Leveraging Teamwork Synergies


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Leveraging Teamwork Synergies

* * * * *

Hannah’s nose wrinkled at the stink of disinfectant. At least that meant the supply closet was clean, she thought. Probably. The guy — what was his name? Craig? Greg? — came in behind her and closed the door.

“Well?” he said impatiently. “On your knees works.”

Hannah sighed and dropped to her knees. The guy — would it be impolite to ask him to repeat his name at this point? — quickly dropped his pants. His cock sprang free, bouncing toward her face. He was already hard, she noticed. He had probably been hard since the moment Hannah asked about the internship job. Guys like that could smell desperation like a dog smells bacon.

“You can really get me that job?” she asked, hating the pleading sound she heard in her own voice.

“Yeah, yeah,” he growled. “Just get sucking already.”

Hannah slowly took him into her mouth. He was hardly the sleaziest guy she had ever sucked off. Of course, usually she didn’t realize until afterword how sleazy they were. At least this time she wouldn’t end up with a broken heart to go with the cum in her hair.

“Oh, yeah. That’s it baby,” he moaned as Hannah’s lips slid down his shaft. Most people would say that no job was worth blowing a complete stranger for. Most people, however, didn’t have to shuttle bags of greasy sandwiches all over town while wearing a ridiculous, chicken-shaped hat just to pay the rent.

Hannah began to bob her head up and down on Greg’s — or was it Craig’s? — cock. She took him deep into her mouth, sucking in her cheeks and undulating her tongue. She let him press against the back of her throat, but no further. This guy wasn’t worth going all out for, after all.

“Don’t be lazy, Hannah,” her mother had always said. “Why can’t you be more like your sister? She tries so hard at everything.” Mom hadn’t been talking about oral sex, but she was right nonetheless. If Hannah had spent a little less time partying and more time studying she might have gone to design school with her sister Sam. Who knows what she might have accomplished? She wouldn’t be in this dank storage closet with a dick in her mouth, that was for sure.

“You like sucking that cock, don’t you,” he panted.

“Mm-hmm,” she nodded enthusiastically. A little theater might help this guy get off that much quicker.

“Yeah, you’re a good little slut.”

Hannah pulled the cock out of her mouth with a wet slurp and looked up at him. “Is that absolutely necessary?”

“Less talk,” he frowned. “More suck.”

It was time to finish this guy off, she decided. Hannah dove back onto his cock, wrapping her mouth around him and stroking his shaft with her hands. She always felt especially naughty while giving a blowjob. It was just so raunchy and wild. It made her feel like a porn star.

It was actually a pretty nice dick, she had to admit. Not exceptionally long, but quite thick. It filled her mouth nicely. “Oh, yeah,” he encouraged her. “That’s more like it.”

At least he seemed to be enjoying it, Hannah thought to herself. She was definitely going to enjoy turning in her notice at the deli. Taking that stupid chicken hat and throwing it in her boss’ face would feel amazing. Smiling as she pictured that, she closed her eyes and focused on wrapping her nimble tongue around the bulbous cock-head in her mouth. Without quite realizing it, she slipped one hand down the front of her tacky red polyester pants.

“Oh, God,” he moaned. Hannah stroked herself through her panties, which were beginning to get moist with her excitement. Sucking cock could be so much fun. She felt his penis swell and pulse as she sucked. It wasn’t going to be much longer! Then he would finish and she could get out of here … and go back to work. Just her and the sandwiches and her wet panties for the rest of the day.

“Fuck it,” she jumped to her feet.

“Wha — ” he looked at her dumbfounded. “I’m almost finished here!”

“I’m just getting started.” Hannah hooked her thumbs into the elastic waistband of her work pants and swept them down her long, slim legs in one quick movement. Her panties quickly followed. Then she kicked her right foot free and spread her legs wide. She bent over at the waist and leaned against a shelf of cleaning supplies, pointing her ass back at Greg — maybe Craig. She looked back over her shoulder — he was still staring with his mouth agape and his cock at attention. istanbul escort “Well, get on with it,” she snapped.

“Fuck yeah,” he shuffled toward her and grabbed her roughly by the hips. He jammed his thick member into her in one stroke. Hannah gasped. Two more powerful strokes and his cock was coated with her slick juices. She was stretched and filled perfectly. This was exactly what she needed!

