Mary’s Brithday Present


My best friend Mary had her 30th birthday party last Saturday, and all week I was completely clueless as to what I should get for her. Even though we wear almost the exact same size clothes I can’t get those – she said that she had too many already. Shoes? Purses? Geeky gadgets? Well, she was single, and had a good-paying job, so she bought everything she wanted. She’s the typical “hard to shop for” person with plenty of money and only herself to spend it on.

A few days before the party, I was seriously stressed out over what kind of gift to give, so I had my boyfriend Mark give me a back rub. As he rubbed the kinks and knots away, I suddenly had it – a massage session! The combination of his strong hands and my revelation made me mellow out, and I zoned out while thinking back to a Girls Night Out from a few weeks ago. I realized that we had actually talked about that kind of thing.

Another one of our girlfriends was saying how well the masseuse had worked her over. From what she said, laying on that table, start naked except for a small towel, hiring some stud with the perfect combination of strong and gentle hands, and having that stud rub down your whole body was almost the next best thing to sex. Maybe it was the wine talking, but we went on a tangent of what else we would like the masseuse do. After all, he was hired out to take care of our physical issues, and he was to do whatever we wanted to make us feel better. Hey, it made more sense then. Really.

While on the topic of sexual toys, the subject turned to some of the people we knew. We ranged from our coffee shop mix-master, to our favorite store clerks, to each other’s men. We share so many stories, we knew more than we should about how good of a lover each of us girls had. Mary was the only who was currently unattached, so she didn’t say too much, but she did make a couple comments about some of our men. She even said she was jealous of me because not only was Mark sexy, I had said how good in bed he was, and that he had the “massage man” angle working for him too. I barely heard someone else whisper she wanted some of him – but I have no idea who. When I heard that, plus Mary saying she would do him in a heartbeat if he wasn’t mine, I got a twinge of jealousy, but just realized I was lucky to have him.

Two days before the party, I went to at least a dozen massage parlors looking at the staff. The last one I found the person I had been searching for. He was an absolute perfect specimen. After hearing her talk before, I could imagine the way she would be reacting to his hands all over her body. Could be interesting…

On the day of Mary’s party, the girls and I decided that instead of the boring “over the hill routine” we would get silly drunk and act immature. We would give a slap in the face to getting older. We would be loud, obnoxious, goofy, and generally have as much fun as we wanted without anyone looking down on us because we were acting like teenagers again. Of course, we all started drinking about two hours before we got to the part of the birthday girl opening presents. Overall, it went well well, but I was bummed out when I heard that she had a massage the day before. But she said that she may need another one after tonight. I felt cheated that my gift wasn’t unique.

As the night wore on, we were getting sillier and goofier all the time. The guys played along nicely, but they mostly hung out by themselves, but as they got more drinks in them, they started hanging out with us more. Mark apparently really liked our outfits, or at least the one I had on. I kept finding him checking me out – mostly with his eyes. But whenever no one was looking, he would start putting his arm around me, but his hands would end up in other places.

Not that I’m complaining, but he’s really starting to get me turned on. This thin top doesn’t hide nipples very well. He’s loving the skirt though. When everyone went to get drinks, he made me stop halfway to the kitchen, pushed me up against the wall, and kissed me. Hands not stopping, he rubbed my breasts, biting my neck, and there was not one piece of clothing that he didn’t put his hands under. His hands went down my back, grabbed my ass to pull me closer, then his hand found the bottom of my skirt, and up it went.

He took my hand and made me hold his cock through the front of his pants. I didn’t notice at first, but he unfastened the top two buttons on the front of my blouse, and pulled it open. Sucking on one nipple, one hand on my ass, and the other teasing all around my pussy. I couldn’t take it. I couldn’t keep quiet. I was biting my lip as hard as I could, but I was still moaning and gasping for breath.

As much as I hated to do it, I had to make Mark stop. I knew that there were other people just around the corner. I couldn’t let them find me like this. Pushing him back, he had the sexiest grin on his face, just telling me that there was much more to come later. Breathing hard, I re-arranged my clothes to look presentable again. As if on cue, Mark and I looked up towards the Ankara escort kitchen, and to my surprise, I saw Mary standing there staring at me with this funny little sly grin. I think she actually looked a bit turned on for a moment there.

