Giving in to Temptation Ch. 09


I followed Cici back to her shop. She dropped off her car, and climbed in to the passenger seat of the Mustang. Rental, but a nice one; rag top, which was down. Perfect day for a drive… The valley had not yet warmed up to full heat, and the wind was down. Maybe low 70’s, and crystal clear skies. Cici slipped on some fashionably oversized sunglasses, smiled brightly, and inquired about our upcoming adventure. Sunday’s are ‘open house’ days. The real estate market in the bay area was insane… combination of restrictions on development and ‘funny money’ going toward outrageous salaries in the area tech businesses resulted in a regional bubble, and only the lucky/wealthy could afford something decent. Good news was I was interested in the areas north/east of the city, and the feeding frenzy hadn’t quite distorted the market to the extent it had in other areas. Cici was very bright, if not formally educated, had familiarized herself with the local market, and had all kinds of questions, as well as a few insights.

“Well,” I explained, “I just sold my house and made a little off it. That, plus a recent significant bonus, have put a few properties in play. I’ve got maybe 1.2M to play with, but I thought it’d be fun to see how the other half live, so I picked out three serious contenders, and one or two way out of range. But it’d be nice to see whats out there, and what I’m really getting for my money.” As we drove along, Cici was full of questions… what were my priorities… entertaining? schools? location? commute? privacy? On and on… It was actually kind of fun having her along, to help me sort out my thoughts.

I brought Cici along because I enjoyed her company, but also, perhaps significantly, because she was a true head-turner. 5 foot 9, maybe 135 pounds. Long neck, piercing eyes, gorgeous smile; shoulder length hair that she kept wrestling in the wind of the convertible. Chinese, with striking facial features and a body that can only be described as extraordinary: long, toned legs, flat belly, full D-cup breasts, and athletic shoulders. She was still wearing the jeans miniskirt, jeans jacket and body suit she’s worn to my office that morning. She turned me on, and she knew it.. but her conservative nature always seemed to get the best of her. As we drove along, she took my hand, pulled it to her thigh, and – seemingly absently mindedly, stroked it with her fingers. The effect was pretty powerful, and distracting.

So, middle-aged guy shows up at an open house with a stunning Chinese woman at his side. One wonders what the on-duty agents thought, but their body language betrayed them. Cici noticed, but her self-awareness was way better, and she presented herself with the grace of a princess. I was not so kind, and acted out one occasion. After being greeted, and having observed the condescending look, I responded to the agent “Sorry, I think you’re confused. Cici here is your client. She’s relocated recently from overseas, and her government is buying the house for her. I’m with the State Department, here to help her with any translation issues.”

I know. I shouldn’t have. But it was pretty funny. Dickhead agent spent the next 20 minutes trying to suck my dick and kiss her feet at the same time. When we got to the car, Cici turned to me, laughed, kissed me deeply, and suggested I mind my manners… she was well attuned to and understanding of local prejudices. She didn’t like them, understood what she’d be dealing with in accepting my offer for this day, and was well capable of fighting her own fights. Then, she took my hand and placed it on her breast, and kissed me again. “That doesn’t mean, however, that what you just did was both noble and a total turnon. Lets go to the next house.”

The next two properties were just OK. Great neighborhoods, great schools, but otherwise unremarkable and un-updated ‘craftsman’ homes, asking 900K. Fucking ridiculous, and I didn’t need schools of any sort. Given her current living conditions, Cici thought them relative palaces. I pointed out soil and structural concerns, problems with foundations and property lines, smiled at the agents, and moved along. The next property was more interesting: It backed up to a regional park, with access to the associated mountain trails. It was in an unincorporated area of town so, limited services and corresponding drop in prices. Cici took charge, leading us through the house, and downstairs to the master bedroom, with its expansive view of the mountains to the west. “You could grow grapes on this back slope, she said, “and this is very private. You could make love on any of the balconies on the back side and no one would ever see. I like it.” With that, she turned and wrapped her arms around me, pulling her hips into mine. She whispered in my ear “I think I’d like to fuck you here.” With that, she started nibbling on my ear and neck, pressing her hips further into me as she felt my hardon grow. The spell was broken as another couple descended the stairs and entered the room. We broke contact, turned, smiled, and went on our way.

