This is a little story about a girl I knew. Arguably the most fantastic woman in the world. Jenn. Fantastic because of her ample looks. At 5’6 she weighs in at a mere 105 pounds and has a perfectly shaped ass and nice perky B cup tits. Her face… Well, there’s just no comparison. Long flowing blonde hair. Full lips and the most piercing of blue eyes. But most of all her personality and interests are what made me cum in my jeans the first time we spoke.

What could be so compelling, you ask? After about five minutes of our initial meeting at a local piano bar she started in on my favorite subject. Sex. All kinds. It was a lighthearted and fairly comical conversation, but nonetheless it was one of those things where you knew half was said in jest leaving the other half as the truth.

“I’ve done it all,” she laughed as she downed her fourth Cosmopolitan in the last hour.

“Gang bangs?” I quickly inquired. Not so much because I really wanted to hear about it, more to call her bluff. Granted I’ve often fantasized about gang bangs, but never really thought it was something I’d want to experience. I don’t think anyway.

“Define a ‘Gang,'” she countered.

After a little thought I estimated , “Five Guys?” “No. Not five.” She responded with a slight wink. “Four?” “No.” “Three?” “No.” “Two?” “I refuse to answer that on the grounds that it may make you think MORE of me!” She laughed. “Two guys, huh?” I inquired. “I never said that.” She responded, then went over to get another drink.

As she stood at the bar, I couldn’t take my eyes off her. More specifically, I couldn’t take my eyes off her sun dress, which was now see through due to some well placed lights under the bar, leaving me the most splendid outline of her inner thighs and that lovely space between her legs.

She turned to me and caught me staring. I think there was some drool escaping my lips. She then looked down and noticed what was drawing my attention. She quickly opened her legs wider exposing more of the outline, “Nice view, huh?”

“Sorry. Sorry, I was… Um… I think my contacts are drying out,” I uttered without thinking. “You wear contacts?” She asked. BUSTED. “No. What? Oh, no,” Was all I managed to retort. “Do you want another beer?” she asked. I quickly drained the last half of my bottle, “Sure.”

After a moment she returned with my beer and another Cosmo for herself. “Hey there’s a booth open in the back,” she noticed. “Shall we?”

“Um…, sure.” Ok, now I’m starting to sound like a moron I thought.

We made our way back to the booth, which was nestled underneath a staircase and not visible to anyone other than the bartender. Once there, she grabbed my hand and started staring at my palm. “Sorry, it’s a little sweaty.” I said, for some strange reason. Then I added the even more ridiculous, “you just, sort of make me a little nervous.” What am I doing? I’m dying here! Someone call the paramedics! Who says that?

“Nervous?” She asked. “Why?”

“I don’t know. You’re just really… You know what, I’m just going to shut up for the next few minutes or so, if that’s Ok.” Finally! I’m starting to become rational again.

But it wouldn’t last long.

“I don’t want you to be nervous.” She said as she lightly traced the lines on my palm.

“Too late for that. It’s there. It’s not going away.”

“Hmmm. Is it going to get worse?”

“I honestly doubt it Escort bayan could.” I responded. Which was probably true.

“Well, that could actually be a good thing. I mean, if this is as bad as it gets, then we really have nothing to worry about, right?”

Then, before I could say anything – or think for that matter. She kissed me. ‘Kissed’ doesn’t do it justice. Her tongue pierced my lips and sought out mine and for what seemed at once an eternity and a milli-second we were locked in the most passionate kiss I have ever experienced.

“Wow.” Somehow escaped my lips when we parted. “I’ll say,” she responded licking her lips.

And then I realized something. Something profoundly unexpected and unnerving. My hand had been placed by her or me – it’s hard to tell who did what – between her legs. And my fingers, as if they had a will of their own, were tracing every contour of her inner thigh. Her pussy lips which were only concealed by the thin fabric of her dress were smooth and delicious. I could feel her wetness and it drove me out of my mind.

