Getting Liked


It was my first ever conference, and I was excited. I was getting paid to travel into the city, listen to some guy talk for a few hours and go home. Lunch was on the company, as was my mileage. I was living the high life.

I grabbed a name tag and found a seat in the middle of the room, examining the surrounding crowd. Most were significantly older than me. The men looked like they’d belong at a Star Trek convention, many with unkempt long hair. The women were not much better, with most doing their best to schmooze with the conference’s host.

Not terribly interested in talking with anyone, I sat down and opened the book I had brought. People continued to trickle in, and I would regularly look up to see if it was anyone worth noting.

Soon enough, an intriguing woman walked in. If nothing else, she was intriguing because she was clearly younger than me, and I was fresh out of college. She had red hair, clearly not natural, but it matched her pale, ivory complexion well. Her eyes were perfectly accented with a touch of shadow, but it was her body that caught my attention.

She was definitely a big woman, not many’s idea of conventional beauty. But she was well proportioned, and certainly not shy about showing it. Her skinny jeans were wrapped tightly around strong, shapely legs, while her sweater showed off just enough cleavage to be sexy, but not too much to be out of place at the semi-professional gathering.

Just as she sat down, farther away from me than I had hoped, the host of the conference called everyone to order. Everyone went through the requisite introductions, which I pleasantly nodded through, waiting for the young woman’s turn, if only so I had an excuse to look at her.

Finally, she spoke, “My name is Jess, and I go to the community college.” So, she was still in college. That explained why she was so much younger than everyone else.

When my turn came, I made sure to try to make an impression, knowing it would be my first on Jess. The lame joke I cracked in my own introduction seemed to work: she laughed and looked at me for longer than was probably necessary.

Intent on actually getting some useful information from this conference, I forgot about her for a while as the lecturer presented on social media.

Just as I was growing weary of the presentation, the lecturer’s phone went off, meaning it was time for lunch. There was a bar and grill within walking distance, so I decided to go grab a beer and a burger. As I took my seat at the bar, I saw Jess walk in. We made eye contact, and I motioned for her to sit next to me.

She smiled and walked over, pulling up the seat next to me. “Hi, I’m Shawn,” I introduced myself. It wasn’t much of a pickup line, but sıcak kafa izle I’ve always found it pleasantly effective.

“Jess,” she replied. “What paper are you from?”

I told her and asked her about what she was doing here from college. “Oh, I run the school paper,” she told me. “Unfortunately, most people at school don’t even read what they’re supposed to read, so why would they read what I write?”

“Aw, I find that hard to believe that you can’t find anyone to read your stuff,” I replied. She laughed as if I had said something funny. I couldn’t help but notice that when she laughed, her chest bounced in a mesmerizing pattern. I would have to up the funny factor, it seemed.

We talked through our drinks and meal, barely noticing the time. Finally, my phone buzzed with a text. When I picked it up, I saw the time and blurted out, “Oh shit, we better get back.”

We walked back together, still chatting the whole way. When we got back, I took my seat across the room from Jess and prepared for the second part of the lecture. I couldn’t help but feel her eyes on me intently, so I’d occasionally look over and give her a look. Our talk at lunch may have been nice, but the looks she was giving me were getting naughtier and naughtier.

For the next hour, I felt her undress me with her eyes, so I felt an invitation to do the same. Her curvy body was exactly what I wanted, full of bounce and life. Her beautiful tits filled our her sweater perfectly, but I wanted nothing more to pull them out of their wool prison.

Lost in my dirty mind, I was abruptly brought back to reality when everyone around me was getting up. The lecturer had called for a ten minute break before the question and answer section.

I rejoined Jess on her way out, and we continued our conversation in the hotel lobby. We talked for a while before I decided to play a little bit. “What were you looking at in there?” I asked innocently. “You were staring pretty intently.”

“Oh, I was just thinking about if I’d get to see more of you,” she replied.

The lobby started to clear out as everyone went back into the conference room, so Jess and I stood up and went to the end of the line. As she was about to walk through the door, I pulled her back. “I would like to see more of you,” I said. “Right now.”

“What are you saying?” she asked, but it was clear from the way she was looking at me that she knew exactly what I was saying.

“Follow me.”

We walked, hand in hand, throughout the hotel. I was looking for a storage room of some kind, somewhere where we would not be disturbed.

My search led me to a broom closet that, while unlocked, had clearly not been used in months. sketchbook izle I closed the door and pulled her in, close to me. I looked at her eyes, as beautiful and round as her breasts that first drew me in. I kissed her as though I had never kissed a woman before, and she responded with a ferocity that surprised me even after the looks she had been giving me.

