How I See Us


I start with a long slow kiss that builds to a passionate furry, working my way down your body. Licking and sucking you breasts. Nibbling your nipples. Slowly making my way down your stomach. Feeling your skin under my tongue and lips. I savor that first contact with your pussy.

Sometimes the moment dictates I go straight to your clit and suck hard. Circling it with my tongue. Although my favorite is when I can start slowly at the base of your cunt and work my way up. Parting your lips as I go. Not very deeply at first. I don’t dare touch your button, not yet.

Then I move my way back down and start over. A little deeper this time. I can’t taste you, feel your wetness on the tip of my tongue. As I get to the top I lightly flick your clit, once. Then I move back to the bottom again.

One more time. Slowly, deeper. Hitting your inner folds this time. My lips make contact with yours. Wiggling my tongue back and forth as I go. Stopping at the top of you slit and plunging in as far as my tongue can go.

I move on to your clit. Slowly licking, flat tongued. Stiffening the tip to circle it. Flicking it harder and harder. Making an O with my lips I suck you in. Giving your nub a little blow job. Using my tongue to play with it as I suck. Harder and harder.

You have your hands on my head. Pulling me in so I can’t breathe. Making Escort bayan me drink you. Waiting for your climax. Praying for you to flood my mouth with your juices.

You let loose, unable to breath as you cum. Filling me with your most inner nectar. Making me swallow mouthful after mouthful. I don’t want it to ever end.

You finally begin to relax and I slow my mouth and lick as much of your cum from you as I can. I know in a few moments you will be too sensitive for me to touch. I have to get it all before you push me away.

And you do. Out of breath. Incoherent ramblings as you finally relax. I move up to your face to see your eyes are glossed over. You can barely keep them open. A small smile crosses your lips. You kiss me tasting your cum on my face.

I move on top of you, you take my hard cock and slid it up and down your soaking gash. I know your ready when you stop moving me and let my head rest at your opening. I push my way in. Your so wet it’s almost effortless but you are still tight. Hot, wet, tight. Your smell fills the room. You moan as I pull back out. Pushing forward, stretching your cunt. Slipping more of my length in to you.

Each time I pull back out I can feel you try to keep me in. Pulling with your arms, hands, legs feet. Your pussy grips me, begging to be completely full.

I push back Bayan Escort in harder and faster this time. Almost bottomed out. Teasing you. Building you to another orgasm.

I pull out again, this time leaving you totally empty. Replacing my cock with my mouth and fingers.

Working your g-spot, bringing you to that intense squirting orgasm you love. Watching you shake, your body tenses. Your try to fight me but I quickly drive my dick back into you.

Pounding you relentlessly. Not letting you come down.

Then I stop. You relax. I roll over waiting for you to mount me. Needing to feel you grind your pussy on me.

You gather your strength and crawl over to me. I’m on my back. You start to slide your way up my legs stopping to give me a sly look just before you pop the head of my cock in your mouth.

You can’t resist the opportunity to taste yourself on me. In my head I imagine your thinking how it would taste to clean another woman’s juice off of me. That’s another fantasy for another time.

I focus on your lips as they stretch to accommodate my girth. Watching you slowly lower you mouth onto me. I’m harder than I have ever been now. I can feel you glide you tongue over the tip. You keep eye contact with me the whole time. I can’t believe how hot and wet your mouth is. Almost as nice as your pussy.

You Escort bounce your head up and down over and over again. Stopping from time to time to swallow me. Your nose resting on my groin.

I have to stop you because I’m afraid I’ll cum to soon. I want to feel you on top of me. I pull you up and kiss you, tasting us on your lips and tongue. It’s intoxicating. I need to be inside you. As if you can read my mind I feel your hand reach between us and guide me to you dripping hole.

You lower yourself on to me. Moaning as you bottom out. Tired from our adventure you start rocking back and forth. Rubbing you clit on me. Savoring how full you are. How you can feel me touching every bit of you cunt, inside and out. You rock faster and faster, stopping to bounce up then down hard, rocking again. Your orgasm is building. It’s different from the others. It’s coming from a deeper place.

Your breathing is faster, I know it’s coming. The sounds you are making tell me it’s about to happen. I hear a ragged whisper that you’re going to cum. You can’t catch your breath. You stop moving as you begin to shake uncontrollably.

I can’t hold on, you pussy muscles are milking me. My orgasm hits. I fill you with my cum. Our juices are running out of you. Hot, creamy.

You collapse on my chest. Out of breath, exhausted. A sensation of relief, relaxation, exhaustion. Completely satiated. Our orgasms subside. You roll off of me. I lay my hand on your mound to feel the heat and wetness of our coupling.

We drift to sleep. Contented. Blissful. Anticipating the next time we fuck.

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