This is a true story, although some parts may not be completely accurate as I am relying on the memory of something which happened some ten years ago. I must confess, though, that whilst 95% of it is true, Tina did not dance with anyone in the bar – that part is pure fiction, although she did go into the bar dressed like that. Everything else in the story is based on absolute truth.


As a bookseller of specialist books, mainly educational and special needs, I had occasion more than once to go into a primary school to see the Head Teacher. It happened that the school I am going to tell a story about had a headmistress, a Mrs. Fletcher. I duly knocked on the door of her study, whereupon a voice called out for me to enter. I walked in to find a quite attractive woman in her thirties squatting down on her heels, knees widely apart, and facing me as she was gathering together some papers. She must not have been expecting me, for in this position it was obvious that she not only was wearing black nylon stockings and suspenders, but she was also not averse to lacy black french knickers, as her loose gusset was distinctly on show.

She blushed momentarily, saying she thought it was one of the infants coming to see her, and stood upright. Her black skirt was fairly short, though, but long enough to cover the tops of her stockings, so that it was not as apparent whether she wore stockings or tights, although I already knew. Her top was a white blouse, though, and, as befitted her profession, quite opaque. Nevertheless I could not help noticing quite firm breasts beneath it. My mind was already looking at her in this way after my initial stroke of luck!

She was quite attractive, as I said, and her manner was quite apologetic, considering that it was me who ought to have apologised for having deliberately stared at her display.

But besides being charming to look at, she also had a charming manner, especially when she laughed, although still a little embarrassed, and said, “But I don’t suppose you saw anything you’ve never seen before, have you?”

There was something about her manner which made me a little flippant, and I answered that I had seen similar before, but not exactly the view she had just shown me. Her embarrassment disappeared quickly, though, and we talked business for a few minutes. Then a remark of hers set me off being flippant again. “You have one or two things here which I have never seen before,” she said, but there was something about her voice which made me risk replying, “Like I have seen some things I had never seen before!”

She looked me fully in the eyes, her eyes doing all the smiling, as she mischievously replied, “Touché. You’d better warn me in advance next time you call in case I don’t have as much on as I did this time!”

The banter seemed to have been leading up to this, although it took some time to reach this stage, but I could sense that she was actually flirting, or even being more daring with her words, as if to see how far I would go/

I risked being thrown out, though, as I decided that she was actually giving me the “come-on”. If I were wrong I would have to leave the entire area quickly, before she reported me to higher authorities. So I risked my next reply.

“You mean you would actually not mind if I saw you like that again?” I ventured, ready to run if necessary.

She smiled, though, as she said, “It all depends. I would not want you running round telling all and sundry. It would not do my reputation much good.”

I felt I was on surer ground from now on.

“I think the answer to that is that I can keep my mouth shut, and in return I’d like to invite you out to my hotel for dinner. May I?”

She hesitated for a moment, and then said, “Are you staying close by?”

I told her that I was actually in a nearby town, and gave her the name of my hotel.

“All right.” she agreed. “I doubt if anyone knows me there, so I’ll come round to the hotel at about seven o’clock, after I have given my husband a meal. I’ll tell him that I have to go to a Head Teacher meeting, and that there will be a finger buffet so that I do not need to eat before leaving home. Where shall I meet you?”

“In the bar,” I answered, inwardly screaming with joy.

“By the way, my name is Christina – Tina for short. Unlike the girl who was called Virginia, and she was called Virgin for short – but not for long!” I know that was an old joke, but that is exactly what she said to me, and so I repeat it now.

I gave her my name, Jeff, and she smiled. “I’ve never been out with a ‘Jeff’: before,” she smiled. “There is always a first time for everything!”

As I made to leave she said, “Shall I come in what I am wearing now, or shall I change first?”

“Entirely up to you,” I replied, and then left her.

But I was now also apprehensive. Had she just been leading me on, or was she being genuine? I would only find out when she either came to the hotel or she didn’t.

I booked a table for two, though, to be on the safe side, and the way home izle went into the bar to wait for her, after having a shower, a shave, and applying quite an amount of lotion so as to smell sweet.

