Happy Hour


It started out as an innocent enough happy hour in the bar area of a sports bar near work. All of the old workers came out and celebrated Elsa’s (yes, just like the Disney movie) last week at work. She had found a new position with a competitor in San Antonio, and in two weeks she would be gone. I, for one, was going to miss her.

As usual, we all drank more than we should have, and before I knew it, it was closing time. I looked around and realized that it was just Elsa and me at the table, laughing about an old story. “Wow, it’s getting late. I’ve already had one too many, and should probably get rolling,” I mentioned. I knew Sarah was out of town for the next week visiting her parents, but I didn’t think it would be appreciated if I stayed out at the bar with another woman.

Especially how clearly drunk I was. Especially with Elsa. And especially the way Elsa looked tonight: 5’8″ with an athletic build and short, curly blond hair. The cleavage from her firm D cups spilled over her gorgeous red sun dress that barely came up past her nipples and hung just under her petite ass. Her bright green eyes pronounced her high cheekbones and feminine smile, and her stockings and tall heels accentuated Elsa’s long, fit legs.

Elsa had always been the hot girl at work, and an amazing tease; I used to have a huge crush on her before I met my current wife. To be honest, it never really went away. I had spent many a session even after getting married, in the shower, shooting loads into the drain thinking about her fantastic body and beautiful face. Although I had stopped the obsessive thinking about her, I was going to miss her amazing beauty and wonderful tomboy-ish personality…

Elsa brought me back from my daydream, “Yeah, I should probably get home, too. Though to be honest, I don’t have anything good to go home to, cats notwithstanding. My boyfriend has been a total asshole since I told him I was moving, and he still hasn’t decided to move with me yet. To be honest, I haven’t gotten any lately if you know what I mean.”

“Funny, I know the feeling. Well, let me walk you to your car,” I responded. Sarah and I had been married a few years, and things had gone stale. I was beginning to wonder if she was frigid, as the sex stopped almost immediately after we were married.

It had been quite a warm fall day when we arrived, and neither Elsa nor I had brought a jacket; but like most late-September days in the northeast US, it had cooled considerably, and a light rain washed over us as we opened the doors into the night air.

We reached her car, and instead of quickly slipping into the leather interior of her shiny black Cadillac as I expected, she leaned back against the car and opened her arms, “Just one last hug to say goodbye? I don’t know if I’ll ever see you again outside of work.”

She had a point. There was no good reason for Elsa and I to ever get a hold of each other; we’d always flirted, but I was with Sarah during the entire time that I’ve known Elsa. And with office gossips, it was never a good idea to give the rumor mills any fodder, so we mainly kept our distance.

I couldn’t help but notice that her nipples had protruded and she had goosebumps from the chilly rain. Tonight, finding Elsa alone in the parking lot, and with the rain beginning to soak her tiny red sundress and curly hair into her toned skin, I was a little nervous about even a hug. But my drunk mind figured, “what the hell, I’m never going to see her again,” and walked into her arms, pushing her against my car.

A deep breath brought her heavenly aroma of an unknown perfume, and I found myself literally less than an inch from Elsa’s ear. “I’ll miss you,” I heard, and felt Elsa’s hot breath in my ear, a stark contrast to the cold night. “I’m going to miss you too Elsa,” I couldn’t help but whisper in hers.

The electricity at that moment had been building for years and was peaking as I heard Elsa continue, her lips pulling from my ear to within an inch of mine, “I need you to know that I’ve had a crush on you since I started. And… I’ve never really gotten over you.” And with that, an incredibly light kiss on my lips, just under my ear, then another light peck on my neck.

Before I knew it, we were facing each other, now our lips less than an inch apart. “You know I can’t…” and Elsa stopped my breath with another kiss on my mouth, this time a real kiss. I try to blame my drunken state for what happened next and the spiral downward that became the evening’s events.

