagged on his thick cock.

“CRRGH! MAWWRRCRG” I mumbled, drooling out of the side of my mouth.

He finally took it out, and Mary sat up, playing with my nipples, staring at me as the next guy stuck his dick inside me. It went on like this until we got down to the last few. My anus was aching in every way, yet the hot cum inside me made it all worth it.

My shithole was blood red, it felt like it had been intentionally burned. It was stretched even more by the massive amount of fleshy meat being injected into it.

“Where did she find these guys?” I had thought to myself.

Finally, we came to the last two contestants.

One was about my height with blonde hair, and the other was a bulky wrestler lookin’ kind of guy. Either way I didn’t care, I wanted to have my bowels feel heated and abused!

The blonde guy stepped up and stuck his tongue up my ass first, this was awkward, but he was licking some of the cum out. He had it dripping all over his mouth and chin once he got through. I could feel his tongue deeper and further inside of me as he twirled it around.

He sat up and pulled out his dick, it was small, but it got the job done. He was able to please me just as the other guys did – by shooting his hot sticky load inside of me.

One more guy to go. I was tired, but still being pleasured.

My ass felt a burning sensation and my cock was throbbing so hard it was continuously swollen, actually in pain from being so hard – even after me ejaculating on Mary’s face – not once, but twice. This guy couldn’t be much better than any of the others. Or that’s what I thought.

He’d just shoot his cum and get it over with, right? Well, I was wrong.

He showed me his cock beforehand, and it was MUCH bigger than all of the other guys, even Zack. It was bulky and looked like it could stuff a turkey! And that’s just what he did with it.

He stuffed my insides so much I wanted to puke.

I was actually frightened by it! He forced his huge dick into my slimy gaping asshole and I started to squeal like the little piggy I was. He couldn’t fit it all the way in, as my asshole had now tightened up a bit.

He reached around and started tugging at my cock, pulling me into him more. He jerked me off while fucking me. My eyes were closed and I was moaning with saliva dripping from my lips.

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