Ingrid’s Promise


“Start at the beginning,” I admonished her. “How did this happen?”

Ingrid had called me, around noon, and asked in a gush if she could come over. I could tell she had news she wanted to share, and not over the phone. But when she arrived, she was so flustered that she began babbling in a confused fashion.

“Please stop, and catch your breath,” I told her. “I’ll make us a quick cup of tea. That may help.”

After I handed the cup of tea to her, and she took a sip, she seemed calmer. That’s when I asked her to start at the beginning.

She began with a reminder. “You know I’m sharing rooms with four other people – Erma, Roberto, Klaus, and Pierce.”

“Yes. I think you told me once that in your apartments, you share a room with Erma, Roberto and Klaus have another room, and Pierce has his own. You share the kitchen and the living room, and you only have one bathroom. Am I remembering correctly?”

“Yes. That’s right,” she confirmed.

“By the way, how five people can manage with only one bathroom boggles my mind,” I mentioned.

“Well, Pierce works odd hours from the rest of us, and Erma and I have gotten used to sharing the bathroom when necessary. How Klaus and Roberto work it out is up to them,” she explained, sounding a little exasperated. “Now, can I get back to my story?”

“Yes. Sorry. That only just popped into my mind,” I said apologetically. “Please go on.”

“OK. So late yesterday afternoon, Erma was bushed, and she crashed, fast asleep in her bed. My computer is in our bedroom, and I was bored, so I decided to play a new online game that I’d heard about. You get to interact with other people, and it’s reported to get pretty sexy.”

At this point, Ingrid started blushing, the red hue on her cheeks contrasting with her golden blonde hair. Her sparkling green eyes swiveled downward, no longer looking into mine. She was clearly embarrassed.

“Um. Did the game actually get sexy?” I prompted.

“Yes,” she whispered. Still looking down, she said, “I was interacting with a guy, and he was painting this scene in my head with his words. His words were so so seductive! I was getting hotter and hotter – more turned on with each statement. He was talking as if we’d met for real, telling me how my mind and body were so attractive – how I looked in his eyes as he slowly peeled my clothes away.”

“He could see you?” I interrupted.

“Oh no!” she asserted. “In the game, we have avatars, and we watch them interact as we talk or type. But gradually it became more and more real, like a spell was being cast! Like it really was me with him, there in the game.”

“Wow!” I remarked. “It became that real, just in your mind?”

“Yes. And I was so turned on that my panties were wet. And my arousal was so great, that – well, Erma was fast asleep, so I slipped out of my clothes and started masturbating,” she whispered.

“You were naked, in front of your computer, playing with yourself?” I reiterated, visualizing the scene. “I sure hope your camera wasn’t turned on.”

Ingrid’s flush of embarrassment intensified, making me wonder if I’d hit the crux of the matter. “No. I’m sure of that. I have a little add-on shutter over its lens. But as I was fingering myself, I lost control.”

“You mean you made so much noise that Erma woke up?” I hated to keep interrupting, but my mind was flying to all the negative possibilities.

Ingrid grinned. “No. I can cum almost silently. I had to learn to do this in our place, with those eight other ears in various rooms. I sort of close my eyes, bite my lip, and cum against my hand and fingers. I might get things a bit wet, but that soon dries, and my roommates never know,” she assured me.

“OK, so what did happen, then?” I asked.

Ingrid got a strange expression on her face, sort of a mixture of not wanting to tell me, but really needing to share it. “I had an orgasm,” she finally said.

“The guy in the game ‘talked’ you into an orgasm?” I asked, somewhat surprised.

“Yes,” she confirmed.

After a moment, I said, “That sounds like a gift, not a problem. So you weren’t elated that it happened?”

“Remember what I said,” she reminded me. “When I cum, I have my eyes closed. When I opened them, I saw Klaus and Roberto, standing in the doorway, looking at me!”

“Oh my lord!” I gasped. “And they saw you naked. But how long were they there?”

“I’m not sure quite how long. But they saw me orgasm and everything!” she blurted out, mortified. She covered her eyes with her hands, maybe trying to blot out the vision of the two leering men in her doorway.

“What happened next?” I asked.

“I wanted them to go away, but I didn’t want to make a loud scene and wake up Erma. I hissed at them to get out. I wanted to get my dress back on, but I didn’t want to have them watch me do it – my cunt was still wet, and everything. They just stood and grinned at me, obviously glad to have caught me. They didn’t come into the room, just stood there in Escort bayan the doorway.” She swallowed, then whispered, “I had to promise them a sweetener to make them go away.”