She turned back into the kitchen, and I heard her say that the coast was now clear; then everyone came back out with their drinks. I can’t imagine how long they had been waiting on us, or how many people had seen us before they moved back. I think that Mary might have been watching the whole time. That would explain the look on her face. Mark’s face got a bit red, and he quickly excused himself and went outside for some cooler air. Mary took me into the kitchen to refill my drink and teasingly asked me what I thought I was doing messing around with all these people around. I really didn’t know, but I sure wasn’t about to keep it from happening at all. She said she really couldn’t blame me, but unless we wanted an audience, maybe we should go somewhere else.

After Mark and I composed ourselves, we went back to join everyone else, and naturally got a bit of a hard time for putting on a little show. I noticed that the bottles of alcohol had been moved into the living room where everyone was now hanging out. Good thing too, since we played some drinking games, and they went a lot faster without needing to walk to get refills. Although I wouldn’t have minded another hallway encounter, it probably prevented some more embarrassing visitor’s eyes.

After several games, we started to get to the point of stopping the hard drinking, since we were all really lit by then. We had broken into a couple of smaller groups talking about silly stuff, when I saw Mark motioning me to come over to him. Staggering over, I bumped into everyone between me an him, but at least I didn’t spill my drink.

When I finally arrived in the hallway with him, he gave me a quick kiss, grabbed my hand, and led me to the first doorway off the hall. Turns out it was a bedroom, and all the lights were off. He pushed me onto the bed, then turned around to close and lock the door. I lay there for what felt like an hour and was about to get up when I felt a hand on my leg. I almost screamed, but the alcohol had got in the way of that. I didn’t say anything, but I was sure it was Mark.

I felt a hand on my other leg, then both hands made their way up my legs. Soon, there was a pair of lips kissing my thigh. The hands went up to my skirt, then pushed it up. I lifted my legs up to help, then my skirt was all the up around. Before I realized it, I felt wandering hands feeling all around, and they made my panties come off. The hands held my legs up, and the lips and tongue made their way down my thighs, teasing the whole way. Even if I wanted to, I couldn’t say anything, all I could do was breathe and try to keep my moaning quiet. He was kissing all around my pussy, until I could finally grab his head and put his mouth onto it.

He let go of my legs, and one hand was on my ass, and the other was now playing with my pussy. I felt a finger go inside of me, while his tongue was dancing all around on my clit. I could hardly breathe, the feelings were intense. I reached down and got a handfull of hair, shoving his face into my pussy, willing him to not stop, not letting him stop until I made him taste my cum. His tongue stopped, but I could feel his teeth gently grasp my clit, the finger in my pussy rubbing on my g-spot, and, oh no, oh no, he started rubbing a fingertip against me, further down. Not going in, just rubbing for effect, and holy shit was it working right. I am so close, I want to cum so bad, but I keep pushing it away, I want to make it stronger. I just can’t hold back.

Sooner than I thought, I could feel it coming. I wanted it to last longer, but I was going to cum now! Every muscle in my body locked up, and my eyes rolling back in my head, I don’t think I have ever cum this hard in my life. My whole body is shaking, and I might be able to start breathing again in a minute. I start relaxing some, but I don’t know where, I can barely feel most of my body. Finally letting my fists relax, I let Mark have his head back, but I think I have pulled out half a handfull of hair. A couple minutes later, I think I can start moving again, and he helps me to the bathroom so I can sit up and avoid passing out. I really don’t want this feeling to go away. He says he will see me back in the kitchen for another drink in a few minutes.

When I was finally able to make myself presentable again, I made my way out of the room to get myself another drink. I needed to drink something, don’t know why my throat is so dry. Oh, wait. Ya I do. I can’t help having that satisfied grin on my face the whole way out. I have no idea how long we were gone, but it looks like there are a few other happy faces around too. Now that I am starting to think coherently again, I realize that I have some major payback to take care of. I can’t let that good deed go unpunished. Mary comes over to me to ask if I’m ok, and then I realize that I’m Ankara escort bayan just kind of staring off into space a little bit, I guess I must look really wasted or something. So I tell here that it’s not the alcohol’s fault, and give her some of the details – and I must have mentioned like 5 times that I need to pay him back for that.

