I Love Summer!

Alexis Texas

Winter had finally released its frozen grip on our world and spring was in the air. While it was only late march and there was still a chance for more foul weather, the signs of spring were everywhere. I had already seen my first robin of the year, killed my first fly in the house and ogled my first pretty woman in a short skirt. Luckily I had been at a red light as my driving while ogling skills are no doubt rusty.

My wife of course doesn’t approve of my girl watching so I’ve learned to keep my eyes averted whenever she’s around. She doesn’t seem to grasp my explanations (or excuses, depending on which of us is telling It.) that it’s only natural for a red blooded hetero guy to look at attractive women. Or that while I look, I would never touch (At least not without her consent or participation) I just like to look. Or that after the work she put into looking that good before she left the house it would be a shame if no one took notice!

I don’t know what it is about this time of year but I always find my hormones raging when it starts to get nice. Is it the girls all shedding their bulky winter cloth’s? Is it just all the signs of new life? Something in the air? Or the fact that soon the wife and I will be able to drive up into the mountain with a picnic blanket and find some secluded spot to commune with nature? Maybe even pack a picnic lunch, but not necessarily. It’s probably all of the above. Whatever it is, this time of year just makes me horny!

Anyway, when I got home I was looking forward to seeing what she was wearing on such a beautiful day. As I pulled up to the house I discovered I’d have to wait to find out since her car was gone. I went upstairs and showered. In the shower I saw evidence of someone being there before me. The shower was still wet and there was a new lady’s razor and shaving gel on a shelf. The thought of her in here shaving her legs turned me on even more. I showered quickly but with proper attention the “naughty bits” and dug out a pair of shorts to put on. I chuckled to myself that I didn’t have to worry about my white legs as that was the going style this time of year.

As I came downstairs I heard signs of life in the kitchen, so I headed that way to see who was home. When I walked through the doorway I was stopped in my tracks. My wife was wearing a sundress, bent over to find something in the bottom of the fridge. She obviously hadn’t heard me yet and I knew no matter what I did to alert her that I was here, I would scare her. I decided I may as well enjoy it! But first I would enjoy the view a moment. I stood there and took in her bare feet in the sandals with the little heel. The ones that are comfortable for her but highlight the calf muscles for me. I admired the way those firm calves turn into smooth shapely thighs. The way the hem of her dress was pulled up from her bending over to show more leg than usual. I couldn’t look for very long before I had to go over there and touch those great legs

Luckily for me she had the music on and I could sneak right up to her before I dropped to my knees. I reached up to grab the hem of her skirt and just as I started to lift it higher I said “MAN, I LOVE SUMMER!” She let out a shriek and jumped up so fast she almost fell over backwards on top of me. Luckily I was there to catch her! For just a second I almost felt bad for scaring her but as I said, she would have been scared no matter what. It was hard to feel guilty for too long though when I prevented her fall by catching her by the ass. I guess a guy can’t feel remorse with two handfuls of asscheek! She caught her balance quickly and spun around to face me “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!” She yelled at me.

I answered in my most innocent voice “Same as you I guess.”


I ran my hands gently up the front of her thighs to just inside the hem of her dress and said, “Yeah, me too Babe!” She angrily smacked my hands away from under her dress and they went automatically to the back off her calf.

“You scared the hell out of me,” she said, no longer yelling.

“But Honey, you didn’t hear me come in and would have been scared either way. At least this way I could catch you!” I explained while running my hands up and down her calves.

“Oh you’re so helpful” she said sarcastically as she smacked me in the shoulder.

She was calming down now and there wasn’t much to the slap. “But honey,” Escort bayan I said as I kneaded the firm muscles of her calves and leaned forward slowly to kiss her thigh where it met her hem. “You know me. I’m always helpful to you!”

Her breath caught for a second before she said “Yes, I do know you!” She was trying to still sound angry but her tone had softened. I started to slide my hands farther up her legs. Feeling up the backs of her thigh’s to just where her dress ended. I kissed her other thigh while holding her gaze with my eyes.

I could tell her breathing was getting heavier by the rise and fall of her chest. I could also hear excitement in her voice as she told me “You’re just bad!”

“Yeah,” I confessed before kissing her leg again. This time just up inside the hem of her dress. “But when I’m bad I try to be good to you!” I whisper and slide my hands farther up the back of her thighs, before running them back down to her calves and back up again.

“I’m trying to get supper ready!” she gasps as I continue to feel up her legs and kiss them.

“And I’m trying to have an appetizer.” I explain. I bring one hand around to the front of her leg. Catching the hem of her dress with my thumb I slide my fingers up till I see her white bikini panties. Groaning, I lean in again and kiss her where her thigh meets her hip, right at the hem of her panties.

She gasps and says weakly “That’s not an appetizer.”

“Why not?” I ask softly. I keep her dress pulled up with my right hand and bring my left around to her front. I gently pull her panties aside and kiss her again, right at the edge of her freshly trimmed pubic hair.

