Loving Little Julie Ch. 01


Jake stared, mesmerized at the angel in front of him. Her head was tilted back, her long, chestnut hair flowing in silky curtains around her face, lips parted, eyes closed, and tiny body rippling in obvious pleasure. As he watched, her lids fluttered open and the brilliant blue of her gaze fixed upon his face. Her eyes were bluer than usual, dark and glossy.

“Julie wants,” she whispered through red, swollen lips.

Jake looked down at his fingers, spreading open her baby smooth labia and teasing her clitoris. What Julie wants… Julie gets… he lifted his cock and-

A shrill cry from the alarm jolted Jake from his sweet dreams. Cursing, he stumbled out of bed, ignoring his erection and headed for the shower. These dreams had to stop, he thought to himself, visions of Julie waltzing through his mind. Julie, sweet, innocent, and sheer perfection, from her creamy olive skin to her long legs and perky breasts. Julie, in her first two-piece swimsuit. Julie, in a too-short skirt and a cropped top, her sexy, flat tummy bare for the world to see. Jake groaned and gripped his erection, staving off the rise of cum from his heavy, bloated balls. After a moment, he gave in, gripped it anew and jerked viciously until he moaned and climaxed, while Julie danced seductively before his eyes.

Ten minutes later, Jake Walker was combing his curly black hair, applying deodorant and preparing to go downstairs for breakfast. Julie would be there, maybe even wearing her tennis outfit. His hands shook as he hurried along, dressing in trousers, a polo shirt, and loafers.

Sure enough, there she was making toast beside his wife, Michelle. Though the tennis outfit was missing, she was still sexy in her black mini-skirt and sleeveless summer-weight sweater, which clung to her breasts so delightfully. They were smallish, but perfectly formed and every now and then, her nipples stood up tall. Jake guessed when she reached full maturity they would be truly spectacular.

He dropped a kiss on Michelle’s cheek and patted the baby’s head.

“Morning kiddo,” he said casually to Julie as he took his place at the table.

“Good morning Jake,” she replied in her calm, quiet voice.

His eyes strayed to her bare, tanned legs for a moment as she turned back to the toaster, and he shook his head in helpless frustration.

Julie was staying with them again this summer. She had come to them last summer, as an au pair for the baby, who was only a newborn then. Jake hadn’t been happy about it at first, but Michelle insisted she needed help with Jacob, and he relented, knowing she was right. Jake had expected a typical teenager, however, and was pleasantly surprised when Julie arrived.

The Sisters of Mercy Convent that had taken Julie in as a child had done a good job raising her. The cloistered environment, far from the temptations and distractions of the rest of the world kept Julie from following a destructive path after the death of her parents, and the constant supervision kept her safe and innocent. Now, she needed to make her way in the world, and the Sister’s felt Julie would do best in a nice family environment. Michelle just loved how Julie was with Jacob, and Jake even managed to warm up to her charm and innocence. His delight in her quiet manners and respectful attitude quickly turned to horror, however, when he realized his strong sexual attraction for her. It had grown steadily since her return this summer until she was all he thought about. He wanted this girl. He wanted her more than he’d ever wanted anyone in his life.

“Jake, I’m taking Jacob to visit Mother this evening. Julie said she’d like to stay here with you if you don’t mind.”

She smiled at Julie, and ran her hand down her cheek, “I think she’s still a little shy about meeting anyone new right now. Would you mind?”

Jake gulped as he swallowed a mouthful of eggs, “How long will you be gone?” He almost pleaded, immediately worried about being left alone with Julie. He was afraid he wouldn’t be able to control himself.

Michelle gave him a strange look. “The usual overnight. I’ll be home tomorrow evening. You know I always stay over. It’s a long drive.”

“If you’d rather not Jake, I could just go with Michelle.” Julie spoke softly, obviously feeling uncomfortable and in the way.

Jake swallowed again, instantly feeling bad. “No Julie, of course it’s okay. I really don’t mind at all. Hey, I’ll even pick us up a movie after work. Any requests? What does Julie want?” He asked, using the silly ‘I want’ game the Walker family frequently played with each other to help set her mind at ease.

She smiled, catching on right away, her face lighting up, “Um… Julie wants… a horror movie.”

“Oh, I don’t know Julie. Do you think?” Michelle asked, in a typically overprotective and motherly way. She was quite fond of the young girl.

