Just Another Poker Night


To say it was just another poker night would be a down right lie; I had not hosted a “normal” poker night in over a year. Now that is not to say I have pushed too many boundaries, let’s just say I make sure my girlfriend Sally does her best to distract Willy, Pete and Angelo with her low cut tops and flirting while serving us drinks.

It was Friday night, work had been stressful and Sally was in one of her extra playful moods. She knows the one thing to make me happy is for her to flirt as sexily as possible, in fact for the last 2 years I had been trying to get her to have sex with other men, whether I was there or not, but she always rebuffed me thinking it was just a fantasy phase that would pass. The truth is it turned her on as much as me, but she was always worried it would hurt our relationship down the road, and no matter how much I told her it would bring us closer, the fear remained ingrained in the back of her mind.

The guys showed up around 7ish, and Sally was dressed in her tight jeans with a tight red low cut tee and a white push up bra with red roses on it, showing of her 38B cups, definitely looking hot. As is customary, the guys always gave Sally an extra big hug, making sure to feel the delicious curves of this 49 year old sex kitten.

I made sure that before anyone arrived, we each had a drink to set the mood, I had my customary rum and coke, while Sally had a glass of Red Wine. I knew in advance that Red wine hits Sally harder and quicker than her usual Beer and juice and I was hoping as the drinks kept coming, that she might let her guard down some. I was not to be disappointed on this night.

We had been playing for about an hour, and everyone had two drinks. The mood was good, and the sexual innuendos were beginning to fly, everyone compliment and teasing my girl. I was sitting back beaming, and trying to rub my cock under the table without getting caught.

By the third drink, Sally faced was showing signs of being flushed and I knew she was beginning to get drunk. When she brought back the fourth tray of drinks, I grabbed her sat her on my knee and grabbed her tits. Sally tried to push my hands away, and I teasingly asked the guys if anyone was up for snacks, we have special Tatertits. Everyone laughed but Sally as she blushed and gave me a somewhat dirty look.

As she went around the table each guy made a half gestured attempt at grabbing her by the waist, ass or tits. She gave them all a good natured admonishing and we continued playing.

By now the guys were feeling good, the bets were rising, everyone getting bolder with cards and flirting.

It was now or never time; I told Sally to show the guys her French Maid outfit, to serve us drinks in proper uniform. They guys all looked up excitedly and Sally gave me that you didn’t really tell them about that look.

The boys started egging her on, and Sally did not know how to respond, but it was obvious that with the drinks and attention, she was getting turned on. She shyly said that I was kidding them; she did not have an outfit like that. I quickly rebutted that she was right, but she does have a couple of real sexy corsets and the Black with red trim would suffice. Sally stared open-mouthed as the guys urged her to give a small show. Now Sally was slightly irritated and asked to speak to me in the bedroom, which just made the guys tease us both now.

Once in bedroom, Sally asked me what was Antalya Escort up and I calmly told her that I was losing and was just hoping that maybe if she distracted them, maybe I could start winning. Although I am not sure if she bought it, I was hoping she would believe it enough to give it a try, and sure enough she said she would, but that she would not be responsible for what happened, almost as if daring me to change my mind. I told her to also wear her black stockings and her fuck me shoes she loves to wear when we go clubbing. Sally sighed and proceeded to get dressed as I returned to the table.

When I returned they teased me about not being the man and how I let her run things, and then she walked out. You could have heard the proverbial pin drop right then and there. Slow whistles followed by soft approvals, not believing what they were seeing.

Sally smiled shyly and told us to get back to the game while she brought out snacks and more drinks.

When she returned, she made sure to sit on everyone’s lap, grinding softly down, staring at me, daring me to stop her, which of course I had no intention of doing.

One round later, two more drinks for all including Sally left us all with even less inhibitions. Now the guys were rubbing their hands up and down her sides and she was no longer stopping them. I smiled at one of them, and he picked up on it right away, letting his hand creep around to cup her breast. Not sure if Sally realized or not, but it did not seem to bother her in the least, and as she brought a drink from guy to guy now, they all got bolder copping a feel here and there, looking at me in amazement as I just smiled and secretly rubbed off under the table. Finally was all I could think.

I could tell that Sally was excited, hell I could smell her sex, not sure if they could or not, but her scent is undeniable when she is aroused. When she sat on my lap next time, I reached up and pulled one shoulder strap down, exposing one breast. Sally bolted upright trying to cover up, but I held her arm still. I whispered in her ear to let them see, after all she had been teasing them for a few hours now.

Reluctantly she leaned back into me as I pinched and twisted her pink nipple, making the small nub harder than any eraser. Her eyes rolled back and I slowly slid the other strap down, and this time no resistance. The fellows looked on in awe, and I nodded to them to come over.

I cupped her breasts from underneath and offered up her tits with my hands and two of the guys bent over each taking a hard nipple into their mouths. Sally opened her eyes in shock, but knowing I was holding her arms, sank back down and let it happen.

Smiling I got bolder and told them to grab an arm each and to take her over to the sofa. It was then that Sally knew what my plan was and she started to protest, and so I just adamantly told the guys to take her there and hold her until I returned.

When I got back to the living room, they were playing with her, rolling her corset even farther, hell one even had his hand down in her panties fingering her. When they saw what I was carrying they all stopped doing what they were doing. Holy shit one of them said, what are you guys into.

Well guys, we don’t normally tell anyone, but my sweet innocent girlfriend is really a submissive slut, we have been into this for about two years now, we just never had an opportunity Antalya Escort Bayan to show or play in front of or with others before tonight. You are our first and as my friends, I am honored to share with you.

