Making the Grade

Big Tits

I love Tuesday mornings because I am so in lust with you. My desire gets stronger every time I see you. I love to watch the way you move and to hear the sound of your voice as it rises and falls in your intense yet mellow manner. I love being close to you, to smell your clean scent. I love your beautiful shoulders and the grace and strength of your hands. My fingers ache to touch your hair, to brush it back off your forehead and comb through it. But most of all I love your face and getting lost in the soothing calm of your gaze and the beautiful hue of your eyes. I adore the impish charm of your smile and oh, how I want your mouth! I dream of what it would be like to kiss you, to feel the charge of energy, the shock of you pressing your lips to mine. To be able to release the bottled up passion I feel for you… To be in your embrace – the comfortable grip of your arms around me and to be able wrap to my arms around you. To press my body against yours and feel the evidence of your desire as you push your hard cock against me. A burst of longing blazes upward through me as I imagine how you would open my mouth with your tongue and I would meet yours with mine.

You thrust your tongue deeper into my mouth – challenging, demanding, conquering. I start sucking and you try to withdraw but I keep you deep in my mouth – making you mine, wanting you to be part of me. I release you and give you my tongue to suck on – submitting, melding, being yours. You want more, so while you are still kissing me you unbutton my shirt, slipping it off my shoulders. You move your lips to my neck as you unhook my bra and drop it to atakent escort the floor. You pull back slightly and look into my eyes as you undo my ponytail. You smile as my hair cascades down around my hips. At your gentle urging I turn around and you bury your face in my hair as you nuzzle my neck. Your hands cup my breasts and you pull me back against your chest as you leave a trail of kisses on my shoulders. I take your hands and slide them to my crotch – I suck in my breath when your finger tips find my clit. You grasp my mound in both hands and pull my butt against your cock. You moan as you grind against me. Impatiently you undo my pants and slide them off my hips. I turn as I step out of them. While I unbutton your shirt you slide your fingers over the triangle of silky fabric that covers my ass. You release me so I can slide your shirt off your shoulders and down your arms. Once your hands are free you put them on my face and pull me towards you. For a brief moment before our lips touch, I drown in the intensity of the passion and desire so evident in your eyes and waves of longing wash through me.

Your mouth is not enough! I want more of you! I pull back, fumbling to unbutton your pants. As they fall around your feet, you groan because my hands have reached your crotch and are caressing your balls. Oh God, I love the velvety spot between them! To cradle them in my hands and run my finger tips across it. I look up at you and smile – you grab my head and pull my mouth to yours – pressing against me, trapping your cock between us. I rub against ataköy escort you, loving the feel of the sensitive head of your cock pushing on my stomach – the faint hint of moisture lubricating my skin so I can slide gently back and forth. We both sigh as our tongues collide, fighting, dueling to take up a position in the other’s mouth. Our bodies press even more tightly together, wanting, needing to get even closer. Your tongue wins and you push it as far as you can reach into my mouth and I suck on it trying to pull you even deeper.

But again your tongue just isn’t enough! I break free and your eyes fly open and you look at me questioningly. I smile and, still pressing against you, I slowly bend my knees and the tip of your cock leaves a trail of wetness up my belly and into the valley between my tits. I lean back just enough to give you one more quick smile and then with a sigh of anticipation I take you into my mouth. As the sensations – the wet heat, the engulfing closeness, the pressure of the full length of my tongue – sweep through you, you cry out, curl your fingers in my hair and pull me even closer. The head of your cock reaches the back of my throat and I moan, loving the feel of you filling my mouth. Using your grip on my hair you pull me back, watching your shaft slowly reappear as you overcome the pull of the suction my mouth is creating. You withdraw but I keep the tip of my tongue pressed against the sensitive spot just under the head of your cock and I look up at you, reveling in the passion glazed look in you eyes. A sweet/salty atalar escort taste fills my mouth as drops of pre-cum flow over my tongue. A near painful jolt clenches your belly as you watch my lips cover just the head of your cock, my tongue still teasing, caressing and loving the tender flesh below it. A heavy pressure is building but for you it’s too soon – too much – you want to savor the sweet sensations so you try to pull back, but I don’t want to let you. I pull you into my mouth, demanding that you give in to the need I’m creating. You relent and start thrusting and withdrawing. You move in and out of the hot, wet grip of my mouth, the overwhelming pressure of my tongue and the encircling grip of my lips. I love the feel of you sliding in and out and hitting the back of my throat with each pounding thrust. You can’t stop now, the need is too strong. I want it too much! Driving yourself into me, the pressure builds and then an intense pulsing pleasure grips you. With one final, deep thrust and you pour your cum into my throat, drowning me with each white hot spurt, filling me as I swallow the flood, sucking you dry, wanting every last droplet.

I want to linger and savor the taste and feel of you, but you pull me up and cover my lips with yours, driving your tongue into the still salty depths of my mouth.

Strange metallic scraping sounds and paper rustling impinge on my brain. No! I want your lips against mine! Voices assail my ears and I try to shut them out, but they get louder and I lose my grip on you. Don’t go! My eyes fly open and the sights and sounds of the classroom return with a vengeance. I gasp and look at the paper on the desk in front of me – blank! Another lecture period lost to dreams of you. But there you are, speaking to a student. Oblivious to the passionate encounter we just shared you smile as our eyes meet briefly and I realize that a tutorial session is just what I need to get caught up on the material I’ve missed.

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