Two houses left. The next was one of the original, historic stonehouse izle properties in the area. Close to downtown, but outside earshot of the highway. 10-foot adobe walls surrounded the entire property, interrupted only by the garage entrance. The place itself was very nice… Spanish colonial ranch; sprawling L-shaped structure with courtyards, gardens, a citrus orchard, and a small pool – not nearly big enough for lap swimming, but perfect for poolside tanning and a quick dip to cool off before dinner. French doors in every room opening to the formal back yard; combinations of slate and terrazzo flooring, thick adobe walls, updated kitchen. Cici fell in love with it. I think she was very serious when she said she and ‘the girls’ would move in to keep me company. I gave this serious consideration… the house was way bigger than I needed, and would be a maintenance headache, but… given the right company? Possibilities. However, it was not without its flaws… maintenance issues aside, there were limited bathrooms, and clearly one would need to spend considerable time on its upkeep. I did like the L-shape though: Kitchen, butlers pantry, dining and great-room formed one side of the “L.” the other part was four bedrooms, all with views of the formal gardens outside. Cici shrieked with delight when she saw the orchard from the great room. “Look at all the fruit!! It is ready to be picked!” She paused, looked at me, then the agent and asked: “May I? It’ll just go to waste otherwise…” The agent, somewhat bemused, smiled and nodded. Cici cheered, and without thinking, peeled off her jacket and handed it to me before heading out the door. The thin material of the halter was inadequate to the task of hiding her hardened nipples… a sight not unnoticed by either me or the agent. She turned, treating us to a view of her firm, muscular back and tight, pale brown skin… just a hint of a fading bikini line across mid-back. I followed, keeping distance, and watched her. Her joy of this simple pleasure was a wonder to behold. As she ducked and stretched to reach for the various fruits, her breasts strained against the body suit, at times almost falling out the sides of it. When she’d reach for one a bit higher, her skirt would ride up, providing a view of just a hint of the underside of her butt; she seemed oblivious to the erotic dance she was providing… Finally, her arms full, she turned to me, grinning from ear to ear. “I cannot wait to taste… I just love fresh things!” With that, she ran off to the car, arms full of her new found treasure, and stowed them away. She returned to me, and gave me a tight hug and kiss on my neck, whispering “Thank you thank you for this… I’m having so much fun!” Then, biting my ear lobe, whispered… “you have no idea how wet I am right now… I’m so happy I shaved your cock this morning… I can’t wait to feel it inside me.” With that, she licked the sensitive ridge of my ear, discretely pressed her hand against my growing hardon, then took her jacket back. Before we left, she excused herself to use the restroom. When she returned, she approached me and asked if I’d mind carrying something for her until we reached the car. Without waiting for a response, she slipped it into my hand, turned, and headed out. I looked down. It was her bodysuit, and the bottom of it was quite damp.

So, Cici, waiting at the car. Jacket, mini skirt, and no bodysuit. No underwear. A single button fastened in the middle of the jacket was all that kept her from a charge of public indecency. As I reached to open the door for her, she intercepted my hand, took it in hers, and kissed it. “You’ve treated me like a princess all day… so now I treat you like a prince…” With that, she smiled, slipped my hand inside her jacket to feel her warm breast and hard nipple, kissed me, and we were on our way.

Our last stop was the ‘fantasy house,’ listed for 5M. Halfway back up the mountain to the city, well off the beaten track, and it was amazing. The driveway was easily fifty meters long, snaking up a steep embankment to a four-car garage. The property was completely isolated… really the only build-able lot in the immediate area. Because of the geography, one had no sense of the look of the house… there simply was no view of it from the surrounding community. There was a path leading from the eastern side of the garage toward the front door. Entering, we were met by the agent. Very different type than one met during viewing of the ‘commoners’ 1M properties in the valley below. She was engaged, formal, scrupulous. In this case, being middle aged with a hot Chinese woman at my side, was now almost expected. Go figure. I satisfied her initial screening and she left us to our devices. We wandered out from the chef’s kitchen to the patio, with views for 50 miles to the east. “This is better,” Cici said, “You can enjoy sunsets better with this exposure.” I curled my hand around her hip, and pulled her to me. She yielded, molding to my side. She slid her hand down my chest to my crotch, and felt the hardness of my cock underneath. “Poor Steve,” she super junior the last man standing izle said… “You’ve been so horny all day. You need sex.” No shit.

With that, she laughed to herself, and said “Give me five minutes,” and was off on her new self-imposed mission.

