Jane Moves On Pt. 05


So, to-day is Tuesday and it’s my 50th birthday next Saturday. My son, Dick is in Majorca so it seems I’m to be all alone…so…just another day. Then the phone rang, “Hello?” I answered.

“Hi Daddy, it’s me, Jane. It’s your birthday this Sat. What you doin?”

JANE!!!! My dick twitched at the mere sound of her voice,”Nothing yet, any ideas?” I replied.

“Well, I’m free for a week and I thought it would be nice to visit you on your birthday. It’s quite a trip so maybe I could sleep over?”

Shoot! What more could I ask. My cock took another massive twitch. “Of course. What a great idea! What sort of time?” I asked.

“Well, I shall be doing my week’s shopping in the aftie, and then the trip so around eight. Is that OK?”

“Jane, you know me by now, love. ANYtime is your time, even the middle of the night,” I answered.

“Fine. Just one thing: could you sort of arrange for Jojo to come around for a while?” Jane continued.

Ha,ha. There it was loud and clear: yes, she wanted to visit me, but that milk chocolate brown meat had had her hooked. And why not? Suits me fine, and makes my life even more interesting.

“Jane, sounds like fun to me. I’m sure Jojo will be on tap if humanly possible,” I replied.

“Great! See you Sat then! Byee!” replied Jane, and the phone clicked off.

Then I had a naughty idea. What if I could get Jojo to bring along a friend unannounced? Jane would get another surprise and if one brown sausage is good, two must be better, no?

Later that evening I called Jojo and mentioned my plan. Naturally, he was excited and also said he had a friend called Jimboy, also from Botswana, who would be a great match. The next day, Wednesday, I had a call back from Jojo.” OK, Daddy, Jimboy is coming over to visit me on Saturday. What time do you want us?” asked Jojo.

“Well I’m expecting Jane at eight, so why not us all be there before she arrives, or is it better to come later?” I replied.

“I think maybe we come over earlier and have a drink with you before she arrives to get into the birthday spirit?” answered Jojo.

“Sounds like a plan to me,” I replied. “Make it seven-thirty then.” I continued.

So all the pieces in place. Time passed so slowly until Saturday. Then at seven o’clock I got a message on my phone from Jojo, “Hey Daddy, Jimboy is here but his partner, Honey, came too. I had told him before all about Jane but I was naughty and wanted to surprise him too, so I did not tell him Jane was going to be next door. His partner was due to go out on a girlie evening, but that was cancelled so she demanded to come with him.”

“OK, Jojo, it is what it is. Let’s play it by ear. Jane is staying over, so you could always come back Sunday if Saturday falls through,” I texted back. “Just come on over, all of you, at seven-thirty, OK?”

So, seven-thirty arrived and sure enough, there was a knock on the door.”Come straight in,” I called. The door burst open, and Jojo tumbled in, followed by another guy with the same colouring as Jojo, but a tad shorter and fatter. He was followed by a tall, slim girl just a shade darker in skin colour. “Make yourselves at home. I have decided that tonight it’s Bloody Mary’s for the boys. Would a Tequila work for the lady?” I continued. There was a nod from Honey. “OK. Drinks coming up,” I concluded, and retired to the kitchen to fix the drinks.

Five minutes later I went back to the living room with the tray full of drinks. I have a four-seater sofa with an additional L-shaped tail at each end. Jojo was on the tail far end with Jimboy next to him on the sofa and Honey next to him. I sat the drinks down on the coffee table. “Help yourselves, folks,” I called.

We all grabbed a drink, and Jojo raised his glass,” Happy birthday to Daddy from me, Jimboy and Honey. Down the hatch.” All of us guys downed our drinks and Honey took a sip.

“OK. Time for a refill already, boys, hang on,” I said, and retired once more to the kitchen.