He began to pound into her soft, yielding flesh. His strokes were so violent, his swinging balls were smacking into her. She was going to be sore later, but right then she didn’t care. He started to shove her red and white striped shirt up her back. His strong, grasping hands reached around to grope at her breasts. He pushed and tugged at her lycra sports bra, twisting it around uncomfortably.

“Let me,” she panted and yanked the shirt over her head and tossed it aside. The sports bra quickly followed. Her nipples went hard immediately in the cool air of the storage closet.

“I knew as soon as I saw you that you were a fucking slut,” Craig — or it could have been Greg — grabbed a fist full of her hair and pulled her head back painfully. A part of Hannah wanted to push him away and call him an ass, but another part of her wanted to ride this cock until she got off. The latter part won out.

She felt a tingling building in her center. With each powerful thrust of hard manhood filling her body, the tingling grew. It spread out to her thighs and her breasts. Soon! She was going to cum soon! Then there was nothing. The cock was gone.

“Hey,” she whined. She whirled around to see Greg or whoever he was tucking his shirt tails into his pants. “We’re not done here!”

“We’re done, all right.”

Fuck! She was so close. Hannah flopped down on a big cardboard box. Damn! Well, she decided, he was obviously not going to help. She needed to take matters into her own hands. She reached down between her legs and gently inserted her fingers into her puffy pussy lips. Gathering her own lubricating moisture she sought out her engorged and sensitive clitoris.

“Damn, you are a crazy slut,” he chuckled. Hannah watched him buckling his belt while she rubbed her hard, little pleasure button. Soon she again felt the tingling spreading throughout her body. This time, however, she didn’t let up. Her fingers were a blur between her legs as she chased her orgasm. Finally, she came with a little, satisfied squeak. It wasn’t her most intense orgasm ever, but it was better than nothing.

“So,” Hannah bent over to try to retrieve her panties, “when do I start?”

“Uh, yeah,” her companion adjusted the knot on his tie. “Come in on Wednesday afternoon for an interview.”

“An interview?” she glared at him. “A fucking interview? You said you could get me this job.”

“Hey, I’ll pencil you in on the interview schedule,” he shrugged and moved toward the door. “That’s a big deal. Don’t be so ungrateful.”

“Well, ok I guess,” she felt herself waver. It’s hard to be confident and assertive when you’re bare ass naked and have cum oozing down your thighs. “I just really need this job. What will it take?”

“A fucking miracle,” he laughed. “A dumb bitch like you working here? Give me a break! Oh, and don’t forget your ugly-ass hat.” Greg/Craig slipped out the door. Hannah could hear him chuckling down the hall.

* * * * *

Her hair still smelling a bit burnt from the flat iron she had used, Samantha pulled her sister’s car into the parking lot early that Wednesday afternoon. The old silver Civic gave a gasping sound as she shut off the motor.

“Hannah, I am going to murder you for this,” she muttered under her breath as she swung the car door open and slipped her feet out her comfortable shoes and into the toe pinching low heals.

When she climbed out and shut the door she saw her reflexion in the car window and grimaced. Her bouncy curls were gone, the normally light hand she used with her makeup replaced with the industrial grade layers of cosmetics that Hannah favored. She shook her head at the reflected image. The straight blond hair shifting from shoulder to shoulder bugged the hell out of her.

“‘It’ll be just like high school. We did this dozens of times,'” Sam grumbled under her breath, as she tucked her purse under her arm and headed for the doors. The glass and stone building almost frowned down at her as she approached it, as if it could see though this twin sister deception. “This is nothing like high school.”

Plotting her twin’s assassination and trying to decide what to do with the body kept her going past the receptionist, up the elevator and down the hall to the smoked glass doors. The etched black lettering, “Leveraging Teamwork Synergies” surrounded with its softly frosted glass blocked some of the view from within but not the noise. The normal hustle and bustle of a very busy office greeted her, like the old friend that it was, as she opened the door.

As Samantha waited in the typically uncomfortable chair she looked around. The sights and sounds of the istanbul escort bayan office brought back memories to her. Her time in just these type of places had been brief but productive… but also stifling to her creativity. She had decide to branch out after just a short time but the memories remained. Sam looked for and quickly found the signs of snarky one-up-man-ship that had finally decided the issue for her at the company she worked for.