Our hands had begun to explore one another. My hands quickly migrated to her chest, where they felt the surprisingly firm, yet deliciously soft mounds of flesh. I could feel her nipples start to grow hard as I massaged those miraculous tits.

Her hands were a little more exploratory, starting with my back and quickly working downwards. After a quick examination of my ass, she moved to the front and began unbuttoning my shirt. She struggled a bit, trying to focus on my caress and kiss. I pulled away from her, smiled and said, “Allow me.”

I kissed her again, and quickly unbuttoned and removed my shirt and undershirt. I then pulled her back to me, pulling her sweater off. Underneath, her breast was encased in a simple black bra that did its best to hold back her perfect chest. I refused to let that piece of black cloth do its job, quickly unlatching it from the back.

I pulled back so I could look. “Holy shit,” was all I could muster. She may have been a big girl, but her tits defied all preconceived notions of size and shape. They were big, but not enormous. It was the absolutely perkiness, plumpness and firmness that enthralled me. I pulled her back close to me and started kissing her with more fury than before, all the while massaging those beautiful tits.

Her hands continued to feel my body, but soon enough I felt one venturing downward. She got to my belt and unbuckled it, then went to work on my button. This time, she was focused and was able to quickly unbutton it. She stuck her hand down my pants, feeling my cock as hard as it had ever been. I was throbbing even before she had touched me, and her touch made my cock convulse with pleasure.

She started to stroke softly, her motion limited by my pants, but I was more interested in what she had in her pants. As she stroked my cock, I went to work on her belt and button. Once I had undone her button, I pulled down her skinny jeans, revealing a pair of statuesque legs that were surprisingly long for her short build.

I gently pulled her hand away from my cock as I got down to my knees. Her pussy was already wet, but I hoped to tease even more sweet juice out of her.

I kissed the inside of her thigh as I rested my hands softly on her ass. I kissed the other, then slowly worked my way up her thigh with a light graze of my lips. Finally, after what sometimes when we touch izle seemed like an eternity to us both, I had arrived at my destination.

After a few minutes of teasing, she clearly wanted me to eat her out passionately, and I was happy to provide.

I looked at her beautiful pussy, mostly shaved except for a small tuft right above her clit, then I dug in. My mouth enveloped most of her pussy as my tongue went to work on her clit. The taste was indescribably wonderful, at once sweet, musty and full of intensity.

My tongue explored her pussy thoroughly, moving all around her clit as she quivered in delight. She was not loud, but I had no doubt I was doing well by her inability to even move.

As I devoured her, she began to breathe more heavily, finally unleashing a loud, slow moan as her body became tighter and tighter, than released all the tension.

I finally pulled away from that sweet pussy, my face covered in her juice. The mess I had made of myself did not stop her from kissing me passionately, quickly going back to work on my cock.

After a few short strokes, she got down on her knees. She grabbed my cock in her hand and pulled it up, close to my stomach. She leaned in with her tongue slightly out, and starting at the very bottom of my balls, gave a soft and tortuous lick to my entire cock.

Once she arrive to the top, she popped just the head into her mouth, swirling her tongue around as she stroked the rest strongly. It wasn’t long before I had to stop her, knowing I’d cum far before I was ready.

After a few more kisses, I moved myself to her side so that she was perpendicular to me. She rested herself on a chair as I pulled her leg up, over my shoulder. She rested her leg there as I entered her.

She was tighter than any girl I had ever been with, but so wet that I slid right in. Her pussy squeezed my cock pleasingly as I inserted it all the way into her.

I began to slowly thrust back and forth, going deeper with every push. Her body tensed up again in ecstasy as I went farther and farther with every thrust.

I soon sped up, and as I did, her breathing grew louder. Each thrust made her beautiful tits jiggle, but now I noticed the small pouch of a stomach that bounced with every movement I made. The mesmerizing motion of her entire body entranced me, and for a moment I forgot even about how amazing her pussy felt.

As I admired her beautiful, bouncing body, I quickly snapped back to reality as I enjoyed her tight, slippery pussy. I was fucking her hard and quickly now, and she moaned with delight. I could feel myself letting go, ready to cum, and just before I did I could feel her body tighten, then release again as she let out a loud moan. The moan sent me over the edge, as my cum spilled into her.

Both breathing heavily, I set her leg down off my shoulder and held her close, kissing her gently.

I looked into her beautiful, brown eyes and told her, “Jess, I definitely think I’ll be seeing more of you.”

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