I heard a knock on the door, and some talking so I knew Jane must have arrived. Next minute there was Jane with me in the kitchen. I looked round at her. She was dressed in a khaki tank-top and raggy-bottom blue denim shorts. “Damn, she is wearing just what she wore at our first meeting. Bet she has on the blue semi-see-through undies too,” escort izmir I surmised.

“OK, Daddy, what IS going on?” exclaimed Jane. “Seems we have surprises once again!” she continued with a smile.

“Well, yes. The surprise was supposed to be another milk-chocolate sausage for you since you so much enjoyed Jojo’s, but Jojo wanted to surprise Jimboy and did not tell him, and then Honey came along and wasn’t supposed to. But Jimboy knows all about you already,” I explained.

“Aha. Now it ALL makes sense. I wondered why Jimboy was so shocked when Jojo introduced me, and the strange look he gave Jojo. I assume Honey is completely in the dark?” replied Jane.

“Yea, I am sure so. Sounds messy but could be fun. Jojo can come round in the morning if it all falls through, right?” I replied.

“Sure. Let’s go have some fun with your guests,” said Jane grabbing the drinks tray.

Jane sat on the sofa next to Honey, and I sat next to her. Soon Jane and Honey were chatting away and clinking their glasses of Tequila together. After a while I got up and moved down towards the boys. Jane noticed my intent and moved up so Honey got up and moved to the tail of the sofa. Jane then moved right up to the end of the sofa so her legs and Honey’s legs were now touching.

I sat down and started some small chat about football with the guys. Once again I headed to the kitchen and fixed another round of drinks. As I came back, I glanced at the girls, and I was so happy to see that Jane was massaging Honey’s right thigh from the knee up.

Honey was wearing a short flared skirt and as Jane massaged her thigh, a hint of deep red panties came into view. As I watched, Jane’s massage gradually changed to massaging Honey’s inner thigh, and Honey gradually opened her legs wider until Jane changed to rubbing her index and middle finger up and down between Honey’s legs. Honey and Jane leaned towards each other and started to French-kiss.

I looked back at the boys and they both had their hands down their shorts massaging their meat, and we all watched in silence at the girls and their enjoyment.

Soon, Jane gripped Honey’s hands and pulled her to her feet in front of her. Jane then slipped her hands under Honey’s skirt and rolled the red panties down. Honey stepped out and then knelt on the sofa, straddling Jane’s legs.

Things were really starting to heat up, and the guys took the message and discarded their shorts and undies, massaging their meat into long, hard rods.

Jane was now finger-fucking Honey, and Honey reached behind Jane and undid the catch on her bra. I knew Jane would have straps over her shoulders, but her huge tits would be now tumbling down, and that is what Honey wanted. As they continued to French-kiss, Honey was busy under Jane’s tank-top massaging her big, beautiful boobs.

I was not ready for the next move, but it happened so quickly. Honey stood up and then stood on the sofa. Jane must have sensed what was to follow, because she slid forward as Honey straddled her and lowered her pussy onto Jane’s face. Jane slid her hands under Honey’s skirt and, gripping her bum cheeks, guided her pussy onto her mouth.

My mind was in a whirl, but something told me that we had to act and now was the time, and since this was MY party it had to be me. So. I crawled over to Jane and unbuttoned her shorts top button. Running the zip down, yes, she was wearing the same pale-blue semi-see-though panties, but they and the shorts had to come off. No problem for Jane, who lifted her bum for me to pull them clear.

I lifted Jane’s legs up onto the sofa in a Big M, and now her big, wet, succulent, hairy cunt was in my face on the very edge of the sofa. My own Cunt! Those succulent dark wings. Wings are earned, and earned through fucking, but then what is a cunt for if not for fucking? Yes, she fucks others and they pay good money for the privilege, but for now The Cunt is all mine, for free, the cunt of my many wet dreams is here once more. My Home Sweet Home. My Little Taste Of Heaven.

I gripped Jane around her thigh with my left hand and slipped in two fingers moving rapidly into a finger-fuck. I felt her writhing slightly and tried three fingers which caused Jane to squirt juice over my hand. I licked my hand clean, then buried my tongue in her pussy and izmir escort bayan tongue-fucked her. I could hear muffled groans from her so I knew things were getting hot.