Her cute little head nodded fiercely. “Yep, Julie wants a horror movie.” It seemed Julie could not get enough of all the things denied to her from so many eryaman escort years at the convent, and movies had become her passion.

“Okay, but Jake, take it easy. Nothing too graphic, okay?”

Jake reassured his wife, then announced it was time to head to work. He took Michelle in his arms and kissed her lovingly, although his eyes never left sweet Julie’s face. He gurgled at Jacob playfully, grabbed his jacket and headed for the door.

“Jake?” Her voice stopped him cold. She’d followed him in to the living room.

“What is it sweetie?” He asked.

She smiled hesitantly and he thought, not for the first time, that her eyes were too adult, too grown up for a girl her age. At first taking only a few hesitant steps, she finally flung herself the last few feet and enveloped him in a hug. He felt her tight body pressing against his own and his erection returned instantly. Stifling a groan, he put his arms around her and held her close, breathing in sweetness and shampoo.

“I just wanted to say thank you.” Pulling back a little, she turned her serious blue gaze to his face and he thought he saw tears.

“Thanks for letting me stay with you. And thanks for making me welcome and for taking care of me this summer.”

She squeezed him tight again and Jake thought she pressed her chest against him rather unnecessarily. He felt his cock lurch against the belly of this girl, and he panicked briefly, wondering if she noticed.

“We’ll have fun tonight huh Jake?” She asked, her eyes shining.

He kept his arm around her waist, his hand slipping ever so slowly down until the firmness of her buttocks filled his palm, he couldn’t stop himself; he squeezed gently. He throbbed with wanting her.

“Yes,” he whispered, “We’ll have fun Julie… if you want.”

“Julie wants,” She smiled. And then she was gone.

Jake spent the entire day convincing himself that Julie hadn’t been coming on to him. He told himself that she was only being sweet, like a young girl should be. Still, at lunch he’d gone to the men’s room and masturbated, inflamed at the remote possibility that she had been flirting with him. He imagined his hands touching her ass like he’d done that morning, only it would be naked, and soft, and tight. He pumped his shaft furiously as he envisioned her accepting his cock in her mouth. When he climaxed, he’d whispered her name again and again.

When he got home, he was disturbed to discover that Michelle and Jacob were already gone. Julie informed him that they’d left that afternoon.

“Michelle said I could make you dinner Jake. I hope you like spaghetti?”

Her face was hopeful, sweet, and oh so lovely. Jake decided to just get on with the night and make his escape as soon as possible.

“Yeah kiddo, I love spaghetti. Bring it on.” He said with enthusiasm.

She had set a nice table complete with candles, and linen napkins, which made Jake smile. Maybe she does have a crush on me, he thought. He sat down and thumbed through the newspaper as she bustled around the kitchen taking care of the last minute details. When she sat a bottle of red wine down, he looked at her sternly.

“Julie wants,” she said, a wicked smile on her face, “Besides, I’m supposed to try new things, even the Sister’s said so.”

He was doubtful, but unsure about how to deal with a young girl, having no experience to draw from. He decided to let it go and poured them both a small glass just as she approached the back stairs.

“Where ya going kiddo?”

“Oh, I just want to change real fast. Be right back.”

Just a few minutes later, she made her entrance and Jake nearly choked on his wine. Her hair was up, secured by a gold clip; she wore a pale blue dress, sinfully short, far too tight, and sleeveless. Her cheeks were glowing softly and her lips were shiny and pale pink. His cock roared to life. This child was the most beautiful creature he’d ever laid eyes on. All he could do was stare as she took her seat.

Dinner passed in a blur. Julie captivated him with her presence. She sipped her wine delicately as they ate and talked, and Jake refilled her glass at her whispered, “Julie wants,” Her eyes took on a seductive, deep beauty in the candle glow, holding Jake’s attention throughout the entire meal. Her talk was sophisticated, cultured, and socially relevant. They spoke of past school assignments, current events, and impending war. It was obvious she was a very intelligent girl.

After dinner, they piled the dishes in the sink, agreeing they’d wash them tomorrow and entered the living room for movie time. Her eyes were slightly glazed and she appeared to be a little tipsy. For the first time since she’d sat beside him at the dinner table, he was reminded, in lust-causing clarity, of how much younger than him she really was.