I was facing the bar, though, with my back to the door when I heard her voice behind me.

“I’ll have a large gin and tonic,” I heard her say, and I turned to see a real vision. She had been quite professionally dressed when I had met her in school, but now she was more provocatively attired. She had on a one-piece dress, the top of which plunged deeply to below her breasts, giving a view of the swellings at each side of her cleavage. I doubted whether she could have been wearing a bra or it would have shown. The rest of her dress was short but substantial.

We sat down and made small talk as my eyes drank in her attractiveness, and I soon became aware that her skirt was actually much shorter than the one she had worn in school. No stockings were apparent this time – the skirt would have been too short for stockings, or the tops would have been on show. She leaned towards me to whisper, causing her loose top to hang a little forward so that I was looking straight down between her lovely breasts.

“I did decide that I ought to change,” she whispered, leaning even close to me, so as not to be overheard. “And I thought that as you had already seen my sexy panties once you would not be quite as interested in them a second time – so I have left them off! And I’ve left off my stockings and suspenders for the same reason. In fact, apart from my shoes, this mini-dress is all that I am wearing!”

I could scarcely maintain any composure, until she said, huskily, “So shall we eat first, and then I think you should show me your room. I have never been in the bedrooms in this hotel before and I would like to see one in case I have to recommend this hotel to anyone in the future.”

I’ve forgotten what we had to eat, but we got through a whole bottle of wine, then I led the way, as each of us carried a glass – hers with gin, mine with whisky, so that we would have glasses in the bedroom, where I already had two bottles, which I had bought on my way back to the hotel “just in case”.

I was about to take the lift, but she told me that she preferred the staircase so that she could go in front. She was forward! It meant that by following close behind her I had a glorious view right up the rear of her flimsy skirt which swung at each step, although not quite enough to show what she had told me was a bare bottom.

It was enough, though, to make me even hornier, and as I stood aside to let her enter the room ahead of me she calmly walked forwards and shrugged the whole thing off! Apart from her shoes she was completely naked, and she hastily kicked those off, too. She turned to face me, brazenly displaying her well-formed breasts with delightfully hardened tips of her nipples, and an openly displayed pussy as smooth as the day she had been born. “I shaved it especially for you,” she explained. “My husband couldn’t care less. He is only interested about once a month, and that is when he has had a few, just to relieve himself. As soon as he has cum he goes to sleep. Please, Jeff, hug me tenderly. Don’t just fuck me – make love to me. Please.”

For the next couple of hours we cuddled, kissed, stroked, and managed to fuck at least three times, but all part of the loving session we had together. Eventually, though, she had to go home. She gave me her school telephone number so that I could call her whenever I was in the area, and I made sure that I was so for the next three months, about twice a week, when she would come out to my hotel for us to make love.

On one occasion when I called her she said she wanted to see some more books, and would I call with my case. I did so, expecting it to be a genuine request, but I called at the reception office and spoke to her secretary, as was the correct course to take. But the secretary, Sheila, who (I suspected) knew a lot more about my visit than she was letting on, said mysteriously, “Tina is expecting you. But she wants you to knock first and say who you are through the door before she opens it. She says she wants to be sure who it is before she will answer!” She gave me a sly wink, as if to say that she knew what was waiting for me. I did wonder about that, but on my next visit I was actually sure that she knew everything, was also a “confidential” secretary!!!

Anyway, to continue.

I knocked on the door, but there was no reply. I knocked again, then remembered what Sheila had told me, and said quietly, “It is Extra Books Ltd. Are you available, please, Mrs. Fletcher?

I hard a slight shuffle inside the room, and Tina’s voice came back, “Who? I am quite busy at present. What name is it?”

“Jeff,” I called softly, whereupon I heard the key turn in the lock, and Tina’s voice saying, “The door is unlocked now. Please come in.”

I turned the handle and went inside, but she was nowhere to be the witcher izle seen, until she suddenly appeared from inside a small store-room.