“A sweetener? What do you mean?” I asked.

She choked out the words, “I had to promise to show myself to them later in the evening.”

“Show yourself? You mean naked?”

“Yes. I promised to do it. Otherwise, Erma might have been awakened, and things would’ve gotten worse.”

“Did you somehow really want to show yourself to them? Is that why you made that promise?” I asked.

“Well, to be honest, letting them see me nude wouldn’t have been so bad, I guess. I’m not hung up about that. The trouble was, I was afraid they’d want more,” she told me.

“More? You mean like them wanting to have sex with you?” I prodded.

“For a long time, they’ve made hints above having sex, and actually I’ve been finding it harder and harder to resist them. In my mind, I sort of thought that if I voluntarily showed myself naked to them, it’d be very hard for me not to take that next step.” Ingrid swallowed again, hard.

“After they’d gone away, I got dressed again, and sat, thinking. There was a sort of battle going on in my mind. I knew I’d keep my promise – that was a given. What I didn’t know was whether or not I wanted things to go on to the next step. My orgasm was still tingling in my body, and it was giving me a thirst for more,” Ingrid explained.

I nodded. I could see how she’d feel like that.

“Then Erma work up, refreshed. She decided to go out clubbing for a while, and dressed for it. She asked me if I wanted to go along with her, and I made up an excuse about being too tired, and maybe I’d go with her next time. She mentioned casually that she might spend the night with her boyfriend, anyway. Lately, she’d been mentioning that she might be moving in with him, sometime soon. Fifteen minutes later, I heard her say goodbye to the guys and leave. They were in the living room, watching television. I couldn’t help but wonder if they were really focused on the program, or staring at my bedroom door, silently urging me to fulfill my promise.”

“So what did you do? Streak quickly through the room naked, only giving them a glimpse? Or maybe just tell them you changed your mind?” I suggested.

Ingrid was silent for a long stretch of time. Finally, she revealed, “The problem was, I’d been having this fantasy. This fantasy about having sex with two guys at the same time. And this was an opportunity.”

“You know, fantasies sometimes are better in the imagining than in reality,” I cautioned. “When we fantasize, we can make everything perfect. Real life has a hard time living up to such standards. And these were your roommates – having sex with them could change the whole dynamic of your relationship with them.”

“I know,” she said, quietly. “I’m not a little girl anymore. Those things did go through my mind as I was deciding what to do. I knew that if we had sex once, they’d probably ask me more often to do it. And actually, being true to myself, I knew that if we did it, I’d probably want it more and more from them. My resistance was already lowered – this might shatter it. The idea of having more sex, maybe a lot more sex, was quite thrilling. I considered all this as I pondered.”

“You’ve got me on pins and needles now, Ingrid. What was your conclusion?” I asked, breathless.

“I decided that if they wanted to have sex with me, I’d do it,” she murmured. “I knew I had to act fast, though, so I was judging whether I should go out into the living room, or invite them into my bedroom.”

“You had to act fast? Why?”

“Because later in the evening, Pierce would return, and he’s big and muscular. I knew I couldn’t handle three men at once. I barely thought I could keep control of two men at the same time. So, if I was going to have the threesome with Roberto and Klaus, it had to be soon. The idea of that threesome – of having my fantasy come true – hot sex with two men at the same time, almost had me drooling. From my mouth, that is – I was already drooling from my pussy.” She laughed.

I laughed along with her.

When our giggles about her wet pussy stopped, she went on, “Right away, I knew I didn’t want to bring them into my room. That might give them the feeling of some claim on my territory. So, I’d join them in the living room. Then another thought occurred to me. What if they looked at my naked body, but didn’t ask for sex? I’d worked myself into such a frenzy that now I just had to have sex!”

“So, did you form some plan about how to get what you want? It can’t be too difficult to get two leering men all hot and bothered, can it?” I queried.

“Yes,” Ingrid grinned. “And I executed my plan, too. Clothed, I walked out into the living room and went to stand in front of the TV set, with my heart racing. I didn’t want it distracting them, so I turned it off and stood facing them. Knowing why I was there, they didn’t Bayan Escort make a peep of protest about missing the program they’d been watching. I acted as if I was listening to music, and started dancing, moving my hips, and running my hands along my body, through my dress.”

