Genie in a Bottle Ch. 1


He came from a bottle. No, you heard me right, a real life twenty-first century genie in a bottle found discarded at the side of the road. At first glance, it resembled a phallic, pinkish-peach flower vase. Even the base was like ceramic testicles. I picked it up and even though it was a cool summer morning, nothing like the humid Georgia heat that would come with the afternoon, the bottle had the warmth of human flesh. It gave the same sensation as would a lover rising from sleep and rustling his way out from underneath a den of blankets.

Nah, it was just my overworked, oversexed imagination getting the best of me. I slipped it into my bookbag next to the June issue of Playgirl Magazine and my little mint green vibrating friend. I worked slow, lingering nights – midnight shift – in an answering service boardroom all by my lonesome. I had to have something to do to pass the time.

Once inside my apartment, I pulled it out, feeling its length a little more, then placed it by the old Smith Corona on my writing desk and went on the first of my morning rituals – the search for food. A leftover slice of double pepperoni and mushroom pizza…ah, the breakfast of champions.

I nibbled on a cold piece of pepperoni, savoring the spiciness and the memory of the lover I’d shared it with the afternoon before. After the main course, I had turned the delivery boy into dessert. It was easy enough to do. Just answer the door naked and see if that slightly- past- puberty college boy doesn’t stick around, even if you don’t tip him. It’s the perfect opportunity to make a couple of his little frat boy fantasies come true.

A loud crash coming from the living room created a sudden halt to my pleasantly erotic memories. Oh, no! Please tell me that loud commotion was not my new toy falling to the floor and splattering into pieces with a guilty looking cat standing over it.

I have a giant black and white tom cat, Steve, with a passion, bordering on obsessive infatuation, for bottles and jars. His logic, “Why should I play with all the little cat toys Caresse’s friends give me for Christmas when it’s so much more fun to destroy something valuable?”

The pizza forgotten, I dashed into the living room and found a cloud of smoke coming from the top of the, thankfully still in one piece, vase. Steve took off in a hurry, suddenly deciding it was time shrinking izle for him to go out. I didn’t have time to chase him; someone had to turn off the smoke detector.

When I turned around, I found a beautiful man in shimmering gold Arabian attire and white cowboy hat. I’m not lying! He had thick, inky black hair and the most beautiful almond colored eyes, physique straight from a romance novel cover, and somehow making his mismatched costume look downright sexy.

“Ma’am, I’m the genie of the bottle and I’m here to grant three wishes to the person who has freed me.”

“Ma’am? Somehow I never pictured anyone being called ma’am in Scherezhade’s versions of your story.”

“No. That was a long time ago and a long way from here. I only ask that when you get your wishes you leave the bottle here in this place you call The South. I have come to have a deep love for this place and wish to remain.”

“A southern genie? Cool!”

“What would you like your first wish to be?”

“Anything?” Officially, my cat rubbed the bottle, but what my new cowboy genie didn’t know wasn’t going to hurt him. Besides, where was the little furry monster now? You snooze, you lose…

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“I wish for mindblowing sex!”

“Excuse me?”

“You said I could have any wish.”

“I am very surprised. Most wish for money, eternal beauty…”

“Screw that! Just screw me!”

Man, oh man, did he! I was backed all the way into my kitchen by the strength of his masculine presence, steadily moving forward. Out of his gold, glittery genie pants he pulled out an eight inch, thickly veined, throbbing cock, already moist at the tip with precum. The dam bust between my legs just looking at it.

He threw me against the cream colored refrigerator door, lifted my dress and aimed his cock at the open lips of my naked pussy. His thick hands grabbed my bare buttocks, lifted me off the ground and positioned me where I could get the most from his thrusts. The first was buried so deep inside me I thought it was going to tickle my tonsils.

I was being fucked wildly, primitively. Genie rode my pussy in crazy, savage strokes while my trembling legs clutched tightly to his hips. Yes! Yes! Yes!

I clung to him, my fingernails biting into his shoulders. There was no asking. “Have you come yet?” He knew. sihirli annem izle He knew as I filled the air with my cries of pleasure, as my body convulsed around him with the power of my quicky orgasm.

