It’s Time Ch. 02


He took my hand and pulled me behind him. I saw some of my friends and they only smiled in understanding, knowing that I wouldn’t be returned to them. I looked at him from the back, watching as he moved through the crowd. They seemed to part just for him; knowing he was on some sort of mission. It was a mission that included him and I spending the night doing what we had talked so much about.

Before I knew it he had flagged a cab and I was sitting next him. My leg touched his slightly. I could feel the energy moving between us. My body craved the touch of his. My hand moved over to his leg, rubbing it ever so lightly. I looked up at you and saw your eyes darken with desire. I could also feel that wonderful cock of yours twitch.

The driver seemed either oblivious to it all or has just seen it before. I didn’t mind either way, I was too far-gone to really care. My hand moved a little farther over the zipper of your pants. I could feel that cock growing hard, wanting to be free. Needing to feel my long, lean fingers wrapped around it.

I couldn’t help but pull that zipper slightly, prolonging that need. Soon the wanting to feel you in my hand became too Antalya Escort much and the zipper came down fully. I watched your eyes just incase you wanted me to stop, to wait. With the zipper down I can see your cock bared before me, wanting to come out and play. I undid the button of your pants that was keeping the gorgeous beauty from springing forth and instantly it was in my hand.

For whatever reason, one I wasn’t complaining about, you had gone without underwear. Your thick, full cock was against me. Feeling that heat of it pulse in my soft hand, wanting me to move on it. I ran the tip of my finger along your shaft, reaching the head. I could see how much you wanted me; I could feel it in the tightness of your body. Your cock responding to the simplest touch of my hand. I could hear your breathing; it catching as I began to move my hand.

My finger found that little bit of pre-cum waiting for me at the tip of your head. It was as though it’s waiting just for me, wanting me to taste it. I touched it lightly feeling its warmth. My eyes never left yours as I brought my finger to my lips, parting them slightly and sucking my finger in. Antalya Escort Bayan It’s what I wanted to do with you, with your cock. I closed my eyes; lost in the moment as I heard you whisper my name.

“More,” I whispered and looked up at you.

My hand and fingers moved over your cock, tightening around you. Starting at the base I slowly moved up to the head. One simple stroke and I could feel the power I had in my hand. The desire and need that you have for me. Over and over that feeling, those things make me want even more. My hand working over you, your body responding, tightening as it does. The feel of you in my hand isn’t enough, not at all.

I need to taste you.

As though you know it, know exactly what thought has crossed my mind you nod. The driver I’ve noticed is consumed with the road. Watching other driver’s, paying you and I no attention. Even if he did I don’t think it would have mattered, I was in need of you too much. I moved slightly and then bent over you. One last look at you, I licked my lips, then took that cock of yours in my mouth.

I could hear you groan, your hands reached for my head, tangled Escort Antalya in my hair. My tongue ran over the tip of your head, and then moved down the base. You tasted sweet and salty, purely man. I couldn’t believe how much I wanted to taste you, to taste you’re cum. Your hands moved and guided me as I started to feel your hips moving, fucking my mouth. I relaxed and let you have your way. I felt that it wouldn’t be long.

Your hand tightened in my hair and you groaned as I felt that first shot of you. The taste is all you, all man. I moved over you, milking you. Wanting every last drop now that I’ve had some. I crave it. I crave you. I feel your cock softening and I gently return it back into your pants and zip you up.

“Very tasty,” I whispered in your ear as we reach our destination.

You only smiled as you hand the cabbie his payment and helped me out of the cab. I held your hand and we walked through the doors of the hotel. I can’t wait to be in your room. I can’t wait to have those hands on me, inside me once again. My head lays light on your shoulder as we reach the elevator.

Once inside your lips find mine and we kiss. Its one of the kisses we talked about. The one kiss that we could do for hours and hours, just having our tongues touch. My hands tangled in your hair, your hands cupping my ass. Just us swept away by our need to taste each other.

We hear the door open and begin our walk to your room….

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