I could now see the reason for her reluctance to open the door to anyone else. She was completely naked! Quickly she crossed to me and we met in a passionate kiss, cupping my balls with one hand as we did so. Next second she had my hard penis in her hand, and was examining it closely, as she said, “If only Sheila could see this now! I have told her how magnificent it is, but a description is not the same as seeing it in the flesh, is it! I would call her in to look, but it would mean she would be out of reception, and someone else could come in without our knowledge. Anyway, I hope you don’t mind, but I have brought my Polaroid camera. Will you please pose for me so that I can give her a print?”

I was a little dubious at first, but then gave in on condition she allowed me to take some of her, too. This we did, and I was so pleased, although I had to keep them in my business brief-case for safety.

After that we fucked on her desk, then again on the floor, until she suddenly jumped up at the sound of the school bell, announcing break period. Quickly we made ourselves respectable, although I was thrilled when she made no move to put on any panties.

She then led me into the staff-room, where she introduced me to the staff as a book representative, and we all drank tea. She then left me for a few minutes, as she had work to do, and called on Sheila to give her a hand.

At the end of the break, though, Sheila returned with Mrs. Fletcher’s apologies, but she had to teach next lesson. She then asked me to pick up an order from her on my way out.

I finished my tea, then picked up my case, and called at the office to ask about the order.

Sheila just grinned and handed me an A4 envelope, and told me to open it when I was in the car!

When I did so, fully expecting the prints that Tina had made, I saw that they were all there, plus another one which I then recognized as Sheila! She was sitting gazing at the easily discernable photograph of my engorged penis in one hand, whilst the other one was noticeably busy. I say busy, as she was sitting with both her feet on the edge of her desk, knees parted, with her hand actually underneath her knickers gusset, obviously playing with herself!

I almost decided to turn back and go in the school again to see her, but if I had been seen someone would have wondered why I had returned. No, I decided. I should leave what I wanted to say to Sheila next time I came to the school.

I did call, in fact, a week later, making the excuse that I was delivering the order, but a stranger was sitting in Sheila’s place. I enquired, and was told that the usual secretary (as I described her) was away with a dreadful cold, and that the one to whom I was speaking (a bit of an ogre, she looked) was temporarily in her place. When I enquired if I could see Mrs. Fletcher I was curtly told that she (the temporary secretary) was perfectly capable of receiving and signing for an order!

So I had to be content with that, but I was also unable to contact Tina as this dragon would have intercepted the call, which had to be made through her.

Anyway, a week later, by turning up outside the school gates early in the morning I noticed that Sheila was back again, and so I waited for school to get started and around 10.00am I telephoned through.

Sheila answered, and I gave my name and asked to be put through to the headmistress (being careful in case anyone else could overhear.) Immediately Tina came through and the first thing she asked me was why I had delivered the order via the secretary and not directly to her. I explained about the ogre, and she laughed.

“She’s not like that, really,” she said. “She was trying to protect me. There are some funny people try to get into schools these days. So if I accept your apology tell me how you are going to apologise.”

“Can I take you out to dinner?” I asked.

“If you want me to do that you can come here in person and ask,” she laughed.

I replaced the phone and drove to the school. As I entered Sheila saw me, grinned, and motioned me to wait a minute. She then picked up the phone, and, presumably, called through to Tina. No-one else was around, and I was amused when she rummaged in her desk, and help up to me the picture of my penis which Tina had taken a couple of weeks ago.

She then put down the phone, and said, enigmatically, “She is getting ready to see you now, so give her a minute, please. And, while you are waiting, can I say that should she ever be too busy any evening, I would not be averse to showing you a few of the sights of this neighbourhood!” And she gave me a broad wink.

But just then the phone went again, and she answered, at the same time pointing me towards Tina’s room.

As was now becoming the norm, as I entered her room the first things I saw were her delicate panties carefully the witcher blood origin izle arranged on her desk, indicating the obvious fact that she had already taken them off for me. Tina was sitting back in her chair, her skirt drawn up revealing her stockinged and suspendered thighs but still hiding the object of my immediate passion.