Five minutes alone with this view. Must be nice to have 5M, I thought. The winds were settling down with the setting sun, and the dust of the valley settling down, revealing a spectacular view of the mountains in the distance. The patio was amazing. Full kitchen, wet bar, fridge, fire pit. I loved this place… to bad – some fantasies were out of reach. My mind drifted to Cici, and to Poppy. What the hell was I going to do with Poppy… or for that matter – Cici? I was still in legal limbo with my wife, had to deal with a grumpy client, now trying to buy a house… a little simplification was in order. In my life, I’d never been a ‘player,’ and was somewhat mystified that, now pushing 50, women 25 years my junior were finding me desirable. I was certain that responding to their attraction was not in anyone’s best long term interests. My phone buzzed. Text from Cici: “Find me.” Fuck. Here we go again.

I guessed upstairs. The master was on the main floor, but upstairs there was a really nice guest suite. Three rooms, really – bedroom with a fireplace, bath suite, and an alcove with a view – maybe for some gym equipment, or a reading nook. The alcove had french doors that opened to a small balcony. It shared the view with the outdoor kitchen, but because it was on the other side of the property, went otherwise unnoticed; in fact, I’d not noticed it either from the driveway or from the outdoor kitchen… it was perfectly private, but provided a view to everything below. Cici was there, admiring the view. She’d removed her jacket – it rested over the balustrade – and was dressed only in the jeans mini-skirt. My first thought was – it could have been anyone walking up to her. My second was… one of pure lust. She was on her tip toes, leaning over the balcony, arms slightly spread; the gentle swell of the sides of her breasts was visible from behind.

I walked up behind her and, placing my hands on her ribs, kissed her between her shoulder blades. She shuddered. “Guess who, princess?”

She sighed, and took my hands, placed them on her breasts, and replied “It is either my Prince, or some poor soul who’s about to get his balls crushed.”

The feel of her breasts in my hands was too much. For her, and for me. She whimpered, and pressed her ass into my hardon. I pinched each nipple, and she almost cried out, giving away our secret. “Steve – please… I’ve already cum once by my own hand just waiting for you. I need your cock in me… now!” Her voice seemed strained. For my part, I was only happy to oblige. I kissed my way down her back, seeking out the most sensitive spot, and exploring with my tongue. When I found it, she grunted, and started masturbating again… it was, for her, I imagine, an itch that could not be scratched. I continued downward to her thighs, and started licking them as I slide her skirt up to her waist. She spread her legs for me. Wide, on her toes, knees locked… almost obscene in the way she opened herself. I licked her asshole and she yelped I stopped to admire her pussy: wet, full puffy lips… they reminded me of a peach. I rose up, my hard cock sliding along the inside of her thigh where my tongue had been just moments before. She was beside herself. Then, with little notice, I pressed into her. My cock slid in easily… she was very lubricated from her previous ministrations. Her warmth surrounded my cock; I pressed it in deeper; slowly, confidently, until I’d filled her completely. Cici barely moved, afraid that if she did she’d cum once more… too soon, and too quickly to fully enjoy the moment. I tried to pull out, but she pushed her hips back into me and begged: “Please no.. don’t… please let me just enjoy the fullness of you…” I acquiesced, and pulsed her pussy with my cock, gently bumping my hips into her ass. She rocked back and forth, and started to squeeze my cock with her vaginal muscles. The simple, tiny movements of each of us amounted to pure bliss… hard to describe… maybe like eating one’s favorite desert with a tooth pick, while famished for lack of food. We stood there for a few minutes, me buried deep within her; she, rocking against me and squeezing my cock; then, in an inspired moment, I licked my middle finger, and pressed it into her ass.

She cried out… perhaps too loud, before gathering her wits about her… but it was too late. She came. Hard. Her pussy contracted and spasmed against my warm, hard cock buried within; now, with urgency… she worked hard to get me to cum, to increase her pleasure…rocking her hips faster and faster… then reaching underneath to tease my balls. I was sweating, holding onto her hips for dear life…

“Is anyone here??” It was the agent.

I pulled out and zipped up, barely getting my cock to fit inside super league the war for football izle my zipper and waistband. For her part, Cici managed to pull her skirt down and get her jacket on, if unbuttoned, by the time the agent turned the corner.