Sally sat dumbfounded in shock as I pulled her now soaked panties right off, showing my friends just how horny she was, then I placed a ball gag into her mouth, then handcuffed her hands behind her back and tied a restraint to them going around the sofa. I then attached a spreader bar to her ankles in a kneeling position away from the couch. I told them to do what they wanted for the moment, except fuck her, play with her tits, cunt or ass I said with a smirk as Sally looked at me with big brown puppy dog eyes.

I went over to the refrigerator and grabbed a box of Cuban cigars.

I then asked the guys to stop and as they sat back, I said watch the show. I pulled out a large 8″ vibrating dildo and began to fuck my slutty girlfriend in front of this lucky audience. Even tied up, it was all Sally could do to not buck up and down, trying to get every inch into her dripping cunt. I told the guys to grab her tits and twist and pinch and do whatever as hard as they wanted, that she loved it rough. They wasted no time abusing her perfect sized tits, and soon they were biting, and sucking them as well, and I told one of them to rub her clit. That was it, Sally went to never ever land with her first orgasm, fucking juice running down the dildo and her thighs. I told the guys to stop and watch and they could not believe how wet she got.

Not letting up, I fucked her pussy harder, changing the angle so that her g-spot was now the center of attention in her wet twat. The guy was still rubbing her swollen red nub and this time she actually gushed fluid out onto the floor. It was not a sky high ejaculation that she sometimes gets, but it was a nice steady stream of clear love fluid.

I smiled at the guys and grabbed the cigars. I slowly took one of those fat long Cubans out of the box and slowly inserted it into her spread nether lips. Slowly I fucked her with it as I asked the guys if they ever smoked a cigar coated with cunt juice. They all swallowed hard and just moved their heads from side to side in a no motion.

I told them they were in for a special treat, one of the only ways to smoke these babies.

One by one I coated four cigars, and then we headed out to the patio, leaving Sally tied up and wanting with that large vibrator doing its magic in her.

As we had our cigars, I casually mentioned changing the bet for the last game, I told them if I won, they watched me fuck her, if any of them won, they could have her together. Needless to say they agreed with bewildered looks of anticipation, probably wondering if I was serious or if I would renege.

Of course I lost, not saying it was on purpose, not saying if it wasn’t.

I told the boys to untie her and take her to the bedroom. Quickly, before I could change my mind they half carried, half dragged Sally to the bedroom. I set up my video camera as they disrobed as quickly as they could. Sally was drunk now and had lsot any desire to fight it. The guys quickly took off the remainder of her lingerie, and now began to enjoy their winnings. They laid her on her back, and one took her mouth, slowly fucking it, while the other two spread her legs. Sally reached over trying to look at me and yet trying to Escort Antalya grab at least one of the cocks to stroke in her hands. Finally one knelt down and started lapping her delicious pussy, and I could not take it anymore, camera on auto record, I stripped my clothes, my own hard on springing from is confines. I stroke my meat long and slow, letting the pre-cum drip to the floor.

It was not long before the guy in her mouth shot his hot load down her throat, the sexy bitch gobbling every bit of his seed, and then the guy being jerked off took his place. Sally now greedily sucked on his manhood as if she was starving. The guy eating her stood up and positioned him self at her pouty cunt lips and slowly entered her.

I was now jerking off with pure abandoned excitement. Christ, I never thought the day would come when she would have one other guy and here she was taking on three at same time.

Sally started to meet his thrusts, matching every deep stroke, her lusty moans evident around the cock in her mouth. The one who had cum was now stroking his cock as well, encouraging it to come back to life as he sucked her fine titties.

I walked over to the bureau and grabbed a condom out of the drawer and handed to the gentleman stroking his now hard pole again. I told him it was his lucky night and he would be the first guy other than me to take her tight ass.

Flipping her over the guys went to town on my special girl. She lowered herself on to once cock, positioned her ass up in the air, and then took the other piece of meat back into her mouth.

I sat back, forgetting the camera was even rolling, lost in the debauched sight before me.

Sally took all of that cock in her ass, bouncing her body up and down as if needing more, and once the boys got in rhythm; it was a sexual sight to behold. All three guys looking at each other, at her, and then me, not believing they were living a fantasy that few will ever experience.

I could see it building, seeing Sally reach her peak frequently, knowing she was about to go into the phase of non-stop multiple orgasms.

I also knew that once she started, there was no way on earth these guys would last.

Sally’s head snapped back, the one in her mouth popping out, and with the orgasmic scream emitting from her, he lost it first, wad after wad of steamy white hot cum splattering her face and hair.

That was it for me, my fist pumped up and down, my foreskin not caring if it got ripped off or not, my balls tightened up and I stood up scurrying to shoot my sperm all over her neck and tits. As fast as I dumped my precious cargo, Sally was using her fingers to scoop and swallow every drop on her.

Sally then went into phase two, and I could hear the first ejaculation as it splattered the guy below her.

He let out a howl, and I am sure he had probably never experienced the hot jet that a woman can shoot out, and one I am sure will be ingrained in his mind forever.

His head cocked back and he pulled out, shooting spurt after spurt of strands of the white stuff on her tummy and breasts. See that, the guy in her ass bucked and tried to ride but he too lost all control, burying his seed in her tight ass. All four of them collapsed, Sally still using her fingers and tongue to clean up all remnants of the sordid fun that just occurred.

I returned to the camera shutting it down as everyone recovered from our new adventure.

Once cleaned up and dressed, Sally dressed in her outfit again, we wished them well into the night, with a promise of not missing next Friday night’s game. Hell one mentioned bringing along another server to help Sally out,

Yes, Just another Poker night for sure.

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