Then, ever so slowly, she peeled back the skirt hem until her puffy lips appeared, glistening and swollen. She remained like this for a few seconds, then suddenly jumped up, snatching the fastening to her skirt and flinging it to one side, before tumbling onto the floor, where she lay back with legs parted, begging for my cock. I was almost as quick, and within a couple of seconds I was inserted right inside, with no attempt at foreplay, which would have been unnecessary as she was already so hot and expectant.

It was while we were so absorbed in each other, though, that we had an annoying interruption. The telephone rang. Now it could only have been Sheila who had put the call through, and (I assumed) she knew that we would be so annoyed at being disturbed, so it must have been urgent for her to have done this.

With a curse Tina grabbed the phone, and almost barked, “Yes?”

She listened momentarily, and then put the phone down with a curse.

“It is the Education Officer to see me.” She said angrily. “What the hell does he think he is doing – interrupting a moment like this?”

As she was speaking she was dressing quickly, and so was I.

In a few seconds we were both respectably dressed, and she was pressing a perfumed spray to hide any smell of sex which might be in the air.

I gave her a quick kiss, then opened the door to thank her audibly for seeing me, and moved towards the office, where a man was talking to Sheila. She looked at me with no sign of knowing me, and I thanked her for allowing me to see Mrs. Fletcher, whereupon she said quite formally, “That’s all right. Shall we see you again next year?”

After these formalities I was able to leave and drove away.

Later that day I telephoned through, but Tina was busy, so Sheila told me, but that she sent her apologies, and Sheila herself sent her own thanks for helping cover up the situation. “And don’t forget,”! she added seductively,” that my invitation is still there for a tour of the neighbourhood should you ever be at a loose end in this area.” And with that the phone went dead.

Next day was Friday, and I called again to apologise if I had compromised Tina in any way, and Sheila put me straight through.

“Oh, I am glad you called,” said Tina. “I must apologise for the interruption yesterday,” she began, but I interrupted her. “That doesn’t matter,” I said. “It is only to be expected from time to time when we are sailing so close to the wind by meeting in school. But I am ringing about another matter. I shall not be going home this weekend. My wife is away on a course, and so I would be on my own. Is there any chance of meeting during the next two days?”

“More a chance than you would imagine,” she almost shouted. “I am going on a course for teachers this weekend, leaving this evening until Sunday evening. I have a friend who would cover for me, if necessary, and I can ask her to do so and to give my apologies, saying that I have a domestic problem to be resolved. Are you staying in the same hotel?”

I told her that I was, and she promised to meet me there. “What is your room number?” she asked. “I can then come straight up to your room.”

I told her, and she then apologised as she had arrangements to make fairly quickly, after promising to come to my hotel as soon as she possibly could, and rang off.

So, at around six o’clock I was sitting in my room, waiting expectantly, when a knock came on the door. I opened it to find Tina, of course, who flung her arms round me as we kissed ardently in the open doorway. When we finally broke away for her to come inside I saw that she was wearing what she would normally wear in school, although she had a small overnight case in her hand.

“I had to pretend, at least,” she laughed. “My husband would have been suspicious had I changed into something sexy to go to a teacher’s conference. But I hope what I have in this case will be more pleasing.”

With that she went to the bed and opened her case, taking out various garments one by one and holding them up as she described them.

“I presume we will be going to dinner together,” she began, as she took out a black silk mini-dress, which seemed sheer enough to be almost transparent.

“Yes,” she giggled. “It is rather see-through, but I intend wearing a bra and panties under it, although it does mean that everyone else would also be able to see them. I’m sure you won’t mind, and I doubt if the waiters will, although there may be some prudes amongst the diners who might. You will have to make sure we are in a more or less secluded corner, won’t you?”

“I’m sure that can be arranged,” I told her, as she continued to bring out items.

“So – underneath that dress I shall not wear stockings or tights, but just this bra”, and she held up a black lacy bra which appeared to have quite tiny cups, “and these!” Here she held up a tiny scrap of black chiffon attached to which were two black strings. I doubted whether it would even cover her essentials, but who was I to object?

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