She breathes deeply before replying “Because I’ve never seen it in any cookbook.” I breathe her in deeply before telling her,

“Oh, I’m sure there’s one out there somewhere that has it.” I run my tongue up along the spot I’ve just kissed and add “If not, we should write one!”

“At least let me close this fridge door?” She says, indicating that the door won’t close because she’s standing in the way.

“Sure,” I tell her and lean back on my heels. She hesitates and I release my grip on her panties with my left hand and reach up between her legs to grab her ass, pulling her toward me.

“C’mon, you’re wasting electricity!” I scold her and pull harder. She steps forward and has to straddle my knees to get out of the way of the door. When the door closes she’s left standing right in front of my smilin’ face, and as she tries to step back to her original spot I smile even more as I hold her in place.

“Don’t run away.” I tease before kissing the crotch of her panties. I feel her twitch, ever so slightly, as my lips touch the soft material covering her sex. “I won’t bite.” I add softly before licking her crotch. I repeat this several times, before gently running my tongue the length of her pussy through the panties, which are starting to get wet now from both sides! As I go I increase the pressure a little bit each time, and the slight twitch I’d felt in her thigh increases each time too. I hear her sigh and her hands go to the hem of her dress to help me hold it up. I don’t mind the help as now my hands are free to roam those legs again!

I look up at her face in between licks and she has her eyes closed and her lips are open slightly. I can see the outline of her pussy now through the wet material and her lips are starting to swell with her increasing passion. On the next pass I only drag my tongue half way through those sweet lips before I start to swirl my tongue around in a circle. Hearing a gasp from above I feel the twitch in her leg turn into a tremor. Her hips start to move with my mouth. I lap at her wet crotch a few more times before doing the swirl again, harder this time. Now when I hear her gasp I also feel the hem of her dress hit me in the forehead as she lets go with one hand to reach down and pull her panties aside for me. “Oh your so damn bad!”

“YEAH, BABY!” I gasp and sink my tongue between her swollen lips. As I insert my tongue as deep as I can my moustache tickles her clit as it tries to peak out from its hood. Her next gasp is half whimper and I wonder how long she can take this standing up? I can’t get that good of an angle from here anyway, so even if she can take it awhile I may have trouble straightening out my neck again. Groaning, I reluctantly pull my face away from her and yank her panties as far down Bayan Escort her spread legs as I can. Standing up I allow her to put her feet together “Let’s get these off, Babe!” I say as I push the wet panties down farther. She grabs my arm for support and gets them off one foot before lifting them up with the other. She takes them off her foot and looks puzzled for a second as if she doesn’t know what to do with them. I solve that problem and take them from her, smiling, and put them in my pocket.

With that out of the way I take her in my arms and kiss her deeply. She responds in kind and I reach down and grab her ass with both hands as she wraps her arms around my neck. As we kiss we grind our bodies against each other and I know she can feel my bulge through my shorts. After only a minute of this I reach lower with my left hand and grasping her right leg I lift it to wrap around my hip. She goes along with this and is soon grasping my ass with her calf, pulling her body tighter to me. Holding her thigh tight to my hip and still grasping her ass with my other hand I lift her off the floor. She takes the hint and wraps her other leg around me too, locking her ankles behind me. I turn and, kicking a chair out of the way I step forward till I feel the edge off the table and I set her on it gently.

We break our kiss and our eyes meet as I pull her dress up above her waist. I see the desire in her eyes as she reaches for my belt. “Uh,uh. Lift up!” I tell her as I lift her dress higher over her tits. I expect some resistance here since its only 5:30 in the afternoon and the curtains are open. But lust wins out and she raises her arms to let me pull her dress up and off her.

While her arms are still in the air and before she can reach for my belt buckle again I push her backwards and she topples over on the table top. The salt and pepper shakers go flying. Nobody cares! I take a moment to rub my bulge against her wet crotch leaving a wet spot on my shorts. And again, nobody cares! Looking down at her like this I can’t wait any more. For all you guys who’ve never had your woman sprawled out naked on the kitchen table, I highly recommend it!

Her hands go for my belt buckle yet again and I push them away, “No, no Baby. This is MY appetizer. Remember?” She groans in frustration as I hook the chair with my foot, pull it back in place and sit down. With my face now in the same position my belts buckle was, her hands go to my head. She grabs my hair gently and pulls my face forward. I drag my tongue along her inner thigh as I go and she shivers.

When my face reaches her wet crotch she tilts her hips up to meet me and I run my tongue up between her swollen lips. She gasps and tries to pull me in harder but I resist and start to kiss her wet pussy all over. Occasionally I run my tongue lightly up her lips, being careful to just barely graze her extended clit at the top. Sometimes sucking her puffy lips into my mouth before using my tongue again.

She’s panting and squirming now and I start to lick her in long slow strokes with my whole tongue. I go up the outside of her lips a few times before moving in between them again and going as deep as I can on my way up. I focus on lapping up as much of her sweet juice as I can while avoiding her hard clit with my tongue. The only stimulation it gets is from my moustache and upper lip when I’m licking deep inside her.