I was about to ease my dripping cock into the sweet darkness, but then I sensed rather than saw that Jojo was now sitting next to Jane on the left, and Jimboy had moved to the tail seat on the right. Damn, my guests! I had forgotten them in my cuntstruck lust.

I decided that my enjoyment would now have to wait, the boys must be almost cumming watching me, so I moved out and beckoned to Jimboy.

Jimboy was there in a flash almost falling over me as I scrambled out. He gripped his rock-hard meat and with little circular movements worked into Jane’s vagina and located the soft spot. Slowly he pushed his way in with Jane’s body writhing slightly as he pushed. Jimboy was hot and had been on the boil a while and soon accelerated to full speed, his balls slapping hard into Jane’s cunt and with his hands clasped firmly around Honey’s legs. With a loud “Ahhh” he shot his bucketload into the depths. Slowly he retracted. Jojo was waiting patiently, and as Jimboy pulled out and turned away, he moved in, sliding straight into the hot, silky passage lubricated by Jimboy’s leaking cum and Jane’s nectar juice.

Jojo was not about to make the same mistake as Jimboy, and commenced long strokes back and forth until Jane climaxed, I am sure locking hard on his rod. Then he waited patiently for her to relax, then back to his old rhythm. Happened a couple of times until finally he moved onto the short fast strokes and unloaded.

As Jojo retracted, Honey slithered down onto the floor in front of Jane. Spreading her legs real wide to align with Jane’s cunt, she buried her head between Jane’s legs, and started slurping out all the combined cum from the boys and Jane’s own sweet juice.

I was puzzled, why had she not simply kneeled? Then I saw Honey’s bum wag just a tad and the penny dropped: she was of course hot, hot, hot and needed a shag too. I glanced quickly at Jimboy, and he motioned with his head and eyes towards Honey, so I knew I was OK. I moved in behind Honey, and carefully rolled her short skirt back towards her waist. She had a taut, rounded ass and I realised now why her name was Honey with that smooth honey-coloured skin. Her thick, curly bush was already wet so I knew she was truly ready, and so I just guided my dick straight in, locking my arms around her slim waist.

Honey was a little tight. I suppose I was a tad thicker than both guys, but not as long. Honey had her own technique: she gripped my dick for a second going in, and the same coming back. This really got my cock zinging, and she kept it up throughout. It seemed she never came as I expected to happen, but just kept tweaking me until I could stand it no longer and shot my load.

Honey never missed a beat: as I retracted, she stepped back up onto the sofa and straddled Jane once more, easing her dripping pussy onto Jane’s face. Jane told me later she had beckoned to her after I withdrew which explained things, but now we were back to My Cunt just waiting there, seemingly begging to be filled. “Damn,” I thought as I realised that I was not able to use that chance right now.

I turned to the guys, “Last chance for seconds anyone?” I announced.

Jimboy shook his head, but Jojo grinned and came over, “I cannot resist that pussy. Gonna give it a shot,” he replied.

Jojo was not fully hard again but managed to wiggle his dick inside My Cunt. Gripping Honey’s legs he went up to full speed, I suppose wanting to get hard, and stayed at full speed for quite a while, with Jane squirming, until he paused, retracted, and then buried deep unloading what was left in his balls.

OK. Now what. I was not leaving My Cunt oozing cum and juice so I knelt before my treasure and gently tongued out all her juices.

Meanwhile Honey had dismounted, and Jane was stroking my head. “Thanks, Daddy, you really made this evening super. I shall make it up to you later.”

I helped Jane back into her super semi-see-through pale-blue panties and raggy denim shorts. Honey was now back with Jimboy and they were hugging each other.

“Time to go,” called Jojo. The three guests got up, heading for the door. “Thanks a million, Daddy and Jane,” izmir escortlar called Jojo as he walked past us. I got up and followed him to the door.