Everything escalated in a flash. My left hand pulled Elsa’s the sandman izle head closer to mine, and my right began caressing Elsa’s leg and ass, now wet from the downpour. I returned her kiss gently, and began rubbing my left hand through Elsa’s hair. Elsa was lightly flicking her tongue out to my lips, and I gently sucked her tongue in. My right hand had moved to Elsa’s thigh and pulled her left knee up to my hips, and I easily slipped her panties aside.

My hand moved to cup her pussy, and I slipped my middle finger inside. She was already very warm, and incredibly moist. Like me, she had clearly not gotten laid for a long time, and in our proximity I could feel her heart pounding as quickly as mine.

I was incredibly excited myself, and shoved my own pants and boxers down as fast as I could manage. Both of our hearts were racing, and our breathing came to a rapid pace. In a matter of seconds I grabbed Elsa’s left leg and, lifting it up past my hips, I slipped inside of her. With the rain continuing to run over us, we kissed passionately while she wrapped both of her long legs around me and I further entered the sweet pussy that I had ached for for so many years. I couldn’t believe I was fucking my fantasy girl in the parking lot of a chain restaurant!

“Oh god, you feel so good inside of me, oh fuck yes, fuck me hard, fuck me hard baby, I’ve wanted this for so long” Elsa panted as we continued in the open parking lot.

I saw movement to my side but paid no attention, and in fact fucked her even harder for a minute, then pulled out and quickly laid Elsa back onto the hood of her car; we hadn’t even taken the time to get her panties off of her ankles. I slipped my hard cock back into her waiting pussy and pulled down her bra and the top of her sundress, revealing her magnificent tits.

I grabbed Elsa’s hips, then slammed hard over and over again into her sweet mound, watching my cock slide in and out of Elsa’s pussy and realizing this dream come true was as awesome as the feeling itself. Even in my drunken state, watching Elsa’s beautiful body move, especially those fantastic tits, with our rhythm and getting pelted with the cold raindrops, I knew I was going to orgasm soon.

“Elsa, I’m going to cum, and I want to cum inside of you,” I said far too loudly. Elsa turned back to me and responded, “yes, yes I want your cum inside me, cum deep inside of me baby, fill me up” I was just about to come and was thinking about the imminent complete emptying; I wanted to fill her up with load after load, pump after pump, of my hot semen into and up her hot pussy. I grabbed the back of Elsa’s head by her hair and lifted her face into mine, kissing her roughly and slightly pulling her hair while I continued to drive my cock deep inside of her.

As I was about to enter my moment of climax, I heard hushed voices towards the restaurant. I looked around to see that a small crowd had gathered near the entrance to the restaurant and were simply watching us fuck. In retrospect, I suppose Elsa’s moans of ecstasy made them feel safe that she wasn’t being raped after all, and the 1-in-the-morning crowd wasn’t about to call the cops for something like this.

Unfortunately, I also noticed that one of the crowd was one of my employees, Angie, who had apparently been in the bathroom when we left. Amazingly, she didn’t look horrified at all, even though I initially was at the sight of her; she instead seemed to be really into the whole scene.

Elsa’s movement and the surprise of the crowd – or maybe more likely, Angie – had a strange effect on me, and my climax went away. Still feeling the whiskey and the turn-on of the events so far, I stepped back and pulled out – my hard cock was on display for the crowd until I was able to pull my pants up. Elsa realized what had happened and quickly pulled her bra and dress back up over her soaked breasts, and then her panties off of her ankles and up under the bottom of the sun dress.

God, I wanted to fuck her again, I wanted to cum deep inside of her, and a big part of me wanted to do it here in front of the bar crowd, but sensibility took over. Ignoring the crowd and Angie, I said abruptly, “let’s go to my house. I’ll drive, get in” Without a word, Elsa followed; Angie watched in amazement as I walked the short distance to my car, and I wondered what I would tell her tomorrow.

We got in the car, and Elsa freshened up her bright red lipstick. Before I even turned the ignition, Elsa had her panties off and had thrown them at me, where they sat on the snow girl izle my shoulder. They were soaked, and though the rain had something to do with it, the aroma of her freshly fucked pussy was strong.

