Going Down


She was there almost every day when he got home from work. If he was lucky, he got to ride in the elevator with her. She was the most exotic treasure he had ever laid eyes on. Her lips were of devil red and her skin the color of mocha. Trenton often mused that she had to be the girl in the old Ricky Martin song. But Ricky Martin’s description didn’t do this beauty enough justice. He could tell even though she often wore high heels with her business attire that she must be around five foot seven, and even though she always dressed modestly he could still see that she had a lean muscular physique, complete with a luscious rump and perky breasts.

She smiled at him politely as he got into the elevator with her again, just like she always did. He smiled back shyly and nodded. It was always like this. His tongue seemed to swell three sizes in his mouth. His heart caught in his throat, and his palms were already beginning to sweat. He couldn’t even bear to look into those big brown eyes, so speaking to her was out of the question.

“Going up?” She asked in a cheerful voice.

His apartment was on the third floor. Hers was on the fifth. Trenton had seen her press the button enough times to know that. The elevator could go up from the first floor or down into the basement parking garage that was designed for the penthouse complex, so she always asked him the same thing.

“Yeah,” he would always say.

She pressed two buttons and the elevator began to move. Then she put her briefcase down and sighed.

“I just love the end of the day,” she said as she bent over to adjust her panty-hoes.

As she did so, Trenton could make out her panty line, and her hair hung down to cover her face. He’d never realized that her hair had streaks of red mixed with the dark chocolate brown. There seemed to be a new discovery every time he lay eyes on her. Her perfume filled his senses again, and before he melted completely he realized he was staring.

She smiled at him again. Had she caught him?

“Like what you see?” she asked coyly.

Oh god, thought Trenton. She had.

Trenton felt himself flush. The elevators in these old buildings were so damn slow!

“S-sorry,” Trenton said. “I guess I was zoning out. Long day.”

The woman looked mildly disappointed as she stood back up and recovered her briefcase.

“Yeah,” she said, looking up at the numbers as the number “2” lit up. “It was.”

Suddenly there was a bump, a whir, and the lights flickered and dimmed. The elevator came to a jarring halt. Trenton lost his balance and fell into the corner. The woman nearly fell on him, but she caught herself with her arms.

“Crap!” she said as she pushed herself off him lightly. “Figures. Right when we’re almost home, right?”

She’d touched him. She’d actually touched him. Her hands had been so soft, and he could feel his nipples bristle even under his business suit. Trenton felt like he was going to faint.

They stood there like that for almost a minute. The woman superman lois izle with her arms folded, tapping her foot, and Trenton pressed against the wall, his head bowed as he tried to stay conscious.

“What’s you’re name anyway?” The woman asked at last.


“Nice to meet you Trenton. I’m Cassidy.”

She offered her hand for him to shake it, and Trenton took it but only after he had wiped his sweaty palms on the sides of his pants.

“Wonder how long we’re going to be stuck like this?” Cassidy mused.

“I-I don’t know,” Trenton offered uselessly.

“Well, it’s getting hot in here.” Cassidy said. “I hope you don’t mind if I make myself more comfortable.”

Cassidy removed her outer sports coat, folded it, and placed it on the floor. Then she kicked off her black high heels and undid the top two buttons of her blouse. She slid down the wall and sat with her legs straight out, and then she adjusted her skirt to make sure nothing was showing. Or was it so just enough was visible, Trenton wondered as he caught a glimpsed of a bit of dark lacy material as she wiggled her bottom. He quickly looked away before she noticed him staring again.

“Aren’t you going to do the same thing?” Cassidy asked. “You’ve got to be getting hot in that.”

“N-no I’m fine,” Trenton said.

Cassidy sighed. It was an annoyed sigh.

Trenton was confused. Was she angry with him?

“I can’t take it, anymore,” she said shaking her head. “Are you kidding me? You couldn’t have asked for a better opportunity.”

“Opportunity for what?” Trenton said, confused.

Cassidy just glared at him, waiting for him to figure out what she meant.

“You-you wanted me to . . .” Trenton began, stunned.

“Look,” said Cassidy sharply. “Trenton, right?”

Trenton nodded.

“You’ve been gawking at me for months. You even time it sometimes so that you get home at the same time as me, but you never made a move. I just didn’t get it. You’re an attractive guy. Strong, successful looking, handsome . . . but Trenton women want a guy with confidence. Do you understand?”

“Yeah, I’ve always heard that,” Trenton said. “But I always kinda figured . . . I just thought you were out of my league.”

Cassidy’s annoyed expression softened. She patted an area next to her.

“Come sit next to me, and take off that coat, you’re already sweating.”

Trenton obeyed stiffly. He breathed short shallow breaths as Cassidy loosened his tie and undid his top button.

“There,” she said in his ear. “Isn’t that better?”

“Yeah,” Trenton breathed as he tried to relax a little. “I guess it is getting hot.”

They talked for about ten minutes. Trenton became increasingly amazed at how easy Cassidy was to talk to, and to his surprise she was very interested in his story. Where he was from, what he did, what he liked. She was full of surprises, and he was delighted to find she liked some of the same things he did. She taiwan crime stories izle was fond of horror movies, baseball, and even video games. Her flirtatious smiles made him feel relaxed.

The hand that rubbed his thigh delicately made him shiver and grow erect, but he surprised himself by not pulling away.

