Lovely Linda and Sexy Sarah Pt. 03


***Please read Lovely Linda and Sexy Sarah Pts. 1 & 2 as there is little recap. This story is told by Tim as he looks back on a great time in his life in the late 70’s***


Cast of Characters:

Tim Johnson – 18 yrs old, 5’11” tall, 155 lbs, brown hair, blue eyes, 6″ dick. The ultimate average guy, until recently a virgin.

Linda Spinelli – 32 yrs old, 5’8″, 130 lbs, black hair, dark almost black eyes, full figured, large breasts, slim waist, full hips and ass. Took Tim’s virginity.

Sarah Andrews – 28 yrs old, 5’1″ tall, 98 lbs, blonde hair, blue eyes, slim figure, small breasts and waist, fabulous ass. Linda’s best friend.


The sun shining through the slats of the horizontal blinds made stripes across my face causing me to stir and slowly wake. Disoriented, I wondered where I was until I recognized Linda’s bedroom. The memories of this weekend came rushing back, bringing a smile to my face. I had just spent the last two days with Linda and her friend Sarah, who I had met at Linda’s party Saturday night. We then spent most of the day Sunday expanding my sexual horizons! My mind was still blown by some of the things we did. Thankfully today (Monday) was a holiday so I did not have school or work to worry about.

I rolled over, pushing my face into the pillow and sheets. I could still smell the ladies’ perfume mixed with the scent of our sex, causing the blood to start flowing into my cock. These thoughts along with a need to pee brought on a serious case of morning wood. I looked around the room wondering where the ladies were. Taking a second to listen carefully, I heard their voices coming from the bathroom. The need to pee and curiosity made me walk to the bathroom door. As I approached, I heard my name being spoken, which piqued my interest even more. Yes, I know it is impolite to eavesdrop but of course I presssed my ear to the door anyway.

“I thought we were gonna get more freaky yesterday,” said Sarah.

Linda replied, “I know but I could see we were blowing Timmy’s mind, so I backed off. I didn’t want to push him too quickly, especially since today is a holiday. We have all day to get as freaky as you want to. Now that we have opened the door with him, he should be more ready to go further.”

“Good, because I can’t wait for you two to double team me,” sighed Sarah.

“You are such a slut,” Linda giggled. “Now, let’s get you cleaned out, bend over.”

That made me lean too far forward causing the door to slowly open. The sight that greeted me caused my jaw to drop! Sarah was bent over the tub as Linda inserted a tube into her ass. The tube was attached to a rubber bag hanging from the shower curtain rod. My mom always referred to it as a hot water bottle, that she filled with warm water to press on my stomach when it was upset. I guess there were other uses for it that I never knew!

Startled, Linda looked up and smiled, “Hey sweetie, we are just preparing for some more fun today. You up for that?”

“I’m not exactly sure, but you have never steered me wrong yet Linda, I’m in,” I said.

Linda squeezed the last of the warm soapy water out of the bag, then removed the tube from Sarah’s ass. Sarah held the water in as long as possible before expelling it into the toilet. “We cleaned my back door out first and that was Sarah’s second rinse, your turn now sweetie,” Linda said as she cleaned the tubing.

Ex..excuse me,” I asked?

“Trust me baby, you’ll love it. You said I would never steer you wrong, right?”

I thought a minute, then Ankara escort shrugged and said, “Ok.”

Linda refilled the bag, lubed the end of the tube and inserted it in my anus. Now Linda had played with my ass a bit but this was the first time anything had been inserted. Once I relaxed, I realized it wasn’t bad, though the water filling my rectum was a weird feeling! I started to cramp slightly as more water filled my ass. Finally full, I sat to vacate my bowels and realized my dick was still hard and I had to pee really badly as well. I told them I would probably pee like a fountain when I relaxed my muscles to void the water in my rectum. Sarah leaned over and grabbed the base of my cock with a death grip.

“Go ahead Timmy, I’ll keep hold of it.”

I did as she said, feeling very strange as my muscles relaxed, voiding the water and feeling the need to pee but unable to do so. We repeated the process and now my need to pee was almost painful.

“Ok Timmy, we all need to shower and clean up. I know you have to pee. I’m gonna climb in the tub and I want you to pee on me,” said Sarah as she guided me to the tub by my penis.

“Wait…what,” I asked?