“I don’t know what to say; that was an incredible experience,” Elsa smiled as she started working my pants down. It didn’t take her long to unzip my pants, and soon enough, she had grabbed my cock and started massaging it again. Not surprisingly, I was still rock hard.

Elsa placed my cock gently into her mouth, and began licking and sucking away. “Wow, she is awesome at this,” I thought to myself as she sucked and licked just slowly enough to guarantee that I would become ever hotter without coming. My right hand rested on her head; we continued in silence for 20 minutes as she slowly continued riding her red lips up and down my shaft, until we finally reached my house.

The house was empty, and I felt a pang of guilt as we pulled into the garage and got out of the car. I looked over at Elsa, who had mercifully stopped working my cock with her mouth, and all other thoughts went away: Elsa’s face was absolutely beautiful, framed by the soaked hair. Her dress now clung tightly to her upper body, and clearly showed off her obviously toned abs and the incredible cleavage hinting at her voluptuous tits. Her dress had ridden up and just barely covered her pussy, and water still dripped onto her long, slender legs, now tight with goosebumps.

With a simple “we’re here,” I placed Elsa’s panties into my pocket and walked inside. We walked through the house and quickly made our way into my bedroom, I briefly looked to see that the shade was open. I wasn’t 100% comfortable with that, but it did give me an idea.

“Hold on just a minute Elsa,” and I slipped out for just a second. I returned with a video camera, “I want to always remember this,” I explained as I closed the shades, then turned the camera to her.

Without a word, Elsa smiled and started a slow, sultry dance – if I hadn’t known better, I would have sworn her previous job was a stripper, the way she moved. It wasn’t long before she lowered her dress around and over her shoulders, then slowly down her body. I watched in awe as she revealed first her slender neck and shoulders, then her black silk bra, toned stomach, and finally her cleanly shaven pussy before dropping the tiny dress to the floor.

“You look absolutely stunning Elsa”, I continued filming, “I think you should touch yourself.” Again with no hesitation, Elsa slowly climbed up onto the bed, crawling forward to show off a great view of her ass and pussy in doggy-position. She glanced over her shoulder, “I bet this night hasn’t turned out the way you expected,” she said with a smirk, and slowly reached her hand under her tight stomach to rub her pussy.

Elsa’s pussy was slightly red, puffy and soaked as she slid one finger along her pussy slit, then slowly began to add pressure as she rubbed up and down until the tip of her index finger plunged into the flesh between her pussy lips. Her fingers danced comfortably along her slit, entering into and along her pussy in a hypnotic rhythm.

Without notice, Elsa turned over onto her back, her legs spread out before me as she continue to plunge her finger along her slit, and she again started picking up pace. Her eyes were locked onto the camera as her rhythm continued to escalate, and she began to grind with the pulse of her finger going up and down.

She plunged one and then two fingers deep between her pussy lips, and side to side against her pussy, until she began to quickly flit her clit side-to-side, and her body started to shiver. “Oh yes, I’m going to cum, please touch me.”

With that, I placed the camera down on a dresser to make sure to get a good shot, and dove right in. Elsa continued to slide her finger over her clit, while I began to lick up and down the length of her pussy lips. I placed my finger onto, then inside of Elsa’s pussy and began to slide in and out. I placed one lip into my mouth and sucked, then the other, alternating while gently sliding my finger up her pussy.

Elsa pulled her hands away and wrapped them around my head, pulling me into her snatch and begging me to lick harder. I took the cue, and eagerly licked and sucked on her clit while I continued to fuck her with my fingers. My pace picked up, and she began to writhe around in sync.

As my fingers went in and out, Elsa grind into it more and more, and finally she began to cum. “Oh yes, that’s it, lick the spencer sisters izle my hot pussy, I want my pussy all over you! How does my pussy taste, baby?” I licked my tongue the length of Elsa’s pussy lips, up and down, slowly, over and over while I continued to work her clit with my fingers. I didn’t let up at all until finally she started to slow down herself.