“So sorry,” Cici begged… We were here enjoying the setting sun, and lost track of time. Steve said we should leave, but I wanted to stay just a minute longer..” The agent, not amused, looked down at Cici’s open jacket, and the swell of her partially covered breasts, damp with sweat. I suppose we were lucky she was looking at Cici and not me: the outline of my hard cock against my shorts, and the telling damp spot created by the pre-cum, was enough evidence to convict.

“But,” Cici continued, “I’m sure you’re anxious to close for the day, and we really should be on our way, right Steve?” Right.

We thanked her for her time, said we’d be in touch, and were on our way. Cici led the way. The juice of her sex trickled down her thigh, and was evident to anyone who cared to look.

We got to the car. I opened the door for Cici; she climbed in, and settled into her seat. When I got settled into my seat, she leaned over, kissed me and tried to describe her feelings. “That orgasm… when you touched my anus. I simply exploded. I even was having little tiny residual orgasms as we walked out of the house. Can we do it again?” With that, she hugged me, kissed my neck and ear, and settled in for the ride home. I slipped the car into gear, and navigated the wandering mountain path back to the main road.

“Cici – you realize I haven’t cum yet, right?”

She laughed. “Yes, of course. But not now. You’re driving. It’ll kill us.”

“I could pull over.”

“On this road? – Ha! Take me home. You cum tomorrow I think. Many times. Pool with Poppy, yes?”

I think Cici really wanted to be there, to participate in what would be a day of torturous orgasms for Poppy, in public display at the pool. But, she had work to do, and I had my own reasons. I brought her back to her spa; we kissed, deeply. She squeezed my cock one more time, then went on her way.


Back at the hotel, it was a lively crowd for a Sunday night. Both Belle and Becca were on duty, keeping the guests who had arrived for the work week entertained. I took my usual seat, and Belle, once again, attempted to make my perfect Manhattan. It had gotten to become a joke at this point… she’d always miss something, or dump too much bitters into the mix, or make a spill… it started to become a bit of a traditional comedy act, and the long-term guests were always entertained. As I described my house-hunting adventures (Cici notwithstanding), Becca’s ears lit up.

“Steve… the old estate sounds really nice. If you need someone to help cover… I mean… things at home with my mom…” Her voice trailed off. She was 25, ambitious, and frustrated. School was not her thing, and she was struggling with her undergrad studies. She was of Persian descent, and her mother very traditional. They were butting heads, and she was looking for a way out.. Belle knew this, but had issues of her own. For her part, Belle was living with her boyfriend, and had grown away from him. The two of them were looking for better options.

A bit about Becca and Belle: Becca, as pointed out above, is Persian. Maybe five foot two inches. Athletic figure, full-busted, if a bit stocky. Beautiful smile, sanguine nose, brown eyes, shoulder length brown hair. She’s a firecracker… outgoing, witty, opinionated, and sensual. Belle is a Filipina. Very feminine, former gymnast, short, petite, but she put on a few extra pounds after college and was very self-concious about it. Otherwise, charming, if demure; one might say submissive. Her hair, skin, and smile, however, were perfect. Also at five foot two, if she’d lose about 20 pounds, she’d be a wet dream come true. In the many months Becky, Bell, and I had gotten to know each other, we had become friends, and had even gone out for drinks on occasion. That being said, they did not know about Poppy or Cici; only that I was having marital difficulties, liked golf, and was an impossible flirt. For all that, the noted that I never ‘hit’ on the many desirable women who frequented the hotel, or for that matter, either of them. Never fish off the company pier, as a wise man once said. As I sat there, listening to them, the idea of the walled estate became considerably more appealing.


Typical, Monday for me at the hotel, except this time, it was a day off, so – no suit… just some casual shorts, flip flops, and a golf shirt. Jackie, the short-order cook, noticed. “Hi Mr. Steve! working from your room today?” Bright, cheerful smile. Jackie was also Filipia; five foot five inches, thin as a rail. Big, goofy glasses, hair pulled back into a bun. “Hi, Jackie – Nope, day off! Day at the club, I think. Pool, weights. Maybe some shopping later.” Jackie smiled warmly. She was always so very kind and sweet… a pleasant personality break from the piranhas I dealt with on a continuing basis… sometimes I had to do a gut check to assure myself she was the real thing. She was. So, I kept my distance, not wanting to introduce her to the chaos that was becoming my sex life. I think, though, she might have had other plans. She was always attentive, always perceptive of my mood and dress; always asking open-ended questions about my weekend plans… so far, I had resisted. I resisted this time as well, somewhat to her disappointment.

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