Linda walked over, grabbed my dick and said, “I’ll aim it, you just let it go.”

Still not believing what was happening, but unable to hold it anymore, I let go with a hard stream. Linda aimed it at Sarah’s tits then down to her pussy until Sarah turned so I could pee on her lovely ass. I could see the stream hit above her crack to run down between her cheeks. “So hot,” Sarah exclaimed. She really seemed to enjoy it!

Finally my bladder empty, Linda released me and started to run the water in the shower. We all climbed in and washed each other thoroughly, making sure all traces of our preparations were gone. We dried each other off and returned to the bedroom.

“Timmy, as I said yesterday, Sarah is submissive and I can go either way. She wants us to both dominate her and be rather rough, can you handle that,” Linda asked?

Starting to get into this, I replied, “I think so. What about you and me? Who is in charge there?”

“I would normally like for you to be in charge but I think I need to guide things along here, don’t you? We’ll do it together,” Linda answered.

“Ok, let’s do it.”

“Alright slut, assume the position,” Linda exclaimed to Sarah!

Sarah kneeled down with with her knees spread wide and hands behind her back. Linda tied a scarf around her wrists and grabbed her by her hair then said, “You wanted it rough slut, you got it!”

Linda walked over to a chest at the end of her bed and opened it, revealing a stash of BDSM paraphernalia. I was stunned by the paddles, whips, and restraints in there. Linda reached in for two clothes pins and told me, “Want to put these on the slut, sweetie?”

I tested them and they were new and the springs were very stiff. Linda pulled on Sarah’s nipples to prepare them, squeezing and twisting them roughly. Her already eraser like nipples extended and plumped up. Sarah whimpered as I put them on but did not complain. Linda then grabbed Sarah by the hair and led her to the bed, bending her over until her head, neck and shoulders were on the bed. The clothespins hanging from her nipples wiggling and causing Sarah more pain.

Linda then said, “We are gonna spank you now slut, if you squirm and knock those clothes pins off, we will go hard on you!”

Linda then spanked her left butt cheek, then nodded to me. I spanked her right cheek, afraid to hit her too hard. Linda scowled Ankara escort bayan at me and laid into Sarah with a hard smack. I got the message and spanked Sarah much harder leaving a hand print. We alternated cheeks as Sarah’s ass started to go from pink to red. Linda looked at me and nodded to Sarah, mouthing some words.

Getting the message, I said, “You like that slut?”

“Yes sir!”

“You want more?”

“Please sir!”

While I was doing that, Linda had gotten two long, thin, rubber paddles from her chest. We continued to alternate paddling Sarah ass, until it was a deep red. Linda stopped, saying, “I think that’s enough, we don’t want to leave welts. Assume the position again slut.”

Linda untied Sarah’s hands then kneeled down next to her. She grabbed my cock and bringing it to her mouth. She started to lick and suck it, then pulled it from her mouth and told Sarah, “Mmm I love this cock, but you will have to earn the right to pleasure it, slut. Now move over and lick Sir’s ass while I suck him.”

I can’t adequately describe the pleasure of two gorgeous ladies servicing me this way. As Linda’s full lips slid up and down my cock, Sarah spread my cheeks and started to lick my whole crack with her long tongue, exerting pressure to my anal ring as her tongue swept by. She then inserted her tongue into my anus as she moved her head back and forth, fucking my ass with her tongue. I pushed my ass back and Linda reached around to push Sarah’s face in farther.

Linda then said, “Now that it’s lubed up, slide your finger in and massage Sir’s prostate.”

Sarah sucked her index finger getting it wet with her saliva and then inserted it in my ass, searching for my prostate. Now I didn’t even know what a prostate gland was at that time but I knew it when she found it! As she massaged it, I had an almost involuntary need to cum. Couple that with Linda’s expert blowjob and soon I was shooting my load in Linda’s mouth! Linda kept it in her mouth and again passed it to Sarah with a deep tongue kiss!

Linda then removed the clothes pins from Sarah’s nipples causing her to scream as the blood rushed back into them. I kissed and sucked them as Linda rubbed Sarah’s sore ass.

“Want more slut,” asked Linda?

“Yes, please Mistress.”

Linda then tied Sarah’s hands to the headboard as she lay face down. We placed some pillows under her hips to lift Sarah’s ass. Linda then handed me what she called a flogger and we proceeded to whip Sarah’s back, shoulders, ass and legs with them. The leather cloggers left red whip lines across her shoulders, back and ass but we kept our strokes light enough not to cause welts.