“I need you inside me, now,” I heard her moan, and with that, I knelt up. I took a moment to gaze at Elsa’s body, lying there in its full glory, before entering her.

Elsa was soaked from my saliva and her own natural moisture, and I easily slid into her as she lied on her back. I grabbed her bra and held on, slightly ripping it as I began slowly moving in and out of Elsa’s sweet pussy. “Yes, fuck me, fuck me good,” Elsa cooed. I picked up my pace just slightly, and finally ripped her bra off, exposing her large, firm breasts and protruding nipples.

My mouth began to further explore Elsa’s neck, chin, cheeks, and mouth. My tongue entered between her lips, and began to again keep rhythm with my cock as it entered her pussy lips, in and out. At the same time, my left hand explored Elsa’s breasts, hips, shoulders, while my right again held the back of Elsa’s head and pulled her towards mine.

I pulled my head back for just a moment, our eyes meeting and staring for an eternity, and became completely lost. The physical feeling of pushing my cock in and out of her pussy was one with the absolute lust in both of our thoughts as we stared deeply into each others’ eyes.

“Elsa, baby, suck my cock, I want you to taste us,” I demanded as I pulled out and moved up to Elsa’s chest. Without further words, I started sliding my cock along her sternum; Elsa obliged by squeezing her tits together, forming a perfect tunnel along which my hard cock slid up and down.

As I pushed forward, the tip of my cock slipped into Elsa’s waiting mouth, letting her taste her pussy; it also kept her tits lubed for my next thrust. “Oh baby, I love watching you fuck my big titties,” Elsa managed to mumble out.

“Yes, Elsa, I love watching my cock slide into your tits and mouth like that, you feel so good honey, don’t stop,” I begged and continued to move my hips. But, I knew I would come soon, especially as turned on as I was again. And I knew where I wanted to come, so I soon had to slide back out and down.

In one swift motion, I laid on top of Elsa and again entered her sweet pussy. Before long, we were in a full rhythm, my body on top of hers, as I continued to slide in and out of her while I kissed her passionately and deeply; the taste of her pussy was once again fresh in her mouth. We both picked up speed and force until we were again in an all-out fuck. I was faintly aware of the camera catching every moment, and I looked up at the tv to watch us. It turned me on even more, seeing my cock slide in and out of Elsa on tv, her gorgeous breasts bouncing with the rhythm and her eyes looking straight into the camera.

Elsa rolled me over and sat up on my cock, and proceeded to bounce up and down on me. We kissed again, our tongues again exploring each others mouths. Her tits hung down, creating a friction as they slid along my chest; I took every opportunity to gobble them up when they were close enough, taking one nipple, then another, into my mouth.

“Oh god, I’m going to cum again, oh god yes,” I heard before a series of moans as Elsa started a long, strong orgasm while she continued to ride up and down my shaft. She shot her tongue deep into my mouth and I did the same to her, and with that I started another orgasm too.

“Elsa, I need to cum inside of you for real this time,” I cried as I laid her onto her back once again and started fucking her wildly and powerfully. My large hands manhandled Elsa’s tit’s while I drove thrust after thrust into her. With each deep thrust, Elsa still cumming, I started to unload an unbelievable amount of cum into her waiting cunt. We became lost in each other for what seemed like forever while we finally started to come down from our amazing orgasms.

Exhausted, we laid together for quite a while afterwards, my cock now softening inside of her while we talked about Elsa’s plans moving into her new job in San Antonio. With the camera still on her, Elsa stood up, cum dripping down her legs, and slipped her still-wet dress on. “Wow.” After a long silence, Elsa asked, “So, what do we do now?”

“I wish I could say. How much longer are you in town?”

“I… I have to get home, my boyfriend is going to kill me,” Elsa said, and with that, she stepped out of the room and out the door. It was not until after she left that I noticed she had left her sex-filled bra and panties behind.

As for me, after having the best sex of my life with the woman of my dreams, I had a little cleaning up to do before I went to bed. I also had some big decisions to make.

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