I had my hands on the insides of her thighs, holding her legs open. Now I reach around under her legs and work them onto my shoulders. I grasp her lips with my fingers and pull up and out and her excited clitoris springs out at me like a jack-in-the-box. I chuckle at that image and kiss it gently making her gasp.

I start to run my tongue up through her wet slot again, this time crossing over at the top to graze the side of her raging clit. One side, then the other. Gradually I use less and less of my tongue and hit less of her sweet hole until I’m just licking up the sides of her raging nub with just the very tip of my tongue.

She’s panting now and rolling her hips in time with my strokes. Her fingers are still in my hair and trying to pull me in harder, so I continue to slowly increase the pressure and pick up the tempo. Soon I’m licking her clit fully, pushing it from side to side, up and down, working it all around with just the tip of my tongue. Her hips start to hump my face in earnest. I pull my right hand back down from Escort above her and bring it up to her wet lips from below again. She releases my hair with her left hand and replaces my now missing hand on her lips to help me hold her wide open.

Keeping up a steady pace I begin to work a finger into her hungry snatch. As her hips rise to meet my tongue I nestle my finger between her lips. I keep my finger rigid at that point and as she rolls her hips back down she engulfs my finger with her pussy. I feel her inner muscles grasp my finger, and as her hips roll up again my finger goes with her. When her hips roll back down I keep my hand in place again and she takes me deeper still. We keep repeating this process of her humping my face with her clit and drawing my finger into her grasping pussy with her inner muscles until I’m working her g-spot in time to our rhythm.

She’s groaning now and writhing on the table, riding the first waves of climax. When she releases her grasp on her lip to use both hands to pull my face harder against her I suck her clit between my lips and she explodes. I keep working her with my tongue and keep working her pulsing g-spot with my finger. She sounds like she’s almost crying now as she whines and squeals with pleasure.

When she’s at her peak and I don’t think she can take much more, I time her pumping hips and as she raises them again I hold my finger down and she draws her grasping cunt up off of it. She cries out at the loss and thrusts her hips back down to find the missing digit only to scream and resume her orgasm as she finds two fingers entering her now and going straight in to attack her g-spot again!

She’s gone now, completely over the edge. Pulling my face so hard against her that as she fucks my face her clit is actually rubbing my top lip against my teeth. I know my lip will be sore for a long time and I love it! She humps my hand so hard at the same time that my forearm starts to cramp. And I love that too! I guess you could say I just love making her come as long and as hard as I can!

I push so hard with my fingers I’m practically lifting her off the table as I work her with my lips, tongue and even my teeth until her legs go stiff across my shoulders. And still I keep up the pressure until she can’t take any more! Soon the same hands that were on the back of my head pulling my face into her hungry cunt are now pushing back against my forehead. And still I suck on her and work her with my aching fingers!

I don’t know how many orgasms she’s had. Or if it was just one long one, but she’s over sensitive now and straining to end it. Her cries of passion have turned to pleas of mercy as she tries to push my fingers from inside her with her pussy muscles and tries to pry my face away with her hands. “NO,NO,OH GOD NO MORE! OH,AHH, NO…MORE!”

I pull my mouth away from her for a second and she gasps in relief as I ask her “More?”

“NO!” she screams as I suck her throbbing clit again! “NO! OH FUCK, NO! NO MORE!!

I figure I’d better stop before she hyperventilates or worse, but I don’t want to miss out on all the luscious juice she just made! I yank my fingers out of her shuddering snatch and jam my tongue as far in as I can! She wails with yet another tremor and I grab both her ass cheeks with my hands and lift her off the table to drink my fill. “OH!” She wails “QUIT! I CANT TAKE IT! NO, NO MORE! PLEASE?”

Shit! She said the magic word. I guess I have to quit now. I think to myself as I pull my tongue out of her sopping hole. I lower her ass back to the table as she continues to spasm and twitch. She jerks when I kiss her inner thigh and tell her “Mmm, Baby doll that was delicious!”

“Oh god!” is all she can manage to say as she struggles to catch her breath. I kiss her pubic hair gently and she quivers again as I lay my head down on her to let her regain some composure.

Eventually her breathing starts to slow and I no longer feel her body quake. “Wow” she whispers with what little strength she can find. Her legs, limp now are still draped over my shoulders and I kiss her thigh where it meets her hip causing one last shock wave and a whimper.

“Glad you liked it.” I tell her as I start to get up. I gently lower her legs from my shoulders until they’re dangling limply from the edge of the table. Looking down I can’t help but be proud of a job well done. She’s covered in a fine sheen of sweat and completely spent. Her eyes are closed and she is still trying to get her breathing under control. Outside the birds are singing and some kids are laughing, a motorcycle roars past and I can’t help but think……”MAN, I LOVE SUMMER!”

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