Introduction to Bethan


After reading Literotica for a little over 3 years I have decided to share my own fantasies and experiences. Most of what I write will not be new to most people here, but hopefully I can do my fantasies and experiences justice by turning some of you on.

My name is Jack and I am 35 years old. I am married to a wonderful woman named Bethan who is 33. She recently gave birth to our first child and the last eighteen months has seen a stop to our crazy games.

I have no regrets about what we have done and neither does Bethan. But once we decided to start trying for a family we felt we had a responsibility to our future children.

Now that our little son is here, our lives have changed and we are enjoying every second of it. But we need a substitute for what we have left behind, and I hope writing these stories will do just that.

I met Bethan when I was 20 years old and she was 18. We were in a nightclub and I remember the first time I noticed her. She was happily dancing away with her friends as I happily stood watching her every move. Not in stalker fashion, but in the way all young men do when they see something so beautiful.

Bethan was wearing a short black dress which tied around the back of her neck and pulled tight against her curvy figure. Her breasts are bigger now but they were still big then. A 34C she later told me. She had a cracking pair of legs that ran down to her heels and completed the look. She is a size14 (UK) now so I would say she couldn’t have been any more than a size 12 then.

Although my cock was hard for her I thought there was something else about her too. I thought she was beautiful. She was about 5″5 at the time with all the curves in the right places, and long brown curly hair.

The first time she noticed me was when she went to the bar to get a drink. I managed to get served before her at the other end of the bar, and very cheesy like, I told the barman to get whatever the girl on the end wanted. She was somewhat shocked when the barman said I had bought her drink, but it worked and she came over to say thank you.

As we talked I couldn’t help think I had to play this one right. I wanted more than a quick one stand from this girl and she sensed it. Now I am far from perfect but you still have certain things you Antalya Escort look for in a person, and she so far had it all. She was beautiful with a woman’s figure and she seemed to have a great personality and sense of humour. We had been chatting for nearly an hour when she did something else that was one of my favourites. She pulled out a cigarette and asked if I minded if she smoked.

I know smoking is an unhealthy habit, but I have always found it to be very erotic when a beautiful woman lights a cigarette. Of course I didn’t know about smoking fetishes back then, but I did know that smoking turned me on. I too was a smoker due this fetish and happily lit up with her.

After we finished our cigarettes Bethan gave me a deep lingering French kiss, and then thanked me for the drink before giving me her phone number. In the weeks that followed we went on several dates and I helped her out with her driving lessons, giving her private tuition in my car. But for the first time in my life I had met a girl I was happy to wait for. I didn’t want to come on too strong and scare her off.

Then one night when we out in my car she brought up the subject of sex for the first time. I felt relieved as I was beginning to think she may have been a virgin. She asked about my previous relationships before telling me about her short past and I felt she opened up for the first time since we had met.

That night in the car I was wearing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Bethan was wearing a sexy red skirt with a white t-shirt. I leaned over and kissed her gently, running my hand through her hair. She kissed me back passionately as she began to run her hand up and down my thigh.

I had tried previously to come on to her but she always seemed wary and made me feel that I should just stick to kissing. But tonight she had passion. I could sense the lust in her breathing as I felt my cock straining against my jeans, begging to be released.

I slid my hand from her hair and then slowly moved it down to her face as she continued to rub my leg. As I moved my hand down to her shoulder I felt her hand stop as she touched my cock through my jeans for the first time.

I knew I was leaking pre cum at this point, I could feel it in my boxer shorts. The excitement of not Antalya Escort Bayan knowing how far she would go was starting to get the better of me. Eager to find out I ran my hand across her belly and then down. Reaching the hem of her t-shirt she gasped in anticipation, probably wondering which way my hand would go. It went up and under.

As I reached her bra covered mounds I felt more liquid seep from my cock, and then Bethan began to unzip me.

“Pull down your pants Jack”, she said. I quickly pulled my pants down to my ankles as Bethan grabbed hold of my cock. “Somebody is very excited”, she said.

It was the best feeling in the world and she wasted no time in stroking me as she turned to me to continue our kiss. I immediately put my hand back under her t-shirt and massaged her breasts. After a few seconds Bethan broke away and let go of my cock. Before I had time to protest she took off her t-shirt and buried her head in my lap. I closed my eyes and gasped out loud as she stroked my cock and put it in her mouth. I thought I was going to cum as she coated my cock in her saliva. I could tell this wasn’t her first blowjob as she bobbed up and down my length, sucking hard as she stroked me between her pretty young lips.

I unclasped her bra and quickly removed it from her body, never pausing on my cock as she helped take the bra off. I managed to grab hold of some tit as they squashed down on my thighs.

Sensing I was about to fill her mouth with hot cum, Bethan sat up with a saucy smile before sliding her tongue into my mouth. I felt so lucky, this girl was so hot. Bethan then collapsed her seat back flat and pulled her panties off, but leaving her skirt on.

Reaching for a condom I could smell her sweet pussy as its aroma filled the car. She took the condom from me and told me to climb between her legs. As I climbed into position Bethan tore open the condom packet and then placed the condom onto the head of my cock.

“I couldn’t believe how confident this girl became. I began to wonder just how experienced this girl was. She came across as shy and innocent until this evening, and here she was 18 years old putting my condom on for me.

My mind went blank as her fingers gently rolled the thin latex down my cock. I then lifted Escort Antalya her legs up in the air and lined my cock up in front of her entrance. I was now getting a look at her pussy for the first time, and what a sight it was. I nearly filled the condom with cum as I looked down at her shaven mound. It was completely bald and her lips looked so tight and smooth. I could see the juices glistening as they seeped from her pussy.

Her eyes closed and her breathing became shallow as I rubbed my cock up and down her pussy lips. Finally being able to take no more, I thrust forwards very, very slowly until my cock was buried deep inside her body. Bethan quickly wrapped her arms and legs around me as I continued to slowly thrust into her.

I have no idea where my will power came from, but I managed to take my time as I made love to her. She felt amazing, soaking wet but still fairly tight. I began to increase the power of my thrusting as she reached her orgasm. I withdrew my cock then slammed into her body. With each thrust she bucked her hips in time with mine, creating a horny squelching sound.

When she came I felt her pussy contract violently around my cock. The car filed with her screams and then mine as she dug her nails into my back. When she finally opened her big blue eyes I knew she was mine.

Her arms fell from my body as did her legs, and Bethan lay there underneath me completely spent. As I withdrew my cock to give her a rest I noticed the condom had split. On one hand I was relieved I hadn’t cum, but then on the other I was gutted as it was my only condom.

Bethan giggled when she too noticed, but her actions both shocked and excited me. “Don’t worry Jack, I’m on the pill and I don’t mind if you cum inside me.”

My father always told me to never believe a girl when she says she’s on the pill, and that the pill won’t stop your dick from falling off. So I did what every other man would do when found in this difficult and sticky situation. I relined my cock against her hole and plunged into her.

In this situation Bethan had been thoughtful and unselfish, but I could only think of myself. The thought of filling this tight pussy, my new girlfriend for the first time was too much to handle.

I grabbed a hold of her big breasts and squeezed them roughly as I rammed my cock into her again and again. In no time at all my vision went fuzzy and my body tingled like never before.

Bethan stills laughs to this day about the animal noises I made when I came. But I can’t really remember what noises I made.

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