But as I’m thinking of creative ways for this to happen, I have another drunken moment of brilliance. I’m still feeling bad about the massage present, and Mary is about the only one that doesn’t have that happy face. I stagger over to Mary who is making herself another drink, and I see that’s she is barely able to pour herself another one. Looks like she is just about as hammered as me.

As I lay out my plan to her, she looks a little apprehensive through the fog of drink, but there is still the hint of a smile there, and like earlier in the night, the thin blouse gives away her nipples getting hard. After a moment of quiet, I ask what she thinks, and her smile gives it away. Even though she said that she ‘guesses so’ I believe the answer is way understated. I looked around and saw no one, so I got closer to her, and I have no idea why, but I reached down to grab her thigh, and moved my hand up – and I could feel that her pussy was already soaking wet.

Feeling really weird about what I just did, I smiled and backed up; she was really interested in this idea. Not two seconds later, Mark came into the room and walked up to me. I put my arm around Mary’s waist, and around Mark’s waist and asked him why he hadn’t told Mary Happy Birthday yet. As he went to give her a hug, I grabbed his hand and moved it down. Oddly enough, nobody at all reacted to the both of us now grabbing her ass.

I took his hand away, winked at Mary, and led Mark down the hall. I told him that he was to go into the same room we had just left, take all his clothes off, and lie down on the bed on his back, and that I would be there in a minute. He just grinned and walked for the door. He got the handle to work on the third try, went in and closed the door. As soon as he was out of sight, I waved to Mary for her to come over, which she did immediately.

Mary came over to me and put her arm around me, asking me if I was sure I knew what I was saying. Just grinning, I put my arm around her and reached for the door knob. We walked in together and closed the door before his eyes could adjust to what was happening. Holding her hand, I led Mary to the bed. The music in the house was still quite loud, so I felt safe that he wouldn’t hear me whispering to her that whatever she wanted to do was perfectly fine.

Since it was completely dark, I kept on hand on hers and one on her lower back just so I would know where she was. She moved up along the bed, leaning on it for balance, and I felt her tense up a bit as we both moved our hands up one leg, then grabbing Mark’s cock. Hesitating just a moment, while I could feel her breath speed up, she moved forward and laid her body across his legs. Bringing her face to our hands, she rubbed her lips up and down the sides of his dick.

I could feel it getting harder, and she was now licking him, occasionally licking my hand too. After a moment of no movement, I then felt her lips touch my fingers – all the way around. I knew that this was my man, but I couldn’t help getting incredibly turned by knowing that I was helping hold his cock while she sucked on it. I was getting so turned on again, that I could feel myself getting wet all over again. Just then I realized that I didn’t put my panties back on after the last time, and I had no idea where they were.

Not that I cared, not then. I knew how turned on I was, and I could feel how turned on Mark was, but I wasn’t sure about Mary. I started rubbing my clit, savoring the moment, and my other hand was with Mary’s, stroking his cock while she sucked it. I needed something too, this just wasn’t fair. My hand on her back moved up to grab her hair, then pulled back her head. A second after her lips left his cock, my mouth was on it.

As I continued to fill my mouth with him, making him squirm, I heard some some faint rustling behind me in the direction of Mary. Only needing to use one hand on his cock, I was able to rub my pussy while sucking him off. The skirt kept getting in the way, so I pulled it up over my hips so I could get to it easily. Mark was starting to move around more, and he put his hands on my head to help guide me. One hand stayed on the top of my head, while the other started slowly moving down the side of my face and neck, slowly touching everything he could.

His body kept moving in reaction to the action of my mouth. He must have moved more on purpose also, because I felt his hand start reaching down further. A finger traced down my neck, making me squirm more the further it got. He went down my neck, then straight down until he got cleavage. It wasn’t graceful, but being highly distracted, he was still able to get some of his hand inside my shirt. He started out with just a light caress, Escort Ankara but that quickly changed when he goes his whole hand inside my bra.

