Gone Camping


A few of us have gone camping together with our families. We’ve known each other for years and have always had fun together.

This morning I wake up early and unzip the tent to stretch my legs. You’ve been up for a while and suggest we take a walk to gather firewood. I grab a sweatshirt, whisper to my husband that I’ll be back soon and we head out.

It’s a beautiful misty morning and we both appreciate the natural surroundings. We point things out to each other occasionally but otherwise just enjoy the quiet serenity.

We reach a secluded spot and all of a sudden you come up behind me and put your arms around me. I feel your hard cock pressing into my back. What are you doing?? I ask.

“I’ve been fantasizing about you for ages and I’ve been waiting for the opportunity to fuck you.”

I don’t know how to react. Yes, I’ve thought about you too, and have always enjoyed being around you but never expected this?? Before I can respond you are kissing that sweet spot where my neck meets my shoulder and I can’t control that 90s show izle myself. I groan and press deeper into your mouth until it hurts. I move my head to give the other side a turn. You turn me around and kiss me deeply. Lick my face. My back is to a tree. I’m breathing hard. You pull my shirt up and put your head inside. Pull my bra over my tits and tease my nipples hard with your tongue. You take me fully into your mouth sucking and biting. I am scared and excited at the same time.

I need to taste you. I push you out and drop to my knees. I unbutton your jeans and take them down releasing your throbbing cock. I look up at you as I run my tongue up your shaft and close my lips around the head. You moan as I take you in. Swirling my tongue. You want to feel the back of my throat so you grab a fistful of my hair, squeeze hard and thrust in and out deeper and deeper showing me the rhythm that you need. I am lost in your scent. Eyes closed, sucking you.

I press my fingers behind the 1619 project izle your balls and you groan with pleasure. I lick my forefinger finger slowly while I look at you and then caress your asshole until it relaxes and lets me in. My mouth is on you again. One finger inside, the thumb on pressing on your gspot to the rhythm of my mouth.

You pull me up, no longer able to wait to feel the heat between my legs. I turn around and bend over cradling my shoulder against the strength of the tree. The smell of the bark and moss below is intoxicating.

You take down my flannels and expose the fullness of my waiting cunt. Do it, I say, excited to have someone new inside of me for the first time. You enter me and I gasp with pain and delight. You pound me, holding my shoulder and one of my hips. I try to keep my voice down but I can’t control myself and the whimpers escape with every thrust.

I want to face you now. I turn around and kiss you fully. Tongue exploring your mouth. the 7 lives of lea izle Your neck. Your ears. Your eyes.

You reach down under my thighs and raise me up onto you. Pushing my back against the tree for support. I wrap my arms over my head and around the tree and surrender to the ecstasy of your control. I cum so hard that you muffle my voice with one hand and take me further than I’ve ever been.

You are still hard and I want to pleasure you more than ever.

I tell you to lie down in the patch of soft moss below us. I straddle you and ease your wet cock into my ass. I bury my face in your chest and kiss your nipples.

Feeling you deep inside me I ride you hard and watch your face tighten with the ecstasy of my tight ass, as my cum squirts out onto your belly. You grab my hips and pull me faster and faster until you explode inside of me.

I fall over exhausted. My heart pounding against your chest, slowly catching my breathe.

I can’t believe what just happened. I giggle and whisper that we can’t do this again but I know that I’m lying.

We make our way back to camp, remembering to pick up firewood as we go along.

By the time we arrive, I am composed but pleasurably sore all over. You smile to yourself knowing that your cum will be inside me for the rest of the day and that a walk in the forest will never be the same again.

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