Jessica Changes Ch. 2


My cum was dripping down my leg as I watched Jessica on the floor just staring at the strap-on dildo Valerie was wearing. My erection, which had started to subside after I came, was now starting to return. Jessica turned her head and looked at me. She saw the growing wet spot on my shorts and let out a small chuckle. You actually got off on that! She said as she laughed. Valerie commented well “I guess he is a closet submissive.” We’ll do our best to teach him how to behave, now let’s get back to our fun!

I was still tied to the chair, still partially drunk, though not nearly as much as I was earlier, and still watching my wife. Watching my wife as she sucked another man’s giant cock, had her pussy eaten by another woman and now about to be fucked by this woman wearing a strap-on! My emotions were in an uproar. I was frustrated, angry yet totally aroused. Hell I got off on it! Came in my shorts without anyone even touching me. Oh was my head swirling. Now I watched as the gorgeous Valerie got on her knees between Jessica’s legs. She took Jessica’s legs and put them over her shoulders exposing more of Jessica’s pussy. She then started stroking the head of the dildo (black and about 8 inches long medium thickness) up and down Jesse’s slit. Her pussy lips were red and swollen, gaping open so much that I could clearly see her hole. It was dripping wet, her pussy juice oozing out and down to her ass. Valerie was using it to lubricate the strap-on. Valerie laid the strap-on lengthwise in Jesse’s slit and started fucking it. Running it from just at her hole to her clit in long slow strokes. I could see Jessie, her eyes closed her breathing getting faster, as she was approaching orgasm again. Valerie was fondling Jesse’s tits and tweaking her nipples as she fucked Jesse’s slit. I could tell by her movements Jessica was ready to explode when suddenly Valerie quickly pulled back and plunged the dildo deeply into Jessica’s cunt! Jessica let out a small yell, more like a startled gasp, her eyes were as big as saucers, then she moaned loudly as she just exploded in the most massive orgasm I had ever seen her have. Valerie was fucking her fast and furiously in long deep hard strokes. She was taking the strap-on completely out of Jessica’s cunt and plunging it back in all the way. Valerie was not being gentle about it. She was definitely fucking Jessie hard. Jessica just kept cumming in waves, it was one giant non-stop orgasm.

Steve, was sitting on the couch watching as he stroked his now fully Beylikdüzü escort erect giant cock. He looked at me and said. I told you she was good with it. But she is only a warm up for this!

He then looked back at the girls as Valerie smiled. She slowed down and then slid Jesse’s legs off her shoulders. Jessica was in a total daze, her breathing fast and hard, her eyes were glazed, and her body just trembled and shook with her orgasms. Valerie leaned down and kissed her full on the mouth, plunging her tongue deep into Jessica’s mouth. Jessie hungrily kissed her back. Valerie slid the dildo out of Jessie, I could the plopping noise as it came out. Valerie turned to Steve and said I think she is ready for you darling.

But give her a minute to get it together first. Then she stood up and walked over to me.

She was quite a sight. A tall gorgeous woman with long dark hair, very ample tits, rock hard nipples and a large strap-on dildo hanging from her crotch. She reached down and grabbed my cock. feeling its hardness through my shorts. She said “well I can tell you enjoyed that but not as much as she did!” Again my anger swelled inside of me. I started to struggle against the ropes that held me. She squeezed my cock hard and said. “Now …remember. you’re the one who is being punished.” She then leaned up and grabbed my head with one hand and placed the dildo on my lips and demanded that I lick it clean! I tried to turn away as I could taste Jessica’s cum on it. Jessie who was finally recovering from her massive orgasm said “do it mike!” I opened my mouth and Valerie laughed as she slid it in. I gagged as she pushed it deeply in. This was not what I expected. The familiar taste of Jessie flooded my mouth as this rubber cock was rammed in my mouth. Valerie laughed and pulled it out. Then leaned down and kissed me! Our tongues danced as she frenched me deeply and started stroking my cock again. She then stood up and said now comes the real fun. She bent down in front of me as she took off the dildo and exposed her very wet and swollen pussy to my eyes. Then she walked over to Jessie and Steve.

Steve stood up and I could see Jessica staring at that massive cock. Even though it had only been a little while ago that she had sucked and stroked him to orgasm. She was looking at it like a new toy. She had a hungry eager look in her eyes. Steve looked at Jessica and said do you want to fuck me? Do you think your woman enough to take it all? Jessie quietly nodded her head. Beylikdüzü escort Then looking at me said yes I want to fuck your cock right now.

