Learning New Skills


It has been a very long and bitter winter. Going to school in one of the Northern states means rushing to classes on icy sidewalks, bounding over snow-covered curbs, and then landing ankle deep in gutter runoff water. I usually take my shoes off to let everything dry out during long lectures, but today is different. Today I am headed to the house of a tutor for some one-on-one lessons. This is my first year at college; and I have all of the expectations that a gay 18 year old virgin can muster. I want a good education. I want to make new friends. I want to get laid.

Mr. Fulton is a local man, about thirty eight, with the kind of personality and body that I wish I had. Don’t get me wrong, I like myself. It’s just that I always feel twenty pounds light; and know half of what I imagine popular guys know and do. Anyway, Mr. Fulton tutors in graphic and fine arts. I love architecture, and although I am only in a liberal arts program, I elected a course to get a taste of drawing skills. Thing is, I really need help to pass the class. So far, they rank for grades in a worst-to-best lineup, with the middle getting a ‘C’. It’s humbling to see the great work of some of the students; with ideas close to mine, but executed in a better way. My work is usually in the middle, or slightly below.

“Douglas! Come in. Whoa…shoes and socks off first, please. There’s a mat just inside, they’ll have a chance to dry while we work. The rest of your clothes can go on the wall hooks.” I know. I must look real stupid just standing here, but did he just tell me to take off my clothes?

“Uh…Mr. Fulton. You do mean my coat, right?” I always blush when I wish I could control it. This is the second time for me with Mr. Fulton. I mean, the first meeting we had was mostly going over art history and theory. He helped me see things in a different light. I felt real comfortable with him.

“Everything, Douglas. Your professor has forwarded pictures of your work – some of it is excellent. Seems that your main weakness is in freehand drawing. I thought we’d get that out of the way first.” Was that a statement or a question? Damn, this man is keeping me red faced. With my shoes and socks off, coat hung up, and sweater off, I just don’t know what else to do!

“That’s it, Douglas. Your shirt and pants, and then we can begin – oh – and leave your briefs on…for now.” Well, at least that’s clear. “You were near dead last in live-model drawing. Let’s remedy that today. I have a sure-fire way to get you to see the body, well,, differently. We’ll break it down to its parts, and give you the confidence to draw what you see.” I guess it makes sense. Besides, it’s nice and warm in his house. He had a fireplace going last time, too – real cozy. And we capped off the lesson with one of his special drinks! It kept me warm all the way back to the dorm!

“Mr. Ful…” He is waiting for me in the study. It’s a room full of paintings, statues, easels, art supplies, a desk, and a couch. There’s a large set of glass french doors that look onto a fenced-in patio…must altyazılı porno be real nice in the Spring. He is wearing the same long, white, artist smock as last time. The one my professor wears in class is very loose fitting. The one Mr. Fulton wears is kind of tailored to his body. Broad shoulders, full chest, strong arms…if I saw him in the gym I would think he was a weight lifter or a bodybuilder, or maybe a fitness model – he sure is handsome enough to be a model. I’ve always been a sucker for a mustache. Had my own a while back – too puny, so I shaved it off.

“Not so formal, Doug. My first name is Abultado – it’s Spanish for…why don’t you just call me ‘Tad’!” Good thing he makes me feel at ease, because standing here in my underpants could get a guy to feel real weird, real fast. “Have a seat on the couch and I’ll explain the lesson you’ll be getting today.” Last time Mr….Tad and I spent the whole lesson on the couch going over his art history books. We sat real close, with the book straddling both of our thighs. He is a bit taller than I am. Maybe it was the homemade brownies he gave me, but I felt real relaxed and…Crap!

“Now observe the way my body looks in this smock. Can you visualize the muscle structure under the cloth?” Now I remember. I had a massive boner last time sitting on the couch with his thigh pressed onto mine. Good thing the book was on our laps and covering my stiffy. But now that I think about it, I feel that boner starting to come back.

“Good. I can see that your imagination has kicked in.” Damn blushing! All I can do is put my hands over my crotch, hopefully in a way that doesn’t look too desperate. “Now take a good look at the body of a man in all of his fullness and glory, and realize just what you desire to achieve here today.” With that, Tad is removing his smock. He hesitates a few seconds, long enough to see my eyes take in his manhood, give me a smirk, then slowly turn and place the garment on a chair. His ass is full, and lightly hairy like his chest. I think my mouth is dry.

“Douglas, sweet boy-man in need of an education. How silly of you to think I did not see the art book rocking on top of your erection the last time you came here. I had all I could do to not jump you then. No need for brownies or drinks today, Doug, for you have betrayed to me your desire to be trained in, shall we say, the ‘finer arts’? Take off your briefs, Douglas.” I am too turned on to argue; and way too horny to let this opportunity go. Tad is one hot Daddy, and I can see myself becoming his Boy, at least this once. I raise my butt off the couch, pull down my briefs, and toss them at Tad’s feet. He reaches down and picks them up, puts them to his face and takes in a deliberately showy and deep breath. “Delicious! Come to me!”

“Okay.” I am standing in front of Tad. His arms embrace my stiff and frozen form. I am not afraid, just embarrassed to be so new at this…so vulnerable.

“It will be fine, Douglas.” He pulls me in to his body. His skin is warm. My head goes to his türkçe altyazılı porno chest; and I hug him as I used to hug my ‘Big Bear’ when I was a kid. His scent is making me even harder now. I can feel my precum leaking onto his prick. How close am I to cumming? Too close! I would be sooo embarrassed if…

“This is what you want. It is what you need, Doug. I can feel how ready your body is to release; to give yourself to me, to allow another man to take your virgin body, and to….”That’s it. I can’t hold it. I’m starting to shake. “Let it go, Doug. Spill yourself into me. Flood me with the bounty of your beautiful young body. Let me savor your nectar. Let me feed at your fountain of plenty.”