“That sounds sexy and exciting.”

“I had no underwear on, just the dress, which I began unzipping, and opening. Like I was doing a strip tease. They acted so spellbound that I felt empowered, rather than shy and self-conscious. When my dress was off, I teased my tits with my hands, still swaying my hips. The poor guys seemed torn between looking at my tits or staring at my pussy. I also turned to display my ass to them, which they hadn’t seen earlier.”

“Oh, yes. They probably only saw the front of your body, as you sat in front of your computer – and only from the side,” I commented.

Ingrid nodded. “I stopped my dance, putting my hands on top of my head, fully exposed to them. It felt so sexy to do that – to be like that in front of them. Roberto, who was closer, sort of waved his hand, as if asking me to come closer. I walked slowly over to him, took his hand, and placed it on my breast.”

“Oh my god! You did? That was sure a clear signal that you wanted more! No guesswork on their part. I see what you mean about having formed a plan,” I gushed, verbally. I say ‘verbally’ because, even though my pussy wasn’t actually gushing, hearing all this, my pussy lips were definitely engorged, and I was leaking a tiny bit.

“As Roberto was feeling my tit, Klaus slid across the couch to get closer to me. I stopped breathing when I felt his hand touch the inside of my thigh, sliding upwards. I was so aroused, so turned on that I let him touch me there. In fact, at that moment, I knew I would let either of them do anything to me that they desired! I was so throbbing wet down there that my wetness got onto Klaus’ hand. Feeling that, he slid his finger right up inside my cunt!”

“Just like that, he fingered you?” I clenched my thighs tightly together as I asked Ingrid this, and felt my own clit throbbing between them.

“Yesss! He did. And I had a tiny orgasm, just from that sensation!” She had a little catch in her breath as she told me this, then went on, “It didn’t stop there. While Klaus was fingering me, Roberto helped me get down on the floor on my back. Without saying anything, he moved between my legs, opened his pants, took out his dick, and penetrated me!”

My eyes were probably boggling as I thought of this scene of Ingrid and those two guys.

“While Roberto fucked me, Klaus got undressed too. He began running his hands all over me. My fever pitch of excitement caused Roberto to suddenly cum inside me. Klaus pushed him aside, got over me, and started fucking me hard, also. Klaus hammered into my cunt for a few minutes, and then shot his semen inside me. Their virility was amazing, and their frenzied arousal was contagious – I came once or twice during this.”

I breathed a heavy sigh, thinking her story was done.

But she went on, “While Klaus was fucking me, Roberto, after stripping himself, had opened up the couch, which contained a folding bed. They helped me up onto the bed, and we cuddled and fondled for a while, until their dicks got stiff again.

“Klaus rolled onto his back, pulling me up on top of him. I thought I was going to ride him, but Roberto had other ideas. He pulled up on my hips until I was on my hands and knees, and started fucking me from behind, doggy style. Klaus took advantage of my dangling tits, sucking on one, and playing with the other. Excitement was building again… but…” her voice trailed off.

“But?” I prompted.

“But we’d lost track of the time,” she explained. Klaus was sucking my tit and Roberto was fucking my cunt, when the door to our rooms opened, and Pierce walked in! I remember him saying something like ‘what the fuck?!’ – I’m sure he was shocked by the sight. But Klaus was holding my torso, and Roberto was grabbing my hips as he fucked me, so I couldn’t move, even if I had the wits to try to do so. You’ve heard the term ‘fucked her brains out’ I think. Well, I was experiencing something like that.

“I was aware, from the sound of the zipper, that Pierce was opening his pants as he walked toward us. In a moment, he’d pushed his cock against my mouth. I’d never given a guy a blow job before, but trapped as I was, there was little I could do other than open my mouth. It was already partially opened from my panting, catching my breath after an orgasm, after all. So Pierce shoved his large cock into my mouth – I had to open rather wide to let it in – and I started licking and sucking on it. I was no expert, that’s for sure, but the erotic lewdness of the situation helped. Soon Pierce was gushing his cum into my mouth! I was so surprised that I swallowed most of it without thinking.” Ingrid paused, breathing faster, and both of us were shivering with delight at the imagery.

“So that Escort was your evening?” I finally managed to ask.