Jake took one end of the sofa, Julie claimed the other, and they settled down. They began the movie, Interview With a Vampire, in silence and Julie soon became engrossed. Jake managed to eryaman escort bayan keep his eyes off of her aside from furtive glances from the corner of his eyes. She’d shed her shoes and he saw her struggling to get comfy. It must have been difficult to do in that short dress. His cock alternated between semi-hard and full erection and the pressure of his trousers was almost excruciating, as he was rewarded, time and again with tantalizing glimpses of smooth, firm thigh flesh.

Finally, in need of comfort, he spoke, “Hey, do you mind if we pause this for a minute. I need to get changed.”

“No, I don’t mind. I’d like to change too.”

Upstairs, she went one way, he the other, but he turned around at the last moment to watch her sashay her ass down the hall. But she was standing still, looking at him, her mouth turned up in a cute little grin. He wondered if she heard him groan as he slammed his bedroom door behind him.

Okay Jake, settle down now, he told himself. His cock was rock hard and aching to cum. He spent a few leisurely moments stroking its length, wondering if he could just beg off, go to bed, and masturbate. The girl was driving him crazy. He heard her door open, her footsteps, and then a pause outside his door. She knocked and he froze.

“Jake, I’m ready. You coming?”

I will soon he thought, but just replied, “Yeah, on my way.”

He stayed long enough to tame his erection, then pulled on a pair of shorts before going back downstairs.

He almost turned around and went back up the stairs when he saw her. She was standing in the middle of the room, another glass of wine in her hand, a smile on her lips. Her hair was still held by the gold clip, but there were soft, sexy tendrils framing her beautiful face, and she was wearing… dear God… she was wearing a white, lacy nightgown. It fell to just below her ass. It was wispy, hugging her curves tight all the way down, then flaring saucily at the hem. And it was totally sheer. She was a vision, and his cock swelled to enormous proportions inside his gym shorts.

He stood still and stared at her. “Oh Julie,” He could make out the line of a tiny pair of panties, “Oh Julie,” and her nipples showed dark brown and erect through the lace, “Oh Julie honey,” She raised the glass, took a slow sip, then looked him full in the eyes. “Oh Julie, my God you’re beautiful.” It was all he could say. He knew she could see his erection, but all sanity had fled at that point. All he could think about was touching this lovely creature.

She stepped toward him, “Jake?” Pausing mere inches away, she turned her charm full on and twirled a stray strand of shimmering brown hair around her finger.

“Yes Julie?” He whispered.

She took another step, “Julie wants.”

“W-what does Julie want?”

She was so close he could smell her, “Julie wants Jake.” And then she was in his arms. She was kissing his face, raining a shower of sweetness all over him, and he was in shock, and hard, and aching for her. Somehow, sanity returned and he took her upper arms in his hands and pushed her away.

“No honey. This is wrong. Go on to bed now.”

She simply said “No,” and stepped back within easy reach. Her body trembled and quivered in response to his nearness, and Jake was in a trance. He reached out and ran a finger along her full lips. It came away with a touch of shiny pink gloss, and she breathed deeply. With slow, helpless movements, he began to pull her close to him and she came willingly. When he folded her in his arms, her pounding heart beat close to his skin, and he felt her nervous excitement.

God, she was so soft, so sweet, and so sexy. Still moving slowly, he trailed his finger down her cheek and across her throat. She sighed and closed her eyes as she leaned into him. He was on fire. His cock throbbed delightfully as this dark beauty clearly offered herself to him. Jake couldn’t believe what was happening. He was forty-two years old and this sexy little angel wanted him. He was a lost soul from that moment on. He knew he would take her, make love to her, and do his best to make her feel good.

Tenderly, he slid both hands up her arms. She shivered. He brought them higher, slid them around her neck and up into her hair. The clip popped free, and suddenly his fingers were awash in exotic-smelling, silky strands of gold-flecked hair as it fell around her face. He could wait no longer. The magic of her lips called to him and he lowered his head.

The instant they touched, she moaned. He pressed harder, tasting cinnamon and wine, and the sweetness of youth. Fueled by her urgent desire, he moved his mouth on hers, teasing her lips open, and offering her his tongue. She accepted eagerly, opening under him and he slipped right in, wanting her so much it hurt. Their tongues met… the touch electric; they caressed… the fire increased, and they danced upon each other with pure delight. Jake stroked her shy tongue with his own, coaxing it out, inviting it in. In turn, she chased escort eryaman him around her smooth, warm mouth and moaned again. He felt her lips soften, he felt the gentle scrape of her teeth, he felt her sucking him in deeper. The girl was eager, her touch growing bolder by the second as she sought to feel him under her fingertips, and with shaking hands, she caressed his naked back.