Oh how those words rang in my ears…my heart ached yet I was also excited. Could my tight little Jessie take that monster cock in her hole? Earlier I would have said no way. But after watching the fucking Valerie had given her I’d have to say she could now. These two knew what they were doing.

Steve helped Jessica up off the floor and to an overstuffed footrest. She laid down on it. It put her pussy at just the right height for him as he was on his knees. Again he placed her legs over his shoulders as she scooted down towards him. His cock was so close to her cunt. I could see her raise her head to watch as he took his cock and placed the head just at her hole. Her cunt was dripping wet. He rubbed the head around a little and got it wet also, then he started to work it in very slowly. I heard Jessie gasp as the head of his cock spread her open more than anything else had in her life. Her eyes were big as she watched the head ease in and then she moaned and gasped as Steve worked a few inches in and stopped. After a moment Jessie started to move on his cock and he eased in a few more inches then stopped again. Jessie was so tight and he was so big I could tell Steve was having trouble working it in. Again Jessie started to fuck him and he finally eased the rest of his cock in her. I could see his balls hitting her ass. Jessie started to move back and forth on his cock and Steve started long slow strokes. Pulling it slowly back out then working it slowly back in.

Valerie was on the couch with her legs spread, working the dildo in and out of her pussy. Playing with her breast with one hand. Fucking her pussy with the other.

Watching as her husband gave my wife her first taste of a giant cock and her first experience with a man other than me. She was ramming the dildo in and out in short hard fast strokes. But then I thought, if she fucked Steve every night that dildo was just a warm up anyway.

Jessie was loving every inch of that cock. I could see from the look on her face that this was the most intense experience she had ever had. Steve started picking up speed moving faster with shorter strokes then going from side to side. He was working her cunt more and more as she stretched to accommodate him. Soon he was fucking her as wildly as Valerie had with the dildo. Only his cock was much bigger and was the real Escort Beylikdüzü thing. Jessica was in heaven. She was now pushing back as hard as he was pumping it into her. She was raising her ass and timing her strokes with him. I could see she was ready to cum again. As he lengthened his stroke she screamed as she orgasmed and started moving frantically on his cock. Moving like she could not get it deeper or could not get enough. He picked up his pace now. Fucking her hard and deep with long strokes. Almost pulling it out then pushing it all the way in. I could tell from the clenching of his ass he was ready to cum also. Finally he grunted and moaned, cumming deeply in my wife’s pussy. Yes! Yes Jessie said as she felt his hot cum squirt against the back of her pussy. She shuddered and pushed as hard as she could against him. I could see his cum oozing out around his shaft as he worked it in and out of her cunt. Their mixed cum was dripping down her crack to her ass. Finally Steve slowed down then backed out of her cunt. I could hear the squishy sounds as he pulled out. I had a clear view of her hole now gaping open and very well used. Jessica made now attempt to move or close her legs. She just lay there totally spent. I watched as another man’s cum dripped in large drops out of my wife’s cunt.

My cock was rock hard. Steve walked over to Valerie who a still playing with herself with the dildo. He whispered in her ear. She smiled and stood up. Then walked over to me knelt down and undid my pants! She took my rock hard cock out and started to suck it. She was awesome at giving head. She was deep throating me and sucking for all she was worth. Stroking my balls and licking my shaft it was not long before I was ready to come. She could sense that and picked up speed working her head up and down my cock. I was fucking a hot wet hole and after what I had just watched I was ready. A thought flashed through my mind, a mental image of Steve’s cock in my wife, cum oozing out of her and suddenly I exploded in Valerie’s mouth. She swallowed most of it and kept sucking until I was done. Then she stood up and kissed me again. I could taste myself in her mouth. She pulled away and walked around back and she untied me.

Jessica was sitting up watching. Valerie said I hope you don’t mind my doing that. But to be quite honest, after tonight with Steve, you would not enjoy Mike’s cock. And I wanted some for me. Jessica smiled and said that it was OK. Steve helped her with her clothes.

She got dressed came over to me and said let’s go home. As we were leaving Steve said see you in the morning? Jessica looked at me then at him and said “absolutely, I would not miss it for the world!” I wondered what I would find when I got home from work the next day.

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