“Sorry, I’m a little sweaty.” She said as some sort of tension breaker. “You make me nervous.” Then we both laughed. But my hand. My hand stayed put, joined by hers, which guided it around her little slice of heaven. Her hips gyrated. Her bottom lip tucked under her teeth. Her eyes closed. And for what seemed like hours we enjoyed the feel of each other.

“May I?” She asked as she put her hand on my aching cock. I couldn’t really say no. I mean, fair is fair, right? “Oh my, this is no good.” She giggled. I was mortified! I’m too small. And I thought seven inches was above average! Embarrassed, I pulled my hand from her wet mound and scooted over. “Where are you going?” She quickly responded.


“Oh,” she realized her statement was off, “I didn’t mean what I think you thought I meant.” And she grabbed for my hard member once more, then leaned into whisper… “I was only saying that it’s no good to have this nice hard cock sitting here all alone.” God, I love it when a woman says the word cock! I almost lost it all right there!

To further intensify things, she scooted up enough to raise the sundress and expose her nicely shaved pussy. My eyes almost shot out of my skull! “Let me help you,” she offered, then grabbed my hand and placed it on her juicy center. My fingers quickly darted inside and began exploring this marvelous creature. At this she began squirming feverishly, all the while trying to get my pants undone. I leaned back granting her access, and in a second she was in, producing my swollen head and veiny shaft. She squeezed a drop of precum out, swiped it up with her finger then licked it clean.

“Yummy,” she said as she quickly squeezed again producing another healthy dose. “Wanna taste?” She brought her finger, wet with my precum to my lips. What was I gonna do? Say no? I opened my mouth and let her finger dance around my tongue. “Good, huh?” I think I managed a, “Uh-huh.”

Then she leaned in and whispered, “He can see us, huh?” As she motioned to the bartender. “Um, probably not everything right now.” I replied. “Hmmm. He knows we just met, so it’d be a little…” She trailed off.

“A little what?” I asked.

“I want your cock. In me. Now.” She replied. “But he knows we just met, and I don’t really want to come off as too much of a slut. I mean, I like this place Bayan Escort and I’d hate the label.”

Not knowing what else to say, I responded with, “Yeah.”

“I guess we could leave, but I’m having so much fun and I’d hate to lose this booth, it’s tough to get.”

And I of course responded with, “yeah.”

“Hmmm.” She thought for a moment while slowly stroking my cock. Rubbing the precum around the head. Meanwhile I had managed to get three fingers in her sloppy wet pussy, and was slowly working them in and out. I was in heaven. “Let’s improvise.” She finally opined.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Well, we can’t fuck here in this booth… I mean, we could, but he’d definately see us and we’d run the risk of getting booted, so…”

“Yes?” Where is this going I wondered.

“Let’s explore something unknown.”

“What do you mean?” Forgive me, but I’m not the sharpest tack in the box.

“Well, you tell me what you’d like to do to me, right here, knowing the circumstances, and I’ll tell you what I’d like to do to you. It’ll help us get to know each other better.”

Now, I’m WAY nervous and not knowing how to respond. Sure there’s any number of things running through my sick and twisted head, but I can’t just blurt them out! Can I? “I don’t know.” I managed to respond.

“Oh, Come on, don’t get all shy.” She quickly replied. “Anything goes, that’s the deal, I’ll do whatever you want, and you do whatever I want, and the only rules are he can’t know.”


Seeing that I needed some persuasion she stroked my cock real hard and produced a healthy deposit of precum, then proceeded to lean back, remove my hand from her pussy and began rubbing my juices all around and inside her sweet box. That did it, whatever she wants she gets!

“You want me to start?” She asked as she placed my hand back on her mound and began stroking my cock again.

“Yeah, Sure.” I replied.

“Ok,” she leaned forward and whispered, ” I want to get my hand nice and coated with my cunt juices, then jerk you off.”

“Ok.” I grunted, but she wasn’t done…

“And when you’re about to cum, I want you to tell me, so you can shoot your load in my drink…”

“Wow.” I was amazed, and still she wasn’t done.

“And then… Then I want to share it with you.”

“The drink?” I don’t know about this.