His excitement having reached an apex, he dropped his hands to the small of her back and pulled her roughly closer, his tongue claiming her fully and driving deeply to further explore her sweetness. He moaned into her mouth, ground his cock against her softness, and lips still locked, led her to the sofa and laid her down.

At last, he broke free and looked down at her. Her eyes were serious as she gazed expectantly at him. He moved a hand to her legs and began to softly stroke her left thigh. Julie hummed a groan, her sweet voice filling Jake’s mind with lust. She lay still, and accepting. Using just his fingertips, he drew circles on her lovely, tan flesh, climbing ever higher until he was stroking her ultra soft inner thigh. She tossed her head, arched her back and spread her legs for him. The short nightgown rose above her thighs at the movement and he found himself staring at tiny, white panties. They fit snugly around her mound and Jake could see a circle of wetness in the very center. His cock surged with fresh life, aching to feel her touch, yet dangerously close to explosion already. He was certain he could not hold out and he wanted to leisurely enjoy the night. Sitting beside her on the edge of the sofa, he slid his shorts down and his cock sprang free. Julie lifted her head and stared at his penis, then looked at his face again with questioning eyes.

He tried to explain. “I want you so much Julie. You have no idea really. You know how it works I’m sure. This is an erection caused by the way you sexually excite-“

She shushed him with a hand to his lips. “Jake, of course, I know all about that. I just want you to tell me what to do. Tell me what you want. I want to make you happy. I want you to… cum.” He gasped at the shy eagerness in her eyes.

“Well, I want to make love to you Julie, but if I do it right now, I’m afraid it will end all too soon. I want to make it special for you. But I need relief now. Understand?”

He almost blushed as he tried to ask her to touch his erection. She understood, and swiftly, before he could even move, she circled his hard-on with a small tanned fist. Jake closed his eyes and lay back on the sofa. She pumped experimentally, then ran her hand up and down the length of his shaft. He moaned a little and thrust his hips at her. Her fingers slid across the head of his dick, smearing his abundant seepage and lubricating her hand, which then reclaimed its grasp on his cock and stroked even harder.

Groaning again, he felt her other hand circle his crown and tickle the sensitive underside. He jerked and knew he was about to explode, the excitement of this tender girl too much for his body to handle. Wanting to watch her reaction, he opened his eyes in time to see her lower her head, stick out her tiny wet tongue and lick just the tip of his rock hard cock.

It was too much for Jake, her beauty, her innocence, her obvious eagerness. He groaned as he felt the orgasm rise in hot, lustful waves from his tortured balls.

“Julie,” he wheezed, “Oh God Julie, I’m gonna cum. Drink it baby.”

At once, rope after rope of creamy warm semen flew from the end of his dick. He saw the first shot strike her on the chin, he saw her lovely blue eyes widen in surprise, he saw her place her lips, slightly parted, just in front of his spurting cock and take his seed in her mouth as her hand instinctively pumped for more. He groaned, twisting his body as sweet Julie accepted his cum without hesitation. When he finished, she sank her lips down his shaft and suckled his softening cock, her head resting on his thighs, her soft hair caressing him.

Moments passed and Jake reached down to stroke her cheek. He smoothed the hair from her face and rubbed her like a kitten. She purred. When she rose, she placed her hands at the hem of her nightgown and lifted it high above her head. Jake watched as she moved in slow motion revealing more and more of her perfect little body. In a moment of adorable shyness, she crossed her arms to cover her breasts and stood blushing before him clad only in sexy white panties so tiny they barely covered her sweet little cunt. Jake only looked at her, loving her beauty, her sweetness, her adoration.

He rose and took her in his arms. He held her close, feeling her shiver, feeling her heavy breath blow warm against his skin. She melted into him and they stood still, swaying gently. Jake’s hands moved up and down her back, enjoying the feel of her naked flesh. Her nipples were stiff and pressed enticingly into his chest. They kissed again and she eagerly searched for his tongue. More than willing now, Jake gave it to her and she sucked softly.

His erection was returning in full force. Dropping his hands lower, he once again felt her bottom, pressing her against him in manly pride, displaying his hardness for her to feel and to understand that she was the cause.

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