House Call


I hear the knock at the door. You’re early. Cheeky. I wrap a towel around myself and run down to let you in. You look me up and down as I open the door. You smile at me sheepishly and say you knew being early for things had its advantages. You step inside closing the door behind you. I tell you there’s a downside too, because now that you’re here I’ll have to put you to work. I turn away from you and start walking down the hallway. I look back over my shoulder at you and wink as I drop the towel and continue walking to my bedroom. I can hear you taking off your shoes and unzipping your pants as you chase me down the hall.

You’re right behind me in seconds and I laugh as you grab me from behind and pick me up and spin us around laughing. “You don’t need to tell me twice” you say, as you put me down and close the bedroom door.

I put a hand on your chest and push you towards the bed, so you’re sitting on the edge. “Semi-naked already?” I giggle at you, “how presumptuous” I say.

“You’re literally wearing nothing” you say smiling at me.

“It’s hard to moisturise with clothes on” I shrug. “You interrupted my routine” I say as a pick up the lotion.

“Oh I can definitely help you with that” you reply, grabbing my wrist and pulling me into you. A visible bulge forming in your underwear.

I stand at your feet, wrap my arms lightly around your neck and kiss you softly. You part your knees allowing me to get closer to you and you pull me in towards you. I slowly trace a hand down your chest and over the front of your underwear, stroking your cock. I whisper in your ear “and I can definitely help you with this”.

I turn around and slide my body down yours, to sit on your lap. I move my hips in slow circles. I feel your cock twitch against my ass, stimulated by my movements. You brush my hair over my shoulder as I tilt my head to the side and you start kissing my neck. You run your hands all over me. Initially you move them in unison, from my hips up istanbul escort my sides and over my tits. You knead my flesh with your palms and fingers, breathing heavy against my neck, then roll my nipples in between your fingers. You suck my neck as I moan. You keep one hand there, clutching at my breasts, tweeking my nipples. Then you slide your palm between my breasts and up my neck, gripping my face. The other hand traces down my torso, over my right thigh and up between my legs.

I continue to grind my body against yours, feeling you getting hard. Your grip on my chin ensuring your mouth has continued access to my neck. As you continue to kiss and suck on my neck, encouraging my moans, you move your fingers over my mound and start to rub my clit with your thumb instead. As I lean back into you, enjoying your hard cock twitching underneath me, your mouth on my neck, your thumb on my throbbing clit, you slowly insert your middle finger inside me. My breath quickens. You nibble on my ear, lick and suck my earlobe into your mouth, suck hard on my neck. You make me moan louder and louder, grinding down on you and thrusting into your hand. I breathlessly moan in your ear “god you’re good at that”, as you fuck me with your fingers. I moan before biting down on my lip!

I’m clutching my own breasts. I’m so wet I can barely think straight. I want you so bad. I’m quivering, on the verge of cumming. I try to stand up, unwrapping your arm from around me, but you laugh, pulling me tighter into you and say “oh not yet”, pushing a second finger inside me, deeper, rubbing my gspot and thumbing my clit at the same time. I cry out in pleasure and thrust against your hand, moaning your name. I turn my head and you allow my lips to find yours. I kiss you over my shoulder, only tearing my lips away to moan again. You sense my body tense, I feel you nuzzle into my neck as I cum hard on your hand. Waves of pleasure wash kadıköy escort over me and you continue to stroke me through orgasm.

I stop grinding against you, collapsing back into your shoulder breathing hard.

You sit still for a minute, gently stroking my arm as my breathing returns to normal. Then you stand up, lifting me off your lap you turn and lay me on the bed.. “now about this lotion…” you say.

You stand at the foot of the bed, your cock straining against your boxers, waiting to be released. After taking off your shirt, you remove your underwear and your cock springs to attention. You crawl up onto the bed beside me, running your hand from my ankle, up my leg over my stomach as you go. Your hand comes to rest on my breast as you lay your head beside mine. “The lotion can wait” I reply, “something tells me we’ll be back in the shower soon”.

I smile at you and wink as I reach over and take your cock in my hand. As you continue to play with my nipple, I climb on top of you, straddling your hips. You cover my tits with your hands as I place my hands on your chest. I grind my hips back and forth, rubbing my wetness up and down your shaft. Your cock twitches underneath me, which just encourages me more. I feel you getting harder by the second. You groan.

I lay my chest against yours and kiss you hard. I tell you how much I want you, how hot I get just thinking about you, how wet I am now with your rock hard cock pressing against my clit. I kiss you again and suck on your bottom lip as I continue to grind against you. I moan in your ear as I stimulate myself, rubbing my clit on your throbbing cock.

I kiss, lick and suck my way down your body. I slow at your thighs and rub my face against your cock, you groan. I stand up and take your hand pulling you off the bed to stand with me. You look at me curiously as I turn us around and crawl back onto the bed. On all fours, I look back kağıthane escort over my shoulder and wiggle my ass at you. “Fuck you’re hot” you tell me, kneeling on the floor by the bed you grab me by the hips and pull me towards you. You thrust your tongue into me, circle my cunt with your tongue. I moan as you finger my clit and tease me with your tongue. I beg you to fuck me. I tell you I want your hard cock inside me. You laugh and smack my ass playfully. Your hands move to my hips and I sense you positioning yourself behind me on the bed. I feel the tip of your cock against my opening, but instead of entering me, you rub your cock against my clit.. back and forth, teasing me, making me moan and rock back against you. It feels SO good having your cock touch my clit.

I’m begging you. “Fuck me Josh! I beg you! Put your perfect penis inside me. I want to cum hard on your cock. Fuck me! Please! Ride me until we cum!”

Your hands grip my hips and you plung your cock into me, pull back and thrust forward again, taking me from behind. I moan and rock back and forth matching your rhythm. You tell me how good it feels to be inside me. You tell me I’m so tight but so wet. You grab my hips and pull me further onto your cock, thrusting harder and faster. I push back against you, feeling you deep inside me and loving it. We thrust in motion together, harder and faster. You’re breathing heavy. You lean in and wrap your arms underneath me, grabbing my breasts. I moan. You slide a hand to rub my clit as you thrust in me hard and fast. I tell you I’m going to cum, I tell you to cum with me. You say “no, you first” and pulse your fingers on my clit and rock your cock inside me. The muscles in my cunt contract on your cock as I cum hard again. I moan and push hard back onto your cock. You grip my hips harder and thrust faster. Your cock pulses and I tighten around you and you moan loudly and as you start to cum, you pull out and finish on my back, coating my soft skin in your cum. I collapse onto my stomach, breathing hard, you collapse on top of me.

I love the feeling of your naked body, completely satisfied, pressing down on my own. The evidence of our act, spreading between us. Your breathing slows and you start kissing my face. As our breathing steadies, you lean in close. “Time for that shower” you whisper in my ear.

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