“So,” Cassidy said at last. “Are you feeling more confident now?”

“Yeah,” Trenton said truthfully. Then he nodded a little more enthusiastically and smiled. “Yeah, I really am Cassidy, thank you.”

“Good,” Cassidy said. “Then prove it.”


Cassidy leaned in close, her hands draped over Trenton’s, broad shoulders, and then slid down his muscular chest as she undid another button.

“I said, prove it,” Cassidy purred into the small of his neck.

Trenton shivered.

“I . . .I, uh . . . here?”

Cassidy made a disgusted noise and started to stand up. Trenton caught her by the hand, pulling her back down into his lap. Then he kissed her.

It was a hungry kiss, born out of months of desire. Cassidy returned it gladly, moaning low in her throat. Trenton let his tongue flutter over her lips before dancing it inside her mouth. She tasted sweet, and Trenton imagined that she had had some sort of hard candy recently.

When he broke the kiss at last, Cassidy smiled at him.

“Now that’s more like it!” she squealed before kissing him again.

Trenton’s nimble fingers undid a few more buttons on Cassidy’s blouse as he began to leave a trail of hot kisses and warm suction down the side of her neck toward the middle of her chest. She arched her back into him and sighed, but then abruptly pushed him away.

“Hang on, lover,” she said. “That’s enough for now. Let’s take it slo –woah!”

Trenton had sprung to his knees and scooped her up in his arms by lifting her under the armpits using his strong biceps and forearms like a forklift. Then he roughly pressed Cassidy into the elevator wall as he kissed the middle of her chest.

“H-hey . . .oh . . .” breathed Cassidy. “Hey there is such a thing as too much confidence you know.”

“Not today there isn’t,” Trenton growled.

His hands reached under Cassidy’s business skirt and roughly tugged down her panties and the attached hoes in three quick tugs so that they fell to her ankles. Then he cupped his large hands under her luscious ass and lifter her higher on the wall. Trenton ducked low so that Cassidy’s legs rested on his powerful shoulders, and then tucked his head under her skirt.

The aroma of Cassidy’s sex was intoxicating to Trenton. The musky heat under the skirt trapped it in nicely, and it almost sent him into a feeding frenzy like chum in shark infested waters. But Trenton knew he had to do this right.

Cassidy was neatly trimmed but not completely shaven. She had given her most precious area a tidy grooming, just like her tidy appearance in the business world. Supporting Cassidy on his shoulders and terim izle pressing her against the wall left Trenton’s hands free to tease Cassidy’s clit. Then he spread her moist labia slowly so he could study her symmetrical pink perfection. He could tell just by looking that she must be incredibly tight, and he longed to taste her.

But first he probed with a finger, sliding an index finger ever so slightly inside of her. He twisted it slowly until he heard Cassidy gasp above him.

“Trenton, please!” she begged.

His response was to drive the finger in deeper and let his breath warm her clit. He could feel her legs start to quiver on his shoulders, and he adjusted his stance to make her more comfortable.

“Oh god!” Cassidy squeaked. “Please, I . . .I don’t think I can take it.”

Trenton smiled, then he gave her clit a lick before taking it into his mouth. He licked the length of her moist surface, slowly at first, then a bit more rapidly. To top it off, Trenton slid another finger in and began corkscrewing them into Cassidy as he licked and teased her.

Cassidy moaned softly, and Trenton could tell she was trying to stifle her cries. Perhaps she was even biting her lip. He knew he needed her to let go, to really relax and enjoy this. He took her clit into his mouth and sucked lightly. Then he sucked harder on her labia, moaning low in his throat so that the vibrations would tickle her all the way to her womb.

Cassidy dug her fingers into his head, and her legs clinched around his neck, choking him slightly. He teased the area around her pussy with his tongue, kissing her inner thigh on each side, before using his fingers to spread her wide and plunging his tongue as deep as he could get it into her.

He marveled at her taste. She was sweet like honeydew and yet bitter like a shot of Nyquil. She squirmed on his shoulders, and when he groaned deeply again she moaned loudly with him.

“Oh fuck!” she cried. “I . . .shit . . . I had no idea you’d be this good!”

Trenton wiggled his whole head from side to side, licking and sucking whatever he could fit into his mouth. He grumbled and groaned loudly as he at last allowed the frenzy that he had so desired to take place.

“I . .. Trenton! Ah . . .Uh . . . Holy . . . shi . . . I’m gonna . . .”

“Cum!” Trenton barked. “Let it happen. Trust me . . .”

“B-but the elevator. Its moving!”

Indeed it was. Trenton heard the ding that signified that the lift had reached his floor. He heard the doors open, and then her heard them close again. The lift continued up.

Trenton never let up, not even for a second, and it wasn’t long before he was rewarded with new sweet sticky juices that flowed around his chin as Cassidy screamed and nearly ripped his hair from his scalp.

“Ga . . .ah . . .Aaaaaaaaaaah! Fuck!” She panted.

Trenton set Cassidy down just as they reached her floor. She had just finished pulling her panties up when the doors opened to reveal a cute couple in their golden years. Trenton saw Cassidy’s eyes grow wide as her legs wouldn’t support her any longer and she slid to the floor. She was blushing fiercely, and Trenton thought it was beautiful.

Trenton looked up to find the elderly couple staring at him, wondering if they should get on the elevator. He just smiled at them and shrugged.

“Going down?” He asked.

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