“Yes. The drink. I want to share your cum with you. I want us both to imbibe the nectar. I love cum, and I know I’ll love yours, and I want nothing more than to share it with you.”

She makes an interesting case, so… “If that’s what you want.”

“It is.” And she tasted another drop of my precum, then stuck her finger in my mouth. “Your turn.”

Oh, Shit, my turn. But I was having so much fun with her turn! “Well, I… Jesus, this ain’t easy.”

“Anything.” She responded.

“Well, Um… Ok, well… How about I… How about…” I took a drink of my beer then a thought sparked in my head… But could I? “Well, I could…”

“Anything.” She again reassured me.

“I could fuck you with this bottle?” Jesus, did I just say that? She’s gonna run off!

“Yes, you could!” She bit my ear as she giggled. “Is that what you want? You wanna fuck my hot cunt with that beer bottle?”

Damn! This girl ROCKS! “Yeah, I do. I wanna shove it in you then take it out and drink from it.”

She leaned Escort back and spread her legs wide open. “See? That wasn’t so hard now, was it?”

“No. No, I guess not.”

And with that I brought the mouth of the half full bottle to her pussy’s shining lips. I slowly moved it around, making sure it was getting well lubed, then proceeded to insert it very slowly.

“Oh, God, yes…. I need to be filled.” She whispered. ” More. Give me more.”

I do as I’m told. And began pushing it in further. She kept her hips as still as possible to allow me to fuck her rather than her fucking it. It began getting tight as the girth of the bottle pushed towards her entrance and I began to get concerned. But she’d have none of that.

“Do It. All of it. I want you to fill me.” She whispered violently in my ear. “Stretch my cunt. Make it hurt. Fuck me with your beer.”

And so I did. Shoving the bottle’s body up into her beautiful cunt in one fast motion. Stopping once it could go no further, and barely an inch was still left outside of her now stretched womb.

“God, that feels amazing!” She blurted out. I just stared at this beautiful woman I had just met with her sundress hiked up to her hips and the remnants of a beer bottle protruding from her hungry center. I rotated it slightly, mesmerized by this glorious slut I had stumbled upon. She realized I was side tracked and so she too looked down. “Do you like that? You like seeing me do as you ask?”


“You like seeing my cunt stretched with the beer you were drinking?”


“I’m glad.” She then took my hand away from the bottle and leaned me back making sure the bottle remained lodged deep inside. “Let’s not mess up a good thing, huh?”

“No.” I leaned back eyes on her beautiful face.

“My turn.” And she spit in her hand to lubricate it, then began stroking my cock like it’s never been stroked before. “I want you to look at my cunt. I want you to remember that I am doing as you asked. I’m your toy and you’re mine. Just remember to tell me before you shoot.”

“Ok, it won’t be long.”

“Good,” She replied then began going faster and faster. One hand cradling my balls, the other working it’s magic on my shaft. “I want your cum. Soon, we’ll both get to feel what it’s like for you to shoot your life inside me. But for now, I just want it. I want to taste it. I want to feel your cock when it explodes. And I want to share it with you” “It’s Coming…”

She quickly removed the hand from my balls and grabbed her glass and put it under the table in front of my throbbing head.

“Cum for me. ” And with that I released a tidal wave. Thick glob after glob shot out into her half full Cosmo. “Oh, God, yes… That’s it, baby. Fill my glass with your seed.” And I almost did!

As she stroked the last remaining drops from my cock, she said, “God, I can’t wait for you to do that on me.” Then she brought the drink to her lips and drank half of it. As she savored the taste she put the glass to my lips and I swallowed it down. “Do you like your cum, baby?”


“Good. We have that in common.” Would you like your beer now?

Jesus, I forgot all about the beer still lodged in her! I gently grabbed the end and slowly pulled it out of her.

“Oh, Yes, go slow.” She moaned. “One of these days we’ll have to do that when we’ve got more time.”

“I agree,” I said as I finally removed the bottle from her pussy and took a long drink.

“Save Any for me?” She asked. I handed her the bottle and she licked it clean, then took a long drink. “Good to the last drop!”

Yes, Indeed, I like this girl!

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