A light touch soon turned into and all-around massage; it was helping get me turned on, but when he tweaked one nipple, it was like a bolt of lightning shot through me. My hands clamped up, squeezing his cock with one, and the other hand acted by itself and I buried one finger all the way inside my pussy. My mouth clamped up also, but the hand on my head would not let me back up. I tried moaning around him, but he must have liked my grip also as he grabbed a handful of hair to pull. Hitting me instantly, I started cumming hard, and I just rode the wave, feeling everything in me and touching me. After a moment, my muscles let up enough to get control back, just enough to keep the pulses of pleasure going. I slowed down the pace a little bit, not wanting to stop, and not wanting Mark to be done yet.

The drinks and the dark were helping, the only things that existed in the whole world at the moment was the cock in my mouth, a handfull of balls, my finger in my pussy, and a hand on my boob. The liquor also helped slow down my reactions, as I would have probably screamed when I felt something touch my ass. My mouth full of cock, I could not do anything but mumble, but around all the other feelings, I just decided to enjoy it. I realized it must have been Mary, I had almost forgot about her and her present.

Just thinking about it got me just a little more turned on. Needing to recover for a moment, I took her hand off my ass and pulled it back up to Mark’s leg. I felt her brush by me as she moved back up to the bed. She took over where I had left off while I leaned back on the bed for a moment to collect myself. Sitting back in the glow and collecting my strength again, I noticed that the bed was moving a bit more than usual. Not sure what was going on, and slightly off-balance from the drinks, I crawled back towards Mary, and I heard what was no longer a blowjob.

Since Mark was even more drunk than us, I was sure he would not notice something odd, so I reached out to feel where they were at. With unusually good aim, I found where she was. My fingers found something quite wet and moving, and in a second I realized that I had just starting rubbing Mary’s pussy while Mark’s dick was in it. I was now feeling very dirty, knowing that I was rubbing another girl’s pussy, I started to take my hand away. Before I could get my hand away, she grabbed my hand and put it back on her. Oh my god, she wanted me there. Holding my hand on her pussy, we both were rubbing her clit while his cock was still moving inside her, I could feel it thrusting against my hand.

Without knowing I had started, I found that my other hand had already found my own pussy and had started rubbing it. Never before had I done anything like this, but I was strangely turned on to know that I was playing with two clits and one cock at the same time. I felt Mary move my hand away, and found it was moving up. She stopped when she reached a breast, and she made me grab it.

We were about the same clothing size all the way around, but I didn’t know that her breasts felt almost identical to mine, both size and feel. I felt her breast start moving, and another hand was on it’s way to grab it also. Not wanting for Mark to find out what was going on, I moved my hand away. Moving my hand down her belly, I felt her pussy beneath my fingers again, but kept moving. I was looking for Mark’s cock again and found it. Rubbing his cock and cupping his balls, I pictured them in my head while I continued to play with my own pussy.

I could feel the difference in rhythm, and knew that he couldn’t handle much more. He must have said something, so Mary got off of him and kneeled back down. I knew he was ready to cum now. Mary was right next to me, and I could feel her arm moving as she brought herself closer as well. She moved forward to take him back in her mouth. Not wanting to lose her again, I reached out and put my hand on her back. I could feel her moving her body as her head moved around his dick. I was getting closer again just listening and feeling what was going on.

Not realizing it, I found my hand moving down her back, across her ass, and to her pussy. She was rubbing her clit, and her muscles were starting to shake. She suddenly leaned back up straight, and my finger that was on her clit was now inside her pussy. She was so wet, and the angle was just right, and my finger just found it’s way inside of her; but my hand was stuck on the floor below her, so I couldn’t exactly stop without causing issues. I could tell that Mark stood up, and could hear that he was now rubbing his cock, finally about ready to cum.

Both of them so close to climax, my finger was inside her, Mark was about ready to cum, and I was rubbing my own pussy, almost ready to cum again. I heard Mark grunting, then a moment later I cold feel cum landing on my cheek, but only a drop or so. Mark had just cum, and most of it was sure to be all over Mary, but some had gone off target to get me also. That sent Mary over the edge, and I could feel her pussy muscles reacting. I came only a couple of seconds later, knowing that Mark was thinking he just came on my chest.

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