Lust Never Sleeps Ch. 06


Darryl opened his eyes to find himself looking directly into Sawyer’s cinnamon gaze.

“Morning, love.” The chipper beauty smiled—Darryl melted. “Sleep well?”

“Slept wonderfully,” Darryl replied.

“Me too.” Sawyer placed his hand against the back of Darryl’s dark head and pulled him closer, their lips meshing perfectly.

I think I could easily get used to waking up like this.

Darryl found himself still in awe of the night before. Not just their lovemaking—which had been stupendous in and of itself—but at what had happened directly thereafter: the glowing bed and all. A phenomenon which Sawyer had yet to explain, although he’d promised he would. Just before he stopped Darryl’s questions with sultry kisses and a second orgasm.

Somewhere in the back of his mind, a small voice whispered to Darryl. This is getting awfully complicated. Darryl told it to fuck off.

There were no windows in the room, therefore no convenient way to gauge the time. As if he could read Darryl’s thoughts, Sawyer murmured, “Time for us to be leaving, alas. I would’ve liked a little more time in bed with you.” His eyes roamed over Darryl’s naked body with open admiration.

Darryl felt himself blush hotly. With some reluctance, he watched Sawyer roll out of the bed, keeping his eyes affixed upon Sawyer’s lovely backside as he bent to retrieve their clothes from the floor. He tossed Darryl’s onto the bed. “Right then, can’t be helped. Come, şişli escort love, things to do, people to see. Sisters to appease.” He winked at Darryl as he buttoned his black silk vest. He was certainly fluent in the language of dressing quickly. He left the white long-sleeved shirt beneath it open at the throat. Darryl restrained himself from licking the gorgeous creamy flesh that was revealed.

A look from Sawyer sent Darryl hastily to his own toilette. His clothes weren’t near as fine as Sawyer’s, consisting of a pair of tan cords, with a pale blue casual shirt over it. He’d not intended to stay long at Hannagan’s that night. And he’d never even considered hooking up with anyone. In his own mind, he was severely underdressed.

“We’ll take care of that later.” Sawyer kissed him sweetly, leading him from the bedroom. Darryl couldn’t help but wonder if the man was psychic, or merely a scholar in the art of deductive reasoning.

They found Sister Sue at her prayers before the altar. She stood at their approach. In her hand, she held a key in the shape of a cross, which she handed to Sawyer. “I don’t need to remind you to be careful, do I, brother dear?”

“Of course not, sister of mine.” Sawyer’s smile was more than contagious, it was downright addictive, Darryl decided.

When Sue turned to Darryl, her eyes widened and she gasped. Darryl quickly felt his face, wondering if he’d managed to grow a second nose or a third eye. She reached kağıthane escort for his hand and grasped it, staring at the back. Darryl found himself staring as well. Surely that hadn’t been there before. He thought he’d have remembered something like that.

On the back of Darryl’s hand was a small red heart. He stared, openmouthed, as did Sister Sue. Sawyer, on the other hand, wore the smuggest of smiles.

“I owe you one big apology,” Sue conceded, glancing toward her brother. “You were right about him. He is the one.”

“I know,” he smirked. Reaching for Darryl’s hand, he kissed it lightly. Darryl thought he’d swoon.

“Wha—?” he began, but he was stopped by a kiss, and a soft, “Later,” from Sawyer.

They made their farewells and plunged once more through the secret door in the back of the church, this time taking a spiral staircase which Darryl’d not noticed before. The metal latticework clanged beneath their feet as they rushed upward, emerging at last into a round room, in the middle of which sat an old car.

A car.

This made no sense whatsoever. Shaking his head in disbelief, Darryl glanced upward. By the shape of the high ceiling, he deduced they were inside the church spire. But what earthly purpose did a landlocked vehicle serve in this place? And how had it arrived there?

“No time for explanations, climb in,” Sawyer directed him, leaping into the driver’s seat. Naturally. Darryl didn’t see the purpose fatih escort of it, but nonetheless, he climbed inside the car. Now what? He looked at Sawyer, who lifted his eyebrows suggestively.

“Move closer, love,” he suggested. When Darryl did so, sitting almost in Sawyer’s lap, he found himself bound by two straps which appeared from nowhere, clasping him in place beside the mysterious blond, who was likewise encumbered. “Safety first,” Sawyer exclaimed.

He produced a pair of goggles from beneath his seat and slid them over his head. Darryl found that far from making him look ridiculous, they only served to enhance the beauty of his warm brown eyes. When Sawyer handed him a pair of his own, he donned them without hesitation.


“Sure,” Darryl replied. He waited for Sawyer to engage the engine, still wondering what any of this meant. Instead, he watched in fascination as he inserted the cross-shaped key. Nothing happened. How long were they going to sit up here before they climbed down from their ivory tower and proceeded in some other manner?

The scent of the wind was Darryl’s first clue that the status quo had changed. It tickled his nose. Without thinking, he sniffed. And then he sniffed again. Looking up in amazement, he saw that the spire was in the process of opening outward, like the petals of a flower, yearning toward the sun.

While he gaped at the sight, he became aware of a gentle upward motion. To his amazement, the sky seemed to be coming nearer. How could that be, unless…

“Oh dear God, we’re flying!” he exclaimed, gripping Sawyer’s thigh with his left hand.

“Hang on, lovie, we’re going up!” Sawyer gleefully chortled.

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