Hot genie semen filled every internal crack and crevice of my hungry pussy, like a volcanic eruption. For the first time in my life, I collapsed to the floor, wanting nothing more than to lay there, sprawled out in a state of bliss and sleep.

* * * * *

I woke up an hour or so later, thinking it was just a dream, but there I was splattered all over my kitchen floor with my dress bunched at my waist, my pussy tingling and tender to the touch. A white cowboy hat lay on the floor near my cheek.

Sure enough! Back in the living room, my genie was relaxing in a macho bundle on the couch, drinking a beer and eating a T.V. dinner, watching Turner Broadcasting – Movies for Men who like Movies. Steve laid spread across his bare feet in an overfed stupor.

Men! Doesn’t matter what race or species…

“Good afternoon, Ma’am,” he said in a sexy, satisfied growl that men get when they know they’ve made a girl come. “Have you had time to think of an, equally, uhmm, satisfying wish?”

“Yes…I want mindblowing sex!”

“Ma’am, pardon me, but that was your first wish.”

“Well, that was this morning. This is now!”

“As you wish, Ma’am.” And without complaint, he deserted his roost on my couch, scooped me up into his broad, muscular arms and carried me into my bedroom. My soft midnight blue dress was pulled slowly over my head. I was pressed delicately into the comfort of my bed and felt as if on a cloud. My genie became my personal angel, carefully attending to my every need.

As he leaned over me, he looked deep into my eyes then pressed his full, silky lips against mine. It was so good, warm and soft and melting. Everything was done languidly, consuming time as if there was an endless supply. Each kiss was deeper and deeper than the one before it. Deeper until it was just no longer enough and we were both hungry for more. His lips began a trail down the column of my neck, so lightly my flesh wondered if I was actually being touched, yet all the tingling sensations whispered, “Yes.”

At my breasts, the cavern between was given his undivided attention, then each nipple in sizi dinliyorum izle turn. Light nibbles and licks led to hungry sucking motions, his heated mouth nursing vigorously as I gasped repeatedly and writhed beneath him.

My hands moved in soft, circular motions at his shoulders before my fingers braided into the dark thickness of his hair. Lower and lower, the heated moisture from his lips quarreled with the air-conditioned cold that consumed whatever he left behind. With moans and cries, I begged for his hands and mouth, begged for him to find a way to have him touch and taste me everywhere at once.

It was desertion, my body shrieked as his fingers and lips moved further down, looking for that even more delectable, even more sensitive inch of flesh a finger’s length south of the one before it.

His mouth reached the darkish blond patch of hair below my belly button.

He had been maneuvering me, I thought, making me focus on his mouth, the full, satin lips, the worn sandpaper lapping of his tongue. My every movement, mental and physical, was focused on only one thing…where he would kiss me next.

He looked into my eyes, the vividness of his own tearing way any thought other than the promise of another orgasm. Genie pressed his lips against the mound of soft hair then moved to the top corner of my plush neither lips, pressing his tongue against the uppermost crevice.

“Please, oh please, oh please!” I begged, digging deep into my pillows with my fingernails.

His nose taped against the super-sensitive place where my thighs and sex joined and I squealed, no howled, in a very unladylike fashion.

Genie’s tongue slithered an upward stroke, slowly up the lips of my pussy before giving me lessons in oral sex that could go back centuries. He tormented my entire pussy with his thick, squishy tongue fucking me, pulling away each time my vaginal walls contracted to try and capture it. The lengthy time he spent on my clitoris right before the orgasms that I thought would make me insane was as an endlessly hungry man, sucking and slurping as I came and came and came.

He watched my orgasms. There wasn’t a single moment when I wasn’t aware of his light brown eyes studying my every movement. I was a trembling mass of sweat and exhaustion when he lifted his head, crawled over my body and kissed me again on the lips…just as the encounter had begun.

I tasted myself on him, his lips, his cheeks, his chin and took secret pleasure in the way he curled up next to me and rested. I guess even the most hardcore girls like a little romance every now and then.

Again, I slept…

To Be Continued…

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