“Hannah, you’re going to hate working here,” she thought to herself as one of the guys looked up from his desk at her. His eyes went from her face to her breasts in seconds. Then the smirking look he gave her made her skin crawl. She had to keep her thoughts from her face. This pig could soon be her sister’s boss.

“Miss Winston?” The secretary’s slightly nasal voice was all prim and proper. “Ms. Tennyson will see you now.”

Following little miss stuck up Samantha walked through the held open door into a posh corner office. The lady behind the desk smiled, then held up a hand, silently asking for a moment.

“Yes, Philip, I’ll look into it. By tomorrow, yes. Okay, thank you. Yes, bye-bye,” She touched the Bluetooth by her ear as she rose to her feet. “Miss… Winston, sorry for that minor graphic editing issue. I’m Dora Tennyson, it’s a pleasure to meet you. Now, I must say,” her hand tapped the folder before her. “your resume looks quite impressive.”

She gestured toward the chair in front of her desk, then sat back down in her own and opened up the resume. Sam had spent hours helping Hannah put it together. It was mostly a copy of her own.

“Your basic skills are all in order, but if we hire you I might like to send you for some refresher training in Corel. From the dates of your classes you might be a bit behind.”

“I’ve kept up.”


And so the grilling began. Question after technical question that began to drive home just how much she had taken for granted and that her twin did not know. Just how much she was going to have to teach Hannah began to settle around Sam like a cloud. This wasn’t one afternoon lost. She was going to be out weeks of her life training Hannah at night. Every night, night after night. Hoping that her twin could “fake it” long enough for Sam to give her a crash course.

Thank god finally, after what seemed hours, the phone rang.

“Excuse me a moment.”

Samantha nodded, hiding her relief by looking around. Being politely curious without being nosy was a business skill Sam had learned early on. Then her eye was caught by a picture on the wall. All but forgetting where she was, Sam got to her feet and moved over to the wall of photos and documents. The normal, almost narcissistic, multiple framed display of a proud designer’s training.

It was the photo though, in it’s little golden frame, that held her attention. The familiar white columned building with its walls climbing in bright multicolor roses, set against that back drop of massive century old water oaks. Their branches draped heavily with tons of Spanish moss. Though the picture was motionless ,Samantha could almost see the moss moving with the wind.

“Miss Winston?”

Samantha smiled, then began to chant in singsong.

“My Sisters are my past. My Sisters are my present. My Sisters will always be…”

“… my future. I will always be there for my Sisters. Because my Sisters always make me laugh.” Sam heard a soft chuckle from Ms. Tennyson. She was making a very similar sound.

Shaking her head, Ms. Tennyson got up from behind the desk and walked across the room to stand in front of the younger woman. After a moment she just shook her head, smiled from ear to ear, and embraced the younger woman to her chest.

Years felt like they feel away from Sam then. The embrace of a Sister of Lambda Omega Lambda had been such a big part of her life for so long that to be in one again brought back such a feeling of warmth. She held onto this older woman, her breasts pressed tight against her own. She remember then that more than a few sister called these hugs pillow fights. That got her to laughing.

“Stop that! No fair laughing during a pillow fight,” said Ms. Tennyson wiggling her breasts against the younger woman’s chest. Both laughing they very slowly pulled away. “You have no idea how long it’s been since I met a Sister.”

“Same,” said Sam.

“Oh, posh. You were just there. You left what five years back?” The older woman reached over and tugged at Samantha’s earring. “It’s been almost twenty for me! I haven’t seen a Sister in more than.. twelve years. Compared to me you still smell of rose petals.”

Laughing, Sam followed her back to her chair by the desk, but Ms Tennyson rolled her chair around to sit beside her.

“Ms. Tenny…”

“Call me Dora. No Sister of ours will ever call me Ms.”

Nodding, Sam suddenly had a thought.

“Twenty years? You were there for the fire!” Sam exclaimed.

“There for it? I was upstairs in the shower when it broke out! I had to go stark istanbul bayan escort naked out the hall window!” She reached over and took Samantha’s hand. Their two silver rings, with the stylized roses, touched.

“That was you? I heard stories about that,” said Sam, laughing.

“Honey, let me tell you…” Dora patted her hand and grinned.