“Oh no,” she answered, her eyes wide. “It went on and on. Their hands were all over me – so many hands, touching me everywhere. Often I didn’t know who was doing what to me. I was awash in sensations I’ve never felt before! Such virility! At one time or another, I had each of them cum in my mouth. Once, with a good sized load in my mouth, I sneezed, and semen came out of my nose, making me choke slightly. The guy fucking me from behind at that moment actually stopped and asked if I was all right.” Ingrid and I had another giggling fit, as she related this.

“How long did all this go on?” I asked.

“I don’t know exactly,” she replied. It only stopped when I couldn’t make them hard anymore with my mouth. They especially liked fucking me when I was on my hands and knees, but I also rode on their dicks, too. But let me tell you about Pierce.”

“Yes? What about him?” I asked.

“As I said, he’s big – strongly built – everything about him’s large, including his cock,” she said, smiling. At one time late that night, I was down on all fours, and Pierce was fucking me pretty hard from behind. While he was doing this, he was also roughly kneading my breasts, pinching my nipples harshly, and sometimes yanking on my hair, pulling my head back. This was all a bit painful, but it somehow made the fucking even more intense.”

I swallowed hard, listening to Ingrid recount this part of her encounter.

“At some point, he signaled the other two guys to back off, because he growled that he wanted me for himself. They did as he said, moving back to sit on chairs and watch us fuck. His fucking grew so intense, with his hands all over me, that it felt as if he was claiming my body! And I had no other option but to give myself to him, fully. He started swatting me painfully hard on my butt, and I was so lost in arousal that I let him do it. I didn’t complain. In fact, in the heat of that moment, as far as I was concerned, he could hit me and fuck me as wildly and as much as he wanted – I’d surrendered myself to him totally!”

My body was literally vibrating now as I listened to Ingrid, trying to imagine giving myself so fully to someone.

“I was completely lost in his touch,” Ingrid rasped, as if her throat had gone dry. “I was moaning loudly due to the mixture of the painful pleasure caused by his large hands swatting my flesh, his massive dick ramming me roughly, and also knowing the other two guys were watching me getting fucked like this. That’s when Pierce gave me the strongest orgasm I’ve ever had, and probably will ever have!”

Having shared with me what she needed to share, Ingrid and I hugged hard, like the good friends we are. I told her, “I’m glad you’re all right, and I’m sort of envious of you. That was quite an adventure you had last night! Are you sore?”

She grinned. “Yes, I am, a bit – but its a great sore feeling, if you know what I mean. I’m mostly tired, since I didn’t get much sleep, so I’m heading home for a nap. But I was just bursting to share this with you, so I felt I had to come over.”

“I’m so glad you did!” I told her. “Please feel free to chat with me, and share adventures any time. My door is open to you.”

After she left, I raced to my bedroom, and virtually tore off my clothes. Her story had aroused me to a fever pitch, so I took out my favorite dildo and started using it in my cunt, ramming it in, even as I bucked my hips into its thrusts. I needed no lubricant for it this time – my pussy provided all I needed. I gave myself three intense orgasms, before I felt somewhat sated.

A few weeks passed, during which time everyday activities and work swamped me. You know how time slips by when you’re not looking. I didn’t realize that I hadn’t heard from Ingrid since that afternoon. But, to my joy, she’d called and asked if she could drop by again.

We greeted each other with heartfelt hugs, and sipped refreshments as she brought me up to date.

“Erma did move out, about two days after the evening I told you about. She’s happy living with her boyfriend for the time being,” Ingrid said, smiling.

“That’s good. I’m happy for her,” I replied. “So you have a room all to yourself now?”

“Yes,” she grinned. “And I have all that closet space now. And that’s a very welcome thing, because I have to hang up my clothes a lot. After all, whenever I’m in, I have to be naked.”

I gave her a quizzical look. “You mean, whenever you’re in your bedroom, you must be naked?”

“No. I mean that whenever I’m in our set of rooms, I must be naked, unless we have visitors,” she explained calmly. She had a look on her face like she was having fun with me, giving me clues, and seeing if I could work it out. I couldn’t.

Giving her a perplexed look, I said, “I give up. I don’t understand. You’re still living with three guys, and when you’re home you have to be naked, even in the living room or kitchen?”

She clapped her hands happily. “Yes! Pierce now gives me rules to follow, and I obey them. Even Klaus and Roberto follow his rules. One of Pierce’s rules is that I must be naked at all times in the shared rooms, unless we have guests.”

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