Just as Jojo was about to go out, I grabbed his hand and whispered in his ear, “Come back at 8 in the morning and surprise her, she will be upstairs.”

Jojo turned to me briefly and grinned, “Yet another surprise, huh, Daddy, and why not?” he replied, then turned back to follow Jimboy and Honey.

I went back and sat next to Jane. We held hands and she put her head against my shoulder. “Thanks again, Daddy, you have been magnificent,” Jane said.

“Thanks sweetie. I enjoyed every minute. Now, why not go and take a hot bath then get a good night’s sleep. I have changed the pillow case and bedsheet. I shall watch telly a while, and then sleep here on the sofa, dreaming of all the things we did here today.”

Jane squeezed my hand, and headed for the stairs.

I turned on the telly, but was soon dozing so I turned it of and grabbed a blanket and cushion and slumped on the sofa. That was it, I must have been tired coz the next thing I knew was knocking on the door.

I opened the door, and Jojo and Jimboy piled in. I was amazed and clearly Jimboy could see it. “Yea, another surprise, Daddy. Me an Honey stayed over coz she demanded a double team effort from me and Jojo just like we gave Jane. Then I heard about this morning so I came along too. Honey is still sleeping.”

“Fine guys, just fine. She’s upstairs,” I replied.

“Oh, one more thing Daddy, me an Honey want to thank you. You have changed our sex life so much, so many things are now possible. Ya know, YOU are the first guy except for me that she ever fucked with, and a white guy too. Then she had Jojo. Seems now she cannot get enough. Amazing.”

“Thanks Jimboy, now off you go upstairs before she wakes up.”

So off they went. I could hear some movements and occasional oohs and ahs but that’s about it. Twenty minutes later, the guys reappeared, grinning. “Hey, Daddy, that was real fun. Jane was such a sport and we had a fuckin great time. Must get back now. Bye.” said Jojo, then out they went.

I shot upstairs into the bedroom. There was Jane, naked, across the bed, My Cunt facing me, dripping cum and pussy-juice. Jane was smiling. “Yet another surprise, huh, Daddy. What an inventive guy you are!” she said.

I did not bother to reply. My Cunt was the only thing on my mind. I dropped my shorts and undies and kicked them off. Jane had her legs up on the bed already so I simply grabbed her round the thighs and sank my throbbing cock straight in. I worked it slowly up and down for a minute or two, then retracted.

“69-time pussy-cat,” I called. I lay down beside Jane, my head next to her crotch, then pulled her over on top of me. My Cunt, still dripping cum and juice was now in my face, and I eagerly started slurping it all out. Jane knew what I wanted and took my cum-streaked cock between her full lips, sucking hard. She pushed down, She pulled up. My cock was zinging and starting to throb. It did not take long with that treatment, and I soon burst shooting my aching balls full of cum at the back of her throat.

We lay together on the bed. “You know what, I need to come and live with you. I cannot survive with your pussy only birthdays and Xmas, and you could even have your daughter then with you.” I said.

Jane replied immediately. “My daughter is fine where she is with his parents. He can collect her whenever he likes from there, and I can visit her there too. I love my job, both weekdays and weekends, but let’s be honest, weekends I am a high-class whore. You are the one that agreed with me to go for this, and I have no regrets at all, but you also said I have at best 10 years at it. So, I am having no more kids and I have no intention of getting married, but my daughter is not coming to stay with me. What if it leaks out what I do? Her school life is over, plus as she gets older, she will be wondering more and more where I am at weekends. There is something else too, my clients. One insisted on picking me up from home, and then insisted on shagging me in the hall before we left. Another insisted on driving me home, then insisted on shagging me in the back of the car in our drive, and finally, another ex-client was knocking on my door, drunk, at midnight. But you would be very welcome. It would be great you have you to come home to instead of an empty house, and I know how much shagging other guys turns you on. I shall give your idea a lot of thought.”

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