“Tad, I’m gonna…I mean, TAD! TAD! Oh, FUCK!” Like a swift gazelle, Tad swoops down and is sucking my rigid rod deep into his throat, just as the first rope of hot cream rises inside of me. I grab his shoulders. The molten juice feels like it will burst my body wide open…and then it does! “AGHhhh. FUCK! Oh, God! OH. GOD!” The pain of my first rope as it rips through my impossibly hard shaft and tears through my slit is exquisite. His warm mouth is suckling on me; pulling the ropes from my body as they willingly gush into him. I am shaking. His hands are on my hips, steadying my body. It’s not enough. My knees buckle.

“There you go. Hold tight.” He barely finished swallowing my load; and quickly stood to grab and hold me close. I feel light headed. I feel winded. I feel wonderful!

“Correct me if I’m wrong, young Jedi, but is this your first time in sword play with another man?” I only have the strength to get out a meek: “Uh huh.”

“You honor me by shouting my name when you come…but let’s change it from Tad to Dad from now on, right, Son?” My response is a hushed: “Mmm.”

Part 2 –

“Brownies and a drink to celebrate!” He places the tray on a small table near the couch. I am laying down there to bask in the glory of my first sexual experience. “You rest up and refresh, so we can go on with your lesson.” By now, I know that the refreshments are spiked – nothing heavy – just enough to relax me completely. I’m okay with that; and eagerly take in the offerings. In a few minutes, I have my strength back, with a somewhat fuzzy head and a growing cock.

“Tad…I mean, Dad, that was awesome! What does it taste like?” No. I’ve never been sucked before. Never sucked a guy. Never tasted cum. This is all new to me!

“Like a strong and powerful force flowing into my body from yours. Partly bitter and partly sweet and totally intoxicating. It drains from the source of your very being; and fills me with pride at having taken a beautiful Son like you into my domain. Your Dad has a lot to teach you, Douglas. Let’s start by completing today’s lesson, shall we?” I nod in agreement. Dad has been sitting at the end of the small couch for a few minutes, watching me eat and drink. He has been slowly pumping his shaft; and playing with the generous amount of ‘flow’ oozing from him.

“This is yours, now, hd altyazılı porno Son. Take it. Place your lips on the head. Use your tongue to press into the slit – coat your mouth with my flow. Yes. Yes. Like that. Slower. Yes. Feel how sweet and slippery my precum is?”

“Mmm.” He’s right. I love the taste of this!

“Now gently play with my sack. Keep licking. Take your time. Go deeper. Stop if you feel like gagging, I’m not a fan of that. That’s right. Fill your mouth with my manhood. Take your Dad in deep. Oh, yessss.”

Dad has his hand on my head, gently reminding me to take him deeper into my throat. His other hand is playing with my ass cheeks. This all feels so good. So very wonderful!

“If you pretend to yawn, your throat will open wide, and my cock will sink deeply into your body. Do it properly, and Dad will reward you, soon, with your first load. I’ll pump you full, right down into your belly. When you feel me start to soften, slip your mouth up and suck on the head – get a good mouthful and taste of my seed. You will be hungry for more of me from now on!”

I feel my Dad thrust his hips upward for the first time. He keeps doing it.

“Getting close, Son.” I knew it! I knew he was going to blow soon! Maybe if I suck harder, and use the muscles in my neck…

“Damn! Son! OH…..DAMMMNN!” Wow! This is like drinking from the hose! How much cum does he have? I can barely keep up! Oh, right. He’s almost done. Gotta pull back and taste Dad’s cream.

“Oh. Oh. Oh, Yeah. Damn, Son, that was nice!” Gotta suck on him real strong to get the last drops out…

“Easy! It’s real sensitive now. Good. Like that. Yes. Suck the rest from the shaft – milk the last of it up to the head and suck on it. Let the warm spooge coat your tongue and mouth. Let me see.”

“Ahh…” I have my mouth open to show Dad his seed on my tongue. He is leaning down to me. We are kissing! His tongue is in my mouth! OMG. I think I’m gonna….

“Son! Good Boy! Oh to be your age; and able to cream three, four times in one ‘lesson’.” Panting, I nod to Dad, and watch as he plays with the load I just sprayed onto his thigh. He is scooping up a big fingerful of my cream. He’s licking me off his finger!

“Want a taste, Son?” I nod.

“There, that’s it. Take it all.” I wrap my wet lips around his cum soaked finger, and suck it all in. His cum was good, but mine is even better, fresher tasting somehow. Tastes almost like the fruit I had for breakfast! Anyway, I can’t get enough – I’ve scooped and licked it all off his thigh.

“I have another student coming for a lesson in about twenty minutes, Son. Let’s wrap this up for today. Your professor will be pleased at the progress we are making. You have another lesson scheduled for the weekend. We may even get in a little bit of drawing!”

“Twenty minutes?” I wish this could last longer.

“That’s right, Son, but don’t worry. You’ll soon be meeting some of my other students…your ‘Brothers’ will love you just as much as I do! Now hurry along. See you soon!”

Not soon enough for me! Am I pissed that he has other ‘students’? Would I wish to have Dad all to myself? Maybe. But it sure tickles my imagination to wonder about the ‘Brothers’ I have…and who will soon have me!

To Be Continued…

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