The phone would ring several times, but was ignored. Her secretary, when she finally stuck her head in, was told to hold all calls and cancel the rest of Dora’s afternoon meetings. The time, that had ground by so very slowly for Samantha, now flew as she and Dora exchanged story after story of their times among the Sisters of L.O.L.

While they talked, outside in the office it began to grow quiet as people departed for the day. Neither of them noticed that their laughter was soon the only sound.

Dora, frowning at this second interruption, looked up when her office door opened. Her secretary was standing there with her purse.

“Will there be anything else, Ms. Tennyson?”

“What? Oh goodness me, would you look at the time! No, that’s all Cynthia thank you. If you would though let payroll know that I have filled Mr. Morison’s position. Ms. Winston will be starting with us tomorrow.”

The surprise on the secretary’s face was quickly hidden, but it was still to be seen in her eyes.

“Yes ma’am. I’ll send them an E-mail. Goodnight Ms. Tennyson, and goodnight and congratulations on the job, Ms. Winston,” she said to Samantha with a smile.

“Thank you,” Sam said simply. The earlier rudeness of the woman still didn’t set well. It was then that she remembered that she was, in fact, not here for herself but for Hannah . A noticeable feeling of disappointment settled into her stomach then. Sam watched the secretary close the door behind her.

Dora got to her feet and Samantha did the same, gathering up her purse Sam went to follow Dora out, but stopped when the older woman reached the door, stopped silently facing it, and then turned the lock. She didn’t turn from the closed door, and Sam noticed after a second that the older woman’s breath began to quicken.

“Dora, are you alright?”

“I’m fine, Hannah. Tell me, do you honor the pledge?”

Surprise flooded Samantha at that, along with a brief feeling of of hurt. What true Sister didn’t?

“Of course I do!”

Dora slowly turned and leaned back against the door. She licked her lips wet. Her eyes were hot as they took in the young woman before her.

“Then you are called to pay ‘honor’ to an older Sister.”

Samantha felt her jaw drop open. “Oh my god,” she thought as she looked at this older woman and what she had just been told to do hit her. It was something she hadn’t been called to do in half a decade.


“I want you to make me… laugh, Hannah. It’s been so long since I… laughed… because of a Sister.” Her fingers drifted to the top button of her business style blouse. As Sam watched she opened a button. “You do honor your L.O.L. pledge right? That’s what you said.”

Biting her bottom lip, Samantha slowly nodded. Her eyes, moving of their own will, began to take in the curves and soft lines of this older woman. Sam felt her breathing jump as she took a hesitant step forward.

“Sorry. It’s just been awhile since I… last heard that. You surprised me.”

Dora smiled.

“Then think, my dear, just how long it’s been since I last got to say it. Please? It’s been so long.”

It was that soft pleading, more than her long ago pledge, that decided it for Samantha. She had often of late thought back to that time and remember just how wonderful it had been when she was the “older” Sister. When, on quiet bored nights, she had ordered one of the “younger” women to her room to make her… laugh. Moving with growing confidence and sense of purpose she approached the older woman. Their eyes never leaving each other now.

“Forgive me Sister, if I’m a bit out of practice.”

Dora chuckled and undid a few more of her buttons. A pale cream color bra began to appear. The lacy fabric shockingly white next to her tanned, freckled skin. Samantha’s hands on hers stopped her from undoing the last buttons.

“Let me,” she told her softly then, moving the woman’s hand away and knelt before her.

Samantha’s hands on the back of Dora’s legs, she slid them up under the knee length skirt as she leaned her head in and snuggled her face against the woman’s belly. When, her hands cupping the older woman’s ass through her satiny panties, she hugged her tightly Sam felt long, slender fingers begin to caress her hair just above he ear. When she looked up she saw those dark eyes looking down at her face.

“Please? Don’t tease me.”

Sam smiled at the soft whispered words.

“Never,” she whispered back.”Unless you ask me to.”

Sitting back, Sam moved now with care but with intent. Her fingers undid the last two buttons and let the blouse fall open. A slight pooch of stomach around the woman’s navel was revealed as she undid two buttons and unzipped the side of the long skirt. Leaning in, Sam kissed the indentations that clothes had made in the woman’s soft skin. Her lips touching sweet scented flesh brought back the memories of many a warm college night and eased away the last of Samantha’s nerves.

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