Ghost Hands Ch. 04


As the darkness of the blindfold still envelops her lying on the bed naked. He had been gone from the room for only a short time, yet because of her body still on an orgasmic high, time creeps slowly by. Small exquisite shudders and spasms still flow through her as she reaches up to remove what covered her eyes. As her sight adjusted she saw that the blinds to the room were wide open. At first it was a start, but realizing that being on the seventh floor kept any prying eyes away.

So with that she eased off the bed. Her legs still wobbly as she surveyed the room. She expected the robe and towels to be scattered about, but they were neatly laying across the back of the chair her clothes were on, well her thin shorts and sweatshirt. Something caught her eye. It was a daisy on her sweatshirt. She loved daisies. What made him get her that. Not really a sensual flower like a rose, more of a kind happy thoughtful one.

She slips on her shorts, the nylon inner panty feels nice against her very sensitive sex. The sweatshirt feels like a warm hug. Looking at the scarf, she sniffs it and it smells like how he did when he walked in. They smell if ever so powerful, and this was no exception. Her wet mound was very noticeable, along with her nipples trying to cut the fabric of the hoodie.

As she drove home, the thoughts of the encounter worked through her head and body. Passing a big box hardware store made the memory of the showerhead come front and center. Making a mental note to go shopping for one.

The next morning was the usual routine, but with a slight change, a wake up round of masturbation. When she went to bed she was very satisfied, yet if he was there her lust would have left her open to let him do anything he desired.

The usual Sunday routines start to swing. Calls from friends for breakfast plans hammered out. Breakfast was very enjoyable. Good friends and relaxing drinks are a wonderful combination. The server comes by with a tray of vases of single daisies and places one on the table. In a flash all of the erotic escapades flashed through her mind and landed right in her sex, turning her into ball of wet horny thoughts. special forces worlds toughest test izle Because of that her normal slightly inappropriate mind went on overdrive. Things being said kept peaking her interest or making her sexually self conscious. The last straw was talk about the party on Friday night. When everyone started talking about the spooky shot, or how some of them would switch sides for the bar wench just made her slick and aroused. She was concerned she would soak her yoga pants.

At this point she couldn’t take it and texted him. She typed in Horny and hit send. With that her excitement turned to the lustful fog she had been having. They all talked small talk about everything and nothing. The phone in her lap vibrated. She jumped out of her seat.

“Well hello there. What are you up to this morning?” Was on the screen

“I am at breakfast with my friends.” Typing back

“Oh so you’re in a public place?” He asks

“Yes.” She sends back

Just then a black and white picture is sent to her phone of a woman naked on her knees with a black blindfold. The picture was not of her but what she encountered. Then another of a woman with a cock in her mouth with just a single drip of cum sneaking out, also black and white.

“Oh my God what are you doing?” She sends I’m mock protest

The return was another one of a woman’s ass bent over being filled with a cock from the point of view of the cock owner. Her pussy now on fire, and having to hide what she is getting and keep up with the conversation all while she gets wetter and wetter.

“For fuck sakes stop!” She typed

“Are you turned on?” He inquires

“Yes!” She sends back

“How wet are you?” He returns

“Well I am afraid I am going to soak my pants!” Typing back

“What are you wearing?” Is the next question

“Yoga pants, a t-shirt, and a sweatshirt.” Is her answer

“Do you need relief for your arousal?” He asks

“Yes please!” Her text is almost begging.

“Well here are your instructions.”

When you’re finished with squid game izle your friends, text me.

Go to this address

2868 tulip drive

Park at the side of the house and walk in like you own the place. It is a vacant house

Go to the upstairs master bedroom.

Take your satin blindfold and be wearing it when I get there.

The breakfast is wrapped up, the bill settled and they are on their way. She gets in the car and messages him she is on her way, and drives to the location. Just before she gets there he texts back saying he won’t be long. She had tucked the scarf in the pocket of her hoody before she left not knowing why. She was now glad she did.

The house was easy to find. Rather nice place. Parking as instructed, then made her way in. The smell of fresh carpet and paint filled the house. She made her way to the room as instructed. Once there she looked around then put on the blindfold.

A few minutes later a door closed. Her heart started pounding. The smell of him was back as he moved around her. She could feel his breath on her neck. He grips the bottom of her sweatshirt and begins to lift. She raises her arms for him. Once off he does the same to her t-shirt, finally he releases the front closure bra. He pulls off her shoes and socks, then finishes with her yoga pants. Standing naked in the room has her libido burning up. He goes to the side of her and plants a good spank, then evens them up. His hand trails up her back to her neck then his fingers go into her hair, a slow grip in her hair is surprising but a welcome sensation. He pulls her head back firmly to expose her neck. His kiss and bite send her to a lusty place. The kisses move around inter mixed with firm bites. She can feel her slickness running the edges of her cleft. He moves her head to kiss her deeply, melting into it as if her existing depends on it.

“Spread your legs.” His voice is soft but commanding.

She does as asked. He locks lips with her again, but that is all that is touching other than his grip on her hair. With a gentle but firm jerk he pulls her head back, exposing her neck again. He star trek picard izle kisses her jawline down to her neck. Bites are made once again. Moving down her neck kissing and biting. He frees her hair as he works his way to her breasts. Kisses go back and forth, yet not touching her nipples. She aches to have them touched. Finally it happens as a lick around one leads to taking it in his mouth, leaving it wet and hard to pay attention to the other. Going back and forth has her just aching to be touched elsewhere. He leaves each one very sensitive, from lightly biting and breathing in.

He continues down, with kisses and licks. Drifting over her mound has her frustrated. He takes a leg and puts it over his shoulder. She is balanced on one leg and him. Bites, kisses and licks are on her thighs moving to her sex. Mercifully he draws his tongue from far back on her cleft to the front. Her leg shakes very hard as he keeps going. Sensing her unsteady position he lays her down. The carpet is soft on her back as he starts again. Licking up and down, not focused on anything has her aching. Her greed makes her spread her lips for him to lick where she needs. Taking the hint causes a focus on her clit. As soon as his tongue touches her hot button she arches involuntarily. This opens the intense attention to getting her to climax. With her each reaction he picks up the pace. She moans out as her first orgasm hits her. He paused just a moment to then starts again. This time he shifts between pointed licks and broad flat tongue. Her head spinning as he edges her closer. With just a bit more she climaxes again, harder than before.

He sits up and drops his pants. Grabbing her ankles he rolls her over. Now gripping her hips he roughly pulls her ass to him. Just a couple of strokes up and down her slit, pulling her hips and pushing in his cock slams home. His usual gentleness is gone this time. Hard fast fucking is in her future. Her mind is in a fog as her orgasms race up and pound her. Sounds she has never made with any other lover pour out of her. Two crash over her as his thrusts don’t stop. Finally she hears him get close. He reaches his breaking point, pulling out his cum shoots all over her pussy, ass and back. His hot lust all over her. He lingers rubbing his cock on her backdoor. The slick sensation of it is intoxicating.

He abruptly stands up, does up his clothes, then says in her ear.

“Next time I think I should fill that ass of yours with my cock.”

Then once again her secret lover disappears.

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