I was surprised how turned on the power of being dominant made me. My cock was getting hard again as I watched Sarah squirm under our strokes. “She is really enjoying this isn’t she,” I asked Linda?

Linda stuck two fingers in Sarah’s pussy and they came out soaked! “See, the slut loves it,” she said. “Ready to get fucked bitch?”

“Yes, please Mistress!”

“Sir, why don’t you lay down and let the cunt ride you,” said Linda.

I laid on the bed and Sarah straddled my cock and in one swift motion impaled herself! She rode me hard and fast, biting her lip in concentration nearing a climax. “May I cum Sir,” she asked.

I looked up as Linda answered her, “Not yet slut!”

She had strapped on a harness with a large dildo attached, at least larger than my average 6 incher. As she lubed it up, she pushed down on Sarah’s shoulders. Sarah’s small tits rubbed my Escort Ankara chest as her slim body was sandwiched between us. Sarah breathed out a long moan as Linda worked the dildo into her ass. I could actually feel it on my cock as it entered her! It took us a while to get a rhythm going but after a while we were synced up. I had to actually hold Sarah down as she writhed around and begged, “Pleeeaasse may I cum?”

Linda nodded at me and I said, “Go ahead slut, cum for us!”

“Uuuuuhhhhhhh!!” Sarah groaned as every muscle in her body tensed.

Finally, Linda pulled the dildo out and I decided I wanted to fuck that tight ass. I flipped her over, grabbed the lube and spread it over my cock. I put the pillows back under Sarah’s hips and got between her legs. I could see her anus closing but still slightly gaped from Linda’s dildo. I slowly slid my cock in, and just started to pound Sarah’s ass hard.

“Oh fuck yes! Fuck my ass hard Sir!” Sarah cried.

Linda crawled on the bed, putting her legs on either side of Sarah’s head. She grabbed Sarah by the hair and pulled her face first into her wet pussy. “Eat it good cunt,” Linda ordered!

Sarah dove in and ate that pussy like her life depended on it. My hard strokes into her ass driving her face even deeper. Linda came quickly, coating Sarah’s face in her juices, “Oh yyeeeeessss!”

I continued to fuck Sarah’s ass as Linda got off the bed. After a minute, I felt her massaging my balls. If I had not cum several times already this weekend, I may have cum right then. Then I felt Linda’s lubed fingers sliding into my ass, messing up the rhythm of my strokes into Sarah. First one, then two fingers, I stopped my strokes and just left my cock buried to the hilt in Sarah’s tight ass. I turned my head and saw Linda had the harness on with (thankfully) a much smaller dildo attached. I tensed as she rubbed it on my anus.

“Relax baby,” Linda crooned.

I relaxed as she slowly slid it in. It was uncomfortable at first but became pleasurable as it slid over my prostate. Linda continued her slow stokes as Sarah started to move her ass back and forth on my cock. I was literally being fucked by two women! Their speed increased until I exploded in one of the most intense orgasms of my life. “Holy Fuuucck!”

We all lay in a sweaty pile on the bed trying to catch our breath. Then Linda removed her harness, and we laid down with me in the middle, for a little cuddle time. We talked a bit about what happened, with the ladies assuring me that I was not gay for enjoying it. I did ask them not to share it with anyone though.

I was pretty beat, but the ladies still kept things going. Linda started to massage Sarah’s sore body with a soothing oil. Then they started to kiss and fondle each other. Before I knew it I had two lovely ladies in 69 position on the bed next to me. They ate each other to one more climax each, as I stroked myself watching them.

I felt Linda had been a bit shortchanged today, so I mounted her missionary with my renewed hard on. We had a slow easy fuck as Sarah caressed and fondled us both. Linda came hard as Sarah rubbed her clit vigorously. I fucked her harder as she came and then Sarah started to grab my balls, literally trying to squeeze the cum out of them. After all the orgasms this weekend, I did not have much left but it was still very nice.

We were all done at that point, and lay together until we decided we all needed a shower. After cleaning up, we all had things to do at home, so Sarah and I left. We all hugged and kissed and promised to get together again soon.

As I was driving home, I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. My mother asked me later that day why I could not wipe the smile off my face. I just told her I had a good weekend!

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